Everything you need to do this week in Vienna

Everything you need to do this week in Vienna – 37 events

September 21, 2020

Everything you
need to do this
week in Vienna -
37 events

September 21, 2020

Vienna Würstelstand's , , and say

Hey, hey! We’ve selected the very best of what’s happening in Vienna this week so you can spend less time working out what to do, and spend more time making the most out of this city… and life.

Check out below the 37 awesome things happening this week in Vienna:

Travel in time to see where Beethoven used to hang out

When: MON, September 21, 7pm–9pm
Where: Minoritenplatz
Entry: TBA

This guided tour, hosted by theaterfink, will take you around the many residencies of the honorary German composer, Ludwig van Beethoven. Although Beethoven was originally rooted in Bonn, Germany, the talented pianist found a home in Vienna and this tour will take you back to when he used to gallivant around the city, and where artists like him mingled and danced. Get your attendance slip via the event’s website!

Tip: If you want to show off with some cool trivia, check out our article on facts about Beethoven!

Recommended if you like: thinking outside the box, meeting new people, being outside your comfort zone, getting to know your city, being socially active, tours around your city

Wake up when watching this movie about deep sea poaching

Sea Of Shadows // Cinema For Peace // Free Entry

When: MON, September 21, 7:30pm–9pm
Where: Schikaneder
Entry: free!, reserve a ticket 

This movie, screening this Monday at Schikaneder, has got it all: Mexican drug cartels, Chinese mafia, undercover agents, brilliant scientists and environmentalists. And they’re all fighting to get what they want, which is to either kill and liquidate, or to save some rare fish from the Sea of Cortez. This movie sounds like a real journey, and we’re curious how it’ll all unfold, so you might actually see us munchin’ on some popcorn in the back if you happen to turn up. Oh, and did we mention this film won awards?

Recommended if you like: not being afraid of deep waters, not having to go into the water yourself but watch other ppl doing it, rooting for some fish, seeing some shady business being done on screen, dramatically munchin’ on popcorn because the suspense is unbearable

Find out what it’s like to be Romanian at this comedy show

Stand up Comedy in English: The Trouble with being Born Romanian

When: MON, September 21, 8pm–10pm
Where: Shebeen – International Pub
Entry: 12€ (15€ at the door), buy a ticket

The London-based Romanian comedian, Victor Patrascan, hits the stage at the international pub Shebeen this Monday! This dude is not only known for his hilarious jokes, but also for the witty questions he asks the audience! So, if you fancy a comedy show with clever content, be sure to show up!

Recommended if you like: having a good time at the pub, being critical in a funny way, going to the pub to not only get drunk but also get entertained, international humour, laughing, starting to question things you’ve never thought about

Re-live American history at this meaningful musical

When: MON–SAT, September 21–October 4, check the event for the program
Where: Theater Drachengasse
Entry: varies, check the event page for details

At Theater Drachengasse, the streets of early 1960 America will be brought to you through Nina Simone’s eyes and musicalised by a theatre production of her hit song, ‘Four Women’. The killing of 4 girls that took place in Birmingham, Alabama led Ms. Simone to write a song about the tragic act of racism. Many years later, the playwright, Christina Ham, took the song from the recording studio to the theater stage. To follow the young girls, and to find out how life was after their passing, be sure to get your tickets!

Recommended if you like: musicals, movies & and shows based on a true story, music that brings people together, swing music, being curious of a time you never lived, Charlie Parker

Turn up and TUN UP with this Reggae and Dancehall ‘party’

When: MON, September 21, 7pm–1am
Where: Flex
Entry: 5€

The TUN UP team are back indoors at the Flex this Monday. Whether you feel more like jammin’ on the Reggae Dancehall floor, or checking out some Trap and HipHop vibes at the Flex Café, just be sure you to make the most out of it while you’re there. Both floors are equipped with tables, so you can actually do that social distance thing we all should be doing right now, and don’t forget to bring your mask.

Recommended if you like: nodding your head to the music ever so cooly while leaning on the bar, gin and tonic, giving every guy and girl on the dancefloor the ‘I’m free and easy’ look, Reggae, leaning back so far when dancing your dreads touch the floor

Learn to dance Flamenco with your kids

FLAMENCO FAMILIA Flamenco Unterricht für Kinder & die Familie.

