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Everything you need to do this week in Vienna – 38 event tips

September 15, 2019

Everything you
need to do this
week in Vienna
- 38 event tips

September 15, 2019

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Hey, hey! We’ve selected the very best of what’s happening in Vienna this week so you can spend less time working out what to do, and spend more time making the most out of this city… and life.

Check out below the 38 awesome things happening this week in Vienna:


Alice Cooper lets off one of his amazing shows in Stadthalle

Alice Cooper in Vienna

When: MON, September 16, 6:30pm–12am
Where: Wiener Stadthalle
Entry: from 55€, buy a ticket

Artificial blood, live decapitations, monsters and big-ass spiders, gigantic stage shows that has had fans trembling and and rocking out for decades – this is the stuff of an Alice Cooper concert. And one of these shows will be going down in Stadthalle in September. So put on some messy makeup, and your leather jacket and enjoy this great stage show!

Recommended if you like: Rock and Metal music, artists that are famous for decades and never get boring, Stadthalle concerts, live events, creepy people and music acts, rock-grandfathers

Dance like a crazy person at this rooftop silent disco

Silent Rooftop I Lamée Wien

When: MON, September 16, 7pm–1am
Where: Lamée Rooftop
Entry: Free! (Limited places, first come first served)

Have you ever dreamed of dancing at night on a rooftop, oblivious to the people below? Then boy do we have the thing for you. Head to the rooftop of Hotel Lamée where you’ll don a set of headphones and choose between two DJs to listen to. They’ll be bringing you House, Electro, Charts & HipHop vs. Alternative, Oldies & Classics. This sounds like a great way to disguise just how out-of-sync our dancing is with the excuse “we’re listening to a different channel to you.”

Recommended if you like: shaking your booty at high altitudes, battling your friends like in that ‘Run-DMC vs Jason Nevins’ video, parties with a twist, being able to chat with somebody at the bar without having to yell

Austrian music in Austria by Austrians

Molden / Resetarits / Soyka / Wirth – HURRA

When: MON, September 16, 8pm–10:30pm
Where: Stadtsaal
Entry: from 22.50€, buy a ticket

Gemma! That’s Austrian for “let’s go!” This Austrian band has been at it for over 10 years now and they’re highly acclaimed, not only by others, but also by themselves. Turn up to this concert to catch some of Vienna’s best singer/ songwriters that have some of the best lyrics in their tunes. Check this crowd out below and tell us you ain’t charmed:

Recommended if you like: to say semmel rather than weckerl, to “fah mit ne Bim”, the harmonica, chanting “zugabe!”, speaking Viennese, storytellers, voices like pubic hair – dirty and thick

A jam-packed film preview featuring readings and interviews

Das Museum geht ins Kino – Abschied von den Eltern

When: MON, September 16, 6pm–9pm
Where: Literaturmuseum der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek
Entry: Free talk, 5€ for the film, buy a ticket

If you normally prefer staying at home watching DVDs so you can hear the director’s commentary, and see all the ‘making of’ features, perhaps this event will tempt you off your comfy sofa. Before this preview screening of “Abschied von den Eltern” (Farewell to the Parents), you get to hear a reading by actress Dorothee Hartinger from the book it’s based on, which is an autobiographical work by German-Swedish writer, Peter Weiss. Then you’ll get a talk with the filmmaker, Astrid Johanna Ofner. No ‘Multi angle’ feature is available, but you could keep switching seats in the cinema. (Note: the talk takes place at the Literaturmuseum and you then head over to the Metro Kinokulturhaus for the film).

Recommended if you like: being a culture vulture, packing in as many kinds of events in one evening as possible, being a film fanatic, literature, films based on books, wearing a tweed jacket and saying “well, of course you have to read the book before you see the film”.

Party and drink in the Kunsthistorisches Museum

Kunstschatzi – Cocktailbar & DJ-LineUp

When: TUE, September 17, 7pm–11pm
Where: KHM – Kunsthistorisches Museum
Entry: 16€, buy a ticket

The beautiful Kunsthistorisches Museum will open its doors this Tuesday for a night of drinking and mingling in their very regal Kuppelhalle. With the art and incredible architecture already there, the museum will complement the atmosphere with groovy music and bartenders that know their stuff thrilling your taste buds with neat and new cocktail creations.

