13 things you need to do to make the most out of November in Vienna

13 things you need to do to make the most out of November in Vienna

October 31, 2019

13 things you need
to do to make
the most out of
November in Vienna

October 31, 2019

Vienna Würstelstand's says

Vienna in November can be crisp and cold, and sometimes it can be snowy (and muddy). But there’s plenty of lovely things for you to do out there this month.

Here’s a few hot event tips so you can make the most out of the cold that is November in Vienna…

Books, books and more books at the Vienna book festival!


When: WED–SUN, November 6–10
Where: Messe Wien
Entry: Day ticket = 12€ // Lange Nacht der Bücher = 12€ // Festival Pass = 35€, check the website for price details (student discounts avilable!)

Book enthusiasts and passionate readers will once again be spoiled by choice at this international book fair happening over 4 story-filled days at the Messe Wien, and many other locations around the city. The organisers promise the event to be bigger and better than last year, and more international than ever! So pack your reading glasses and warm up your fingers for some serious page-turning this month (or clicking if you read your literature on a e-book). There are many readings and discussions on the agenda so you might want to plan ahead and choose whatever sparks your interest.

Plus: The “Lange Nacht der Bücher” (long night of books) on Wednesday evening will feature a live gig by Fuzzman, a poetry slam, a Vienna quiz, a presentation of the new works by authors Michael Köhlmeier and Dirk Stermann, and many more thrilling things for book nerds.

Recommended if you like: meeting the people behind the text, asking insider questions about stories you’ve read, getting your books signed, nodding intelligently during a talk you understand very little of, books, book clubs

MQ transforms into the optimal winter hangout

Warm up while chilling out @ the MQ’s Winter Opening Party

When: THU, November 7, 4pm–10pm (opening party); and then daily throughout Nov & Dec
Where: Museumsquartier
Entry: free!

Who wants to hang out at an open air event in November? Stop those teeth from chattering at the thought and get your ass down to the MQs Winter opening on the 7th of November. The MQ will be celebrating its courtyard’s annual winter transformation with a crazy cool line-up of live music (including Kerosin95 & At Pavillon) as the punsch and Glühwein starts flowing in the ‘MQbis,’ which are the igloo-like pavilion bars that pop up at this time every year.

Meanwhile, the igloos will stay throughout the month and into December, and there’s also a DJ program. Keep your eye on the MQ website for details of the winter events they have planned.

We also recommend: trying out your talent at Eisstockschießen (Bavarian curling) on the ice rink provided. It’s free!

Recommended if you like: ice, ice baby, getting all giggly excited for the first punch of the season, breaking out in song when the snow starts to fall, winter in Vienna

Check out this crazy festival dedicated to the energetic dance, Klezmer!

Get crazy dancing the Klezmore Festival

When: November 9–24
Where: Various locations around Vienna
Entry: varies! Check out the website for details!

You know that energetic sound of music that floats over to us from the Jewish people of Eastern Europe now and again known as Klezmer? If you don’t, you haven’t lived…well, danced. And if you do, you’ll know how energetic this instrument filled music can be and how it can be to dance to. And there’s a whole festival of it coming to Vienna this month! Local and international Klezmer ensembles will be filling venues all around town with the good vibes music. Be sure to check out the programme!

Recommended if you like: big band music, traveling, dancing like a crazy at a concert, Yiddish, global sounds

Get goose – it’s Martinigansl time!

Go eat Martinigansl

When: today – mid–December
Where: various locations in Vienna

A tradition that sprang way back from a saint’s feast day sees people flocking to Gasthäuser (traditional Austrian taverns) to dine on delicious, succulent roasted goose. Martinigansl is a traditional dish of roasted goose accompanied typically by potato dumplings and Rotkraut. Get goose or go home this month (except you vegetarians and vegans… you guys, just ignore this tip altogether).

Tip: Check out our list of the places to get a quality Martinigansl experience.

Recommended if you like: stuffing your face like the Gansl was stuffed before, getting a high five from your tastebuds, trying something different, being a true local by eating local food

Austria’s largest adventure and nature photography fair

Get inspired to travel @ Photo+Adventure 2019

When: SAT–SUN, November 9–10, 9am–6pm
Where: Messe Wien
Entry: 14.50€/16.50€ day card, 27€ weekend pass, buy a ticket

This weekend’s fair is more than just an opportunity for every brand related to photography to show off their stuff, but it’s also a chance for many adventure travel brands to flaunt it. On top of the 250 different stalls/brands presenting at this fair, there will also be a chance to catch photo slideshows, talks and seminars from Austria’s leading adventurers, as well as product presentations and workshops. Sign up if you don’t want to miss an opportunity to learn more about life behind the lens.

Recommended if you like: fairs, photography, exploring photography, traveling, politics and art mingling, watching nature documentaries on the couch while only wearing a bath robe, David Attenborough’s voice, imagining dropping the day job and becoming an explorer

Open up to new cultures through cinema

Travel on the big screen @ Central American Film Festival 2019

When: November 15–24
Where: Metro Kinokulturhaus
Entry: 8.50€ single ticket, buy a ticket

The prettiest cinema in town is hosting a special kind of film festival dedicated solely to the region of Central America. Films, shorts and documentaries from Central America will be screened in the Metro Kinokulturhaus, sprinkled with exotic events, such as cocktail nights and live music, this intimate festival is worth checking out. Be sure to check out the complete festival programme!

Recommended if you like: opening up to new cultures, very niche films, seeing what’s left of your Spanish after that Erasmus semester abroad, live Latino music and cocktails, doing the salsa, traveling with a backpack

1 beer please! Hold up, make that 8! Ok, make it a whole week!