When: MON, September 21, 6pm–7pm
Where: Mi Barrio
Entry: 10€, register via snogalesl@uoc.edu

Get those rusty hips moving and tire out the little ones at this Flamenco workshop happening at Mi Barrio this Monday. The dancer, Sonja Nussbäume, from Granada will be providing an experience for the whole family, teaching you the lovely moves of Flamenco. Maybe you can even get Oma and Opa to join – you might be surprised by their skills!

Recommended if you like: breaking it down on the dance floor, feeling awkward but having fun dancing, being jealous of those stage parents who already know all the moves, shedding a tear about the cuteness of your kid dancing, hiding your exhaustion

Let your ears be serenaded by this Austro-German Music Group

When: TUE, September 22, 6pm & 8:30pm
Where: Das Konzerthaus
Entry: From 25€, buy a ticket

On this gentle September evening, you’ll get to see Philharmonix – The Vienna Berlin Music Club, perform their own arrangement to the Austro pop star’s smash hit (Do we even have to say his name?) at the historic Konzerthaus. 35 years after its release, ‘Rock me, Amadeus,’ is still being celebrated by fans and musicians alike, and if you’re one of them, get ready for an evening of a pop song about a classical Austrian music composer being performed by contemporary classical musicians from Vienna and Berlin. Nope, not at all confusing.

Recommended if you like: vintage dresses, wearing a thick curly mustache, dancing the Waltz, classical music, living in the past, dress-up parties, dress coats, old leather briefcases, big band music

One of the coolest art festivals in the city

When: TUE–SUN, September 22–27
Where: Wiener Gewerbehaus
Entry: free!

Few things can inspire the creative mind as much as the cutting edge art fair, Parallel Vienna, does each year. For the 8th time in a row, this art fair will transform unique buildings in Vienna into an exhibition center for both young and established artists. The framework welcomes art initiatives of all kinds to showcase art, from galleries to project spaces, curated spaces, and individual artists. It is as much a showcasing of local talents and trends as it is of networking and establishing new collaborations and professional platforms around art.
So if you ever feel like you are missing out on the overwhelming number of galleries and project spaces in this artsy city, get your dose of contemporary art, and a generous overview of local creatives at this funky fair. Find out more about how they transformed a former economics office to a contemporary space via their website.
Recommended if you like: quirky minds, creative stuff, a unique art festival, contemporary art, checking out the up-and-coming artists, when art goes mainstream

Laugh out loud at this open air comedy event

Comedy Tuesday Open-Air at Shebeen

When: TUE, September 22, 6:30pm–9pm 
Where: Shebeen International Pub
Entry: donations welcome!

Once again, Shebeen International Pub will be bringing you laughter and the casual mockery with their comedy night this Tuesday evening, but this time, you’ll be sniggering outside. The ones responsible for your endorphin-induced high will be Vienna’s English comedy talents – Mitch Leffley, Oscar Brophy and Reginald Bärris.

Recommended if you like: laughing so hard you snort a little, when your stomach hurts from laughing, when somebody’s laugh is funnier than their jokes, comedy shows, fun things to do with friends during the week

A real-life soap opera, read out loud

Sinn & Seife – Die Poetry Soap. Wiens Slamlesebühne

When: WED, September 23, 8pm–10pm
Where: Cafe 7 Stern
Entry: 11€ (8€ students), buy a ticket

Eight young poets are living together in one happy flat, riddled with jealousy, love-sickness, and the other usual rollercoaster of emotions. This is not the typical flat, it’s full of wordsmiths, poets, who are desperate to tell you about their stories, and there’s usually a guest wordsmith on stage too. It’s scripted poetry of course, but will be still good fun – we promise! It will take place in the lovely intimate back room of Cafe7stern on Wednesday.

Recommended if you like: live poetry performances, Cafe 7 Stern, wearing the same shirt 3 days in a row and hoping nobody notices, buying fresh bread, rhyming, good poetry (as opposed to bad poetry), Sinn & Seife, supporting talented artists

Have a blast with some outdoor Electronic vibes at this beach club

When: WED, September 23, 6pm–10pm
Where: USUS am Wasser
Entry: Free!

