How to make the most out of Halloween 2019 in Vienna

How to make the most out of Halloween 2019 in Vienna

October 28, 2019

How to make the
most out of Halloween
2019 in Vienna

October 28, 2019

Vienna Würstelstand's , and say

May it be having a vampire suck on your neck in some dark corner of a club, or joining in a ghost run in the Prater park, or bopping with a zombie to hip hop at a ball – here are the best 22 things to do this year for Halloween in Vienna:

Run like a ghost for a good cause

GhostRun 2019

When: WED, October 30, 4pm–23:59pm
Where: Wiener Prater
Entry: 5€– 26€, get your ticket

Normally it’s us humans running from ghosts, but this time, you’ve got to run like ghost! On the night before halloween,  you can get involved in some sports and run a little together with hundreds of strangers. But it’s all for a good cause. The entry will be completely donated to the research of pulmonary hypertension. The first family and friends run, with a 1.5km route starts at 4pm, and it costs 5€ per person to participate. The main run, where you can actually set your competitive side loose will be along a 5km course, and will cost 26€.

And YES, you need to dress up in your freakiest Halloween outfit for this run. Should be quite the sight to see.

Recommended if you like: running for a good cause, night runs, jogging in a Jesus or Trump costume, the beautiful Wiener Prater, getting involved in community activities

The ultimate Halloween party in town

Scaryfest 2019 – Vienna’s ultimate Halloween Party

When: THU, October 31, 9pm–6am
Where: Ottakringer Brauerei
Entry: various rates from 15–18€ for different time slots, more information on their scary website

Under the creepy Halloween theme that the city’s full of zombies and there are no humans left  (check out their website for the whole story, it’s rather complicated), there will be the city’s biggest Halloween party happening at the Ottakringer Brauerei. Many DJs will have the 5 floors dancing at the brewery. Be sure to dress up as a zombie…or as a bunny. Whatever works for you.

Recommended if you like: making out with a zombie, getting dressed up, naughty nurses, unique locations, the Walking Dead, dressing as a carrot to every party that requires dressing up, beer, Zombieland, testing your zombie apocalypse survival skills

A Ball…um, of a different kind with Zombies and Metal music

Wiener Rock & Metal Zombieball 2019

When: THU, October 31, 7:30pm–4am
Where: szene Wien
Entry: 19€, buy a ticket

The Halloween-season has begun and you might be wondering where to go partying. And, the szene Wien are hosting this year’s Rock & Metal Zombieball. It’s got the vibe and the sound as the title would lead you to believe. With Jay Bow as DJ, the team making the music will ensure the festivities to be smoking hot with plenty of Metal for the metal heads amongst us. If you want to experience Halloween a bit differently, then this event is a must-attend for you! Check out their event for more details!

Recommended if you like: Jay Bow, creatures of the night, Halloween season, pumpkins, dressing up for Halloween, putting on scary make-up, scaring people, making out with vampire number 10

Smash your face into a burger while downing a bottle of blood (beer)

The Bloody Halloween Party w/ Free Burgers and Blood Beer

When: THU, October 31, 7pm–2am
Where: Burger’s Bar
Entry: free! Limited spaces available, register via FB event

A different kind of Halloween party is going down at Burger’s Bar on Thursday. And no, it’s not the – dress up & dance to Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ – kind of shindig. At this party, there will be DJs making you move and Burger’s Bar will be giving out free burgers, plus free American Budweiser will be flowing. And it won’t be just the normal Bud brew, but instead, Bloodweiser. Yes, it’s beer with blood in it. Well, not real blood. We hope.

Oh, and you can also WIN some pretty cool sh** if you turn up dressed in a costume that make people spit out their burgers and Bloodweiser.

Recommended if you like: free stuff, drinking blood, Dracula, spooky Halloween parties, trippy visuals, burgers, stuffing your belly, dressing up and winning hot shit

A parade, costume competitions, sinister parties and a horror maze – it’s got it all!

