3 YRS Journey to Tarab - Vienna Würstelstand

3 YRS Journey to Tarab

November 29, 2019

Get along to this wild celebration from a passionate art collective

3 YRS Journey to Tarab

When: FRI, December 6, 10pm–6am
Where: fluc + fluc_wanne
Entry: TBD

We’re a bit confused as to what Journey to Tarab is, so clicked the ‘What is Tarab’ section on their website. This left us even more in the dark, but we think it’s a collection of people who love dance, music, writing, poetry, graffiti, acrobatics and theatre. According to them, December 6 is a special date when ‘Auranus and our Sun’ will create a unique natural spectacle with ‘euphoric particles and charged gamma rays’. So… perhaps this will be an occasion for cosmic dancing? We’re not really sure, but, to be honest, there’s only one way to find out…

Recommended if you like: strange-sounding pseudo planets, artistic events, confusion and delusion, dancing, art collectives, hippy zippy, hugging trees, experimental music (and other substances), calling people “Dude” in a strained voice

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