Go ahead and reserve your Wednesday night for FM4s Swound Sound Recording Sessions at Usus am Wasser, one of the Neue Donau’s coolest locations this year. Before the wind makes your evenings by the water too chilly, the beach club will be hosting enough events for you to get jiggy by the water, with a refreshing drink in your hand. But be sure not to spill your drink once the Electronic beats from DJs Makossa & Sugar B feat. KSAWA & Megablast take over.

Get a taste of their latest tracks:

Recommended if you like: parties with a view, bringing your favorite Hawaiian shirt, singlets in summer, gin and tonic, beach vibes in the city

Time for a Queer movie night!!

Queer Movie Night

When: WED, September 23, 8pm–11pm
Where: Villa Vida Café
Entry: free! Make sure to reserve a seat!

This Wednesday, Villa Vida will give queer filmmakers in Vienna the chance to get their film on the big screen and sucked in by plentiful eyeballs! If you’ve always dreamed of showing your own film to strangers, on a (more or less) big screen, be sure to get in touch and be part of this awesome Queer Movie Night! If you’re more of a movie watcher than maker, than be sure to reserve your seat!

Recommended if you like: getting to see the creative projects of other people, salty popcorn, watching films by random people more than watching some oh so awesome Hollywood blockbuster, events where you get to see a bunch of films, dreaming of a world where eating popcorn for breakfast is seen as something normal, connecting with other people, showing your pride

Update your climate-conscious knowledge at this discussion evening

When: WED, September 23, 7pm–9pm
Where: Hauptbücherei Wien
Entry: Free!

With COVID-19 being at the forefront of every news outlet, the upcoming panel discussion at Hauptbücherei Wien aims to shed some much-needed light on the ongoing issues of climate change.

The two-hour discussion round will be led by opinion leaders, such as Florian Klenk, editor in chief of FALTER, and activists & move-makers like Veronika Winter. If you believe you’ve been neglecting your green thumb a little too much lately, be sure to get a good seat before the room’s capacity is reached. (Blame COVID, not the chairs)

Recommended if you like: the idea of making a change, getting all your As to all your Qs, environment & climate, inspirational events, meeting great people, talks and discussions, learning something new, being part of the movement trying to drag the world into the 21st century and into the future

Check out this poetry slam of curiosities

Poetry Slam der Kuriositäten “sprich Wort!”

When: WED, September 23, 7:30pm–10:30pm
Where: Tunnel
Entry: 10€ (7€ students)

If you’ve always wanted to be a member of a jury someday, then you should take this chance by being at this poetry slam. This evening, as with most poetry slams, laughter (or at least smirks) and moving words are guaranteed. They call themselves ‘the poetry slam of the curiosities’, and we’re very keen to find out what this means. Let us know if you actually do show up at the Tunnel this Wednesday.

Recommended if you like: stroking beards, sex in the park, smoking pipes, poetry, letting it all out in public, fancy words, championships of any kind, being a jury member for once in your lifetime, wordsmiths, an evening full of laughter and crying, people who are smart enough to make poetry

Look up to the sky and take in this live music band

When: WED, September 23, 7pm–8pm
Where: Museumsquartier
Entry: Free!

At the MuseumsQuartier, you may find yourself wondering what this sound is as you groove to ‘Good Wilson’s’ self-discovered music genre, ‘Sky Gaze’. The four member group will be performing their new-age music, which can be described as ‘dreamlike Pop music that’ll make you want to stare at the stars.’ So, if you’re not quite familiar with this new genre, at least gazing at the skies of the MQ courtyard will provide visual stimulation for you. Be sure to arrive at the live performance before all the seats are taken!

Recommended if you like: chill outdoor music, giving Bussis baby, Pop/Rock, softcore porn, Wanda, giving high fives in slow motion, staring at the sky and getting high (on fresh air 😉 )

Get some insight into a fictional investigative custody cell

Geleemann, die Zukunft zwischen meinen Fingern

When: September 24 – October 2, 7:30pm
Where: Werk X – Petersplatz
Entry: 10–18€, buy a ticket

The premiere of the play Geleemann, die Zukunft zwischen meinen Fingern takes place at Werk X – Petersplatz this Thursday, and will be performed 5 more times until October 2nd. If you don’t like contradictions, this play might drive you nuts, as it’s about an inmate in investigative custody, who doesn’t see himself as murderer and rapist (like everyone else does) but as a poet.

