How to make the most out of Halloween 2017 in Vienna - Vienna Würstelstand

How to make the most out of Halloween 2017 in Vienna

October 30, 2017

How to make the
most out of Halloween
2017 in Vienna

October 30, 2017

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May it be having a vampire suck on your neck in some dark corner of a club, or joining in on a zombie parade and visiting a haunted fairground – here’s the best 16 things to do for Halloween in Vienna:

A day of ghost, zombies and witches at the Prater

Halloween 2017 – ein Abenteuer im Wiener Prater

When: TUE, October 31, 10am–10pm
Where: Wurstelprater
Entry: varying

If you’re looking for some good old Halloween fun, the prater fairground if the place to be this Tuesday. The annual Halloween event at Prater is back, offering a whole day full of special events at the numerous attractions throughout the Wurstelprater. For example, there will be ‘Horror-Food’ being served up at the Rollercoaster Restaurant, a make-up station for kids at the Luftburg restaurant, a horror labyrinth, a family ghost train, a disco bowling horror party and of course the infamous Halloween parade which you can take part in (if you dress up!). This will see hundreds of people mummies, monsters and other freaky nightmarish stuff marching through the prater! Check the rest of the program, here.

Plus: three different after parties will be happening at the Prater Alm and Prater Dome!

Recommended if you like: Halloween parties and special events, Prater, fun fair parks and attractions, cotton candy, people wearing crazy make-up, squirting fake blood on unsuspecting victims, dressing up, having a good scare or two, scaring the crap out of other people, getting in character

The traditions of the Mexican Day of the Dead celebrated at the world museum

Día de los Muertos en Austria *Weltmuseum

When: TUE, October 31, 7pm–1am
Where: Weltmuseum Wien
Entry: 15€, kids 5€ (including visit of the Penacho del Mexico Antiguo, an ancient Mexican feather hat that is exhibited at the Weltmuseum)

The Mexican equivalent of Halloween, the Día de los Muertos, will be celebrated at Weltmuseum this Tuesday, where a big feast of music, dance, food and drinks will be offered up, Mexican-style. There will be dance and theatre performances, a photography exhibition and a video installation, plus food by the Tex-Mex restaurant, Pancho, and a bar offering drinky-poo-poos. 

Plus: take the chance to donate money to the Mexican earthquake victims of last September

Recommended if you like: parties in museums, Latin American festivities, cultural events, meeting new people, dressing up as an undead skeleton, drinks and food, Frida, Mariachis, wearing a sombrero in the most absurd situations 

Even the dead will start to dance at this party

Vienna ist Tropical #Dia de los muertos special

When: TUE, October 31, 9pm–4am
Where: Super Unusual Beings
Entry: Free!

We are going out on a limb here, but we guess you’ve never celebrated Halloween like this (and if you have, kudos to you!). At this party, natural-organic sounds, traditional instruments, tribal, trance, minimal and native music will take you into the heart of jungle-mountain-sea landscapes of the Americas aka INTICHE (and that’s only one fifth of the lineup!). Shake the spirits to the bones at the Super Unusual Beings this Tuesday. It’ll be free entry! Listen to one of the artists, Intiche, already here:

Recommended if you like: unusual music, celebrating the dead, Dia de los muertos, unusual Halloween parties, trying out new locations, farting in a crowded elevator and blaming it on your dog…even though you don’t have one with you

Some kind of Celtic Halloween dinner

Samhain Dinner

When: TUE, October 31, 7:30pm–10pm
Where: WUK
Entry: 9–15€, pre-register here!

A sensory feast of a Celtic dinner is awaiting all interested people at WUK this Tuesday. Yes, this be a unique event indeed. Find out about the traditions dating back way longer than Halloween ever existed, and what the hell Samhain actually  is! Join in on a feast that will have you experiencing food in a whole new way.

Recommended if you like: trying something new, spending Halloween with food and eating instead of dressing up, chilled evenings, Celtic traditions, talking in Gaelic, having your eggs sunny side up

Delicious food that is as scary as the season

Spooky Halloween Dinner

When: TUE, October 31, 6pm–12am
Where: Das Möbel
Entry: tba, pre-register here

If you want to make sure your stomach is filled enough for a night of wild dancing, partying and scaring the crap out of other people with your crazy Halloween costume, turn up at the latest instalment of  Pop-Eat, which sees all kinds of exotic food being served up in random locations around the city. This Tuesday for Halloween, let yourself be taken on a ride to the underworld, as they cook up the ultimate Halloween Menu for you. Eat, mingle with great people dressed in weird costumes, and dance to some funky tunes by Nick Lukich.

