41 things you need to do to make the most out of this week in Vienna – vienna würstelstand

41 things you need to do to make the most out of this week in Vienna

October 14, 2018

41 things you need
to do to make the
most out of this week
in Vienna

October 14, 2018

Vienna Würstelstand's , and say

Hey, hey! We’ve selected the very best of what’s happening in Vienna this week so you can spend less time working out what to do, and spend more time making the most out of this city… and life.

Check out below the 41 awesome things happening this week in Vienna:


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Recommended if you like: Vienna Würstelstand

Kick-off the week with some German rap!

Umse / Support: JuJu Rogers // Wien

When: MON, October 15, 7pm–11pm
Where: Grelle Forelle
Entry: 24.10€, get tickets here

This Monday, Grelle Forelle is welcoming on stage one of the main players in German Rap – Umse! With his mix of Punk Rock, Hip Hop and Rap, Umse is touring Europe with his newly released, ‘Durch die Wolkendecke’. Check out his sound:

Recommended if you like: kicking off the week with a cool concert, German Rap, wearing Asics Tigers, Rap and Hip Hop, escaping the law, fucking the police (well, not literally, but you know what we mean)

Check out this fresh sound out of Dresden

ÄTNA – La Famiglia Tour 2018 | Wien – Chelsea

When: MON, October 15, 8pm
Where: Chelsea
Entry: 16.70€, get tickets here

This Monday, Chelsea will welcome Ätna to its stage for their European tour of ‘La Famiglia’ album. This hyped duo from Dresden is known for delivering intense concerts, mixing sound with aesthetics and creating an unusual and intriguing show.  Ätna is formed by Inéz on the vocals and piano, and Demian on the drums. Think White Stripes’ minimalism with a strong female voice and experimental piano. Curious? Get tickets here and check out their music below:

Recommended if you like: being in the ‘in’ scene, beer and cigarettes, the grungy atmosphere of the Gürtel, checking out new sounds, being intrigued by a concert

Dance until you can’t dance no more!

MoMA with Dj SwingCommander

When: MON, October 15, 8pm–1am
Where: Fania Live
Entry: free!

At this weekly dance night event called Monday Mess Around under the Stadtbahnbögen (to be more precise: at Fania Live), you’ll be able to shake a leg to the finest swing music presented by the crowd, IG HOP. This week, DJ SwingCommander will be on the decks as part of the evening.

Recommended if you like: swing dancing, being slid under somebody’s legs, dancing until your feet hurt and the music won’t let you stop, nostalgia of a time you never lived, antique shops and flea markets, vintage clothes, old leather briefcases, not knowing what to expect from a party

DnB Music Monday at the Camera Club

360° Drum’n’Bass – Free Entry

When: every Monday in October, 7pm–2am
Where: Camera Club
Entry: Free!

Camera Club’s Monday Drum’N’Bass party has made our Mondays better throughout October, so be sure to enjoy their last edition! Every week,the Camera Club will host an evening of chilled music and drinks, with DJs from our very own Vienna giving you their own takes on DnB. Up for some great music on a Monday? You’ve got it. Check out the Facebook event for details on the Line Up, here.

Recommended if you like: kicking off the week with some partying, Drum and Bass, your ears ringing the morning after from a bass overload, intimate locations

Celebrate your semester abroad with this Erasmus party

Erasmus Party Night – Every Monday

When: every Monday in October 8, 9pm–4am
Where: Ride Club
Entry: Free!

If you’re an international student or looking to meet people from all over Europe, start off your semester with some craziness at this weekly party at Ride Club dedicated to Erasmus fun and games. Drink prices will change throughout the night so check out the pricing schedule, here. The music will be blasting to the early hours of the morning. We hope they play that song about the guy who speaks Spanish.

Recommended if you like: parties for students who are studying abroad, cheap drinks, loud music, skipping class, sleeping in until 3pm, dancing, meeting new people

Witness the newcomers of the comedy scene

English Comedy Open Mic @Polkadot Vienna

When: MON, October 15, 8pm−10pm
Where: Polkadot Vienna
Entry: Free!

Shake off your grumpy Monday mood by going to the pub, Polkadot, for a free open mic comedy night! This is a night when inexperienced comedians brave the stage and try out their material, hoping to make you laugh. And if you’ve always thought you were really funny, why not give it a go!? We dare you…scratch that – we double dare you.