Recommended if you like: contradictions (even if they drive you bananas), demanding content, feeling super grown–up because you enjoy going to the theatre, theatres more than cinemas, that feeling when you walk out of a play that made you feel a lot of things

A fair for the art lovers amongst us

International Art Fair viennacontemporary 2020

When: THU–SUN, September 24–27
Where: Marx Halle
Entry: from 13€ (online), 19 € at the doors, check the website for updates on tickets

Under the vast roof of the cattle shed turned event venue, the Marx Halle, contemporary art from all over Eastern and central Europe will flood the space. The viennacontemporary art fair – which hosts over 100 galleries from over 26 countries – prides itself for not only being a market place for art aficionados to browse, yet also a fair that showcases young up-and-coming artists.

The 4-day event will also see cinema screenings, guided tours and talks. Check out the programme on the viennacontemporary website.

Recommended if you like: the epiphany of discovery, being an artist, contemporary art, moody ambient music, wearing odd socks, very-very modern art

Image © viennacontemporary, photo: kunst-dokumentation.com

Chill out at this outdoor Techno hang

Sommerträume ’20

When: THU, September 24, 3pm–10pm
Where: Arenawiese
Entry: free!

Pack up your blankets and sunscreen and head over to the Arenawiese in the Prater to catch some late summer rays and Techno beats this Thursday. This outdoor Techno hang may help you toignore that crispy cold fall is already knocking on our doors.

Recommended if you like: feeling the sun on your skin, getting lost in some Techno beats, feeling like you’re floating in space, beats that go with your heartbeat, making the most out of those sun rays, lying on grass all day

A long short movies marathon

Manhattan Short Filmfestival 2020

When: THU, September 24, 8pm­–10:30pm
Where: Votivkino
Entry: 10.20€, buy a ticket

One of the biggest short film festival in the world is in town, and the 10 best movies will be screened at the Votivkino/De France on Thursday. Not only will you be seeing some great movies, ranging from drama, animation, horror to martial arts and Sci-Fi, but also you’ll be part of the global vote for the winner. Oh, and have we mentioned that the movies all qualify for an Oscar consideration? So you might be picking a future Academy Awards winner.

Recommended if you like: movies that don’t come from Hollywood, judging things, movie marathons, voicing your opinion, falling asleep in very comfortable chairs

Prove yourself in a room full of Friends fans as the number one fan

Friends Quiz @TGI Fridays feat. VIECC

When: THU, September 24, 7pm–10pm
Where: TGI Fridays
Entry: 10€ (includes a drink), make sure to reserve a table!

If you call yourself a die-hard Friends fan, you better get your cute butt to TGI Fridays this Thursday, because a quiz completely dedicated to your favourite TV show is happening! And you know what that means: You get to show off what a nerd you truly are! And the best part: You get the chance to win Friends merchandise!

Recommended if you like: constantly making Friends references (even though nobody gets it), re-watching your favourite TV shows over and over again until you know every dialogue by heart, merchandise, winning, impressing your friends with your knowledge, the whole Ross and Rachel romance

Spend a weekend browsing through a market full of pretty stuff

POTS und BLITZ – Keramik . Porzellan . Designmarkt

When: FRI–SUN, September 25–27, check the event for opening hours
Where: MQ – Museumsquartier
Entry: 5€

This one goes out to all the pottery lovers out there who enjoy looking at pretty things for hours (or days) on end and accidentally spending all of their money on beautifully crafted pottery! This Friday to Sunday, a market all about ceramics and porcelain will be happening at the MQ! It doesn’t matter if you’re just looking for new plates, or mugs, or if you’re trying to get your hands on some fancy–schmancy design pieces, this pottery market is worth stopping by at!