Halloween im Wiener Prater

When: THU, October 31, 11am–8pm
Where: Wiener Prater
Entry: Free!

This Halloween, the Wiener Prater is hosting a huge event with fun stuff happening for all types of people throughout the day. From 11am, there’ll be a bunch of activities happening for kids, and as the day goes on, a costume parade and costume competition (hello, gruesome make-up!) will take place.

More in a party mood? They’ve also got you covered: local Wienerlied musician, Voodo Jürgens will perform at 8pm! Excited yet? Check out the complete programme, put on some black lipstick (okay, that’s optional) and make the most out of this macabre holiday!

Recommended if you like: dressing up in sinister costumes, getting into Halloween mood, killing zombies, wearing black from head to toe, horror movies, parades

Witness this Classic reinvented

Frankenstein Live–Hörspiel

When: THU, October 31, 10pm
Where: Volkstheater
Entry: 7€, buy a ticket

Everyone knows the story of Frankenstein, right? And since it’s Halloween, the Volkstheater is inviting one and all to a live theatrical reading-listening-version (whatever that means) of the famous book. With Sören Kneidl, and the musicians Robert Gadermaier and Lukas Böck, you’ll be transported to another spooky dimension. So if this creepy classic is a fav’ of yours, you better have a look at this special kind of event.

Recommended if you like: Halloween, scary stories, getting transported to another dimension, reading the classic, Halloween culture

A big Halloween party at the Volksgarten

Halloween x Volksgarten

When: THU, October 31, 11pm–6am
Where: Volksgarten
Entry: 15€

We know what you did last Halloween, and you will do it again (we are only quoting Volksgarten, here). A big Volksgarten Halloween special will be happening on three floors at this beloved clubbing location this Friday. It’ll be 15€ entrance, and you can expect the usual Volksgarten stuff, but scarier. Dress up if you want to have some real fun!

Recommended if you like: dressing up like your favourite character from Twilight, making out with a zombie, getting dressed up, getting everybody with your fake blood trick

Get sweaty at this Halloween party in Grelle Forelle

Ben UFO | Halloween

When: THU, October 31, 11pm–6am
Where: Grelle Forelle
Entry: 12€, buy a ticket

Grelle Forelle are really setting the bar high for Viennas clubs on Halloween as they’re inviting the beloved UK Electronic DJ, Ben UFO. Dress up and expect a party full of heavy bass and funky rhythms.

Recommended if you like: getting dressed up for Halloween, scaring the shit out of people, late night Kebabs, futuristic locations, flashy lights, Grelle Forelle

Have a blast at this party at WUK

Halloween – creep it real – WUK

When: THU, October 31, 10pm–6am
Where: WUK
Entry: 7€–10€ for students ’til midnight, 13€ otherwise

This Halloween, the WUK is hosting a student party where you can get sweaty dancing to various music genres, like Techno and Hip-Hop, with lots of other crazy young drunk people. They’re calling all to get dressed up. Oh, and there will be a free welcome shot – woot, woot!

Recommended if you like: student parties, doing the Macarena, taking part in Austria’s heavy drinking culture, dressing up in spooky costumes, making out with a zombie, WUK

Partake in the Halloween madness at Flex

Halloween Madness w/ Tingeltangeltek, FTS & many more!

When: FRI, October 31, 11pm–6am
Where: Flex
Entry: 10€ < 12am > 12€

Get ready for some Halloween madness at Flex! Not only is this location perfect for a freaky party, but there will also be lots of floors with lots of different music waiting. They will provide the music while you experience the craziest, wildest, and scariest Halloween party of ye’ brief life (so they say). The flavour of the music will be Acid, HardTek and Tribe on the Maniac Tekno Floor, and music hosted by Katerfrühstück on the Spooky Techno Floor.