Recommended if you like: laughing so hard you snort a little, when your stomach hurts from laughing, when somebody’s laugh is funnier than their jokes, comedy shows, fun things to do with friends during the week

Catch a future Netflix comedy Star live!

Daniel SLOSS – Live

When: MON, October 15, 7:30pm−10:00pm
Where: Gartenbaukino
Entry: 28€

Forget the weekend has ended – this Monday night, turn up at the Gartenbaukino and catch the rapidly rising Scottish Stand-up comedy star, Daniel Sloss. With comedy specials coming up on the horizon, this will be a unique chance to see a rising star before he becomes famous and therefore unlovable for hipsters.

Recommended if you like: English-language comedy, Edinburgh Fringe Stars, self-deprecating comedy, laughing as a medicine, laughing until your belly hurts, an evening full of laughter, listening to other people’s funny stories, beer and cigarettes, climbing trees for a nap in the middle of the day

A night of Arabic pop at the FLEX

Yasmine Hamdan (Libanon)

When: MON, October 15, 8pm−10pm
Where: Flex
Entry: 28€

Take your adventurous music-junky self this Monday night to Flex where the versatile Arabic Pop Singer Yasmine Hamdan will take the stage by storm. With her music being played in the US, Europe and all over the Middle East, she is proving to be a popular voice amongst the Arab world’s music scene. And with her incredible voice and seductive personality, we can’t get enough of her.

Recommended if you like: Live concerts, seriously talented musicians performing live, curing your weekend hangover with a beer and live music, nodding your head to the music ever so coolly while leaning on the bar, World music, traveling

A night of finding beauty in design with Sagmeister and Walsh

Im Zeitraum Stefan Sagmeister zu Gast bei Johannes Kaup

When: MON, October 15, 6:30pm−9pm
Where: ORF RadioKulturhaus
Entry: Free!

This Monday evening, take the design nerd inside of you to the ORF Radiokulturhaus for a unique exhibition. Famed designer, Stefan Sagmeister, and his agency partner, Jessica Walsh, are making an impressive visual, multimedia exhibition focused on the question – what makes up beauty. Sagmeister & Walsh have researched the subject of beauty for years. Supported by the latest findings in psychological aesthetics, they define beauty as a core aspect of our makeup as human beings.

Recommended if you like: design and architecture, studying how something works, drawing your straight lines freehand, talking about architecture for hours at house parties, the idea of seeing the behind the scenes of a city, exhibition that inspire

See the best of the best of the Austrian Improv scene

Das Wiener Derby: Finale

When: MON, October 15, 8pm−10pm
Where: TAG – Theater an der Gumpendorfer Straße
Entry: 20€

Get out of the Monday routine by showing up at the Improv theater finals at TAG. See the actors will go on to make it through to the Austrian Improv championship in Linz. Witness who will have the quickest thoughts, the best punch lines, and the craziest improvised moves on stage. All while having a good laugh in a nice theater.

Recommended if you like: asking ‘whose line is it anyway,’ improvised moments, no scripts, no rules, the beautiful act of going with the flow, laughing until a little fart comes out

When Wien becomes Wein

WINE in the CITY 2018

When: TUE, October 16, 7pm−10pm
Where: various locations
Entry: 29€

Witness Vienna’s best wine producers come together at exclusive locations in the 1st district this Tuesday night as this year’s Wine in the City gets underway. A night where not only will you discover exciting new places for an after work glass of wine, but you can also put your wine tasting skills to the test. If you love your wine, you should check this event out.

Recommended if you like: readingreasons why wine is saving your life listicles, the saying ‘a wine a day keeps the doctor away’, long debates about which wine is spritz-able, when it comes to wine you see no colour

A night of talking content

Honey, we need to talk Content! Content Talk + Q&A

When: TUE, Oct 16, 6pm−8pm
Where: R&Bar
Entry: Free!

If you’re into content creation, or you’ve ever been interested in knowing what the hell people are talking about when they go on about ‘storytelling’ and ‘content’ then you should check out this Content Talk and Q&A event on Tuesday night happening at Rundbar. Discover what makes good content, while also enjoying a nice drink and talking to people dying to tell their stories ( not really dying, but you know, like “ there is melted cheese on my fries OMG” dying.)