Recommended if you like: partying where the art is at, spilling drinks on precious art, sipping down your cocktail while contemplating the beautiful paintings, drinking in new places

Solo show from Queen of Hip Hop featured by The Roots, Roni Size and many more!

Bahamadia // Flex Vienna

When: TUE, September 17, 8pm–11:55pm
Where: Flex
Entry: 21.89€, buy a ticket

American Hip Hop artist, Bahamadia, is what’s known in the trade as ‘a bit of a badass’. If you don’t recognise the name, you’ll know the voice, as her lyrical gymnastics are featured on tracks by just about everyone who’s anyone. Don’t believe us? She’s collaborated with The Roots, Erykah Badu, Morcheeba, Guru, Towa Tei, The Herbaliser, Roni Size… hmm, we’ll stop there in case too many people want to go and we can’t get in.

Recommended if you like: badass Hip Hop vocalists, Rap Music, Musicians with a list of achievements longer than your Hofer shopping list, riding in convertables with the roof down, intimate locations

Voodoo Blues from bearded men in suits unleashing their inner demons

Instore Gig #6

When: WED, September 18, 3pm–6pm
Where: Rave Up Records
Entry: TBD

This whole concert in a record store is a very cool idea if you ask us. The ‘Instore gig #6’ event series at Rave Up Records will bring the feverish Voodoo Blues of Hodja, a gang of gentlemen whose faces say, “What’s a razor?” but whose tailoring says, “Armani”. Through the medium of music, they’ll be unleashing inner demons, grumbling hoarsely, screaming and howling. Sounds very similar to an album we recorded this morning featuring our cat, but credit where it’s due, these guys are howlingly good.

Recommended if you like: Bands who’d look cool in anything, Voodoo Blues, instore gigs, discovering cool venues, record stores, slicking your hair back, leather jackets, the sound of a blues guitar.

Learn how to get more done in less time

Skillshare Breakfast: Peak Productivity

When: WED, September 18, 8:30am–10pm
Where: Impact Hub
Entry: Impact hub members = free, others = 10€

This one and a half-hour mini-workshop hosted at the Impact hub on Wednesday is the perfect opportunity for all interested go-getters who want to learn how be most productive. The coach, workshop host and author, Sinem Günel, will be sharing her wealth of knowledge and insights.

Plus: includes breakfast!

Recommended if you like: skill sharing and exchanging, lessons in what mistakes not to make, early morning appointments, creative get-togethers, networking in your sleep, having that epiphany moment when somebody who knows what they’re talking about keeps firing revelations at you

Top-up your current s.w.a.g at this Fleamarket

Greller Flohmarkt

When: WED, September 18, 4pm–11pm
Where: Grelle Forelle
Entry: free!

Apart from all the lit parties happening in the club, Grelle Forelle, they also sometimes organise flea markets. One of those is happening this Wednesday. So if you´re looking for some new stuff to freshen up your style, whether it´s jewellery, clothes or some new vinyls, you’re definitely gonna’ wanna’ check out this market in a club.

Recommended if you like: dressing up in outlandish outfits, picking up some random vinyls and discovering new artists, feeling so fresh and so clean, Grelle Forelle

Witness the newcomers of the comedy scene

English Comedy Open Mic @ Luster

When: WED, September 18, 7:30–10:30pm
Where: Luster
Entry: Free! Donations welcome

This open mic comedy night that launched this year has seen some good laughs. The crew from “N2O Comedy Club – Vienna” is behind it, and they’re serving up the laughs at the funky bar, Luster. Expect a night that will make you laugh (hopefully!). And if you’re brave enough, give it a go yourself and join the newcomers on stage.

Recommended if you like: laughing so hard you snort a little, when your stomach hurts from laughing, spitting out your water like they do in the movies, when somebody’s laugh is funnier than their jokes, comedy shows, fun things to do with friends during the week

Come celebrate the 30th birthday of one of Vienna’s most charming cinemas

Happy Birthday, Filmcasino!