Recommended if you like: ears ringing from a night of booming bass, getting dressed up, making out with a zombie, dancing really, really fast, playing dead, underground music, parties at the Arena

A Queerloween to remember, anyone?

Gayloween by TTBB

When: THU, October 31, 11pm–5:30am
Where: Camera Club
Entry: 10€ all night; 8€ by sending E-Mail with sugarmama!

The Camera Club is hosting a night of queer nightmares and black rainbows this Thursday with Titti Titti Bang Bang. There will be a Drag-Show, lots of glitter, food, and old school music! Think of this as a butch nightmare of sorts, featuring bare asses and twinks galore. Find out more about the lineup!

Recommended if you like: Halloween, Gayloween, hooking up with daddies, or twinks, or hunks, or jocks, or otters, or bears, everything really, making out with a drag queen and having a mouth full of glitter, seeing bare asses

Is this hell? Nope, just the Pratersauna’s Halloween party

Welcome To Hell

When: FRI, October 31, 11pm–8am
Where: Pratersauna & Vie i Pee
Entry: from 10–12€ presale tickets, 15€ at the doors

Welcome to hell…it’s hot and pretty freak, but you’ll at least get your money’s worth. For the price of one ticket, you’ll get to enjoy two club locations – the Pratersauna and Vie i Pee, who will be celebrating Halloween together, with many national and international DJs on the decks. Be sure to dress up. Or not. It’s up to you, really.

Recommended if you like: getting dressed up, making out with a zombie, getting everybody with your fake blood trick, Electro’ music, sweating in a sauna

Don’t miss out on this Punk Band concert on Halloween!

CHILDREN in HEÄT / Nice Girls Don’t Explode – Halloween Special

When: THU, October 31, 8pm–11:59pm
Where: Chelsea
Entry: 8.50€, buy a ticket

The Klagenfurt-based punk band, ‘Children in HEÄT,’ is coming to Vienna this Thursday and they will be performing at the Chelsea! Yeah, has Halloween even happened if some punk band doesn’t lose their sh** on stage?

Recommended if you like: Halloween, Punk music, getting involved in a fight for no good reason, head banging, experiencing Halloween in a different way, the smell of sweat, moist places, wet bodies

Get spooky and jiggy with it at the Arena Wien this Halloween

Unheimlich ins Tarab

When: THU, October 31, 10pm–6am
Where: Arena Wien
Entry: tba

What could be a more spooky location than a slaughter house turned concert venue? The party crew behind the “Journey to Tarab” parties are behind this shindig, so you can be sure of two things – there’ll be good music and an open-minded crowd hanging around the place. All pre-sale tickets are already sold out, so you should show up a little earlier to catch a ticket at the doors. For more information check out the events page. This is a contender for one of the best events to head to on Halloween.

Recommended if you like: dressing up as your favourite movie character, making out with a witch, meeting new people, scaring the shit out of stranger, Arena Wien

Show up in costume and get a super discount for this party at the Loft!

Korruptions Halloween Party 2019

When: FRI, October 31, 10pm–4am
Where: The Loft
Entry: 1€ with costume, 5€ without

The theme of The Loft’s annual Halloween party is… Corruption! Because what could be more scary than Austrian politics, they ask. This is the night for everyone who is pissed/heartbroken/questioning the future of humankind when it comes to politics… just come over and put those worries aside with this party’s killer DJs! Plus, if you show up in a costume, you pay only 1€ at the door! And there’s nothing like dancing till dawn when you’re dressed like a zombie…

Recommended if you like: partying until the early hours (bonus: in costume!), parties with two dancefloors, getting politically engaged and then blowing it for a shot of vodka, crying when watching political news, putting your worries aside for an evening of full of partying

Dress up and party at the Club Schwarzenberg

The Nightmare – Halloween 2019

When: THU, October 31, 11pm–6am
Where: Club Schwarzenberg
Entry: tba

Club Schwarzenberg  know how to throw a party and they’ve got something special in store for Halloween. The theme is, ‘The Nightmare’ and the tunes will be of the Hip-Hop variety. Knowing the crowd that hang out here, there will be lots of pretty people dressed up as ugly monsters.

