13 things to do to make April 2019 amazing in Vienna

13 things to do to make April 2019 amazing in Vienna

April 1, 2019

13 things to do to
make April 2019
amazing in Vienna

April 1, 2019

Vienna Würstelstand's and say

Spring-a-ding-ding! – that’s the sound April would make…if it could. Ya’ know, if it was some kind of living being that could make sounds and stuff. Anyway, spring has officially landed in Vienna! Woohoo! And while April is known as the most fickle and unpredictable month of all (April, April, er macht was er will…and all that Jazz), one thing is for sure – there’s plenty to do!

Here are our 13 tips on how to make the most out of April in Vienna, and life:

Feed your creative spirit with insights from some forward-thinking creative minds

Forward Festival Vienna 2019

When: THU–FRI, April 4–6
Where: MAK & Gartenbaukino
Entry: from 135€/day to 260€/3 days, buy tickets

This is one of those conferences that are meant to inspire you to change your life and career entirely, and get up very early in the morning for the days to follow, to, you know, simply create more. At the Forward Festival, you’ll have the chance to feed your innovative spirit with insights and ideas from some forward-thinking creative minds and successful entrepreneurs, exchange ideas and network with other out-of-the-box thinkers in between key notes. The focus is on creativity, design, illustration and communication. Find the complete programme and other details about the festival on their website.

Recommended if you like: making a business out of an empty box, becoming the next big shot, pasting your pictures into the “Forbes most influential people!” list for motivation, sketching things in every book you have during meetings, appreciating bold and interesting design

Make the most out of the return of the Schanigärten and rooftop terrace

The Return of the restaurant & bar gardens

You’ve probably noticed restaurants and bars stretching out their limbs onto the streets of our fine city, and only more will follow. First comes sun, then comes the restaurant and bar Schanigärten. And there will be a few favourites opening up this month in style, with big parties to kick things off – check a few of them out below:

KLYO Dachterrassen Opening PARTY

When: FRI, April 26, 6pm
Where: KLYO

The bar with a terrace hanging off the magnificent Urania building, KLYO, will be opening their terrace at the end of this month. A DJ and talented barkeeps whipping up some summer-inspired drinks will be involved.

Sandinthecity Opening! „celebrate the cool Austrian Spirit!“

When: THU, April 25, 5pm
Where: Sand in the city

The beloved space in the city which in winter plays the part of an ice rink and in summer transforms into a replica of a beach, Sand in the city, will be opening its doors on April 25. That’s right, you’ll be able to sink your toes into the sand, and have that summer sensation again of going out for drinks with a friend to come home and find sand in the most unexpected places of your body. The opening will be all about, ‘celebrating the cool Austrian spirit, ‘ (in the words of the event organisers) with a bunch of Austrian food and drink producers on the beach and being served up by the bars and kiosks.

Le Jardin Sommer Afterwork Opening w/ Sugarstarr

When: THU, April 11, 5pm
Where: Cafe Français Stadtpark

Nobody does it like the French and while we have no idea what we mean by ‘it’, you know it’s true. Ok, enough of the jibber-jabber, the French cafe that popped up in the city’s Stadtpark last year is doing its official opening of its popular afterwork drinks event. At this lovely soiree, there will be, well, drinks… music by Nikolaus & Friends, and a lovely garden to enjoy all these shenanigans in. C’est la vie!

Stroll through one of these awesome open-air markets

Catch one of these – the first of the open air markets

This city has an insatiable hunger for open-air markets, and it seems that they’ll be a load of them happening this year, with already several popping up in our calendars during April. Check them out below:

Ostermarkt Schloß Schönbrunn 2019

When: April 6 – April 23
Where: Schloss Schönbrunn

The famous Schönbrunn Palace and its vast and beautiful garden area are hosting more than 60 market stands offering their handmade and crafted goods and other neat Easter stuff. But if you’re like us, you’ll be more interested in the wine and food on offer that you can consume in an idyllic setting with the palace as your backdrop and the sun on your face (hopefully).