When: WED, September 18, 19:30pm–12am
Where: Filmcasino
Entry: 9€, buy a ticket

Vienna has a ridiculous number of beautiful cinemas and one of its loveliest – the Filmcasino – is turning 30. But we’re not gonna get historical on yo’ ass, as any excuse to party is good with us. They’re kicking things off with a screening of ‘Der Palast des Postboten’ (‘The Ideal Palace’) followed by booze, empanadas and DJ duo ‘Can You Dig It’ rocking the turntables.

Recommended if you like: beautiful old Kinos that smell like that jacket grandad never washed, world cinema, arthouse movies, celebrating birthdays, singing “Happy Birthday” to buildings, historical places.

A night of improvised Powerpoint presentations (basically how we passed every class in high school)

PowerPoint-Karaoke Wien at Spektakel

When: WED, September 18, 8pm–10:30pm
Where: Spektakel
Entry: 7€, buy a ticket

PowerPoint – you love it. And we get that. Bullet points, strong visual aids, your captivating presentational flow – all of it. But what if you didn’t know what topic you would be presenting until you got up in front of the crowd? Think you have what it takes to present a spontaneous PowerPoint on the underwater basket weaving practices of the ancient tribes of the Amazon? Reserve your spot now for a PowerPoint-karaoke session at Spektakel if you’d like to present, or get a ticket above if you just want to spectate.

Recommended if you like: PowerPoint presentations, something…er…different, impromptu lectures – from someone other than your Mom, changing slides with a little button in your hand and feeling powerful because of it

Check out this film about plastic and saving the planet

10 Jahre Plastic Planet – Screening + Podiumsgespräch

When: WED, September 18, 8pm–10.30pm
Where: Gartenbaukino
Entry: 9.50€

This Wednesday, the Gartenbaukino is screening for on time only the documentary, “Plastic Planet”. This film about plastic (you guessed it) and how it’s fu**** up our planet is supposed to be fascinating. This film has been on the market for ten years now (hence the 10 year anniversary, duh!). And now that everyone is going crazy on the topics of climate change, plastic, and the environment, it’s now even more a must–see movie.

Recommended if you like: watching films, Greta Thunberg, Zero wasting, saying no to a coffee to–go when you forget your reusable coffee cup (mother nature says thank you..)

Check out this small gallery exhibition

TINA RIBARITS. camera trap

When: September 18 – November 11
Where: Galerie Reinthaler
Entry: free

This is an exhibition dedicated to nature in its purest form, as seen by the artist, Tina Ribarits. She goes deep into the wild to capture her pics’, which come out in many forms, from photos, to illustrations, videos, graphics and other installations.

Recommended if you like: small galleries, niche exhibitions, nature, wilderness, interactive exhibitions, the artist presenting her art

Express yourself (or watch others do it) at this poetry slam

Stille Post Poetry Slam

When: WED, September 18, 15, 7:30pm–11pm
Where: The Loft
Entry: free!

It’s your chance to rhyme, all the time, in the lime…light. OK, so WE won’t be getting onstage until we refine our poetry skills but that doesn’t mean YOU aren’t ready to step into the spotlight. This will be the last Stille Post poetry slam of the year so check out how you can participate. Or just go to enjoy from the audience like we’ll be doing!

Recommended if you like: poetry slams, writing poetry and then performing it for an audience, wearing dark-rimmed reading glasses, dressing like an old person when you’re only 24, people who are good with words, being a poet when you didn’t even know it

Empower yourself and others at this month’s Sorority meeting (for women only)

Sorority-MV im September

When: WED, September 18, 7pm–10pm
Where: Die Requisite
Entry: free!

Sorority, the independent association for the cross-industry networking of entrepreneurial women in Austria, is having their general member meeting this Wednesday night at Requisite. Come by, no matter if you’re a member or not, to enjoy an evening of great brain stimulation, new ideas, inspiration and to meet new people (females, of course) in a similar situation as you.

This time, the focus of the talks will be conservatism and its effect on feminism and gender equality.