Celebrate beer for a week with the Vienna Beer Week 2019

When: MON–SUN, November 18–24
Where: Various locations
Entry: TBA

A week dedicated to beer – how awesome does that sound!? The week of beer will see events popping up all around town that celebrate our all time favourite hang out buddy…(yep, you guessed it) beer. You’ll be in for exclusive tastings, food pairings and tap takeovers, so wear your favourite sweat pants and make way for that beer belly. PLUS, as part of beer week, there will also be the Craft Beer Fest happening on the 22nd and 23rd of November.

Recommended if you like: admiring your tummy as it grows, the refreshing sound of opening a beer, following beer blogs, believing that nothing fun makes sense when it isn’t paired with beer, drinking craft beer like it’s wine

Did somebody say beer festival?!

Craft Bier Fest Wien 2019

When: FRISAT, May 3-4, 4pm–11pm
Where: Marx Halle
Entry: day pass = 8€, weekend pass = 14€, buy your ticket here

Yes, there’s a weekend in the month of May dedicated to that beautiful amber drink we know as beer. From tastings by large and small breweries to brewing workshops, and expert talks – they’ll have it all in the massive space of the cattle shed turned event venue, Marx Halle. Make sure to bring some cash with you. A sample of beer will cost you around 1€ , but some very special microbrews will cost you a little bit more. If you’re a craft beer fan, this weekend is something you don’t want to miss!

Recommended if you like: beer tastings, talking about beer like wine lovers do about wine, a good ol’ fashioned stout, an amber or pale ale, all things beer, being passionate about your beer, googling things about booze

Come on down to the Comic con and nerd the f*** out!

Geek out @ Vienna Comic Con

When: SAT–SUN, November 23–24 | SAT: 10am–7pm & Sun: 10am–5pm
Where: Messe Wien
Entry: 52€/62€ weekend pass, 32€/37€ SAT, 29€/34€ SUN, buy a ticket

The event of the year for comic fans is here this month during which the Messe will be more full of fancy dress than at a Fasching party. But Comic Con is more than just fancy and outlandish outfits. There will be a floor packed with exhibitions, photo/autograph opportunities and panel events covering all aspects of gaming, Manga, film, Anime, comics, and much more. Even if you haven’t had a whole year to prepare your outfit, it is amazing what you can do with some cardboard and a bit of imagination (spray paint helps).

Here is a snippet of past events, so you know what to expect:

Recommended if you like: recycling your Halloween outfit, finally being able to wear tights in public, having an affinity for caps, seeing your favourite characters come to life, being in fancy dress on the Ubahn at 6am, geeking out, comics, Manga, Anime, Cosplay

A film with a unique focus: Human Rights

This Human World film festival 2019

When: November 28 – December 10
Where: various locations, check the programme.
Entry: Varies per location

This is Vienna’s 2nd largest film festival and one that comes with a plenty of powerful messages in powerful films that will have you thinking about the big wide world. This Human World presents more than 100 documentary and fictional feature films, short films, animations and experimental films dealing with human rights issues, in 13 days. Films that aim to encourage people to scrutinise and re-examine their views and raise awareness about human rights and our responsibilities as fellow humans. Don’t keep going on about how the world’s turning to shit on your Facebook feed – get educated at this fascinating festival.

Recommended if you like: trying to understand issues bigger than you, being an active and responsible world citizen, being a film fanatic, watching documentaries

Hello dark-indie-folk music, our old friend

Show your melancholic side at the Blue Bird Festival 2019

When: THU–SAT, November 28–30
Where: Porgy & Bess
Entry: TBA

Join this well established autumn highlight for 3 nights of Indie Folk tunes that will speak straight to your melancholic heart. The dark and intimate interior of Porgy & Bess will host national and international artists that will awaken the blue bird inside of you. And while we totally made that one up and don’t know what it means, we still advise you to check out the line-up and then rush to get your ticket organised.

Recommended if you like: The cold November rain, singer-songwriters, indie folk, high-brow audiences, niche stuff, small festivals, blue birds

Tis’ the season of Glühwein and kissing when your nose is dripping

Go to a Christmas market!

When: mid-November until December 26
Where: Various locations
Entry: Free!

Tis’ the season, and in Vienna this many people’s favourite season simply thanks to those charming Christmas markets! A wonderful vibe spreads around town as markets bloom all over Vienna, and the smell of cinnamon, mulled wine, and sweet desserts fill the air. Be sure to get some Beeren Punsch in, get in the spirit and enjoy every chance this season to get drunk at the market. And it just so happens that we’ve put together a list of our favourite Christmas markets.

Recommended if you like: the smell of gingerbread cookies, waking up with gifts waiting for you, being jolly, celebrating christmukkah, overcoming the cold by drinking hard spirits hidden in tea, Glühwein, meeting friends at Christmas markets

Explore the world of vegan and yogi life

Vegan Planet Wien 2019

When: SAT–SUN, November 30–December 1, check times here
Where: MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts
Entry: 13.50€, get your tickets here

This fair will be heaven on earth for, you guessed it, VEGANS! Vegan Planet and Yoga Planet are teaming up to make the largest vegan and yoga trade fair under one roof within the pretty halls of the MAK.  You can do tastings and learn about vegan life and yoga at the workshops, cooking shows, and lectures happening. There will be hundreds of stalls, as well! Check out the line-up, here.

Recommended if you like: being a vegan, being a yogi, eating vegan food while stretching and breathing deeply, savasana – our favorite yoga pose, amazing food tasting, cooking shows, informative workshops, living your best life