Adventmarkt am Karlsplatz – vienna würstelstand

Adventmarkt am Karlsplatz

November 26, 2017

Art Advent at Karlsplatz

Adventmarkt am Karlsplatz

When: November 17 – December 23, daily: 12pm–8pm
Where: Karlsplatz
Entry: free!

The Art Advent Market at Karlsplatz stands out from the crowd of Christmas markets that encircle the ring of the old city. While it’s still got the crafts stands selling beeswax candles and carved wooden angels, it possesses its own oddball flavour, like the carousel cobbled together with recycled scrap material and powered by bicycle power, the llama rides, the old guy in the bowler hat playing on his musical box. All craft found here is handmade locally. There is also a large focus on organic products here, including an organic Glühwein and Punsch stand. The market frames the man-made pond which has been emptied of water, and filled with children playing in piles of hay and flying around in four-wheeled bikes. It is a family affair early in the evening. This is all the while under the holy glow of the towering Karlskirche and a spiderweb of fairy lights. This one is a favourite for many.

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