Recommended if you like: feminism, empowering yourself and others, social change, talks on body image, new ideas, opening your mind, meeting new people, reflecting on social issues through the lens of feminism, meeting kick*** women, owning a vagina

A summer party in September

Vitra Sommerfest am Brillantengrund

When: THU, September 19, 5:30pm
Where: Hotel am Brillantengrund
Entry: free!

The courtyard of the funky canary yellow hotel, and event venue, Hotel am Brillantengrund will be stuffed with cool people (we assume) for a late summer festival, because ‘why not?’ The venue that prides itself for bringing people of all cultures and tastes together, will partner up with the design furniture store Vitra, for this special late summer get-together.

Recommended if you like: design furniture, getting jiggy with it, imagining summer ain’t over, chandeliers, random high fives, funky locations, wearing your funky outfits on a Thursday, cocktails

Intelligent Rap from Berlin-based vocalist

Nura – Grelle Forelle

When: THU, September 19, 7pm–10pm
Where: Grelle Forelle
Entry: 29.15€, buy a ticket

Rapper and singer, Nura, made her debut at the end of 2017 with, ‘Auf der Kippe,’ and has gone from strength to strength, more recently with her song ‘Chaya,’ featuring Trettmann. She prefers to leave crude rap with provocative lyrics at the door. So if crude is your name, this might not be your game. If you’re a fan, her previous tour sold out, and certain dates on this one already have, so don’t leave it too late to get your ticket.

Recommended if you like: Trap music, RnB, Rappers, doing the U-Turn more badass than Usher, getting some serious dancing done on a Thursday night, moving your hips in a rather smooth manner, the LGBTQ scene.

Check out this debut album presentation by Alpine Dweller

Alpine Dweller · Album Präsentation · Among Others

When: THU, September 19, 8pm–10pm
Where: TAG
Entry: 12€ presale, 14€ at the doors

Three young souls from Upper Austria/ Styria make up the Ensemble, Alpine Dweller. They’ll be presenting their new album “Among Others” this Thursday in the TAG theater. If forced to file their music into any category, it can be described as Pop influenced by Urban and Folk music.

Recommended if you like: Urban Pop music, feeling the beat, softcore porn, Theater an der Gumpendorferstraße

It’s all about the rum, Vienna! Oh, and the gin!

Vienna Rum Festival & Ginmarkt 2019

When: FRI–SAT, September 20–21, from 12pm
Where: Ottakringer Brauerei
Entry: 23€ day tickets, 34€ festival pass, buy a ticket

In September, the Ottakringer Brauerei will play host to a festival celebrating 2 kinds of spirits that have gained popularity in recent years – Rum and Gin! Two festivals will be taking place in the brewery at the same time – the Ginmarkt and the Rum Festival. Both festivals will bring together and showcase local and international spirit distillers, new cocktails, and there will also be some funky food on offer to  soak up all the booze. You’ll get some tasting vouchers with your tickets.

Tip: if you buy a ticket for both festivals, you’ll get a discounted entrance to both…and probably leave with a very wonky walk

Recommended if you like: being a pirate, cocktails in the afternoon, 2-day festivals, trying something new, getting wasted on a Sunday, Ottakringer Brauerei events, gin, rum, Moscow Mules, being a connoisseur

Get real sweaty on the dancefloor at Forelle

6 YRS Wechselstrom x Dead Sea Diaries feat. Anetha (Paris)

When: FRI, September 20, 11pm–6am
Where: Grelle Forelle
Entry: 15€

Grelle Forelle is celebrating 6 years of Wechselstrom this Friday night. And what would a night out be without some great tunes, right? Anetha, who recently dropped her label, “Mama told ya,” is performing. Defs’ worth catching this club night at the Grelle Forelle. Check out the whole line–up here.

Recommended if you like: Technodancing your troubles away, feeling the floor shake under the bass, giving eyes across the dancefloor, seriously talented women performing, dancing, smooching and dancing

Party all night at Pratersauna

Spiegelverkehrt – ǝǝdıǝıʌ + ɐunɐsɹǝʇɐɹd

When: FRI, September 20, 11pm–6am
Where: Pratersauna
Entry: 15€ at the door

Get your homework done early this Friday and make sure you have time to get out to Pratersauna to party all night. And if you can’t get your homework done early, well, that paper for class can’t really be that important anyway. You can probably just wing it on Monday morning and be just fine. Probably.

