13 empowering International Women's Day events in Vienna

13 empowering International Women’s Day events in Vienna

March 3, 2020

13 empowering
Women's Day
events in Vienna

March 3, 2020

Vienna Würstelstand's and say

International Women’s Day is the world’s alarm clock to remind all of the countless past achievements of women around the world, and to recognise the struggle for women today. Gender inequalities still riddle our society, and while you’ll hear the odd alpha male baboon crying, ‘Why is there no day for men?!’ think of March the 8th as more a day to talk about what we can do to create a fairer, more balanced world.

Here are 13 events happening across Vienna at which to learn and celebrate the meaning of International Women’s Day:

Join in on the discussion about fighting against gender inequality

International Women’s Day Panel Discussion

When: WED, March 4, 6pm–9pm
Where: Webster University
Entry: sign up

If we want to see a change in this world, we need to start doing something about it in our everyday lives. The International Women’s Day Panel Discussion happening at Webster University will point out the things everyone can do to move our society one step closer to becoming more equal!

Recommended if you like: equality, being treated as an equal, not feeling like you have to prove yourself more than others because of your gender, feeling powerful and strong, the idea of raising boys and girls the same way

Vienna’s city hall celebrates International Women’s Day 2020

Wiener Frauentag 2020

When: FRI, March 6, 3pm–7:30pm
Where: Rathaus
Entry: Free!

The Rathaus will be transformed as it becomes a temple dedicated to women this Friday. You’ll find a bunch of information there about your rights as a female living in Vienna, and workshops focused on the same topic. Oh, and the main theme of this year will be football! The former international football player, Nina Burger, will be there to sign autographs! Plus, you’ll get the chance to win tickets for the Women’s Champions League Final, taking place on May 24th in Vienna! 

Recommended if you like: events at the Rathaus, being a woman, learning something new, remembering how important it is to stand up for your rights, meeting other great people, sports

Watch a film about Austria’s treasured 20th century feminist

Internationaler Frauentag: Film und Diskussion

When: FRI, March 6, 8pm–11pm
Where: Votivkino
Entry: free! if you sign up for a free ticket

What better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than to watch a film about Austria’s most prominent female politician, an icon of feminism and genuine national treasure? We’re of course talking about Johanna Dohnal who, in 1979, was promoted to the SPÖ-led cabinet as State Secretary of General Women’s Issues (whoever thought of that title was lacking a little in imagination, wethinks) before becoming Austria’s very first Frauenministerin in 1995. After watching a screening of the excellent film ‘Die Dohnal’ there will be a discussion about the relevant challenges still facing women in our society today.

Recommended if you like: standing up and being counted, winning rights, equality, feminism, fighting for fairness, people who do good, not being treated differently because of your gender, listening to the quote “wir bleiben weiterhin lästig” and nodding with your fist clenched

Take part in shaping the future

Lead today. Shape tomorrow.

When: FRI, March 6, 9am–5pm
Where: weXelerate
Entry: free! Make sure to sign up

The Female Founders organisation want to foster and nurture female entrepreneurship and leadership. On March 6th, they wanna’ do this with a very special International Women’s Day event at the weXelerate space, where they’ll be putting all kinds of inspiring women on stage. In this programme, you can expect keynote speeches, panel discussions, workshops, career talks and a lot of networking opportunities.

Recommended if you like: the idea of starting your own business, getting all your As to all your Qs, feminism and equality, female empowerment, inspirational events, meeting great people, talks and discussions, learning something new, being part of the movement trying to drag the world into the 21st century and into the future, fostering female entrepreneurship

Dance for climate and gender justice

Each for Equal – Each for Earth

When: SUN, March 8, 5pm–6pm
Where: Stephansplatz
Entry: Donations welcome!

Climate crisis and gender inequality are two major causes of why a huge number of women are suffering around the world. If you want to display your point of view to the world and unite with people who think like you, this might just be the event you’ve been waiting for! There will be a flashmob at 5pm at the Stephansplatz! Check out the event page to learn more details. 

Recommended if you like: equality, climate justice, gender justice, standing up for your right, saving the world, dancing for a good cause, dancing in public places

Find out more about the dangers of the web for women

Frauen im Netz . Chancen und Gefahren der digitalen Welt

When: SAT, March 7, 2pm–4pm
Where: VHS Wiener Urania
Entry: free! Sign up!

Sadly, the internet has a lot of dark corners and is not simply the Utopian world of information we’ve built it up to be. This fact often leads to problematic situations. On Saturday, there will be a panel discussion about the dangers of the internet. Women in particular are often victims of stalking, bullying, threats and insults based on their gender.

Recommended if you like: using the internet, learning more about something you use daily, not being treated differently because of your gender, feeling save, knowing what to do in certain situations

Celebrate International Women’s Day with delicious food

Brunch zum Weltfrauentag – Frauenpower bei WEIN & CO

When: SUN, March 8, 11am–3pm
Where: Wein & Co Stephansplatz
Entry: 65–69€, buy a ticket

Okay, to be honest, we can’t think of any occasion for which a generous brunch would be inappropriate. And the bigger the brunch, the better, right? That’s why going to the brunch at the Wein & Co Stephanplatz is the perfect way to celebrate International Women’s Day! They are offering brunch-y food, ranging from cold dishes at a buffet, to warm dishes fresh from the kitchen, as well as sweeeet desserts!