Recommended if you like: special occasion dinners, surprise food, scary edible things, showing off your fearlessness when it comes to eating, having dinner in a funky costume, showing off how you can eat even though you’re wearing a Batman mask with no mouth hole

A spooky dance in the haunted castle


When: TUE, October 31, 6pm
Where: Café & Schloss Cobenzl
Entry: 10€

It’ll be Halloween this week, and you can actually celebrate this day at an actual castle! The kinda’ place you can imagine a ghost or two showing up. So climb up the hill on Tuesday and party at the Schloss Cobenzl! It’ll be just 10 bucks, and there’ll even be a shuttle which is taking people back to the city through the night. The talented crowd from the party people collective Unheimlich will be throwing the party. More details of this unique party, here. 

Good to know...there are no cash machines up the hill so bring enough drink money!

Recommended if you like: having a good view over Vienna, ghost stories, Harry Potter, dressing up like your favourite character from Twilight, unique locations

A big Halloween party at the Volksgarten

Das große Volksgarten Halloween Special

When: TUE, October 31, 11pm–6am
Where: Volksgarten
Entry: 15€

We know what you did last Halloween, and you will do it again (we are only quoting Volksgarten here). A big Volksgarten Halloween special will be happening on three floors this Tuesday at this beloved location. It’ll be 15€, and you can expect the usual Volksgarten stuff, but scarier. Dress up if you want to have some real fun!

Recommended if you like: dressing up like your favourite character from Twilight, making out with a zombie, getting dressed up, getting everybody with your fake blood trick

The ultimate Halloween party in town

Scaryfest 2017 – Vienna’s ultimate Halloween Party

When: TUE, October 31, 9pm–6am
Where: Ottakringer Brauerei
Entry: various groups from 14–17€ for different time slots, more information here

Under the creepy Halloween theme that an epidemic disease has spread throughout the city (check out their website for the whole story), there will be the city’s biggest Halloween party happening at the Ottakringer Brauerei this Tuesday. Many DJs will rock the 5 floors of the brewery, and rumour has it that there will also be a Silent Disco. Michael Jackson(‘s imitator) will be there, and so should you be! Get dressed up, as well!

Recommended if you like:  making out with a zombie, getting dressed up, naughty nurses, unique locations, the Walking Dead

A special Halloween movie screening

Kinoabend #8: Ausgeburt

When: MON, October 30, 5:45pm–8:45pm
Where: Top Kino
Entry: free! Reserve your tickets here!

This event is perfect for getting you in the perfect Halloween mood on the day before Halloween. Two movies will be screened at the Top Kino this Monday – the short film, I Feel Like Dancing, and the feature film, Der Nachtmahr, both fit perfectly into the Halloween theme of the evening. After the screening, a Q&A session with the director and screenwriter of the short movie, Rafael Haider, will take place. The event will be for free, but you should reserve your tickets here! Here’s the trailer for Der Nachtmahr:

Recommended if you like: unsettling movies, telling the movie director your honest opinion, Scary Movie, red velvet seats, popcorn, shooting popcorn out of your nose

A spook-tacular witch hunt @ the WUK

Halloween – Witch Please

When: TUE, October 31, 10pm–6am
Where: WUK
Entry: 12€, 10€ for ppl in costumes, 7€ students before 11pm

Where to celebrate Halloween you ask? Witch place, please? At the WUK, of course! Gather all ye’ witches on Tuesday in the red brick walls of the WUK where it’ll be loud (with the DJ Squad) and scary (with all the spooky costumes there). Don’t forget to dress up!

Recommended if you like: making out with a zombie, getting dressed up, getting everybody with your fake blood trick, dressing up like your favourite character from Twilight

An electronic carnival full of scary creatures

Halloween Electronic Carnival | Liquid SOUL & Captain HOOK

When: TUE, October 31, 10pm
Where: Marx Halle
Entry: 21€ presale ticket / 24€ < 12am > 26€, buy your tickets here

Celebrate an evening full of ghosts, zombies, and other creatures aka Halloween at the massive space of the Marx Halle. With Psytrance and Progressive Psy Sounds, it’ll definitely be unlike any other Halloween party in town. Expect scary decorations and spine-tingling 3D mapping this Tuesday, so get your pre-sale ticket here.