Recommended if you like: the inspiration of the start-up community, businesses that do good, inspiring Facebook videos of people changing the world, living the Vegan life, the world of tech and communication, having your ears prick up when you hear the words, ‘content’ and ‘storytelling’

British guitars @ Chelsea!

The Magic Gang (UK) • Wien

When: TUE, October 16, 8pm–11pm
Where: Chelsea
Entry: 17.30€, get tickets here

Hot trend alert! The Magic Gang is one of the most prominent artists in the UK landscape. And they are playing this Tuesday at Chelsea! If you’ve been missing the good old days of British Indie Rock, this one is for you. Their sound is a mix of Blur, Phoenix, and even a little bit of Oasis – but less dramatic & more upbeat. We dare you not to smile and sing along while listening to some gooood guitars in these tunes. Grab the tickets, grab a beer, and float away with these Brighton boys.

Recommended if you like: British Rock, beer and cigarettes, 2000s Indie bands, catchy guitars, watching a promising band before they become internationally-known, checking out new sounds

A night with the Irish teaching you how to laugh

The Good, The Bad & The Irish! at 7*Stern

When: TUE, October 16, 8pm−10pm
Where: 7stern
Entry: 10€

Show up this Tuesday night at Cafe7stern for a full on comedy night, with special guests on stage from Ireland! See live the newcomers of the Irish comedy scene and let them take you through an hour of intense laughter. Make sure you drink your drink between acts in order to not make a huge mess when laughing.

Recommended if you like: English-language comedy, Edinburgh Fringe Stars, self-deprecating comedy, laughing as a medicine, laughing until your belly hurts, an evening full of laughter, listening to other people’s funny stories, beer and cigarettes, climbing trees for a nap in the middle of the day

Have a glass of wine while learning how you can help save the planet

WineDown: CleanTech Europe By Impact Hub Vienna & EIT Climate-KIC

When: WED, October 17, 3pm−10pm
Where: Impact Hub
Entry: Free!

Make your Wednesday evening one at which the environment takes center stage at the monthly Wine down event series at the cowering space, the Impact Hub. Meet the minds behind the cutting edge tech startups focused on making the world a better and more eco-friendly place. Plus, what can be better than talking about saving the world while sipping on some wine produced by mother earth. Wink wink.

Recommended if you like: the inspiration of the startup community, businesses that do good, inspiring Facebook videos of people changing the world, living the Vegan life, the world of tech and communication, supporting the people who shout the ‘end is nigh’, throwing red paint at fur coats

Catch some Irish Indie Rock @ Gasometer!

FM4 Indiekiste mit Kodaline/Wien

When: WED, October 17, 7pm–11pm
Where: Gasometer
Entry: 33.70€, get tickets here

This week’s FM4 Indiekiste brings you Kodaline, an Irish quartet playing Indie Rock with some cool vocals. They’re on tour with their 2018 album ‘Politics of living’. Their sound makes it impossible not to smile and shift along with the beat, and makes for an amazing concert. Besides the Indie beats, they also rock the piano in some tracks, pairing it with powerful vocals. Don’t believe us? Check out their sound below:

Recommended if you like: Indie Rock, powerful vocals, beer and cigarettes, inspiring concerts in the middle of the week, checking out new bands, boy bands

Electronic music night with the FM4 crowd

FM4 Swound Sound Recording Sessions

When: WED, October 17, 9pm
Where: Celeste
Entry: Free!

Electronic dance music parties that have been delivering beats with style and humour since 1992 – that’s FM4 Swound Sound. Their record spinners, DJ Makossa, Peter Ottinger & Mc Sugar B will be on the decks. Head to Celeste this Wednesday where they’ll be doing their monthly recording session and listen to their set. It’ll be free!

Recommended if you like: listening to FM4 while eating breakfast, electronic beats, dancing until your feet hurt, nodding your head to the music ever so cooly while leaning on the bar, gin and tonic, being a diehard electronic music fan

You’ll leave this party with ears ringing from a DnB overload

Highscore x Drum&Bass

When: WED, October 17, 11pm
Where: Fluc + Fluc Wanne
Entry: Free!

