100 BESTE PLAKATE 18 - Vienna Würstelstand


February 11, 2020

Check out the outstanding poster designs of the past year at MAK


When: November 6 – March 1
Where: MAK – Museum of Applied Arts
Entry: 10€–12€

As part of a competition seeking the 100 best poster designs in Austria, this exhibition at the MAK showcases the hundred that made it into the final selection. There’s a lot more art that goes into posters than you think. Have a look at how artists express their feelings on political topics, while also cracking jokes and spreading awareness about whatever is going on in the world right now. Plus, it’s a great chance to look at the cool looking graphic design trends going around at the moment.

Recommended if you like: philosophy in art, politics in art, dirty toilets plastered with 1000 stickers, dirty jokes, filthy jokes, Museum of Applied Arts, everyday art, graphic design, fonts

© MAK/Georg Mayer

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