Flohmarkt im Liechtensteinpark 7–8 April 2018

When: SAT–SUN, April 6–7
Where: Liechtensteinpark

The annual flea market that spreads itself in the gardens behind the Lichtenstein Palace is back again for another weekend. On Saturday and Sunday, stands will be scattered about the gardens selling all kinds of old, second-hand stuff. So pop on your top hat (these are royal gardens, you know) and if you don’t have one, you most probably can buy one at the market.

Vintage Möbelmarkt am Brillantengrund

When: SAT, April 6, 11am–6pm
Where: Hotel am Brillantengrund

The courtyard of the funky canary yellow hotel and kinda’ event venue, Hotel am Brillantengrund will be stuffed with vintage furniture in all shapes and sizes. If you’re looking to pimp your flat with some pieces that look and smell like they’ve been living in your grandmother’s place for the last 100 years, pop into this lovely hotel, and feast on some of the mama of the house’s delicious Pinoy cooking.

Flohmarkt Obkirchergasse

When: SAT, April 21, 8am–6pm
Where: Obkirchengasse

What’s spring without visiting the massive flea market on the 19th district’s Obkirchengasse. On a sunny spring day (we hope) private sellers will set up their stands of secondhand stuff and the business along the street will also spill onto the pavement. It’s a family affair (so no naked cowboy stunts again) and there will be face painting, a small kids flea market and a clown named Clown Poppo (which somehow we found to be a very creepy name) doing his thing. Come for the secondhand stuff, stay for the clown.

WAMP Designmarkt

When: SAT, April 28
Where: In front of the Museumsquartier

Everybody together jumping into the air at the same time, and yell – WAMP! Vienna’s open-air international designer market is back! Spring weather doesn’t only mean the birds and other furry creatures, including humans, are making sweet tender love in the trees, but also that the open air events that we love to return. WAMP brings a whole bunch of Eastern European and local designers together in a great atmosphere in front of Vienna’s MQ. There’s also usually a few food trucks supplying some tasty street food.

Hit up a huge comic fair…in you’re into that kinda’ stuff

Vienna COMIX 2019

When: SAT–SUN, April 6–7
Where: MGC Halle
ENtry: 8€ day card, 10€ weekend pass, 7€ discount (available here)

This may not be the big COMIC CON of Vienna, but for those of you that need your fix of comics, fancy dress and panel discussions before November, then this fair is the perfect fit. They’ve got a huge program lined up, including guest speakers from a variety of countries and Cosplay Photo opps, there will be plenty to do for comic nerds. The full program is available, here.

Recommended if you like: getting more than one use out of your Comic Con outfit, comics, stalls with all the magazines and comics you could want, panel discussions, Star Wars, Cosplay, fancy dress, Nintendo, Marvel comics, dressing up as Batman/girl every chance you get

Forget all of your problems and just relax & rave at this Psytrance Festival

FLOW Festival – Warehouse Party mit Electric Universe & Djantrix

When: SAT, April 6, 10pm–6am
Where: F23
Entry: 15€ online, 18-20€ at the doors

This festival is packed with big names out of the Goa & Psytrance Scene. None of us have ever been to this location but it looks great. If you’re planning a short trip with your friends outside of the city, you’ll maybe like the idea of camping, which is also a possibility at this location. For further info, just pop over to their facebook page.

Recommended if you like: GOA, Psytrace etc., festival spirit, dancing like you´re alone, dancing until your genitals fall off, camping, taking your pants off outside (which is obviously what you do when you’re camping)

A workshop for those wanting to create bold and beautiful photos for their Insta’ feed, on-the-go

Get to know: Phone Photography workshop

When: SAT, April 13, 10am–5pm
Where: Das Packhaus
Entry: 125€ (get your tickets, here)

We get it – you want to create photos that are scroll-stopping on social channels & make the eyes of your community stick & engage with them.

On average, you have 2.5 seconds to capture their attention. So how the hell are you supposed to do that without buying some big-ass expensive camera and spend time you don’t have learning how to use it?!

We get it. But here’s the thing (said whispering softly in your ear) you don’t need that big-ass camera…

This hands-on workshop will act as your guide to creating photography that tells a story, is sticky to the eye and cuts through the social media noise, using only your phone.

