18 things you need to do to forget your worries and make the most out of June 2020 in Vienna

18 things you need to do to forget your worries and make the most out of June 2020 in Vienna

May 25, 2020

18 things you need
to do to make the
most out of June
in Vienna

May 25, 2020

Vienna Würstelstand's and say

Feeling hot, hot, hot! If you see people jumping up and down squealing like little kids, don’t be alarmed, it’s just us celebrating the beginning of the best time of the year – summer!

Yes, even though Corona still has all events cancelled, we’re calling one and all to make the most out of June anyway!

Here are 18 online events and outdoor things to do that will make you have the best June of your life in Vienna…ok, the best June of 2020.



Explore an incredibly stunning part of the world on this tour

Go on an off-the-beaten-track adventure in the Slovakian Tatra mountains

Where: Tatra mountains in Slovakia (tour meeting point is in the easy-to-reach from Vienna, Poprad (travel details on the website)
When: 4 tour dates are available:
9 July–12 July
30 July–2 August
6 August–9 August
20 August–23 August
More info on the website. 
Find details on the Slovakation website (Vienna Würstelstand’s audience gets a 20% discount – use the discount code ‘ summer20 ‘*

While the year of Corona presents limited travel options this summer, we’ve got one for you that will have you setting out on an adventure.

In nearby Slovakia, an indie tour company called Slovakation are taking small groups of people on tours to some of the most beautiful places in Slovakia, which happen to be also the lesser-known ones.

If you slip into the old hiking boots and join in on this unique, personable kind of tour,  you’ll be hiking to remote lakes, gawking at Slovakia’s  highest waterfall, biking, visiting “hobbit-like” cellars in small villages and relaxing in thermal pools at the end.

We’ve been told this is no normal kind of tour, but a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Plus it’s not far from Vienna. There’s a list of what’s included in the tour and all the other details you need on the Slovakation website. 

Plus, Vienna Würstelstand’s audience is getting a 20% off discount off of this tour!  Just use the discount code ‘summer20’ when booking*

*The coupon code ‘summer20’ is valid only for bookings received by the end of June, and only for this tour.

Recommended if you like: exploring this big and beautiful world we live in, getting that drug-like rush from new experiences, breathing in pure fresh air, anything that involves your hiking boots, meeting new people, the idea of shaking off the Corona shutdown hangover with a weekend hike, the mountains


Catch a short films at this shorts festival

Vienna Shorts 2020 – Online Edition

When: May 28 – June 2
Where: your apartment!
Entry: 9€, buy a festival pass online

The Vienna Shorts is an annual international film festival where you can catch short films galore at various cinemas around town. This year (for obvious reasons) the festival will take place online. Be sure to check out the film programme as there’s plenty of quality stuff in there. Many of the films have actually been nominated for various film awards. Just sayin’.

Recommended if you like: not having time for a 3 hour film, constantly switching between Youtube videos longer than 5 minutes, even getting bored with snaps longer than 5 seconds, short films

There’s a new modern art museum in town and you’ve got to check it out

Check out Vienna’s newest art museum

When: 10am–6pm, anytime in June
Where: Karlsplatz 5, 1010
Entry: 16.90 €

So you’ve heard of the Albertina museum, right? Of course you have! Now, there’s an sister museum going by the name Albertina Modern! It was supposed to open up before the virus came to town and we all started wearing sweatpants full-time, but yeah, it didn’t, but now it’s open. And you should definitely go check it out. Even though the tickets are EXXXXXpensive! But yeah, there’s some modern art in there out of Austria you won’t catch anywhere else. Their current exhibition ‘The beginning: Kunst in Österreich’ is all about exhibiting the best of the best from the country in modern times. So yeah, that’s enough from us – go check it out.

Recommended if you like: checking out the new places around town, always smelling good, modern art, lauding uncontrollably for no reason but to creep out fellow museum-goers when standing in front of a piece of art

Enjoy a walk dedicated to awesome women

Spaziergang: Frauenspuren 2020 | Große Frauen in Neubau

When: TUE, June 2, 5pm–7:30pm
Where: 7th district, meeting point at the entrance to the Volkstheater
Entry: 4.30€, make sure to sign up

The 7th district of Vienna is full of great women and institutions where they are active. If you want to find out more about the women at the levers of power in Neubau, this event might be for you! Petra Unger invites you to go on a walk with her to the hotspots of the district and celebrate its great women.

