An Evening with Jane Goodall - Vienna Würstelstand

An Evening with Jane Goodall

September 6, 2019

An Evening with
Jane Goodall

Listen to the inspirational words of a world-famous anthropologist

An Evening with Jane Goodall

When: TUE, September 10, 19:30–12am
Where: Julius Meinl Austria GmbH
Entry: Sold Out! Live streaming available

Living legend, Dame Jane Goodall, is considered to be the world’s foremost expert on chimpanzees, having studied their social and family interactions for 55 years (perhaps she should move on to politicians next?). As founder of the Jane Goodall Institute (confusingly based in Vienna, Viriginia), she’s coming to the other Vienna to celebrate her 85th birthday with a talk, surprise guests, a signing session and more, to promote her global wildlife and environment conservation organization. Although the event has sold out, you never know, you might find someone on Facebook selling their ticket. And it’s also being live streamed.

Recommended if you like: listening to living legends, chimpanzees, tuning in to live streams, inspirational events, meeting great people, talks and discussions, learning something new, Anthropology.

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