Recommended if you like: dreaming of a world where Google stops guessing you’re searching for Harry Potter whenever you google something about pottery, filling every corner of your home with pottery, getting clay for your birthday, convincing the person you live with that you need a big–ass sculpture in your living room, unique art

Celebrate Oktoberfest…on the beach

Oktober Beach 2020

When: FRI–SUN, September 25–27, check the event for opening hours
Where: Vienna City Beach Club
Entry: tba

It’s Oktoberfest o’clock at Vienna City Beach Club this weekend. Put on your Dirndl, or squeeze your sexy butt into some Lederhosen and get ready for the beachiest Oktoberfest in all of Vienna (and probably the world)! Besides the must–have Oktoberfest classics being on offer, you will also get to shake your booty to all sorts of music genres, from Pop, Rock, Schlager to House.

Recommended if you like: beer, using traditional clothing as an excuse to show off your sexy body, screaming at the top of your lungs when singing along to the songs at a party, having one too many, partying at the beach, the way you look in your Lederhosen

See this installation of a Beethoven-inspired dance performance

When: FRI&SAT, September 25–26, check the event for performance hours
Where: Kunsthistorisches Museum
Entry: 16€, buy a ticket

As a celebrated and gifted composer, Ludwig van Beethoven inspired ‘This Joy’, a 21st-century dance movement supported by Impulstanz, which you’ll be able to encounter on Friday and Saturday at the Kunsthistorische Museum.

Wait, did we say only dance? Because Tino Sehgal, along with his fellow artists, have spent the past year honing not just their rhythmic, but also their vocal, skills for this first-ever performance. To be a part of the audience that previews Sehgal’s new work, get your admission ticket for the exhibition BEETHOVEN MOVES. Plus your ticket will allow you to check out many other acts of Vienna’s International Dance Festival!

Recommended if you like: the idea of checking out the local music scene, music & dance festivals, looking through dance-classes you’ll probably never join, expression dance, remixes to original music, Singer/Songwriter Music

Check out Austria’s largest design festival

Get inspired at Vienna Design Week

When: September 25 – October 4
Where: All over town! Check out the programme & venues
Entry: varies, check the website for details!

For ten days, the city will become an open stage for design. This festival showcases how design is shaping our everyday lives and influences us as individuals. Design is defining our lifestyle, our taste and our aesthetic sense and the Vienna Design Week is here to remind us of exactly that. This festival shows that design can open eyes and bring solutions to many day to day issues.

Check out their website for the complete program and get ready for many days full of exhibitions, workshops, presentations, guided tours and talks on the subject of design.

Recommended if you like: graphic design, product design, having a juicer designed as a milk carton, when pretty things are useful things, wallpaper, fonts, design, getting inspired, exhibition-hopping

Support local musicians by rocking out at USUS am Wasser

Krautrock from Outta Jazz

When: FRI, September 25, 8pm–1am
Where: USUS am Wasser
Entry: tba

It’s time for some damn fine Rock, baby! But not just any kind of Rock, oh no no – it’s time for some local Psyche and Space Rock mixed with some Kraut Rock! That’s right! This Friday, at the waterside location, USUS am Wasser, you get to rock out to a bunch of Viennese Rock bands that bring tunes like this on stage:

Recommended if you like: being able to distinguish different Rock genres, your music taste most about yourself, wearing band Ts of bands you actually listen to, sounding like a scientist whenever you’re talking about music, being responsible for providing awesome music playlists at parties

Howl with laughter at this Vienna-based American

International English Comedy Night

When: FRI, September 25, 8:30pm–10:30pm
Where: Shebeen
Entry: 17.18€, buy a ticket

The jolly people at Vienna Chuckles and Shebeen are proud to present an International English Comedy Night this Friday, with Reginald Bärris headlining. Reginald himself is American (albeit living in Vienna) who has brought his stand-up on multiple successful European tours and headlined in 20 countries and 50+ cities. It’s likely he’ll have you howling with laughter.

Recommended if you like: laughing at Americans, events that include a drink to get you nicely sozzled, laughing so hard you snort a little, when your stomach hurts from laughing, comedy shows, fun things to do with friends during the week.

