Kunstschatzi with ExPats - Vienna Würstelstand

Kunstschatzi with ExPats

November 8, 2019

Don’t miss this month’s Kunstschatzi 

Kunstschatzi with ExPats

When: TUE, November 12, 6pm–9pm
Where: KHM
Entry: 16€, get a ticket

Oh, it’s that time of the month again when the dome hall of the Art History museum turns into an evening for dancing fancy cocktails and moving your butt to talented DJs. This time around, a bunch of Expats in Vienna are planning to head there for the good times. You can check out the ppl behind this get together on the Facebook event page. 

Recommended if you like: being an expat, meeting international people from all over the world, Night at the Museum’s, highly decorative ceilings, being all glammed up, drinking fancy-schmancy cocktails, smooching under the cupola, museums, admiring the exhibitions

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