How to make the most out of Halloween 2018 in Vienna - Vienna Würstelstand

How to make the most out of Halloween 2018 in Vienna

October 29, 2018

How to make the
most out of Halloween
2018 in Vienna

October 29, 2018

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May it be having a vampire suck on your neck in some dark corner of a club, or joining in on a zombie apocalypse in the Prater park, or looking for ghosts in a castle – here are the best 19 things to do this year for Halloween in Vienna:

A parade, costume competitions, sinister parties and horror movies – it’s got it all!

Halloween im Wiener Prater 2018

When: WED, October 31, 10am–10pm
Where: Wiener Prater
Entry: Free!

This Halloween, the Wiener Prater is hosting a 12-hour event with fun stuff happening for all types of people throughout the day. From 11am, there’ll be a bunch of activities happening for kids, and as the day goes on, a costume parade and costume competition (hello, gruesome make-up!) will take place. More in a party mood? They’ve also got you covered: from 7pm, a Disco Horror Party will be happening, and other parties will be pumping music until 4am. Bonus: at 10pm, there’ll be a horror movie screening! Excited yet? Check out the complete programme, here, put on some black lipstick (okay, that’s optional) and make the most out of this macabre holiday!

Recommended if you like: dressing up in sinister costumes, getting into Halloween mood, killing zombies, wearing black from head to toe, horror movies, parades

This Queer beat Halloween party is for dancing, all night long

Männer im Rotlicht: Halloween Special

When: WED, October 31, 11pm–5am
Where: Rote Bar
Entry: 11€–13€, get tickets here

This Wednesday, the Rote Bar at Volkstheater is turning into a haunted house for a LGBT party. And trust us if you haven’t been there – this venue, with chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and red velvet curtains, is perfect for a Halloween party. With the motto ‘fear the beat’, there will be two floors with DJs pumping their Pop and RnB sounds. To get you in the mood, they’ll be giving out free shots at the entrance! Get your early tickets for 11 bucks and party on!

Recommended if you like: getting home as the sun is rising, boys who like boys who like girls who like boys who like girls and so on, parties so big you can change floors every hour and experience something different, sweating on the dancefloor, free shots!

Experience the Halloween version of an exhibition in the dark

Halloween im Dunkeln 2018

When: SAT–WED, October 27–31, check times here
Where: Dialog im Dunkeln
Entry: 19€ (16.50€ students), reserve via +43 1 890 60 60

This time of the year aka. Halloween, the unique exhibition in the dark experience that is Dialog im Dunkeln transforms into a house of horrors. Just like in their regular exhibition, you’ll be led by a blind, or visually impaired person through several rooms in complete darkness so you can experience what it’s like to be blind in different everyday situations. From Saturday until Wednesday, screams of fright and delight will be part of this exhibition as they add a Halloween twist to things. There is nothing to see, and a lot remains mysterious about this very special experience to be had. Ticket prices are the same, but be sure to reserve: +43 1 890 60 60

Recommended if you like: Halloween, unusual experiences, trusting all your senses, dark experiences (literally), smelling fear, the idea of heightening your senses excluding sight, tripping over your own feet, putting yourself in somebody else’s shoes

The ultimate Halloween party in town

Scaryfest 2018 – Vienna’s ultimate Halloween Party

When: WED, October 31, 9pm–6am
Where: Ottakringer Brauerei
Entry: various rates from 16–18€ for different time slots, more information here

Under the creepy Halloween theme that an epidemic disease has spread throughout the city (check out their website for the whole story), there will be the city’s biggest Halloween party happening at the Ottakringer Brauerei this Wednesday. Many DJs will have the 5 floors dancing at the brewery. Be sure to dress up as a zombie…or as a bunny. Whatever works for you.

Recommended if you like: making out with a zombie, getting dressed up, naughty nurses, unique locations, the Walking Dead, dressing as a carrot to every party that requires dressing up, beer, Zombieland, testing your zombie apocalypse survival skills

Right here, right now – at Grelle Forelle

Dance, right here, right now, with Fatboy Slim on Halloween

When: WED, October 31, 10pm–6am
Where: Grelle Forelle
Entry: 23€ pre sale here, additional tickets sold at the door

The last day of the month will see Grelle Forelle hosting one of the coolest musical exports of the UK in past decades. Mr Slim will be spinning his tunes on the very night of Halloween, and the only scary thought about it would be missing out!

Keep an eye on their Facebook page for the full line-up and tickets, here.

Recommended if you like: Fatboy Slim, The Forelle of the Grelle, electric cool aid, smiling happy people, being taken back through music, the 90s and 00s, finding your way in to a sold out venue, retro-electro


A big Halloween party at the Volksgarten

Das große Volksgarten Halloween Special 2018

When: WED, October 31, 11pm–6am
Where: Volksgarten
Entry: 15€

We know what you did last Halloween, and you will do it again (we are only quoting Volksgarten, here). A big Volksgarten Halloween special will be happening on three floors at this beloved clubbing location this Wednesday. It’ll be 15€ entrance, and you can expect the usual Volksgarten stuff, but scarier. Dress up if you want to have some real fun!

