What not to miss at the Donaukanaltreiben festival 2019

What not to miss at the Donaukanaltreiben festival 2019

May 22, 2019

What not to miss
at the Donaukanaltreiben
festival 2019

May 22, 2019

Vienna Würstelstand's says

It’s on again this upcoming weekend and we just love the free and free-wheeling waterside festival, the Donaukanaltreiben. Featuring local live music acts, markets and more along Vienna’s Donaukanal, it’s well worth joining the crowds for.

Here’s the top 12 things that are worth braving the sweaty crowds of the Donaukanaltreiben for:

PS – The festival will be happening from 24-26 May. Discover the full programme of this year’s Donaukanaltreiben on their website. 

PPS – check out the map below to find your way around:

Make a mess of yourself at this party with a damn fine DJ crew

Merkwürdig / Free Open Air / Rave / Donaukanaltreiben

When: FRI, May 24, 2pm–6am
Where: Flex
Entry: free! 

The dear sweetheart of a club, Flex, is always down to host some kind of free Open Rave when the days of the Donaukanaltreiben arrive. The DJ crew from the beloved Merkwürdig will be on the decks. We´ve also heard there will be some free drinks. So why bother not coming by? Bussi papa!

Recommended if you like: electronic music, good vibes, losing your friends somewhere and just dancing alone, meeting new people, outdoor dancefloor action

Dance and sing a little at this concert from this young Viennese band

Strandhase // Donaukanaltreiben

When: FRI, May 24, 5:15pm–6pm
Where: Donaukanal/ Salztorbrücke
Entry: free!

Your new potential favourite band out of Vienna, which goes by the name of Strandhase –Beach-rabbit– is performing this Friday at the Salztorbühne. They describe their style as located somewhere between Rock, Funk and Indie-Ballads. Their melodies are catchy, and so is their energy. Get ready to sing along to some lyrics you don´t know and enjoy the concert.

Recommended if you like: hot Austrian musicians, passionate singin’/screamin’ performances, genre mixes, discovering your new favourite band, the Donaukanal

Catch this fancy band out performing on the beach

Spitting Ibex / Donaukanaltreiben

When: FRI, May 24, 6pm–7:30pm
Where: Strandbar Hermann
Entry: free!

You should definitely check out this Vienna-based Funk/Rock/Electro-band this Friday night. They´re performing at the Strandbar Hermann for freakin´ free. If there´s one opportunity to discover new quality music for free at this festival, this is it. Especially at such a location – if you´re early enough, you can even catch a nice seat on of of the deckchairs. Check them out, below:

Recommended if you like: experimental Techno, Funk, Rock, bands with diverse styles, sippin´ on your beer from a plastic cup, Strandbar Hermann, toes in the sand, finding sand in areas of your body days later

Lose your pants at this crazy Electro / Techno party

Funkroom w Jensen Interceptor

When: FRI, May 24, 11pm–6am
Where: Das Werk
Entry: 10€ < 00:01 > 12€

This Friday, you have the chance to experience a heavy night of crazy up-tempo – as well as down-tempo– Electro & Techno music delivered by talented DJs like Germany’s Jensen Interceptor. Make sure to check out his stuff, below. We recommend sleeping well the night before and hydrating well at the club. You never know how crazy you’ll get at a party like this. By the way, you can try and get in for free between 11pm and 11:15pm. Maybe you’ll make it.

Recommended if you like: Electro & Techno, hot German DJs, seeing if you can breath through your nose and swallow beer at the same time – you can’t know until you try, pretending like you already studied for exams even though you haven’t started yet, looking for your left shoe after the party, Das Werk

Check out this Electro-rock band at the lovely Hermann Strandbar

Elektro Guzzi – Donaukanaltreiben

When: FRI, May 24, 8:30pm–10pm
Where: Strandbar Hermann
Entry: free! 

Have you ever heard  of a Electro-rock band playing in a kind of Techno style? We´re not talking about a DJ, but a live band. Yes, a band– more than one human being using objects that are designed to produce a certain sound, which are known as instruments. Electro/ Techno music will be played by live instruments by a band that goes by the name of “Electro Guzzi” Friday night and trust us, these guys are electric.

Recommended if you like: Techno music, Hermann Strandbar, drinks with your music, live performances, a band that messes with genres, music you can’t help but tap your feet to

Do the second hand hunt at this famous flea market by the water

Mondscheinbazar meets Donaukanaltreiben

When: May 24–26, FRI: 4pm–10pm; SAT: 10am–10pm; SUN: 8am–8pm
Where: Donaukanal/ Salztorbrücke
Entry: free! 

