The 23 outstanding online events in Vienna you can join and stream throughout April

The 23 outstanding online events in Vienna you can join and stream throughout April

April 1, 2020

The 23 outstanding online
events in Vienna you can join
and stream throughout April

April 1, 2020

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So we’re all stuck at home and live our lives online for a while – so what! Embrace this attitude and make the most out of April by joining in, and streaming, these outstanding online events.

Here’s a list of the 23 fun things you can do in April to conquer the home isolation blues:

World music that will make you go ‘wow’! streaming into your living room

Club Weltenklang Online

When: 7pm, every day starting April 1st
Where: your apartment!
Entry: free, but donations are welcome!

The folks from the World Music collective (think Fado, West-Afrika/Sahara, Blues, Zydeco, Soul, Folk, Folk-Rock und Singer/Songwriter), Club Weltenklang, will be online, daily from 7pm, streaming world music performances live on their YouTube Channel! You’ll be able to experience a new stage performance by a different artist, every day! If that’s something you’d tune into, be sure to check out their GoFundMe page to support the local artists!

Recommended if you like: supporting local artists, traveling from your own living room, world music

Chill out in a virtual cigar lounge

Light ’em Up Lounge

When: WED April 1, from 4pm
Where: your apartment!
Entry: free!

For all the folks who enjoy sophisticated get-togethers at which you can philosophise about the world while sipping on a fine drink and smoking a good cigar, there is now an online bar in which you can take part in such gatherings – it’s called Light ’em Up Lounge. You don’t necessarily have to be drinking and smoking though, it’s more about creating that bar/lounge-like atmosphere in people’s homes, now that no one can visit an actual bar. And to make things more interesting, there’ll be a special guest invited to each session. You can sign up and find details on the upcoming sessions on the website

Recommended if you like: going to bars, puffing on fat cigars, calling yourself a connoisseur, wearing a top hat and a monocle, enjoying the fine things in life, chatting with strangers

Learn how to do ballet

Ballettratten Online – Dance against Corona

When: April 1 – April 13, 4pm–7:30pm
Where: your apartment!
Entry: check their website for price details

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a prima ballerina, this April could be your time to shine! During the days of the shutdown, the ballet school, ‘Ballettratten,’ is offering online classes! They’ll be offering classes for kids, teens and grown ups! Oh, and at the moment, they’ve got a ‘buy one online course and get another free’ kind of deal happening. 

Recommended if you like: ballet, feeling like a prima ballerina, dancing, dreaming of becoming a ballet star at the opera, looking cute and badass at the same time, the movie, the Black Swan, online classes more than real life classes because you can just log off and pretend you have bad connection if you can’t get an exercise right

Admire art from your living room

CoWir20 // Online Vernissage

When: THU, April 2, 7pm–10pm
Where: your apartment!
Entry: free!

Kunst ab Hinterhof is bringing art all the way to your living room on April 2nd! Home isolation is no excuse to skip your culture fix this month. On the first Thursday of April, there will be an online vernissage at which you can admire art revolving around the theme of this moment of crisis.

Recommended if you like: art, exhibitions, feeling fancy at an art event even though you’re wearing pyjamas, wearing turtlenecks, singing ‘We’re all in this together’

Join in on this flashmob everyday at 6pm

Daily 6pm Flashmob-Gig in Austria

When: 6pm, every day
Where: your apartment!
Entry: free!

Just because we can’t go out right now, doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun! This Facebook-Group is all about announcing all kinds of music flash mobs happening at 6pm every day. They’re posting events featuring concerts and parties on your own balcony, and more!

Recommended if you like: making the best out of every situation, partying on your balcony, joining some kind of video call and drinking one too many with your mates, that goose bump feeling from flash mobs

Enjoy virtual live concerts

Catch a live DJ set with the awesome DJ streaming collective, Gem/einsam

When: during this whole quarantine
Where: your apartment!
Entry: free!

