2. Ottakringer Jazz & Genusstag - Vienna Würstelstand

2. Ottakringer Jazz & Genusstag

June 26, 2020

2. Ottakringer
Jazz &

Prepare for an evening of finger-wiggling and shoulder-shimmying music

2. Ottakringer Jazz & Genusstag

When: THU, July 2, 6pm-10pm
Where: Yppenplatz
Entry: Free!

Austria meets Jazz will be taking itself to new heights at the 16th district’s Yppenplatz this thursday and you can stop by for a listen. Great acts like Robert Pawlik will grace the square with their music, and even the district’s superintendent, Franz Kropop, will swing by for the tunes. So open up your ears and get your glasses ready for a groovy evening. (Provided it doesn’t rain on your parade.)

Recommended if you like: dedicating your life to music, when musicians of different genres get together and create magic, Funk, Impro Jazz

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