Check out this concert

Ankathie Koi – Koi in Private

When: FRI, September 25, 9pm–10:30pm
Where: Wiener Konzerthaus
Entry: 10€, buy a ticket

This Sunday, the Pop musician, Ankathie Koi, will be performing at the beautiful Wiener Konzerthaus. Check out her music below:

Recommended if you like: music that gets under your skin, checking out local talent, being part of local festivals, swaying to the music like your a flimsy tree in the wind

Relive the golden Rap era at the Roxy Club

Boom Bap Fridays – Golden Era Rap

When: every Friday, 9pm–1am
Where: Roxy Club Vienna
Entry: TBA

What may sound like a new Instagram Hashtag is actually a celebration of Hip Hop you should be looking forward to every Friday. This American music-style originated in the East Coast and will be turning up at the intimate location of the Roxy Club every Friday. To check out updates about the recurring event, visit Roxy Club’s Facebook page!

Recommended if you like: old school RnB, moving your hips in a rather smooth manner, Rap and Hip Hop, underground club locations, low-riders

Listen to Beethoven and Mozart on the hills of the 19th 

When: FRI & SAT, September 25 & 26, 7:30pm–9:30pm
Where: Beethovensaal Heiligenstadt
Entry: 25€ (23€ students), buy a ticket

On the hills of Heiligenstadt, the musical ensemble, Wiener Cammerstyl, will be performing classical pieces by none-other than, but not only, Ludwig van Beethoven! The music-filled evening will be celebrating the chamber music’s anniversary and will take place right next to the Beethoven Museum. But like we mentioned, plenty of other composers will be honoured in the music program – From Haydn and Mozart, to composers that haven’t been heard of in a while, like Anton Eberl and Leopold Kozeluch (if you’re watching a movie set in Victorian times chances are you’ll hear their compositions in the background).

For more information on how to purchase your ticket, check out the event’s website!

Recommended if you like: Googling ‘da-da-da-daaa!’ instead of Beethoven’s 5th symphony, orgasmic classy concoctions of slippery sounds feeding into your earholes, brass music, the sound of a tuba, the sound of the word tuba, watching conductors do their thing, elevator music in a fancy hotel

Buy some cool antique stuff at this flea market

Fest der Kunstfreunde am Servitenplatz

When: FRI, September 25, 7am–5pm
Where: Servitenkirche
Entry: free!

There’s a flea market happening at Servitenplatz in the 9th district this Friday! Anyone who really loves sifting through bits and bobs to find rare trinkets and vintage-whatever will be happy to spend the day here.

Recommended if you like: anything old, using the words ‘vintage’ or ‘antique’, seeing beauty in some shabby stuff, sifting through bits and bobs, upping your bargaining-skills, buying way too many things

Enjoy a night of funky non-traditional Bavarian music

When: FRI, September 25, 8:30pm–11:30pm
Where: Fluc+Fluc wanne
Entry: 13€ presale, 15€ at the door

This lively show at Fluc will offer up electrifying performances by Genevieve Pasquier, who is also part of the performing musical duo Kommando. Along with Mitra Mitra, they will introduce you to a blend of 80s Minimal Electro, with the help of Genevieve’s soulful vocals. Over the years, the Bavarian singer has grown her fan base internationally and if you’re into Electro-Pop and hypnotic music on the dance-floor, bring a friend along for a compelling evening. But be quick to get your tickets before they sell out!

Recommended if you like: Electro Music of all breeds, underground clubs, mixed crowds, wearing socks during sex, pretending you’re from a different country every night out, modernised vintage music

A festival full of culture and music out of the Czech Republic

Spektakel Kulturherbst

When: FRI–SUN, September 25–27, check the program for opening hours
Where: Spektakel
Entry: check program for entry prices

This Friday to Sunday, you get to travel all the way to the Czech Republic without leaving Vienna! All you have to do is show up at the cultural festival, Spektakel Kulturherbst! This festival looks to demonstrate the closeness of Austria and the Czech Republic when it comes to culture and mentality by giving you the chance to spend your weekend with Czech music, literature and art! 

