The unique New year’s eve party experiences in Vienna you should already book – vienna würstelstand

The unique New year’s eve party experiences in Vienna you should already book

December 11, 2017

The unique New year's
eve party experiences
in Vienna you should
already book

December 11, 2017

Vienna Würstelstand's says

If you’re looking to see in the new year in a special kinda’ way, this list below of Vienna’s exclusive events is definitely for you.

This round-up of the evening’s events that require a bit of planning and for you to book ahead, will ensure you make this NYE a night to remember.

A party on top of an old war tower 

Silvester at the Haus des Meeres

When: tba 
Where: ocean’sky
Entry: 59€, buy your ticket here

Partying on top of a old war bunker tower containing an aquarium, already sounds like a New Year’s Eve to remember, even if you just spend the night sitting in a chair, staring at the wall. This one’s a favourite amongst those who know about it, so book quick. The event will be located on top of the Haus des Meeres, where you’ll celebrate New Year’s Eve with a kickass view, a welcome drink, canapes, and midnight champagne. Oh, and during the day, you can visit the aquarium with your ticket. Score!

An entertaining dinner show, anyone?

New Year’s Eve at the Palazzo

Where: Palazzo
Entry: 198€–238€, buy your ticket here

This New Year’s Eve party will be a mix of a fancy dinner (including a show), a crazy party night, and a cosy night with your friends. At the Palazzo (where dinner is served with a show) for NYs, they’ll be offering up a show programme that includes a 4-course-menu, a midnight buffet and an aftershow party. Sounds like a lot of food to us, but nobody’s saying that’s a bad thing!

Put on your best dress and have your own butler at this party!

Silvester-Gala at the Palais Auersperg

When: 6pm–4am
Where: Palais Auersperg
Entry: 65€–650€, buy your ticket here

In the historic and fancy Palais Auersperg there’ll be a big, fancy celebration going down on New Year’s Eve. They’ll be offering up various packages to suit one and all (perhaps excluding punks… a punk probably wouldn’t appreciate the interior decor), ranging from simply partying with a few drinks, to a super fancy 5-course gala dinner with your own room, a butler (!), champagne, and many other things that will make you feel like you should have actually work underpants to this shindig. The whole shebang might be a bit pricey, but it could definitely be worth the money (come on… your own butler!). At midnight, you can enjoy the fireworks from the beautiful garden of the palace, while making out with your butler (we’re not sure if you’ll have to pay extra for this).

Waltz into the New Year at this gala in the Rathaus

Silvestergala im Festsaal des Wiener Rathauses

When: 7pm–2:30am
Where: Rathaus
Entry: 140€–400€, buy your ticket here

Anything labeled a ‘gala’ sounds like it will require you to wear a pocket square and a monocle and randomly yell out, ‘Good show, old boy!’ now and again. Well, we’re not sure if that’s the deal here, but the Rathaus will be the site of this fancy party.  The gothic halls will be full of live music, a festive 4-course gala menu, performances, and – of course – beautiful fireworks at midnight will await you at this beautiful and historic building (not inside, of course). Oh and you’ll be able to watch the grand display of the magnificent lights from the large balcony of the City Hall. Boom – that’s right… mind blow!

A fancy party where you can learn how to dance

New Year’s Eve event in the Vienna Kursalon

When: 6pm–4am
Concert from 57€–122€
Silvester Evening from 222€­
buy your tickets here

Why not welcome year 2018 in the historic and regal setting of the Kursalon Vienna? Here you can feast on a fancy gala dinner along with feast your ears on the Strauss & Mozart concerts going on, on stage. Or you can skip the dinner and just enjoy the music – up to you, really. Oh, and the coolest thing – they’ll be offering Waltz workshops as part of the shennanigans! And you can enjoy the midnight fireworks on their beautiful terrace.

Partying in a very fancy (and formal) way

New Year’s Eve Ball at the Hofburg

When: 6:30pm–4am
Entry: various categories from 165€–720€, (70€ students), buy your tickets here

This one’s for those of you who want to end the year with a fancy bang. Be at the Hofburg on New Year’s Eve and you’ll be enjoying an exclusive gala dinner and party with all the pretentiousness you can fathom. The Vienna State Opera will open the evening with many local & international dancers & artists, and there’ll be plenty of other classical kinda’ music for your ears to enjoy during the course of the night, as well! And of course, there will be room for waltzing! There’s always room for waltzing. This is a once in a lifetime party…unless you just founded the new Google.

Eat, drink, and waltz your way into the New Year on a ship!

Silvester am Badeschiff

When: 4pm–6am
Where: Badeschiff
Entry: 49€ (incl. buffet)

The Badeschiff crowd will be celebrating the end of the year with all who dare to board their ship with food, Punsch, and a lot of dancing (+ probably drinking). For just 49€, you’ll get to enjoy an exclusive gala buffet (with fondue and a chocolate fountain!), a glass of champagne and the obligatory midnight goulash. On the sun deck, you’ll also be able to admire the fireworks in between having your lips planted on somebody else’s (we can only hope).