Highscore’s Drum&Bass parties are here to make your October funkier! This Wednesday, the line-up is filled with Hungarian DJs like Cybershot, who will bring you an evening of deep and heavy bass beats (whatever that means). If you’re craving some mid-week partying, this one’s for you! Here’s a taste:

Recommended if you like: wild partying in Budapest, Drum and Bass, unique party locations, the feeling of sweat dripping down your spine, dancing until the sun comes up, döner time at 4am, feeling the floor shake under the bass

A throwback party with a touch of today’s music

Holiday Club – Todays Hit’s vs. 90s

When: every Wednesday in October, 9pm-4am
Where: Cabaret Fledermaus
Entry: free!

Every Wednesday, the legendary club, Cabaret Fledermaus, will put on a mix of 90s music and chart music of today to keep you dancing all night long! Expect a lot of dancing if you show up at this fun free party on a week night! We suggest bringing a bunch of friends along, as it’s a proven fact that dancing to this kind of music is always better with friends. Especially when drinks are involved.

Recommended if you like: music that you can’t resist dancing to, living in the past, dancing until sweat is dripping down your back, unpretentious locations, the 90s, mid-week drinking, mid-week drinking, listening to the radio

I carried a Watermelon martini!

Swing ‘n’ Roll Feat DJ King D

When: ever Wednesday in October 5, 8pm
Where: Dachboden @ 25Hours Hotel
Entry: Free!

Put on your vintage dancing shoes for this weekly Swing n’ Roll dance party at the 25hrs Hotel rooftop bar with DJ King D.  Make sure to stretch before leaving the house, because throwing your back out doing the jive in public is just embarrassing (trust us).  When you’re ready for a breather, grab a cocktail at the bar and bee bop your way out to the terrace to enjoy a beautiful night view of Vienna with all the other rooftop bar in-crowders.

Recommended if you like: doing the Lindy Hop, blue suede shoes, stylish bars, a hump-day bump, partying on a week night, party venues with a view

Join ambitious women at this meet up

Sorority-MV im Oktober

When: WED, October 17, 7pm−10:00pm
Where: Die Requisite
Entry: Free!

Join the Sorority the Wednesday night at Die Requisite for a night full of women power networking, discussion, workshops and further education. Sorority is an independent platform for cross-industry networking and career advancement of women in Austria that holds these kinds of events on a monthly basis. They’re a very fun and welcoming group if you’re thinking about turning up for the first time.

Recommended if you like: girl power, feminism, equality of gender, networking, talking to everyone about everything, owning a vagina, being part of the long overdue change, calling out Mansplaining

A night of improvised Powerpoint presentations (basically how we passed every class in college)

PowerPoint-Karaoke Wien im Oktober

When: WED, October 17, 8pm–10:30pm
Where: Spektakel
Entry: 7€, buy your ticket here

PowerPoint – you love it. And we get that. Bullet points, strong visual aids, your captivating presentational flow – all of it. But what if you didn’t know what topic you would be presenting until you got up in front of the crowd? Think you have what it takes to present a spontaneous PowerPoint on the underwater basket weaving practices of the ancient tribes of the Amazon? Reserve your spot now for a PowerPoint-karaoke session at Spektakel if you’d like to present, or get a ticket above if you just want to spectate.

Recommended if you like: PowerPoint presentations, something…er…different, impromptu lectures – from someone other than your Mom, changing slides with a little button in your hand and feeling powerful because of it

Cool DJs this Thursday at chillaxed, Mon Ami

Club der frühen Vögel mit Deep Baked

When: THU, October 18,  6pm–12am
Where: Mon Ami
Entry: Free!

The talented DJ crew from Deep Baked is performing this Thursday in the basement of the chilled bar, Mon Ami! The headliners of the night are Ferenc Merker and Ralf Jacob. You can check out their sound below:

Recommended if you like: concerts in the middle of the week, getting to know new music, DJ collectives, intimate bars, being out on a school night, living it to the max


The upbeat Swedish Indie trio comes to Vienna

Peter Bjorn and John (SE) • Wien

When: THU, October 18,  7pm–11pm
Where: Flex
Entry: 29.90€, get tickets here

The band behind ‘Young Folks’ is in town! If you haven’t listened to this song, stop everything and check it out below (bonus: the music video is a cool cartoon video clip). If you have, we have great news: they’re performing at Flex this Thursday! That’s right: Peter Bjorn and John, the Swedish trio, are in town while touring with their new album, ‘Darker Days’ – don’t let the title mislead you: their feel good songs will have you smiling in no time.

Recommended if you like: Indie Rock, upbeat & quality music, whistling along to Young Folks, Swedish bands, cool beats, kicking off the weekend on a Thursday

Old School Hip-Hop night, anyone?