Whether you’re looking to create food photography for your foodie blog, create lifestyle pics as a Instagram influencer, or to feed the beast that is your company’s social media feeds with content that actually generates engagement, this workshop will teach you tried and tested recipes to creating awesome photos, using only your phone.

Get more info about the workshop here and get your tickets, here.

Recommended if you like: being a student for life, being curious, spending a lot of time reading magazines, scrolling your social media streams for tasty content, wearing socks to bed, blogging like a mofo, being a content machine


Get inspired to study at the Uni housed in a palace

Get inspired @ Webster University Open Information Evening

When: THU, April 11, 6pm
Where: Webster University
Entry: FREE (register, here)

The Uni housed in a palace in Vienna’s 2nd district is holding their Open Info evening at the middle of the month. This Private University runs a raft of high quality courses, ranging from media (then you can come work with us!) to how to be a pro in the business world (ok, that might not be the official name of the course, but you get the idea). So if you’re considering studying and looking at your options, we’d suggest you turn up at this event where you can chat to faculty and meet students currently studying at the Uni (yes, so you can ask them how good the parties are…and the courses, of course).

Get more info. and register for the info evening, here.

Recommended if you like: being a student for life, being curious, spending a lot of time reading books and magazines, looking towards your future with a cheeky grin, the smell of books

A market with workshops and stalls on everything related to needle work

Schneiderei-Markt 2019

When: SAT–SUN, April 6–7, 11am–6pm
Where: Schloss Schönbrunn
Entry: 6€

Tailors and seamstresses Vienna-wide will be descending on the Ottakringer brewery the first weekend of the month as what is probably the largest sewing market in Austria throws opens its doors. Stalls will be offering a wide assortment of fabrics and, well, basically anything you would need to sew, as well as workshops to help you grow at your craft. Whether sewing is merely a hobby for you, or you are already a profi’, there will be something at this market for you.

Recommended if you like: sewing, making your own clothes, collecting random bits of fabric ‘just in case’, collecting a variety of buttons, being so precise you can thread stuff through an eye of a needle, knitting, collecting all sorts of wool, workshops

Vienna‘s mighty marathon

Vienna City Marathon 2019

When: SUN, April 7, 9am
Where: Begins on the Reichsbrücke (see the whole running route, here)

It’s happening again – on the 7th of April the whole city is going to turn into a mad mass of running, sweating, red-faced people participating in the Vienna City Marathon. You can sign up for it (there’s a half marathon at 21km, as well), or you can always join in on the sidelines watching those beautifully trained bodies from all over the world passing by and cheer them on (the view when standing with a view onto the Reichsbrücke is impressive). Or you might want to join in one of the side events. At Heldenplatz, there’s a kind of fair atmosphere at the finished line which is also worth checking out, even if you’re not participating. The feeling of human achievement is strong on the day.

To all the crazies taking part: stay tough in your training, even if it does rain. We look forward to seeing you move your tight little asses.

Recommended if you like: sports events, running, watching other people run and sweat, cheering for strangers, looking good in short shorts or spandex, pushing your body to the limit

The Styrians invade Vienna with their magnificent cuisine and wine

Steiermark-Frühling am Wiener Rathausplatz

When: THU–SUN, April 11–14
Where: Rathausplatz
Entry: Free

There are a number of events that make spring special in Vienna and this one is one of them – the Steiermark Frühling festival in front of the mighty regal looking Rathaus is coming to town. Wooden stands will fill the sweeping square and in them will be sellers offering and serving up the best of the food and drink from Austria’s Styrian region. If the sun is shining, sitting on a bench in front of the Rathaus sipping at some wine and a plate of Blunz’n, or something of the like, is a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

Recommended if you like: the whole Lederhosen and Dirndl thing, being Austrian (or for a lifetime if you are Austrian), Blunz’n, deep fried chicken, wine and cheese affairs

Vienna’s biggest annual plant and flower fair

Raritätenbörse 2019

When: FRI–SUN, April 12–14
Where: Botanischer Garten
Entry: 5€/day (8€/2 days)

Are you looking for some beautiful (or weird looking) flowers or plants to decorate your home with? Or maybe you just want to see, smell, or even taste the amazing variety of flowers spring has already brought us. Well, whichever it is, the rare plants market the botanical gardens of Vienna is on again and will be happening in April. You should definitely check out this free-loving flower fair happening on the weekend between April 12 & 14 and talk plants with the many passionate stand owners selling off their green stuff (not that green stuff, cheeky).

