12 regular outdoor yoga classes happening in Vienna this summer

12 regular outdoor yoga classes happening in Vienna this summer

June 29, 2020

12 regular outdoor
yoga classes happening
in Vienna this summer

June 29, 2020

Vienna Würstelstand's and say

If you’re going to endure a sticky Vienna summer, you might as well do it while also getting in shape, getting bendy, finding your inner peace while soaking up the sun and fresh(ish?) air, and taking in amazing views by signing up to some outdoor yoga classes!

There are classes being held in parks or by the river – we’re loving the idea of combining yoga with getting some much needed vitamin D and fresh air.

Check out below the 12 awesome regular outdoor yoga classes that are taking place all over Vienna this summer:

Start your week with some yoga in the park

Yoga im Park with Just Yoga it with Audrey

When: every Monday, 6:30pm–8pm, check Facebook event in case it’s cancelled due to bad weather
Where: Wiener Prater
Entry: free donation! (rec. 10€ donation)
Equipment: Don’t forget to bring your own yoga mat and a towel

How does a yoga session in the park sound to start your week off? Well, every Monday evening, a session by Just Yoga It with Aubrey will be going down in the beautiful surrounding of the Prater on Monday evening. Bring your yoga mat, your desire to find inner peace, and your best downward dog moves. To get involved, just turn up at the Bunkerei bar at 7pm. It all begins with some meditation to ensure you can come down from the day first.

Recommended if you like: yoga, secret spy yogi stuff, being as flexible as a 14-year-old, doing downward dog, ‘ommm’ experiences, finding inner peace after work, doing yoga while watching the sunset, that moment when you squeeze out a little fart during yoga that nobody can hear

Take a break from everyday life with this yoga sesh

Outdoor Yoga with MINDFUL YOGA mit Caro

When: almost every Tuesday, from 6 or 7pm
Where: Sportcenter Donaucity
Entry: 18€, buy your ticket
Equipment: bring your own mat, or let Caro know beforehand that you’ll need to borrow one

There will be some mindful yoga happening near the Alte Donau almost every Tuesday during summer. In the middle of the green of the Sportcenter Donaucity, Caro from Mindful Yoga will be offering a mix of Flow, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Yin Yoga & Meditation in her classes. And you’ll be doing the session with headphones on, which support a deep immersion in your yoga practice. Beginners to advanced people are welcome. Take your mat with you, get there on time, and don’t forget to focus on that breathing.

Recommended if you like: being as bendy as a 14-year-old, finding inner peace on a Tuesday, wearing socks in bed, breathing in and breathing out at the exact right time, rooting for nature

Take your practice outdoors at these yoga events

Re:treat in various locations

When: varies, check event page for details
Where: varies, check event page for details
Entry: 10€ first timers, buy a ticket

Leave your stress behind at these regular yoga classes by Re:treat Vienna in various outdoor locations all over Vienna. With a variety of dynamic yoga styles, these classes are designed to burn off your energy, but also relax you like there’s no tomorrow. Dates and Locations will follow, but you can be sure you’ll be flowing away outdoors in the sun.

Recommended if you like: tiring out your body, getting in some vitamin D while activating your chakras, letting go of the stress in your life, forgetting about your responsibilities for while, meeting and practicing with other yogis

Get bendy, waterside

Yoga am Steg with natural HIGH

When: every Saturday & Sunday, 8:30am–9:45am
Where: Das Bootshaus
Entry: 10€, buy a ticket
Equipment: mats are available

Das Bootshaus is your place to be if you wanna relax, go your yoga thing and recharge your batteries in pure nature this summer. They’ll be hosting yoga sessions on a boardwalk right outside the restaurant, with a view over the Alte Donau and the Gänsehäufelbad. Teachers from the yoga crowd, natural HIGH, guide yogis through relaxed sun salutations, the basics of yoga Asanas and some breathing and relaxation techniques.

Recommended if you like: getting up early on the weekend, making the most of your weekends, the possibility of you falling into the water while doing some crazy moves with your body, making funny faces while concentrating, finding inner peace

Free Sunday yoga sessions on the beach

Yoga am Strand with YOGAlounge

When: every Sunday until September 6, from 10am
Where: Strandbar Hermann
Entry: free!
Equipment: some yoga mats will be there

The oh-so-famous beach bar, Strandbar Hermann, a hotspot in Vienna when it comes to relaxed drinks on a summer night, turns into a yoga hot spot in summer every Sunday morning.

On Sunday mornings at 10am, teachers from the Yogalounge studio guide participants through some Hatha yoga flows, with the group energy in focus. After a relaxing yoga session, you can stick around on the beach and enjoy a breakfast (or a couple of drinks if drinking in the morning is your kind of thing).

Recommended if you like: sipping cocktails at any chance you got, not having to pay through the nose for a yoga session, gin and tonic, eating sausages on the beach with your toes sunk into the sand, living on the unusual side of life (wherever that may be)

Get into the right flow on a terrace

Rooftop Yoga at Klyo with The Wyld Thing

When: 2x/month on a Sunday, check the event for exact dates, from 8am
Where: Klyo
Entry: 22€, buy a ticket
Equipment: bring your own

With only 13 spots available each time round, one needs to be sharp to get on board with this outdoor yoga class. On offer is an hour long Vinyasa Flow session powered by The Wyld Thing to get your Sunday up and running with the right energy and a mental clarity. It might help you avoid making any bad decisions. Wink, wink. Breakfast is sadly not included, but will be served up directly after if you want it!