RETRO – 100% Hip Hop Special

When: THU, October 18,  11pm–5am
Where: Club Schwarzenberg
Entry: 8€ (5€ students)

This Thursday, the edgy club, Schwarzenberg, is hosting a back to basics Hip Hop session. Hosted by Raphael Zenaty & Oliver Jens, this party will have you dancing to the best of Hip Hop from the last 3 decades!

Recommended if you like: Hip Hop, escaping the law, dancing and twerking, knitting with grandma, baseball caps with the labels still on them, getting down and dirty

A fascinating play that will take you into the world of female sexuality

The Vagina Monologues (in English)

When: THU–SUN, October 18-20, 7:30pm
Where: Ateliertheater
Entry: 20€ / reduced price: 15€

This is one fascinating play that will be sticking around town from Thursday until Saturday. The Vagina Monologues is a play that shines a spotlight on a sensitive area that (some) people tend not to talk about much – vaginas…and the female experience of sexuality. After 200 women from all walks of life were interviewed about super personal topics like sexuality, love and relationships , Eve Ensler put it all into a play, which she called, The Vagina Monologues. This Thursday through to Saturday night, the play will be performed at the classic theater, Ateliertheater, and it will be done so in English. If you’re looking to leave your bubble this weekend, do it with this play.

Recommended if you like: owning a vagina, learning something about the vagina, plays that put out there subjects seen as sensitive, dressing up to go to the theater, learning something from art, woolen sweaters, wearing spectacles even though you don’t need them and calling them ‘spectacles,’ human stories

Check out this dark duo at Forelle

Killstation x Brennan Savage // Wien

When: THU, October 18, 7pm–11pm
Where: Grelle Forelle
Entry: 22.90€, get tickets here

This Thursday, Grelle Forelle is hosting Killstation and Brennan Savage when they drop by Vienna on their Europe tour with their newly released album, ‘Garbage’. Their existential approach, mixing rap and heavy beats, will be the highlight of the night. Check out their sound below:

Recommended if you like: darker beats, beer and cigarettes, live music @ Grelle Forelle, getting to know new sounds, wearing mostly clothes in the colour of black

Exhibition opening in Belvedere

Eröffnung: Egon Schiele. Wege einer Sammlung

When: THU, October 18, 7pm−10pm
Where: Belvedere Museum
Entry: Free!

This Thursday, head to the Belvedere Museum for the exhibition opening of a collection of work from Egon Scheile. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the death of Egon Schiele, the exhibition is dedicated to the stories behind the artist’s paintings. The focus is on the in-house Schiele collection, which has been added to with pieces typically hanging in galleries abroad. Curator, Kerstin Jesse, links each individual work with a narrative about the acquisition, the motif, the people portrayed in the piece, and the painting techniques used by Schiele.

Recommended if you like: art history books, practising your pensive face in front of the mirror, getting inspired by art, Egon Schiele, Expressionists, gallery wandering on a Sunday

Learn all you need to learn about starting a business…up

Startup Live Vienna — boost your startup idea

When: FRI–SUN, October 19–21, 3pm–10pm
Where: Austrian Standards
Entry: 21,45€–51,45€ (check which you need here)

Whether you have an idea, are already in the process of building a startup, or are just looking to get inspired – this weekends’ startup event is for you. There are three days of activities planned for aspiring entrepreneurs, including talks/ workshops about presenting your pitch (registration required) – you’ll get feedback from pros in the field, which will mean you’ll be getting top quality feedback. PLUS, there are also prizes on offer and investors looking for potential oppurtunities. If you have even the smallest incline towards starting up a business, the ticket would be money well spent.

Recommended if you like: startups, Runtastic and Schpock stories, being an entrepreneur, believing in the struggle, getting advice, scouting for places to invest your cold hard cash (if you have some spare you can always give it to us), learning what the future holds, getting ideas, being inspired, helping start ups get on their feet, getting involved


Otaku haven

Game City 2018

When: FRI–SUN, October 19–21
Where: Rathausplatz
Entry: free!

For real kids that love to game, kids that are supposed to be old enough to stand on their own feet and have jobs but instead live at home, eat pasta with butter and game all day, as well as those kids that do have real jobs but count down the moments until the mundane day is over only to go home and game: we present to you… (drum roll) game city 2018! This weekend at Rathausplatz, gaming will be all there is to talk about in the gothic halls of the town hall! Try new games, talk about games and game until you pass out in the park at 2 in the morning. Check out the details, here. 