As soon as the shutdown was announced, this group called, Gem/einsam, popped up. And we’re so glad it did.  They’re well known for streaming DJ sets for entire days sometimes. They’re doing an incredible job of filming all kinds of DJs across Vienna so that you can chill out and party to them at home. Everyday is filled with free live streams of living room sets for you to enjoy! Like their Facebook page to keep up-to-date on their events. 

Recommended if you like: music (duh!), concerts, going to a concert without having to change tino something that isn’t your dirty pair of pyjamas, enjoying a concert while chilling in bed

Let the concert come to you!

FM4 Stay at Home Sessions

When: TBA
Where: your apartment!
Entry: free!

Going to a concert and experiencing your favourite musicians live sure is a cool experience. But staying at home and listening to FM4’s ‘Stay at Home Sessions’, which features concerts from all kinds of talented musicians, while staying in bed with your pyjamas on, also sounds like a pretty cool thing to be doing, right?!

While the ‘Stay at home Sessions’ for March are already over, we’d recommend checking out their Facebook Event page for possible April dates! In the meantime, we’d recommend checking out their previous sessions!

Recommended if you like: supporting local artists, going to concerts, letting concerts come to you, staying in bed with your pajamas on while listening to some hot tunes

Catch these talented musicians live in concert (on Youtube)

Live! Strandhase & Edwin

When: FRI April 3, 8pm–11pm
Where: your apartment!
Entry: free!

By now, live streams are the standard way for musicians to perform in front of the masses, and this Friday, the local label, Problembär Records, will put on the virtual stage a musical double whammy, featuring the two Viennese artists, Strandhase and Edwin. Check them out, below:

Recommended if you like: live music, local artists, watching a concert from your living room, watching a concert from your bedroom, watching a concert from your bathroom (for whatever reason), watching concerts in general

Have fun at these virtual games nights

Virtueller Spieleabend

When: THU, April 9, 6pm–8pm
Where: your apartment! 
Entry: free! Make sure to sign up for this event!

It’s time for a games night! That’s right – you may not get to hang out with your friends in your physical form, but your online avatar can join in on these games nights being organised by The Roten Falken. On April 9th, the first of their games nights will be happening. So, get that competitive nature of yours ready to let loose and join in!

Recommended if you like: game nights, board games, monopoly, winning games, always saying ‘whatever, at least I’m not a sore loser’ even though you are a sore loser

Take part in a virtual wine tasting

Trinkreif Tele-Tasting live mit Uwe Schiefer

When: THU, April 9, 8:30pm–9:30m
Where: your apartment!
Entry: 220€–370€ (including wine and shipping costs), sign up via mail until April 2nd

Thanks to the online wine store, Trinkreif, this shutdown won’t stop the wine lovers amongst you from getting your kicks! Trinkreif is organising virtual wine tastings! All you have to do is sign up for it beforehand, and you’ll get a box of wine sent to you of some super fancy and quality wines. And on April 9th you can join in on the tasting with a professional sommelier and other wine lovers via a video chat. 

Recommended if you like: wine (duh!), using a complex vocabulary when talking about wine that nobody understands, talking about wine, enjoying a glass of expensive alcohol while smoking a cigar, more wine

Get creative with your photos at home


When: during this whole quarantine
Where: your apartment!
Entry: free!

Whether you are an amateur, or a pro photographer, this home isolation has kind of got you limited, right? Wrong! Ok, you’re right, but there is still the possibility to create interesting images from the confines of your home. The Home.Foto.Challenge encourages everyone to use the rooms of their home as your photographic playground. Every day, there’ll be a new theme to inspire what you snap your pics of, the best of which will then be presented on a separate page. All you need to do is register, and start shooting.

Recommended if you like: taking photos, getting creative, refining your photography skills, the sound of a camera shutter finding interesting subjects within your own four walls, making your family, flatmates and pets be your models whether they want to, or not

Enjoy virtual art exhibitions of the MAK

Take a virtual tour of the MAK

When: during this whole quarantine 
Where: your apartment!
Entry: free!