Recommended if you like: going for a walk, celebrating the greatness of the female gender, finding out more about interesting institutions, spending a day seeing new things, women power


It doesn’t take much to spend an amazing evening at the Donaukanal

Spend some time by the Donaukanal

When: all summer long!
Where: Donaukanal

It doesn’t take much to spend an amazing evening at the Donaukanal. And we suggest you spend a bit of time down there by the waterside during July. Make sure to follow our list of the DOs and DON’Ts so you truly enjoy the Donaukanal to the max during the summer. And don’t forget to check out our guide on what’s happening on the Donaukanal this summer!

Learn more about saving the world at this online film screening

Online Filmtag und Diskussion: The Story of Plastic

When: WED, June 3, 9am –12am
Where: your apartment!
Entry: free, donations welcome! Make sure to sign up

You probably know that plastic isn’t the most sustainable material around, but we all use it and it seems to be everywhere! If you want to start facing the scary reality of all this plastic in our lives, you should check this out. On June 3rd, you can watch the film online ‘The Story of Plastic’ by the BreakFreeFromPlastics movement with a bunch of other people. Plus, you, and all those other people, can join in on a discussion afterwards! So make sure to sign up if you fancy some ‘Let’s save the world’ spirit!

Recommended if you like: saving the world, learning about things you can do to live a more sustainable life, asking questions rather than living like a zombie!, watching documentaries, attending events without leaving the apartment

Check out this very special pop up festival for art and culture in Vienna

Kultursalon Guckloch

When: almost daily until June 15, 2020
Where: Peepshow Burggasse
Entry: free, donations welcome! (15€ recommended)

As part of the Kultursalon Guckloch pop up festival happening at the Peepshow Burggasse location, there are 9 cabins from which visitors can check out a rotating platform where local artists such as Clara Luzia, Voodoo Jürgens, Christoph & Lollo will be playing unplugged on stage. And you can watch the performance from your booth for 15 minutes! Crazy cool idea if you ask us. Technically, the performances are free, but donations are very welcome. All donations go towards organisations that help sex workers.

Recommended if you like: participating in somewhat crazy and unusual events, supporting the culture and club scene, artsy stuff, getting to enjoy a diverse program, peepholes, watching people (in a good an not crazy kind of way)

Enjoy a diverse program full of music and arts at this streaming event

Kultur for President: We have a Stream

When: FRI, June 5 & FRI, June 12, 7pm –12am
Where: your apartment!
Entry: free, donations welcome!

The culture and bar/club scene has united to put together an awesome streaming event! You’ll be able to enjoy a stream full of diverse music, live paintings, visual arts, interviews and perfomances! Sounds awesome, right? And the best part is, it’s a win-win situation if you take part: You’ll have a fun evening and if you are willing to make a donation, people who are badly affected in the cultural and clubbing scene by ‘rona will be getting a little help. Check out the program on the Facebook event. 

Recommended if you like: taking part in events without leaving the apartment, supporting the culture and club scene, artsy stuff, getting to enjoy a diverse program, visual arts, making out with people on a computer screen (ewww)

Fan of the word? Don’t miss this huge online poetry festival

Berlin’s 21st Poetry Festival – Planet P

When: FRI–TUE, June 5–11 (check out the programme)
Where: It’s online! You can tune in on the Haus for Poesie website from anywhere!
Entry: it’s free! (donations are welcome)

While festivals are being cancelled all over the place in Corona times, some of them are finding ways for the show to go on…online. Berlin’s Poetry festival is doing just that. They’re calling this year’s 7-day festival, Planet P, and it will be jam-packed with poetry that will move you, inspire you and lead you into deep thoughts – like all good poetry should.

They’ve got 150 writers in the program from over 29 countries, with the focus this year being on Canadian poets. All of these talented wordsmiths will participate in over 100 talks, readings, poetry slams, interviews and workshops – all streamed online, so you can watch them from wherever you are.