Recommended if you like: dressing up like your favourite character from Twilight, making out with a zombie, getting dressed up, getting everybody with your fake blood trick

A spook-tacular witch hunt @ the WUK

Halloween – Witch Please

When: TUE, October 31, 10pm–6am
Where: WUK
Entry: 12€, 10€ for ppl in costumes, 7€ students before 11pm

Where to celebrate Halloween you ask? Witch place, please? At the WUK, of course! Gather all ye’ witches on Tuesday in the red brick walls of the WUK where it’ll be loud (with the DJ Squad) and scary (with all the spooky costumes there). Don’t forget to dress up!

Recommended if you like: making out with a zombie, getting dressed up, getting everybody with your fake blood trick, dressing up like your favourite character from Twilight

An electronic carnival full of scary creatures

Halloween Electronic Carnival mit Sonic Species, ZYCE, Materia

When: WED, October 31, 10pm–6am
Where: Flex
Entry: 14.90€ presale ticket / 16€ < 12am > 18€, buy your tickets here

Celebrate an evening on Wednesday full of ghosts, zombies, and other creatures – it’s Halloween at the Flex. With Psy-Sound, along with Progressive and Psychedelic Sounds, it’ll definitely be unlike any other Halloween party in town. Sonic Species, Zyce, Materia  and many more will be spinning the tables. Oh, and expect scary decorations. Get your pre-sale ticket, here.

Recommended if you like: making out with a witch, getting dressed up, getting freaked and freaky, the adrenalin rush of being scared, psy and trance music, sweating on the dancefloor, dark beats, getting home when the birds are chirping

The scariest Hip Hop Halloween party in Vienna

Halloween mit der Juicy Crew | 31.10. | Camera Club

When: WED, October 31, 10pm–6am
Where: Camera Club
Entry: 13€ (10€ costumed people before 11:30am)

You want to celebrate Halloween, and like the idea of combining it with some quality Hip Hop tunes? This is the event for you. Spread over 2 floors, there will be Rap, Trap, RnB & Dancehall pumping out, and it might turn into the scariest Hip Hop Halloween party in town. Turn up at the Camera Club this Wednesday, and if you show up early and in a costume, the entrance will be cheaper.

Recommended if you like: getting dressed up, getting everybody with your fake blood trick, a good costume competition, bouncing up and down to a Hip Hop tune with one hand in the air, getting spooked, Halloween-inspired shits and giggles

Is this hell? Nope, just the Pratersauna’s Halloween party

Welcome To Hell

When: WED, October 31, 11pm–8am
Where: Pratersauna & Vie i Pee
Entry: 12.69€ (early bird) / 16.18€ (presale 1), buy your tickets here

Welcome to hell…it’s hot and pretty freak, but you’ll at least get your money’s worth. For the price of one ticket, you’ll get to enjoy two club locations – the Pratersauna and Vie i Pee, who will be celebrating Halloween together, with 15 national and international DJs on the decks. Be sure to dress up. Or not. It’s up to you, really.

Recommended if you like: getting dressed up, making out with a zombie, getting everybody with your fake blood trick, Electro’ music, sweating in a sauna

Celebrate Halloween without dressing up…but instead with a band

Halloween im Chelsea mit The Clashinistas & Children In Heät

When: WED, October 31, 8pm–4am
Where: Chelsea
Entry: 7€/10€

If you’re not in the mood for a typical Halloween party that requires a costume, pay a visit to grungy live music joint, Chelsea, this Wednesday. The Clashinstas will perform songs from The Clash, while the Punk band, Children in Heät, will be doing covers from the Misfits.

Recommended if you like: celebrating a different kind of Halloween, Halloween parties where you don’t need to dress up, Punk music, getting dressed up and standing out, beer and cigarettes, dressing as a carrot to every party that requires dressing up, the rough and ready type

Partake in the Halloween madness at Arena Wien

Halloween Madness w/ Darktek, Nout Heretik & Yowii auf 3 Floors 

When: WED, October 31, 11pm–6am
Where: Arena Wien
Entry: 17.90€ / 20€, buy your tickets here

Get ready for some Halloween madness at the Arena this Wednesday! Not only is the old factory turned event venue, Arena, perfect for a freaky party, the French DJs, Darktek and Nout Heretik, as well as Yowii from Argentina are in town and on the decks. They will provide the music while you experience the craziest, wildest, and scariest Halloween party of ye’ brief life (so they say). The flavour of the music will be HardTek, Raggatek, Tribecore on the Maniac Tekno Floor, Raggatek, HardTek and JungleTek on the Wicked Floor, and Old School Rave and Happy Hardcore on the Crazy Rave Floor. Lots of floors with lots of different music.

Recommended if you like: ears ringing from a night of booming bass, getting dressed up, making out with a zombie, dancing really, really fast, playing dead, underground music, parties at the Arena

Show up in costume and get a super discount for this party at the Loft!

