An Evening with David Sedaris 2019 - Vienna Würstelstand

An Evening with David Sedaris 2019

September 2, 2019

An Evening with
David Sedaris 2019

Laugh your ass off with this very witty and honest author

An Evening with David Sedaris 2019

When: TUE, September 10, 7:30pm–11pm­
Where: Gartenbaukino
Entry: 26€ (row 1–20) / 23€ (row 21–32)

If you get your hands on tickets for Sedaris’ show, count yourself lucky. Sedaris is one funny guy. Not only does he write well, but he’s also a brilliant performer at his readings. This American author lays bare everything, including his innermost thoughts, that he’d kept in diaries from nearly four decades. And he’ll be stripping himself naked (figuratively, not literally you weirdo) with his audience at the Gartenbaukino on this Tuesday night in September. Expect a lot of hilarious, illuminating, and captivating stories.

Recommended if you like: loling, being nosy, sticking your nose into another person’s personal affairs, diary poetry slams, comedians who tell you EVERYTHING about them, witty authors, David.Fucking. Sedaris

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