Poets will obviously be reading in German and in English, so it’s an international affair. If you’re a fan of poetry, do check out the website for all the info you need. If you’re not a fan of poetry, or just don’t get it, we’d suggest you still tune in – this festival is all about bringing poetry to everybody.

Recommended if you like: reading lots and lots of books, the smell of old books, being moved by the written word, getting all emotional when talking about words and poetry and life

Virtually do a night out at the beloved club, The Loft

Premiere: The Loft Night Show 1 & 2

When: FRI, June 20, 8pm–10:30pm & SUN, June 21, 8pm–10:45pm
Where: your apartment!
Entry: free!

The Loft nightclub is getting creative during their days of lockdown – they’re organising a two-day online event on June 20th and 21st – a festival of sorts that will showcase a bunch of Austrian artists! And we just love the name – The Loft Night Show. The hosts will be the entertaining David Scheid and Yasmo, who will be leading you through both evenings and conducting all kinds of interesting interviews with the artists performing. Check out the Facebook event for more info!

Recommended if you like: pretending to be at The Loft even though you’re chilling in your living room, cool interviews with cool people, getting to attend awesome events without leaving your apartment, singing in the shower, trying to lick your own nipples

Take one step closer to having an awesome summer

Schrittweise Hochfahren mit Pool

When: WED–SUN throughout July 2020, 3pm–11pm
Where: Pratersauna
Entry: free!

The Pratersauna is claiming that it wants you to enjoy life to the fullest! Well, at least to live it to the fullest from every Wednesday to Sunday in July!

According to their Facebook events, it seems the beloved club is reopening, but only its outside area, of course. And it just so happens that they have a pool! You probably knew that already. Anyway, they’re also promising DJs, cocktails, open air cinema, and fitness stuff happening on a regular basis. Keep an eye on the Sauna Strand Club website for up-to-date details. 

Oh yeah, and of course there will be certain rules you have to follow when having this wild time by the pool, but it will be awesome anyways! So get your swimming things and your super fancy diving mask out of the wardrobe (even if you don’t plan to do any swimming). 

Recommended if you like: having a good time poolside, chilling in the sun, not letting Corona ruin your summer, pool parties, showing off the pounds you gained during lock down

Join in on the wild & wonderful celebration of Pride online

Global Pride 2020

When: SAT, June 27
Where: your apartment!

This year, due to the reasons that we’re all very aware of, there won’t be any pride events happening in ‘real life’ Vienna. BUT, you can join the Global Pride festivities at the end of this month in the virtual world. We know it’s not the same, but next year, we’re sure that we’ll all be able to celebrate in the streets again. At the Global Pride online event, there will be speeches, performances, films and other content from Pride organisations all over the world.

In the meantime, check out our best of last year’s EuroPride festival pics!

Recommended if you like: rainbows, being part of something great, equality for all, love is love, being a bit curious yourself, boys who like girls who like boys who like boys who like girls who like girls… and so on, flamboyant parties, being proud in whatever form you come!

Hit up Vienna’s one and only drive-in cinema

Go to the Car Cinema

When: check films and days on their website
Where: Autokino Center Wien
Entry: 11.90€ (check website for discounts), buy a ticket

That’s right – Vienna has a drive in movie cinema and it’s allowed to open while the rest of the city’s cinemas stay closed.

Have you ever dreamed of going to the cinema without having someone with a crazy hairstyle in front of you blocking your view? Or even better: bringing more snacks than you can carry with your hands and not feeling weird for taking off your shoes? Well, lucky for you, all of this is possible at the car cinema. The Autokino Center Wien has opened its gates, and they’ll be screening films daily! Check out their website for the film program!

Recommended if you like: feeling like you’re in a movie, taking your shoes off while watching a film, having your back seat completely filled with snacks, making out at the movies, pretending your in some old American film, getting a unique cinema experience, fooling around in the back seat

Visit a museum in the real world again!

Make the most out of museums and galleries being open again!