Recommended if you like: forgetting to eat because you’re staring at the screen, forgetting that people don’t live in the shape of a Japanese anime, virtually killing people, making friends on the net you never meet in real life

1000thing to do in Vienna celebrates 5 years with a kickin’ party

1000things 5 Jahresfest

When: FRI, October 19, 11pm–6am
Where: The Loft
Entry: 5€ for first 55 guests (includes goodie bag) 8€ students, 10€ normal

There is probably 1000 things you could do this Friday, but in the mind of the online guide, 1000things, there is only one thing you should be doing. This Friday, the lifestyle blogazine is celebrating its 5th birthday, with 1000 balloons, 3 floors with everything from Techno, Indie/HipHop/80s/90s Trash and a genre of music we have never heard of called TBA… get down and see how many thousands of things you can get up to.

Recommended if you like: birthday parties, birthday cake, someone finally rounding up the number of frigging luftballons, goodie bags, being early, Techno, TBA, Indie–rock, Hip Hop, 1000things

VICE magazine meets the undead (that’s you, guys)

VICE feiert die Untoten

When: FRI, October 19, 10:30pm–5am
Where: Titanic 
Entry: FREE

VICE loves any old excuse to slip into their party shoes and get it on, and they’re doing it this Friday. Not that we are complaining. Dust off whatever outfit you desire (and ask yourself why the hell your clothes are dusty) and get ready to celebrate the undead…so the dusting off may not actually be required. Just be sure to prepare your liver – vodka makava is only 7€ (roughly the cost of a Makava). Vice parties are typically top class.

Recommended if you like: Absolute truths, vodka and ice tea, magazine parties, sets by magazine members who thus come up with pretty damn decent DJ names, VICE, people who tackle the dirtier side of things, a dirty, dirty party, massive amounts of white stuff (icebergs)

An emotional musical journey to Tarab

Journey to Tarab | Do(h)senschiff Surprise

When: FRI, October 19, 11pm–6am
Where: Grelle Forelle
Entry: TBA

There will be music spun on decks with emotion this Friday at Forelle. The Tarab party team, along with a kick ass crew of their favourite DJ peoples, will be dragging all who turn up to… ergh, well, Tarab. Their sets are put together to draw the emotional effect of music out of you, encourage the dance within you, and it’s all done with an artistic flair. This will be bought to a climax by the man, Sven, who you can catch below…

Recommended if you like: dancing, music that really draws the emotion out of you, Tarab, House, Deep House, anything with a Middle Eastern influence in it, musical journeys, dancing with strangers, sharing sweat, Hamburger(I)nnen

French Techno at the Partersauna

OXIA – Pratersauna by Minima

When: FRI, October 19, 11pm–6am
Where: Pratersauna
Entry: 17€ (click here), 18€ on the door

French Techno legend, Oxia, has an impressive array of remixes and original releases spanning back 20 years. This Friday, he will head up a line-up of young guns in a night that will play Melodic Techno against its Powerful Tech House sister – don those dancing shoes!

Recommended if you like: Techno, Powerful Techno House, Melodic Techno, French kissing, French DJs, partying in a sauna, sweating on a D–floor, making friends with the person in charge of the toilets


Party with a German knight of the night

Horst & Ritter Butzke w. Marek Hemmann (live)

When: FRI, October 19, 11pm–6am
Where: Horst
Entry: 10€/15€ early bird, on the door TBA

DJ and producer Marek Hemmann is one of those dark horses who rode into the scene without causing a hullabaloo, quietly making a name for himself with his tunes. This Friday will see him take his Groovy House and Minimalist Techno onto the stage at Horst in a night that will surely satisfy your desires to dance and let loose.

Recommended if you like: groovy House, Minimalist Techno, Techno, German DJs, partying in massive clubs, clubs that have black walls, being underground, Knights of the round turntable, doing the riding a horsey dance, grooving, wearing sunglasses inside so no one can see your pupils (or who/what you are staring at)

Witness a quality poetry slam at the Wien Museum

Poetry Slam – Mit Haut und Haar

When: FRI, October 19, 7pm–10pm
Where: Wien Museum
Entry: free!