Like many other galleries and museums, the MAK is now offering virtual tours of their exhibitions for all of you guys and gals suffering from the lack of culture that comes with this lock down! If the offered exhibitions aren’t your thing, you can also virtually stroll around the building!

Recommended if you like: museums, culture, art, looking at pretty things, not missing out on things you like, finding new ways to enjoy art, looking at art and acting like you see a deeper meaning

Go to the theater without leaving your apartment

Turn your living room into a theater with these live streams

If you can’t go to the theater, let the theater come to you, instead! Here are the ones that offer live streams:


Wiener Staatsoper

When: daily screenings
Entry: free trial for 30 days, subscription for 16.90€ per month

The opera offers live streams of their events, which you can enjoy via the Vienna State Opera Live App. Don’t worry if you miss a live stream, or if you liked a show so much that you started to feel incredibly sad, because it’s over – subscription owners can watch three shows from the videothéque per month!


Globe Theater

When: available anytime
Entry: free!

After discovering the Globe Theater’s videos on demand, your quarantine days will be everything, but boring! Whether you like cabaret shows or proper theater plays, the globe theater has got you covered! Check out their program.



When: available anytime
Entry: free!

If you have kids at home, or prefer your theater shows to be less complex, the Rabenhof theater is offering up the perfect thing for you! Twice a week, the theater will be uploading classics for kids! Check it out!

Recommended if you like: getting your daily dose of culture, not having to dress up for the opera for once, fancy nights in, theater


Turn your living room into a cinema

Watch Gartenbaukino films online

When: during this whole quarantine
Where: your apartment!
Entry: 4.90€

You want to turn your living room into a cinema? No problem! All you have to do is sign up to the VOD Club on the Gartenbaukino website, and get comfy! You can rent a variety of films, which you can watch as many times as you want during the first 48 hours after starting the film! Make sure to get some popcorn the next time you go grocery shopping!

Recommended if you like: going to the cinema without having to leave your house, enjoying good films, enjoying a more comfortable version of cinema, popcorn

Check out this true home indie cinema experience!

#EinSaalBleibtOffen / Kino VOD Club

When: Whenever you feel like it!
Where: your apartment!
Entry: 4.90€, get your tickets!

The Indie and arthouse film club, Kino VOD Club, is opening its digital doors for you! By going to their website, you’ll be able to experience home cinema in the truest sense of the word(s). You can choose a film on there that you like, and pay 1/3 of the regular ticket price, and enjoy a night at the movies… well, a night at home at the cinemas! 

Recommended if you like: going to the movies while not going to the movies, art, arthouse, grabbing a bag of microwave popcorn and some snacks and turning your living room into a cinema

Concerts delivered to your living room compliments of ORF

ORF Radiokulturhaus Videostreams

When: MON–FRI, from 8pm
Where: your apartment!
Entry: free!

The ORF Radiokulturhaus is opening their video archive and sending it your way via digital means. Catch some virtual concerts in times where doing so in real life is virtually impossible (unless you live near one of those balcony musicians). You can find the program for the coming days on their website and on Facebook.

Recommended if you like: the Austrian music scene, listening to music to distract yourself from the current situation, getting to see those concerts you missed after all, turning your living room into a concert venue (even if that means purchasing a fog machine), moshing in your living room

Use your time to do good

Do some voluntary work for a charity organisation

When: during this whole quarantine
Where: wherever it’s needed

In times like these, it’s all the more important to support those who need it. So, if you’re able to do so and have some time on your hands, why not use it for something important. The Caritas, for example, provides some options for volunteers to help out. You can register yourself and find more information on what exactly you can do on their website.

Recommended if you like: charity work, social commitment, helping others to get through this crisis, making a difference, spending your time in a meaningful way

Pick up a new skill

Participate in an online course or workshop!

When: during this whole quarantine
Where: your apartment!

This April could be your time to learn something new! There are so many online courses available at the moment, most of them are even for free! So, what are you waiting for? Plus, watch out for a guide that we’ll soon be publishing about what online workshops you should check out. Stay tuned!