Korruptions Halloween Party 2018

When: WED, October 31, 10pm–4am
Where: The Loft
Entry: 1€ with costume, 5€ without

The Loft is hosting their annual Halloween party this Wednesday, and the theme is…. Corruption! Because what could be more scary than Austrian politics, they ask. This is the night for everyone who is pissed/heartbroken/questioning the future of humankind when it comes to politics… just come over and put those worries aside with this party’s killer DJs! Plus, if you show up in a costume, you pay only 1€ at the door! And there’s nothing like dancing till dawn when you’re dressed like a zombie…

Recommended if you like: partying until the early hours (bonus: in costume!), parties with two dancefloors, getting politically engaged and then blowing it for a shot of vodka, crying when watching political news, putting your worries aside for an evening of full of partying

Hip Hop Halloween, anyone?

TIPSY TUESDAY’s Halloween Horror Night

When: WED, October 31, 11pm–6am
Where: Club Schwarzenberg
Entry: 10€ with costume, 15€ without

Tipsy Tuesday will be happening on a Wednesday this week at Club Schwarzberg, courtesy of Halloween. The party kicks off at 11pm, and the Hip Hop beats will be pumping until dawn. Show up in costume and get a discount! Zombie up your outfit and go party at Club Schwarzenberg!

Recommended if you like: partying until dawn, getting down on the dancefloor to Hip Hop, dressing up as a zombie, partying in the middle of the week, costume parties

A costume party with neon paint & black lighting!

Schwarzlicht – Halloween Edition

When: WED, October 31, 9pm–5am
Where: Heart Club
Entry: 12€, get tickets here

This year, the folks over at the Heart Club are throwing a different kind of Halloween party: with neon body paint and black lighting! It’s a full-on costume party, with the added bonus of light stickers, invisible paint that only shows up in black lighting, and a creepy Halloween ambiance.

Recommended if you like: partying until dawn, painting your face & body with neon, parties with black light & invisible paint, neon balloons, magic tricks

Vintage Halloween party @ the 25hours Hotel’s rooftop bar

Halloween Party // come as you are not.

When: WED, October 31, 9pm–5am
Where: Dachboden at 25hours Hotel
Entry: Free!

This Wednesday, the Dachboden bar at the hipster hotel, 25Hours, will be hosting its Halloween special. Their line-up is filled with vintage beats, such as hot RnB, Swing, Jump-Blues, Rock’n’Roll, Jazz and Rockabilly. They’ll also have a creepy make-up corner for those who want to look the part for this freaky evening.

Recommended if you like: vintage beats, rocking your blue swede shoes on the dancefloor, parties in unique locations, vintage Halloween vibes

The 90s meet Halloween @ HORST

The Super 90’s Horror Disco Show

When: WED, October 31, 11pm–6am
Where: Horst
Entry: 12€ until 12:20am, 15€ after

This Halloween, the Horst club is throwing a 90s party! That’s right, you can even combine your costume with the 90’s theme – our suggestion would be to dress as a zombie Spice Girl. Anyway, they’ll have two floors, so if you’re not a big fan of 90s Pop music (what’s wrong with you?), you can check out the Techno floor! Bottom line is – you’ll be dancing til’ dawn!

Recommended if you like: partying until dawn, 90s nostalgia, dressing up as a zombie, partying in the middle of the week, costume parties

The Hard Rock cafe goes all in for Halloween

Rockiges Halloween

When: WED, October 31, 11:30am–11:59pm
Where: Hard Rock Cafe
Entry: Free!

This is for those craving the full-on American Halloween experience. The Hard Rock Café will be in a creepy mood this Wednesday, serving bloody burgers and beers (we really hope it’s only paint). The waiting staff will be dressed up in gruesome costumes, and from 8pm, a DJ will make the mood even more sinister. All and all, this will be a spooky experience, we assume!

Recommended if you like: having a meal at a haunted house, getting in the mood for Halloween, burgers and coca cola, zombie waiters

Halloween at Schönbrunn!

Halloween – Gespensterwerkstatt und Geistersuche

When: WED, October 31, 2pm–5pm
Where: Schloss Schönbrunn
Entry: 3€ + admission ticket

This year, the Schloss Schönbrunn is hosting a Halloween special event for the kids! Children and their families can spend the afternoon putting on scary make-up, baking cookies, and going on a ghost hunt around the castle! There will also be Halloween guided tours throughout the afternoon, both in German and Slovak. Check out the whole programme, here.

Recommended if you like: special activities at cool locations, spending Halloween on a ghost hunt inside an amazing castle, celebrating Halloween with your kids, getting dressed up for Halloween

Halloween for kids @ Belvedere!


When: WED, October 31, 3:30pm–7:30pm
Where: Belvedere; meeting point at Kassenhalle, Lower Belvedere
Entry: 4.5€ + admission ticket

The Belvedere is hosting several Halloween-themed activities for children up to 12 y/o this Wednesday! To get families into the Halloween mood, there’ll be flashlight tours around the palace, creepy makeup stations, and pumpkin painting! Check out their programme, here.

Recommended if you like: special activities at cool locations, spending Halloween on a flashlight tour inside an amazing palace, celebrating Halloween with your kids