The popular flea market, Mondscheinbaazar, will be setting up on the Donauakanal for the entirety of the festival. You can buy yourself some weird flea-market-type-ish things you need and refuel your energy at some of the food stands that will be serving up all kinds of dishes from all around the world. You better take some cash with ya’. We also recommend turning up here when the sun´s gone down. The  lights and the music in the background will make for the perfect atmosphere for some relaxed flea market hunting.  

Recommended if you like: eatin´, sippin´, chillin´, buying fleamarket stuff, trying to haggle the price down for a tea cup, Donaukanal, feather scarfs and leather jackets

Enjoy an open air party by a few party specialist

Better Be Nice x Ganz Genau – Free Open Air am Donaukanal

When: SAT, May 25, 2pm–6am
Where: Flex
Entry: free!

We’re sick of this crappy weather and we’ve been summoning an outdoor party with live music with our magical powers. We’re happy to announce our magical powers have worked and that there will be an outdoor party with a s***t-ton of music this weekend. Get over to Flex and outdoor-party your a** off to the sounds of the party people from Better Be Nice and Ganz Genau  Get in the mood, here:

Recommended if you like: having magical weather powers, finally being able to party outdoors, using your magical powers as a summoning tool for good weather activities, feeling like everyone should thank you for summoning such a cool party, a night full of DJs and dancing under the starry sky

Check out this concert from the awesome Viennese Duo “Möwe” 

Möwe | Donaukanaltreiben

When: SAT, May 25, 8:15pm
Where: Donaukanal/ Salztorbrücke
Entry: free!

The musical duo, Möwe, is performing in their hometown this Saturday, ready to rock the stage and to brighten your evening. Their music catalogue ranges from Deep House to Indie Dance and Pop. They started making music in 2013 after leaving their respective bands, developed their own style, and never looked back. This is the kind of concert that makes you lose your voice. Have a listen:

Recommended if you like: having some space to dance at a concert, singing along with other people who can´t sing, taking your socks off when you get excited, the smell of lots and lots of armpits, supporting your locals

Party into Sunday at this awesome party

Salon Magika x Donaukanaltreiben

When: SAT, May 25, 11pm–6am
Where: Das Werk
Entry: 10€ < 00:30 > 12€

The party crew from Salon Magika will be putting their usual party-throwing excellence into their event at Das Werk this Saturday. Their house DJs will bee on the decks, alongside some other great Techno DJ´s. You can try getting in for free between 11pm and 11:15pm, but you will probably have to deal with a lot people trying to do the same. But anyways, Salon Magika events are always an experience.


Recommended if you like: Techno, experimental Techno, looking for your left sock after the party, having a Reperaturseidl in the morning while enjoying the sunrise, early morning metro rides, Das Werk

Watch words go wild at this poetry slam by the water 

Poetry Slam am Donaukanaltreiben

When: SUN, May 26, 4pm–6:30am
Where: Das Werk
Entry: free! 

Between all the drinking, music and all the booty shaking at the Donaukanaltreiben, here´s an event at which you can relax a bit, breath some fresh air and reactivate your brain and get inspired by some wordsmiths. It´s not about the poetry alone, but what´s within and between the lines – the performance. Everyone has their chance to share their art, make you smile, or make you cry with their words. The poetry slam scene has a big following in Vienna and for good reason.

Recommended if you like: passionate poetry performances, crying, laughing, not understanding the poetry, Das Werk, playing with words, speaking like a scholar

Hop between stages aboard the water taxi

The boat taxi at Donaukanaltreiben

When: FRI–SAT, May 24–26 | FRI: 7pm–9pm, SAT: 4pm–8pm, SUN: 4pm–7pm
Where: Salztorbühne at Salztorbrücke
Entry: free!

One of the most unique features of the Donaukanaltreiben is the boat taxi. Hopping from stage to stage throughout the festival is this little yellow boat chugging its way along the Donaukanal is a fun little feature. It comes in real handy when the masses of people crowded on the canal makes the task of getting from one side of the canal to the other like passing through somebodies slimy and sweaty intestines. Jump on the boat and be sure to wear your pirates hat.

Recommended if you like: swimming, pirates, cruising (we’re talking about cruising on a boat…), yellow boats, watching the crowd from the water, wearing your captains hat every chance you get