Recommended if you like: getting your homework done early, not getting your homework done at all, leaving it all to Monday morning, cramming a paper real quick, partying all night, Pratersauna

Eat your way around the world at this exotic food festival!

PROSI Vegetarian Food Festival ’19 (Onasadya)

When: FRI–SAT, September 20–21, 12pm–9pm
Where: PROSI Exotic Supermarket
Entry: 14.90€

I hope your tastebuds have an updated passport because it’s time for this year’s Prosi vegetarian food festival. Austria’s largest Asian, African, and Latin American Supermarket will be once again offering us the chance to try a little bit of everything and then come back to your favorite and ask for more (you have no shame). Make reservations in advance to make sure you get in with the other cool kids.

Recommended if you like: overeating, exotic foods, eating stuff you can’t pronounce the name of, tents, supermarkets that stock mangos and peanut butter, Indian food, veggies, vegetarian food

Break your legs on the dancefloor at Das Werk

ANANAS & Friends

When: FRI, September 20, 11pm–6am
Where: Das WERK
Entry: free until 11:15pm, then 7€ < 1am > 10€

Das Werk has established itself as one of the best Techno clubs in Vienna. A casual event, like this Friday’s, will probably still have you not feeling your legs until you finally hit the bed at 8am. A line-up of various talented DJs will keep your energy levels high all night long. Here’s a taste:

Recommended if you like: working your body, early morning Döners, walking past the Donaukanal at sunrise, feeling the floor shake, Das Werk

Get rid of some excess energy at Flex

Switch! is 12 feat. Simula / Tsuki / Saxxon / Kryptek / Funsta

When: FRI, September 20, 11pm–6am
Where: Flex
Entry: 15€

Summer’s kinda’ over. So, get out to this hot party at Flex and get rid of a little of that excess energy on the dance floor. The Switch party crew will be celebrating their 12-year anniversary, so it’s gonna be a great party, for sure. Check out on their event page what music to expect, it’s a big DJ line-up.

Recommended if you like: wearing your black clothes – all of them, yelling for no reason because nobody can hear you over the music anyway, making out in the bathroom, live DJs that make you forget your week, Flex

Super talented violin virtuoso hosts a night of Classic music

Friday Nights with Yury Revich

When: FRI, September 20, 7:30pm
Where: Wiener Konzerhaus
Entry: 39–58€, buy a ticket

At the age of 28, there are a limited number of professions that reward rapid wrist movements. Even fewer that are done in front of a concert hall full of paying customers. OK, so we might be a tad jealous of Classical violinist, Yury Revich, who plays a Stradivarius and has won first prize in a competition named, “Virtuosi of the 21st Century.” Born in Russia and now living in Vienna, Yury’s night will feature a number of performers alongside him playing Liszt, Strauss, Catalani, and more.

Recommended if you like: Classical music, the Classical version of the Avengers teaming up, young prodigies, having a nice sit down when you go to a concert, clapping, being cultured, saying “the oldies were the goodies” about music.

Bookworms, this might be interesting for you!

Dirk Stermann präsentiert seinen neuen Roman “Der Hammer”

When: FRI, September 20, 8pm–9:30pm
Where: Rabenhof Theater
Entry: 18€, get your tickets ey!

Dirk Stermann, author of “Eier” and “Zweier” is back again. Stermann is publishing another book called “Der Hammer.” And we believe that you will like this book, just as much as we do seeing as it is, “der hammer” (Yeah, we just did that). The book is about Joseph Hammer, who was an Austrian diplomat and orientalist. He was famous for his translations of Oriental literature and his work as first president of the Austrian Academy of Science. So if you’re stoked about this release, you should go there to get some insider information from the author himself!

Recommended if you like: good books, book events, reading a book and realising you’ve been reading for 5 hours straight, Dirk Stermann, irony in serious literature, legendary authors

Autumns are for reading

Release-Party: Literatur, die abhebt! at phil

When: FRI, September 20, 7:00pm
Where: phil
Entry: TBD

Join this night of readings, talks and music hosted by Verlag Kremayr & Scheriau.