Recommended if you like: making out with a witch, getting dressed up, getting freaked and freaky, the adrenalin rush of being scared, psy and trance music

Madness, Madness at the FLEX!

Halloween Madness at Flex mit NeuroKontrol & LsDirty

When: TUE, October 31, 11pm–6am
Where: Flex
Entry: 13€ / 15€, buy your tickets here

Get ready for some Halloween madness at the Flex this Tuesday! NeuroKontrol and LsDirty are in town and will celebrate the craziest, wildest, and scariest Halloween party with you. An evening accentuated with Raggatek, PsyTek, Psy Reggae and Hardtek on one floor, and 90s Rave and Trash on the other floor (the Flex Café).

Recommended if you like: ears ringing from a night of booming bass, getting dressed up, making out with a zombie, dancing really, really fast, playing dead

The scariest Hip Hop Halloween party in Vienna

Halloween mit der Juicy Crew

When: TUE, October 31, 11pm–5am
Where: Aux Gazelles
Entry: 13€ (10€ costumed people)

You want to celebrate Halloween, and like the idea of combining it with some good Hip Hop tunes? This is the event for you. On 2 floors, there will be rap, trap, RnB & Dancehall, and it might turn into the scariest Hip Hop Halloween party in town. Turn up at the Aux Gazelles this Tuesday, and if you show up in the best costume, you’ll even win something (spoiler alert: it’ll be booze).

Recommended if you like: getting dressed up, getting everybody with your fake blood trick, a good costume competition, bouncing up and down to a Hip Hop tune with one hand in the air, getting spooked, Halloween-inspired shits and giggles

Is this hell? Nope, just the Pratersauna’s Halloween party

Welcome To Hell

When: TUE, October 31, 11pm–8am
Where: Pratersauna & Vie i Pee
Entry: 13€, buy your tickets here

Welcome to hell, but you’ll at least get your money’s worth. With one ticket, you’ll get to enjoy two locations – the Pratersauna and Vie i Pee are celebrating Halloween together, so you’ll be able to party in both locations and there will be 15 national and international DJs on the decks.

Recommended if you like: getting dressed up, making out with a zombie, getting everybody with your fake blood trick, electro’ music, sweating in a sauna

An Halloween karaoke special

Halloween mit Karaoke Bash

When: TUE, October 31, 8:30pm–12am
Where: Chelsea
Entry: 10€ (8€ presale, or if you come dressed up)

Do people get freaked out when you sing? Well, you better turn up at the Chelsea this Tuesday night. The event, Karaoke Bash has a very simple, and fun concept: instead of singing Karaoke with a machine, you have a whole band standing behind you taking care of the music. Choose a song of your liking (in the realms of Rock, Punk, Metal, and Party Favourites) and perform it for the audience. It’ll take place at the Chelsea this Tuesday. And if you come dressed up in a Halloween costume, you’ll pay less at the door!

Recommended if you like: being a rock star once in your life, performing in front of an audience, making a fool of yourself, dressing up, Thriller by Michael Jackson, grungy locations

An unusual, but rather casual, Halloween party

Donaugrille-Party: HELLOfunkyWIEN – Funk & Soul

When: TUE, October 31, 8pm–3am
Where: Badeschiff
Entry: free!

A cool, casual party with a good crowd, good music and good drinks is long overdue. The Donaugrille Party is returning from its hiatus and will be bringing this type of party back to you! Inside the Badeschiff’s hold, there will be a bunch of Funk & Soul of the 60s, 70s and 80s music blasting out of speakers, and you’ll be able to do some bowling for free. Sounds like a fun, casual Halloween party if you ask us.

Recommended if you like: the sound of crickets, unique party locations, pirates, dressing as a carrot to every party that requires dressing up, dressing up when going to a party, bowling

Dark and creepy party in the cellar
Halloween Horrorshow at Charlie P’s

When: TUE, October 31st, 7pm
Where: Charlie P’s

With free shots of ‘blood’ for everyone, costume competitions, the Irish pub Charlie P’s cellar is a down right creepy…and sweaty place to party for Halloween. So get down in that cellar and start making out with a sexy drunk vampire. Oh, and happy hour is between 8 and 9pm.

Recommended if you like: being as pale as a vampire, messy nights out, sloppy kissing, bacardi and cola