Recommended if you like: going out for brunch, getting to choose from a fine selection of food, buffets, celebrating the female population of the world, eating delicious food

Attend this hands-on exhibition

Führungen zum Weltfrauentag im KHM & WMW: Helfende Hände

When: SUN, March 8, 11am–5pm
Where: KHM and Weltmuseum
Entry: 9–16€ (find out more about ticket prices on the KHM and WMW website), donation for special tour welcome!

The Art History Museum and the World Museum invite you to their special tours on March 8th to celebrate International Women’s Day. Their special exhibitions are all about hands. Ok, that sounds kinda random, but we can assure you it isn’t! Hands can help, heal and create, and that’s what it’s all about. Make sure to sign up for a tour via mail.

Recommended if you like: hanging out in a museum, special exhibition, feeling special because you get to see something not everyone gets to see, helpful hands, perceiving your hands as tools that can do good

Get a special tour of the Klimt Villa

Internationaler Frauentag / 8.3.2020 / Klimt Villa

When: SUN, March 8, 2pm–4pm
Where: Klimt Villa
Entry: 15€, sign up!

The Klimt Villa invites you to a special tour on Sunday, and what would any event be without sparkling wine at the end? That’s right, it would be just a random event without any sparkling wine. So now we’ve established that the Klimt Villa knows what it takes to host a decent event, get along to the Villa and go and see what the fuss is all about. Oh, and you’ll have the chance to meet Klimt’s great grandchild, Brigitte Huber. Be sure to ask her to paint you a picture!

Recommended if you like: special tours, Gustav Klimt, artsy atmosphere, anything that has sparkling wine at the end, feeling fancy

Watch a film about the Feminist icon Johanna Dohnal

Die Dohnal – Film & Gespräch mit Sabine Derflinger im Filmcasino

When: MON, TUE & THU, June 22, 23 & 25, 8:15pm–11pm
Where: Filmcasino
Entry: 9€, get a ticket!

This week, Filmcasino is screening ‘Die Dohnal’,  a documentary about Johanna Dohnal, the first feminist ever to serve in a European government. She remains the most important politician to have campaigned for feminism in Austria, and a film about her remarkable life and career is currently filling Viennese cinemas. The film will be followed by a panel discussion with the film director.

Recommended if you like: feminism, politicians who are fighting for something meaningful, seeing change in the world, gender equality, the idea of raising boys and girls the same way


Let out all the frustrations you’ve experienced of being a women with some boxing

Boxen am Weltfrauentag

When: SUN, March 8, every hour starting from 2pm
Where: Backyard Club Vienna
Entry: free! Make sure to sign up!

The Backyard Club Vienna invites all females (or those aged over 14, at least) to a free boxing trial session at their kick boxing studio! Haven’t you always dreamed of punching the stuffing out of a punching bag? You know, like, wrapping your knuckles in bandages and just pounding the bag until you collapse with exhaustion? Trust us – it feels mighty good! Plus, it’s a free event, sooo.

Recommended if you like: trying out new things, martial arts, feeling hella badass and strong, letting go of all of your negative emotions, leaving your comfort zone, being able to defend yourself

Enjoy the taste of self–empowerment at a brunch on a boat

Weltfrauentag | Sonntags-Brunch

When: SUN, March 8, 11am–4pm
Where: Badeschiff 
Entry: 27€, buy a ticket

This is no normal brunch – this is a brunch that promotes self-empowerment! The crowd from Speisen one grenze will be doing their thing when they bring a bunch of women from different cultural backgrounds together to cook up some tasty food! The female cooks will be on the Badeschiff, preparing a diverse buffet together for all those up for some tasty brunch food (meaning you!). With this event, you cam actually celebrate International Women’s Day by directly supporting other women!

Recommended if you like: going out for brunch, hitting a buffet, self–empowerment, supporting women, equality, multicultural experiences

A guided tour that shines a light on strong Jewish women

Internationalen Frauentage: „Unsere Stadt – weiblich

When: SUN, March 8, 3pm
Where: Jüdisches Museum Wien, Dorotheergasse
Entry: 12€ museum entry (check their website for discounts), tour is free

Take a guided tour through the Jewish Museum which shines a spotlight on different inspiring Jewish women who fought for a new and better society. You’ll hear the stories of Hilde, Lilly, Margit, Miriam, Fanny, Julie, Käthe, Bertha und Marie, and how they tried to conquer the challenging (to say the least) social and political terrain of the past.

Recommended if you like: special guided tours, Jewish Museum Vienna, learning about the past, awesome women that inspire you, art and exhibitions, afternoons at the museum, being inspired by inspirational people of the past