Recommended if you like: getting up seriously early, getting the energy right before the weekend, Vinyasa Flow, wearing yoga pants all day using the excuse you didn’t have time to get home, brunching, earning brunch by doing something healthy first, messing around by the canal

Need a new challenge? How does yoga on a surf board, sound?

SUP YOGA with Yoga & Juliet/The Wyld Thing

When: every Saturday & Sunday, from 9am or 10:30am, most Thursday & Friday evenings (check the website for details)
Where: Stand Up Paddling & Kayak Center im Gänsehäufelbad, or UNO City im Kaiserwasser, or next to the Vienna City Beach Club
Entry: 32€, buy a ticket
Equipment: a rental paddle board is included in the ticket!

If you’re more the adventurous type and want to try out something new and unusual – how about SUP Yoga? That’s yoga on a stand up paddle board, and that’s THE thing to do this summer. Originally from Hawaii, it has taken the world by storm, and the teachers from Yoga & Juliet / The Wyld Thing will be offering classes every Saturday and Sunday, and most Thursday and Friday evenings.

Recommended if you like: being on the water, getting up early on a Saturday, making the most out of your weekends, the possibility of you falling into the water while doing some crazy moves with your body, making funny faces while concentrating, being a little unsteady on your feet, asking “sup?” while nodding your head

Enjoy some Electronic beats while getting your zen happening

YOGA AM DACH with OhmYoga im Oben

When: varies, check event for details
Where: Oben
Entry: 15€, buy a ticket

Let your mind and body float into a realm between deep Electronic beats and stunning views with Ohm Yoga at the Oben, just above the Urban-Loritz-Platz. If you’ve ever gotten lost in the flow of music in the after hours of partying, you’ll know the feeling you’ll get at this unique yoga session.

Recommended if you like: deep Electronic tunes reaching the depths of your soul, enjoying views while activating your chakras, letting go of the stress in your life, forgetting about your responsibilities, practicing with other avid yogis

image © St.Balbach

Connect and practice with other yogis at this regular yoga & hike event

Yoga & Wandern with Soulshine Yoga

When: every week throughout summer, check the event page for exact dates
Where: varies, check the event details for exact spots
Entry: 25€, book a spot
Equipment: bring your own mat & water for the hike!

This yoga and hike class will offer you a break from your every day routine. Malia from Soulshine Yoga will be taking you up to a beautiful yoga spot where you’ll take part in a Hatha, or Hatha Flow, yoga class in the beautiful outdoors. After that, you’ll hike a bit more and then return to where you began.

Recommended if you like: practicing yoga in nature, not being afraid of ticks, clearing your mind, getting out of the city, socializing with like-minded people, upping your vitamin D levels

Practice yoga and help protect the environment while you’re at it

Yoga im Grünen with Wiener Landluft – für den Umweltschutz

When: every Tuesday at 6pm
Where: Arenawiese
Entry: donations welcome, reserve a spot
Equipment: bring your own mat!

Leave the stress of your everyday life behind you at this yoga session in the Arenawiese by Wiener Landluft. All the proceeds go to the Austrian environmental protection organisation, GLOBAL 2000, so you’ll not only fuel your own energy tanks, but also help fuel those of mother earth.

Recommended if you like: doing good things for the earth as well as yourself, practicing yoga with a breeze, supporting environmental organisations, looking at grass while you’re doing the downward dog, greeting the sun under the sun

Relax and move at this dynamic yoga practice in the park

YOGA im Prater with Yoga as you are

When: weekly, check event overview for details
Where: Arenawiese
Entry: 10€, register via DM on event page
Equipment: bring your own yoga mat!

Free your mind and practice yoga under trees amidst the beautiful Arenawiese with Yoga as you are. Focusing on a dynamic flow and breathing techniques, you’ll hopefully leave feeling fresh, relaxed and ready to make lemonade out of all the lemons life decides to throw at you.

Recommended if you like: feeling the grass under your mat, downward dogging under the sun, leaving all your sorrows behind, trying to get razor sharp focus, making your days better than they started, sweating outdoors

Do your weekly yoga practice in the garden of a world famous painter

Yoga im Garten der Klimt Villa with Hatha Yoga Tanja

When: every Thursday in July & August, check event for times
Where: Klimt Villa
Entry: 15€ (10€ first timers)
Equipment: bring your own mat!

If you’re a fan of downward dogging in unique places, go to this event and you’ll be doing your practice in the garden of painter Gustav Klimt’s last atelier with Hatha Yoga Tanja.This time, there will be a focus on relaxation, concentration and opening your heart. Maybe Klimt’s ghost will join in and practice with you, who knows.

Recommended if you like: downward dogging in unique places, channeling ghosts of painters because maybe then you’ll finally be able to draw a pretty stick figure, practicing yoga in other people’s gardens, connecting with other yogis