Gertraud Klemm will be reading from ‘Hippocampus,’ and present in a humorous way how equal rights between genders really is in the world we live in.
Tonio Schachinger will read from his book ‘Nicht wie ihr,’ a book about football and spice up his reading with some serious Viennese slang that can be found throughout his writing style.

Recommended if you like: books, readings, cultural stuff, meeting the author, having a break from your regular pub night, live music, moderated talks, saying your opinion, stealing ideas for when you’ll publish your own book!

The Tuesday Techno party for one time only on a Friday

Technocafé Special am Freitag im Stadtgarten

When: FRI, September 20, 6pm–1.30am
Where: Kleinod
Entry: free

For the fourth and last time this summer season, the T–t–t–technocafé will be throwing one of their parties. This Friday at Kleinod im Stadtgarten, they’ll be doing their thing. To get your mood moving and dance moves happening, the talented Polyxene and Friedrich Ploeckinger will be on the decks.

Recommended if you like: doing crazy dance moves in the shower (but please be careful, ok?), getting high on caffeine, Techno raves, always dragging your friends to some random parties

Travel back in time at this nineties and noughties party 

Wannabe – Best of 90’S & 00’S // Club Titanic

When: FRI, September 20, 11pm–5am
Where: Titanic
Entry: 8€ < 12am > 10€

This Friday, Club Titanic is offering you the chance to pick between decades as they throw a best of 90s and 00s night. While we are sure that you do not have to dedicate your fantastic moves to one floor, you may just find yourself stuck in whichever your favourite decade is. The most important thing though, is simply that you dance like its 1999.

Recommended if you like: the turn of the century, decade parties, partying like its a different century, going all analogue with your dress sense, want to be someone’s lover, girl power, when two became one, Backstreet Boys, ballads, Tina Turner

Once in a century opportunity to view a vast number of works from a master artist

Albrecht Dürer

When: September 20–January 6
Where: Albertina
Entry: 11€ aged under 26, 16€ aged 26+, buy a ticket

We recently tried to draw an elephant and, even though we’ve seen elephants, it ended up looking like the concept art for The Human Centipede (i.e. not good). Which makes the fact that painter & printmaker extraordinaire, Albrecht Dürer, once drew a very life-like rhinoceros, based only on a WRITTEN DESCRIPTION, make us want to cry in shame. Anyway, the Albertina have a very special treat for all you artsy fartsy people – they’re showing a once-in-a-century exhibition of this master artist’s work. They’ve gathered more of his works (over 200) than have been seen together in one exhibition for decades.

Recommended if you like: illustration, prints, painting, art, swanning around galleries in a scarf even if it’s hot, once in a lifetime events, culture, seeing art so good it makes you want to smash your crayons.

Picture © The Albertina Museum, Vienna

Afro-Reggae fans and music lovers, check this out!

Afro–Reggae meets Afro–Latin: Petaw Band und Mista Barega live

When: FRI, September 20, 8pm–11:50pm
Where: Mi Barrio
Entry: 15€

The Latino restaurant and event location, Mi Barrio, is hosting a night of Afro-Reggae music this Friday night. The Petaw Band and Mista Barega are headlining. So if you want to enjoy some Afro-Reggae rhythms, turn up and hit the dance floor to feel the vibes. Check out more about this event!

Recommended if you like: traveling the world with a backpack, Afro-Raggae beats, having Rastas, being chilled literally all the time, dancing like a maniac to World Music

Catch a film at this Latin American film festival

First Iberoamerican Film Festival

When: September 12 – October 5
Where: Instituto Cervantes
Entry: tba

To help you make the most out of the rest of September and the beginning of October, the Spanish and Latin American institute, Instituto Cervantes, will be hosting a film festival.The festival is packed with quality cinema out of the Central and South American region. It’s the first time the festival is being held, but it’s sure to be a cultural journey. Check out the program, here. 