Recommended if you like: learning something new, taking part in workshops, getting education without having to leave the house, learning a new language, being proud of your skills, DIY

Discover artists from all over the world with these concert streams

Catch a QuaranTIME concert

When: ongoing
Where: your apartment!
Entry: free!

The master event organisers, Freilich Open Arts, are hosting a series of concert streams with artists from all over the world throughout the quarantine period – they’re calling it QuaranTIME! (love that name). All the details are on their Facebook page.

Recommended if you like: tapping your slipper-wearing foot on your living room floor, making out with your cushion while pretending they’re some hot date you just picked up at the concert, discovering new music

Watch art come to life while still wearing your pyjamas

Do an augmented reality art tour of Vienna’s popular museums

When: ongoing
Where: your apartment!
Entry: free!

The innovative people at the Vienna startup, Artivive, have managed to get creative during these times of the shutdown. They’ve set things up with the Belvedere and Albertina museums so that you can do an online augmented reality (AR) tour of the museum’s masterpieces. So there’s a lot of fancy tech-y words in there, so let us break it down for you – download the Artivive app to your phone, go to the Artivive website and hold your phone up to the paintings displayed on the screen, then watch what happens.

Check out the Belvedere AR tour.
Check out the Albertina AR tour. 

Smoking weed before doing this is, isn’t, is, isn’t (ok, we can’t decide) recommended.

Recommended if you like: getting your culture on, seeing some of the most renowned art pieces in a way you’ve never seen them before, being an early adopter, letting your tech or art geek flag fly

Shop online at a local store

Support a local business by shopping / ordering online

When: during the whole quarantine
Where: from home!

How do you feel about guilt–free online shopping? Instead of feeling bad because you’re spending money on things from Amazon you don’t really need, you could feel good while shopping on the hundreds of online stores that have been set up by local businesses to get them through this tough times. Well, some of them had online stores already. Either way, we’ve put together a  list of delivering local businesses in Vienna! Check it out!

Recommended if you like: online shopping, supporting local businesses, doing something fun and good at the same time, awaiting a parcel, getting mail

Work on your quarantine bod’

Get off your couch and start working out

When: every day!
Where: your apartment! 
Entry: depends on the workout class

Instead of using this lockdown as an excuse to be lazy and watch Netflix all day, you could start doing online sports classes that will make you feel fit and healthy! The online booking platforms, Eversports, or MyClubs, both offer a vast variety of sport classes that they’re now live streaming right into your living room. Plus, you can also check out your local fitness, or yoga studio, as many of them have made a switch to doing online classes, too. And there’s also new yoga collectives such as the stayhomeclub popping up all over the internet. So whatever you’re into, you will probably find some place doing videos of it online! Let’s get physical… ummm, started, we mean!

Recommended if you like: working out, feeling fit, feeling super healthy instead of starting to imagine that you have Corona symptoms, wondering if  ‘work hard, or go home’ means you don’t have to work out that hard because you’re already at home, secretly posing in front of your mirror

Have a drag-tastic Sunday brunch

Queens Brunch TV

When: SUN, June 28, 12pm–2pm
Where: your apartment!
Entry: free, donations welcome

If you want to add that extra bit of FABULOUS to your Sundays, tune in to the Queens Brunch TV live stream on Youtube. All you have to do is prepare yourself a meal and enjoy the show brought to you by Vienna’s favourite local and international drag family. It’s completely free to watch, but donations are very much appreciated and needed (wigs and make-up don’t pay for themselves, honey). Every supporter will receive a shoutout on all their social media channels, as well as a personal ‘Thank you’ card. And all donations over 50€ will get a Queens Brunch gift certificate for a future show of choice. That’s right – this is the crowd who were doing the Queens Brunch before this whole shutdown shebang happened. 

Recommended if you like: spicing up your Sundays, being fabulous, glitter and glamour, not giving a f*** about gender norms, boys who like boys who like girls who like girls…and so on…