With museums opening up all over the city, it’s time to get that culture fix that you’ve been missing since this whole Corona shit went down. Here are a few of the museum that are opening their doors:


When: opens on June 1
Entry: 11€ – 14€, buy a ticket



When: opens on June 17
Entry: tba


Technical Museum

When: opened on May 30, open on the weekend and on public holidays
Entry: 12.50€ – 14€, buy a ticket



When: opened on May 27,
Entry: 16.90€ (check their website for discounts), buy a ticket


Art History Museum

When: opened on May 30
Entry: Pay as you wish until June 30, buy a ticket


Jewish Museum Vienna

When: opened on May 31
Entry: 12€ (check their website for discounts)


Haus der Musik

When: opened on May 31
Entry: 14€ (check their website for discounts), buy a ticket


Leopold Museum

When: opened May 27
Entry: 14 € (check out their website for discounts)


Spend your days lounging around and throwing a frisbee in the green

Go picnic in a park all day long!

It’s time to take the dinner table to the park! Grab yourself a picnic basket (or some 1 of the 1000s of tote bags you’ve got hanging around), lay out a blanket, lie back and spot the shapes in the clouds – ’that one’s a donkey, that one’s a mother relentlessly pushing her child towards academic achievement.’

Vienna has a range of pleasant parks where to watch a sunset, have a picnic, a drink, or fly a kite. Check out our list of our 8 favourite parks to picnic in Vienna.

Recommended if you like: bare feet in the grass, licking your lips really loud before a meal to annoy others, throwing a frisbee, doing the slackfline thing, letting ants crawl over you while you’re passed out in the grass

Enjoy the sun and a Spritzer in 100s of Schanigärten

Sit & spend time every day in a different Schanigarten

When: every. sunny. day
Where: various locations, be sure to check our guide for the best spots!

The time everyone has been waiting for has arrived! All the bars, cafes and restaurants of the city can open up again. Halleluja! You know what that means – you and your butt should be sitting in a different Schanigärten every damn day, and be trying out all those restaurants you always wanted to try out before the shutdown hit!

Check out this guide on Schanigärten in Vienna if you’re looking for places where you could be bingeing on Spritzers in the sun.

Recommended if you like: leaving your apartment, sitting in a Schanigarten (duh!), drinking that Spritzer you so desperately crave in the sun, feeling the warm sunshine on your skin, feeling like everything is back to normal again

Turn your living room into a cinema

Watch Gartenbaukino films online

When: during this whole quarantine
Where: your apartment!
Entry: 4.90€

You want to turn your living room into a cinema? No problem! All you have to do is sign up to the VOD Club on the Gartenbaukino website, and get comfy! You can rent a variety of films, which you can watch as many times as you want during the first 48 hours after starting the film! Make sure to get some popcorn the next time you go grocery shopping!

Recommended if you like: going to the cinema without having to leave your house, enjoying good films, enjoying a more comfortable version of cinema, popcorn

Sink your toes into the sand at a beach bar

Since restaurants and bars started opening, so did some of the city’s beloved beach bars!

Longer days and warmer temperatures have us yearning for some fun and sun in the sand. Vienna might not be blessed with natural beaches, but don’t let that stop you from slipping into your swimmers and sinking your toes into the sand at these a beach bar.

If all goes according to plan weather-wise in June, we recommend you spend a few of your evenings seeing the sun set in one of the city’s bars with sand. We’ve made a list of our 7 favourite for you that you can check out, here.(extra Corona info: the places in this list we can confirm are definitely open in June are Tel Aviv beach bar, Strandbar Hermann, Sansibar, Copa Beach, and the ADRIA. With the other locations, you should check with the directly).

 Recommended if you like: finding sand 2 days later in places you never knew existed on your body, starting summer early, star fishing in the sun, summer days in Vienna

Some of the city’s cinemas are reopening!

Catch a film at a indie cinema!

A select few indie cinemas are reopening this month (mostly at the middle of the month) and so you can get a dose of the going to the movie experience if you’re one of us that have been missing it. The cinemas we know for sure that are opening (at the middle of the month) include: Gartenbaukino, Filmhaus, Filmcasino, Schikaneder, and Top Kino. Cineplexx cinemas like Artis and Apollo look set to open back up in July.

Recommended if you like: being a film fanatic, shooting popcorn out of your nose at the person in front of you and then pointing to the person next to you when they turn around, laughing at random moments in a film, the cinema experience