Recommended if you like: feeling connected to your neighbours, cultural events, feeling sophisticated because of the events you enjoy going to, more about the Czech Republic than just their beer

Get wasted while looking super sexy in traditional clothing

Ginger Wiesen

When: September 18 – October 3, 6pm–12am
Where: VIEiPEE
Entry: free! Only a numbered amount of people allowed, make sure to make a reservation

It’s time to display your sexy butt in your Lederhosn (and impress everyone around you with it) – from this Friday, every Wednesday to Saturday up until October 3, the so-called ‘Ginger Wiesen’ will be happening at VIEiPEE. But don’t think it’s just another random Oktoberfest – oh, no, no! You’ll get to drink your beers and schnapps while getting your fix of Hip Hop, Trap and RnB!

There are also cool extras waiting for you, such as a Mario Kart corner, board game rental and a free shot of schnapps if you show up in Lederhosn, or Dirndl! 

Recommended if you like: using traditional clothes as an excuse to show off your super sexy body, going to an Oktoberfest without having to listen to shitty music, Hip Hop, Trap, looking like you’re playing with an invisible basketball when you’re dancing, drinking your friends under the table, impressing your date with downing a beer

The year’s best photojournalism in one exhibition – powerful stuff!

World Press Photo Exhibition 2020 in Vienna

When: September 11 – October 25
Where: Westlicht
Entry: 8€ (5€ students)

This exhibit is even in the calendars of those that hardly ever step foot in a gallery. With around 100 exhibitions around the world annually, the World Press Photo exhibition is the most popular traveling photo event in the world and will be displaying attention-grabbing photos at Westlicht gallery. The poignant, moving images that are always guaranteed at this exhibition of photojournalism’s greatest shots of the year, can be seen by anyone whose interest is remotely peaked in photography. Don’t be surprised if you leave with tears in your eyes, or full of inspiration.

Recommended if you like: understanding the world a little better, pictures that say more than words, a picture speaks a thousand words, photo journalism, playing caption competitions with your exhibition buddy, being moved and inspired

Check out these creative and cool animated films

Animace|Animácia: reanimated

When: MON–SUN, September 3–October 19
Where: Österreichisches Filmmuseum
Entry: varies, check the event page for details

If you’ve never seen some classic Czechoslovak, Czech, or Slovak cinematography, than from September to October, you’ll have the chance to go back in time at the Austrian Film Museum, where surrealistic puppet stories and animated films from these regions will be screened.

This means you’ll get to experience screenings of the past age that have inspired the works of Hollywood’s finest oddballs, like Wes Anderson, Tim Burton, and the Brothers Quay. For the complete program of the films, head on to filmmuseum.at and reserve your tickets while you’re at it!

Recommended if you like: reading classics, stories from afar, red velvet seats, foreign film festivals, movies with subtitles, flip-books and watching animations as a kid, watching behind the scenes videos from old DVDs 

Vienna’s horror and fantasy film festival is back!

11. /slash Filmfestival

When: THU–SUN, September 17–27,
Where: Filmcasino, Metro Kinokulturhaus,  Gartenbaukino and Schikaneder
Entry: TBA

Throughout September, 4 cinemas in Vienna will play host to the city’s one and only horror and fantasy film festival, screening film after film that are made to twist your mind like a pretzel, or scare the crap out of you. It’s the 11th time the /slash Filmfestival is happening, and this time around will bring 40 movies (most of them showed twice) in 11 days to the big screen. So expect plenty of blood (on the screen, we mean), and plenty of mindf**** films. Check out the complete programme on their website and check out their film festival trailer, below:

Recommended if you like: film festivals, fantastic worlds and plots, being a film fanatic, being freaked out, The Shining, gore, sh*tting your pants at the movies, scary clowns

Be sure to get your daily dose of culture!

All the best culture and art events happening in Vienna right now

When: right now!
Where: various locations in Vienna, check out our guide!

With so many culture events taking place – be it exhibitions in museums, powerful plays on theatre stages, art shows that scratch that inspiration itch – getting your daily dose of culture in Vienna is easy-peasy. That is, if you have our awesome art and culture guide, which tells you all about the best events happening in Vienna right NOW. If you think we’re missing any important ongoing culture events, drop us a message on Facebook, Instagram, or the good old, oldschool way, via mail.

Recommended if you like: tilting your head slightly in front of a painting and putting your pensive face on, wearing odd socks, strolling through galleries and museums on rainy days, getting inspired by the great and the up-coming greats, being a creative, seeing how people interpret our crazy world through art.