Recommended if you like: film festivals, paella, sangria, Spanish holidays, growing a moustache like a Mexican mariachi, an excuse to wear your sombrero, stories from afar

Eat tacos until you pop

Taco Tuesday | Taco Tante

When: every Tuesday, 5pm–12am
Where: Taco Tante
Entry: free!
Special offer: buy one taco, get one free

Taco Tante is having Taco Tuesday. And, now that we’ve said that, you’ve probably stopped reading and are RUNNING to Taco Tante to wait for Tuesday to come. But we’ll just go ahead and tell (probably) nobody that the tacos will be buy one get one free and there will be all sorts of crazy drink specials as well. Now that we’ve said that, we’re heading to Taco Tante to wait for Tuesday to come!

Recommended if you like: tacos, eating lots of tacos without paying lots for them, seeing if you can get an entire taco in your mouth at one time (jk, that’s not possible…or is it?), wearing a sombrero the entire day because you’re so excited for Taco Tuesday, Taco Tante

Take over the city with your bike at the Friday Nightskate

Experience the joy of Friday Nightskating

When: every week on Friday evening at 9pm
Where: Starts at Heldenplatz. The route changes every week
Entry: free!

Friday Nightskating will be happening throughout this month! Ring-a-ding-ding (that’s your bike bell resounding amongst hundreds of others on the night skate). Ever been surprised by a horde of skaters and cyclists passing you by in the middle of the night on Vienna streets? Rest assured, this wasn’t your mind playing tricks on you, but rather it was the crowd doing the Friday Nightskate. This is a recurring summer event in Vienna that is a whole lot of fun! Rollerblade and bicycle enthusiasts meet every Friday at 9pm on Heldenplatz to follow their passion in cruising through the streets of Vienna (that’s right, they even shut down streets for this event!) Find all the details on the website. 

Plus: All the routes are different every time, so you might discover some places you’ve never been to before in Vienna.

Recommended if you like: taking to the streets, biking or blading, exploring the city, ringing your bell, the thought of hundreds of bikers dinging their bells in unison, how sexy you look in lycra, those events that give you goosebumps

The year’s best photo journalism in one exhibition – powerful stuff!

World Press Photo Exhibition 2019 in Vienna

When: September 6 – October 20, 11am–7pm
Where: Westlicht
Entry: 7€ (5€ reduced)

This exhibit is even in the calendars of those that hardly ever step foot in a gallery. With around 100 exhibitions around the world annually, the World Press Photo exhibition is the most popular traveling photo event in the world. And the poignant, moving images that are always guaranteed at this display of photojournalism’s greatest shots of the year, can be seen until the second half of October in Vienna’s Westlicht gallery. Don’t be surprised if you leave with tears in your eyes, or full of inspiration.

Recommended if you like: understanding the world a little better, pictures that say more than words, a picture speaks a thousand words, photo journalism, playing caption competitions with your exhibition buddy, being moved and inspired

Be sure to get your daily dose of culture!

All the best culture and art events happening in Vienna right now

When: right now!
Where: various locations in Vienna, check out our guide!

With so many culture events taking place – be it exhibitions in museums, powerful plays on theatre stages, art shows that scratch that inspiration itch – getting your daily dose of culture in Vienna is easy-peasy. That is, if you have our awesome art and culture guide, which tells you all about the best events happening in Vienna right NOW. If you think we’re missing any important ongoing culture events, drop us a message on Facebook, Instagram, or the good old, oldschool way, via mail.

Recommended if you like: tilting your head slightly in front of a painting and putting your pensive face on, wearing odd socks, strolling through galleries and museums on rainy days, getting inspired by the great and the up-coming greats, being a creative, seeing how people interpret our crazy world through art.

Choose that outfit that makes you go – ‘damn, I look good!’ – and party away

The best parties happening every week in Vienna you shouldn’t miss

When: right now!
Where: various locations in Vienna, check out our guide!

This beautiful town of our’s got so much to offer, especially when it comes to parties. We’ve put together a list of the parties happening every week in Vienna. So if you’re up for some fun, be sure to check out our weekly party event guide. If you think we’re missing any important parties happening every week, drop us a message on Facebook, Instagram, or the good old, oldschool way, via mail.