Tip: pop some Clarytin in your bag, just in case

Recommended if you like: the fresh smell of flowers, finding the perfect flower to tie the room together, walking on sunshine, wuoh ooooho, sticking your nose deep into flowers… like really in there, being fascinated in nature, flowers that look like they’re out of a Sci-Fi film, cacti

And you thought you knew porn? This festival will teach you otherwise

Porn Film Festival Vienna 2019

When: April 4–8, check out the program, here.
Where: Various locations. Check out the program, here.
Entry: Varies. Check out the details, here.

The title of this festival may have had you doing a double take. Yes, this is a festival dedicated to porn. But don’t go thinking this is something just for some old perv’ who sits in front of his laptop in nothing but his boxer shorts getting off to some free porn. Porn is so much more than this (too) graphic image, and this festival is here to tell you all about it. In it’s 2nd year, the slogan of the festival is ‘blurring the lines between art, sexuality and cinema,’ and this is exactly what it aims to do.

The program is packed with erotic art exhibitions, a few parties, and, of course, screenings of pornography films, from short movies to documentaries that will educate on many of the issues surrounding the porn scene, and feature films that bring porn to an artistic level. The theme of this year is: What is shame?

So for those with an open mind, this one’s for you. And for those that still think ‘porn’ or sex are dirty words, get over it, open your mind and check this unique festival out. There’s nothing wrong with pornography, well, the good and ethically made porn, anyway.

Plus: there will also be some sort of tour, or quest happening across the city in which you can discover some of the erotic art etc. on our sweet city’s streets! Check out the info, here.

Recommended if you like: trying something different, watching porn, a porn with a plot, having sexual intercourse as often as you can, the erotic side of life, being an open-minded individual, the idea of learning more about the artistic side of pornography

Dance to electronic beats amidst the awesome-ness that is the MQ

Electric Spring 2019

When: THU–SAT, April 25–27, 6pm–4am
Where: MQ – Museumsquartier
Entry: free!

Another year, another spring, another electric spring celebration with a generous line-up in the yard of the Museumsquartier. We love this free event and are sitting amongst the crowds every year. It’s all about getting the crowd up dancing this year, with line-up made up of class act electronic DJs. Guest stars this year, include salute, Kids n Cats and so much more! Check the whole line-up and daily program on the official website, but here’s a taste below:

Recommended if you like: that spring break feeling, baby, dancing with total strangers in open spaces, feeling that electric boom going down your spine, listening to FM4 in the car, electronic beats, getting super excited when spring blooms, that time of year when Vienna comes to life

Catch a unique exhibition on transit systems


When: April 5–May 12th
Where: Westlicht
Entry: 8€, check all prices, here

This exhibition has been curated to honor one of the first professional architectural photographers, Edouard Baldus, and his work capturing train tracks, bridges, and train stations. Now that we know that people take pictures of these things we might start looking a little better on those days we travel by train, if you know what we mean. This is our pick of the exhibitions to check out this month.

Recommended if you like: photography, exhibitions on some of the earliest photographers, trains, train tracks, train stations, bridges, all things transportation, going to an artsy exhibition that you can tell your friends about, Westlicht

Take a look at this perspective-shifting exhibition

Mannsbilder – Vernissage von Janet Efrati

When: April 2 – May 5
Where: Ateliertheater
Entry: free!

Janet Efrati is using her art to resist the typical image of masculinity in art and media. We like the idea of a woman changing the image of masculinity for a change. Just to change it up, you know? The exhibition will be on until May 5th so get out there and see what you think.

Recommended if you like: alternative portrayals of masculinity, art exhibitions, shifting paradigms, going to an exhibition and then bragging about it to everyone you know because it’s the most cultured thing you did this month