Advent am Gugumuck-Hof – vienna würstelstand

Advent am Gugumuck-Hof

November 22, 2017

A Christmas party involving snails

Advent am Gugumuck-Hof

When: SAT, December 9, 2pm–9pm
Where: Gugumuck-Hof
Entry: TBA

The Advent gathering at the snail cuisine innovators, Gugumuck, home base this Saturday will be full of Christmas vibes, with lots of sweet alcoholic drinks to warm you up, the smell of oils and cinnamon in the air, and…. SNAILS! That’s right – snails. This crowd specialises in creating dishes involving snails. And that’s not all – there will be pony rides (probably for the kids, but we’ll surely try) roasting chestnuts, and plenty of other family-fun kinda’ stuff going on.

Recommended if you like: trying to visit all Christmas markets in town in one month, living every Christmas as if it were your last, getting gifts, getting high on sweet food and drinks, something different, eating snails

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