Alpkan goes Vienna – vienna würstelstand

Alpkan goes Vienna

December 1, 2017

Merging two genres to make one, very Austrian melange

Alpkan goes Vienna

When: SAT, December 9, 8:30pm–10pm
Where: Tunnel Vienna Live
Entry: TBA

We see what they have done ther -, clever, very clever, and well done. Merging two forms of music into one: Alpine and Balkan creates the genre, ‘Alpkan,’ which coincidentally is also the name of the band. This Saturday, you can catch the clever devils live with their melange of folk music, which could either get you slapping your lederhosen’d thighs, or Balkan bopping around.

Recommended if you like: wearing a fedora, dancing the lindy hop, Electroswing music, living in the past, dress-up parties, suspenders, old leather brief cases, all the brass, slapping your lederhosen while eating a Käsekrainer and drinking a beer, Balkan vibes, Alpine swing

Make the Most out of Vienna