It’s slam season and this Friday will sees it all kicking off with some poetry. While the stage is open for all who are bold enough (register here), moderation will be organised by two veterans of the slam scene, Jonas and Henrik, who will hope to raise some eyebrows and put your hairs on end with some breathtaking renditions. This is one of the best poetry slam nights in town.

Recommended if you like: poetry, poetry slams, local artists, FOMP, working up the courage to get on stage, getting over stage fright developed at a young age, being bold, doing something that scares you

A bingo night – not just for old grannies!

Music Bingo Night in October

When: every Tuesday in October, 7:30pm–11pm
Where: Cafe Lassa
Entry: 1€ per card

Everyone’s familiar with the rules of bingo, so we don’t have to explain them here, right? But at this special Music Bingo Night at the funky craft beer bar, Cafe Lassa, the rules are a bit different: you’ll have to listen to 30 seconds of a song and cross out the appropriate artist/musician on your card. Don’t forget to yell ‘bingo’, when you’ve crossed out all the names in a row! There will also be prizes. It’s a BINGO!

Recommended if you like: taking your granny to fun events, stalking Peter Rapp, being a music addict, a friendly competition that might turn violent after you’ve had too many beers, being brilliant at knowing rather irrelevant things, drinking while thinking

Claude Monet will be hanging around (get it?) at the Albertina until 2019

Claude Monet

When: the exhibition is on until January 6, 2019
Where: Albertina

The largest Monet exhibition in Austria in more than 20 years is happening in the Albertina at the moment. If you want to get your own glimpse of the water lilies, this your chance. This French Impressionist is considered a big deal and is loved in the art world for a reason, and for a limited time only, you can check out a big chunk of his work at the Albertina. 

Recommended if you like: Claude Monet, Impressionism, French artists, Albertina, big freakin’ exhibitions, floral arrangements, weeping willows, lots of colour, impressing people with your weekend plans, gorgeous museums

The year’s best photo journalism in one exhibition – powerful stuff!

World Press Photo Exhibition 2018: Vienna, Austria

When: September 14 – October 21, 11am–7pm
Where: Westlicht
Entry: 8€

This exhibit is even in the calendars of those that hardly ever step foot in a gallery. With around 100 exhibitions around the world annually, the World Press Photo exhibition is the most popular traveling photo event in the world. And the poignant, moving images that are always guaranteed at this display of photojournalism’s greatest shots of the year, can be seen until the second half of October in Vienna’s Westlicht gallery. Don’t be surprised if you leave with tears in your eyes, or inspired.

Recommended if you like: understanding the world a little better, pictures that say more than words, a picture speaks a thousand words, photo journalism, playing caption competitions with your exhibition buddy, being moved and inspired

100 years of Austria in pictures


When: Daily, until February 2019, 10am–7pm
Where: MUMOK
Entry: 12/9€  (other deals available check here)

In this photo-journey you’ll find yourself following how all the above in the title developed in Austria from the year 1918 to the present day. The aim is to put the last 100 years of history into a visual format, using the MUMOK’s own collection, and they’ll be filling in the gaps with a few borrowed numbers from various Austrian institutes.

Recommended if you like: photo journalism, using photos to tell stories, you only read books if it has got pictures in it, learning the history of the country where you live, going over your own history, visualisation

Celebrating 100 years of Egon Schiele

Eröffnung • Egon Schiele. Reloaded •

When: FRI, September 28, 7pm–10pm
Where: Leopold Museum
Entry: free!

Egon Schiele is a rock star in terms of modernist painters. And his groupies are aplenty. And to honour one of the leading forces in the modernist movement, the Leopold Museum is currently presenting over 40 paintings and 180 works on paper by the very talented Austrian painter. This exhibition will tell the story of how the artist’s work developed, and how he was influenced by other great artists of this period. The museum’s founder, Rudolf Leopold, was a great admirer of Schiele’s radically expressive phase, so it’s more than apt that the gallery holds an exhibition in good old Egon’s name, especially as this year also marks the 100-year-anniversary of Schiele’s death. This Friday, you’ll be able to take a look at the ‘reloaded’ exhibition at Leopold Museum for free!

Recommended if you like: politics and art mingling, watching historical documentaries on the couch while only wearing a bathrobe, getting all philosophical over a cup of coffee, art history books, practicing your pensive face in front of the mirror, getting inspired by art