Alles Unter 20€ Flohmarkt! - Vienna Würstelstand

Alles Unter 20€ Flohmarkt!

February 6, 2019

Alles Unter
20€ Flohmarkt!

Spend 20€ (or less) on every item at this flea market

Alles Unter 20€ Flohmarkt!

When: SUN, February 17, 12pm–6pm
Where: Greisslerei 8
Entry: free!

Do you have 20€? Then it’s time to go shopping!  Find a cool shirt for 20€ or less at this flea market and then tell all your friends the shirt cost 100€ (we won’t tell)! Search for treasures in the racks of 2nd hand clothes. The deals will be amazing!

Recommended if you like: flea markets, sweet deals, the look of 20€ bills, spending exactly 19.99€ and paying in exact change, wearing boots and chewing on straw like a real cowboy, shopping cheap

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