Find you beauty or your beast at the WUK’s NYE ball

Beauty & The Beast – Silvester 2017

When: 11pm–7am
Where: WUK
Entry: 18€ before midnight, 22€ standard, 69€ VIP, buy your ticket here

This annual legendary event at the WUK is definitely on our list of interesting places to celebrate New Year’s Eve. The love ball is celebrating its fifth anniversary, and this year’s motto is ‘Beauty & The Beast.’ Who doesn’t want to celebrate the night away at a party with a (crazy) romantic love story theme? Maybe you’ll find your beauty (or beast) there and it will mark a perfect start to the new year. They even have a trailer for the celebrations – check it:

A unique way to celebrate New Year’s Eve, with an oriental flair

Silvester Abend im Aux Gazelles

Where: Aux Gazelles
Entry: 25€ (just dance), 100€ dinner party, 170€ Hammam & dinner party, 70€ Hammam session, make a reservation via

You’re tired of doing the same old thing every year? (we know, we sound like the beginning of a TV advert for a sponge) The crowd from the handsome restaurant/ bar, Aux Gazelles, is throwing one special NY’s bash this year. You can combine a dinner (full of tasty Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food) with a visit to their adjoined Hammam – this way you’ll be entering 2018 as relaxed as a… person that’s just lied in a bathtub for several hours (sorry, creative lacking at this time of the year). If that’s not your kinda’ thing, you can simply turn up at their kickass party . Oh, and did we mention that dinner will be served with live music & a belly dancing performance until the early hours. A very different New Year’s Eve party to be had, here.

Watch 2018 roll in from the top of a hill

Silvester am Himmel

When: 7:30pm
Where: Café Restaurant Oktogon
Entry: 140€ p.P (incl. food & drinks), reserve your ticket via

In the 19th district, there is another great party location for the end of the year on top of a hill. The Café Oktogon (which just so happens to be shaped as a Oktogon) with its panoramic view over Vienna seems like the perfect party location for those that want a great view of the fireworks. You can stuff yourself silly with tasty food from the buffet and have as many drinky-poos as you like. And the exact point when 2018 waltzes in, you’ll be waltzing too, in between gawking at the fireworks. There is no dress code for this party, and we strongly suggest you dress like a Würstel.

Enter the new year with style on a majestic train ride

New Year’s Eve Gala

When: 7:30pm–2:15am
Where: Franz-Josefs-Bahnhof
Entry: 405€ (incl. train ticket + 5-course dinner), buy your ticket here

You wanna end the year in style? Book the New Year’s Eve Gala on the Majestic Train. The unique majestic carriages will carry you on a night-time round trip while you enjoy the ride, the 5-course-meal, the waltzing you’ll be doing on the train, the midnight fireworks stop, and the train itself, which looks like it’s straight out of some old film in which some fancy people rode on some fancy train. And don’t even dare to think it’s just a stupid train. It’s a really old one. A majestic one. If you think this is worth 405€ smackaroos, you better book your ticket soon.

A party with a spectacular view

Silvester in der Sky Bar Wien

When: 9pm
Where: Sky Bar
Entry: 99€ for the party, 199€ for party + dinner

This one is for those who like to spend a shit load of money to be seen, or the people who are willing to invest half their rent in an experience. Celebrate the turn of the year in the sky at the Sky Bar, or at the Sky restaurant and you’ll probably have one of the best views in the city when it comes time for fireworks. You’ll be able to see all the little people partying down on the streets below, along with Stephansdom, the Giant Ferris Wheel, the Belvedere, and many other cool buildings until the smoke from the fireworks distorts your view. But you most probably will have vodka distorting your view by then, anyway. You can party in the skybar for 99€, with this price including champagne, finger food, and a goulash at midnight. Meanwhile, if you’d like to experience a fancy meal before all the tom foolery begins, you can pay 199€ for a 5 course feast.

pARTy into 2018 in a museum

Art for Twenty-Eighteen

When: 7pm
Where: KHM Wien
Entry: 99€, reserve via

For those of you who want to end 2017 culturally inspired, you can be at the Kunsthistorische Museum when the clock strikes 12. The evening will be full of highlights, both in terms of food and art. A gourmet feast, cocktails, and a DJ will turn the museum into one hell of a party location.

Stuff your belly before all those New Year’s resolutions kick in!

Silvester im 1500 FOODMAKERS

When: 6pm–1am
Where: 1500 FOODMAKERS @ 25HOURS Hotel
Entry: 65€ p.P., make a reservation via

The 1500 Foodmakers in the hipster hotel, 25hours hotel will be serving up, to all who sign up, a delicious 3-course meal, including Tears of Joy (we have no clue what this might be, but it like sounds fun!). We especially like the idea that they’re serving the food in a family meal kinda’ way aka. they’ll bring you one plate and you have to share it with the others. Sharing is caring, especially in 2017! In 2018, you can go back to stabbing anybody’s hand with a fork when they dare come near your dish. Afterwards, you can party away upstairs in their rooftop bar, the Dachboden. And you can expect quite an impressive view of the city’s fireworks from here. If you manage not to drink yourself into oblivion before midnight and end up in one of the hotel guest’s rooms.

A party with many options & a good view

Silvester am Luftschloss 2017–2018

When: 8pm–4pm
 Café & Schloss Cobenzl
Exclusive dinner + party 120€
Buffet + party 60€
Party 30€
Afterparty 20€
Afterhour 15€, get your ticket here

At the Café & Schloss Cobenzl, you’ll have a bunch of choices on how to celebrate the turn of the year, so choose wisely! If you’re very hungry and in the mood for some fancy dinner thing, you should definitely pick the “Fensterplatz” (that’s the dinner + party), and if you’re just hungry, opt for the buffet option. But you know what, whatever you do, you’ll be having fun and enjoying a great view of the fireworks over Vienna! Not to mention the sunrise the next morning (wink, wink)