Acoustic Tuesday - Vienna Würstelstand

Acoustic Tuesday

June 26, 2020

Rock out to the beat and wig out to the drums of live music

Acoustic Tuesday

When: TUE, June 30, 6pm-11pm 
Where: Chelsea
Entry: 12€ presale, 15€ at the doors

‘Live music must be live’ is the key phrase of this month for the underground venue, Chelsea. With an assorted line-up, the music bar aims to revive the Viennese live music scene that has undoubtedly suffered since the outbreak of the pandemic. But fear not! Just a (few too many) cool drinks and some great tunes will guarantee you to forget the last few months for a while. Get your tickets at Jugendinfo and keep a safe distance while you subtly head-nod to the music.

Recommended if you like: dreamy music, Singer/Songwriters, Australian surfy bums, unique vocals, closing your eyes while dancing like a drugged up hippy

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