Recommended if you like: spooky Halloween parties, finally having a good excuse to have your make-up done the way you really like it, Club Schwarzenberg, going all goth for a night

Dance all night long at this Halloween party with a confetti canon – what the?!

Haunted House ✞ Heart Club ✞ 16+

When: THU, October 31, 11pm–6am
Where: Heart Club
Entry: 12€ presale,15€ at the doors

This party has music, confetti canons, flashing lights, proper halloween decorations and a fog machine. So that’s everything a real Halloween party needs, right? Go get dressed up in that sexy Halloween outfit and make out with a zombie.

Recommended if you like: spooky Halloween parties, shakin’ your booty, Chart music, vodka mixed with sweet juices, the Heart Club

Dance along to all the great hits from the 90s on Halloween

The Super 90’s Horror Disco Show

When: THU, October 31, 11pm–6am
Where: Horst
Entry: 12€ < 00:30 > 15€

This will be the last Halloween party hosted by Horst (so they say, but we have a feeling they say this every year) since they are closing in early 2020. The hits from the 90s, as well as lots of Hip-Hop,, will be blasted out on the main floor, while there will be Techno on the other floor. and lots of dark corners for you to sink your vampire teeth into some hotty. The place will be decorated for the spooky occasion and so should you be. Oh, and they promise some kind of Halloween audiovisual show.

Recommended if you like: bloody Halloween cocktails, scaring the shit out of strangers, flirting with Jesus in the club, Horst, roleplaying, being somebody else for a night

Vintage Halloween party @ the 25hours Hotel’s rooftop bar

Halloween Party // come as you are not.

When: FRI, October 31, 7pm–12am
Where: Dachboden at 25hours Hotel
Entry: Free!

The Dachboden bar at the hipster hotel, 25Hours, will be hosting its Halloween special. Their line-up is filled with vintage beats, such as hot RnB, Swing, Jump-Blues, Rock’n’Roll, Jazz and Rockabilly. They’ll also have a creepy make-up corner for those who want to look the part for this freaky evening, and there’ll also be a prize for the one in the best costume!

Recommended if you like: vintage beats, rocking your blue swede shoes on the dancefloor, parties in unique locations, vintage Halloween vibes

The Don’t Tell Mama party goes Halloween

DON’T TELL MAMA – Halloween im U4 – 31.10

When: THU, October 31, 10pm–6am
Where: U4 Club
Entry: 15€, buy a ticket

U4 would never miss a chance to host a big ass party for Halloween. Every damn year they do it and that’s maybe why they’re so good at it. Expect  all kinds of Halloween decorations, plenty of hits you haven’t heard for a long time, and lots of young drunk Spidermen and vampires.

Recommended if you like: undertaking unofficial costume contests with strangers, making out with the devil, reminiscing over those old songs you haven’t heard in a while, getting messed up in the U4

Loose your pants at Flucs Halloween Party

Vienna‘s hardest Halloween Party

When: THU, October 31, 11pm–8am
Where: fluc + fluc wanne
Entry: tba

Expect some spooky visuals and some quality Electronic beats being laid out on the turntables by international DJ’s and a few of Vienna’s, like VeNeNo and Dot-B. Check out the lineup.

Recommended if you like: grungy locations, spooky Halloween parties, trippy visuals, the dark, grungy halls of the Fluc Wanne

Start your Halloween club night “early” at this afterwork event

Sofiensäle Afterwork Halloween special – Do, 31.10.2019

When: WED, October 30, 6pm–2am
Where: Sofiensäle Afterwork
Entry: tba

The Sofiensäle Afterwork party always packs good music, and plenty of drinks for the afterwork crowd, but this time around for Halloween, they’re also encouraging people to dress up in funny costumes. This is one of the only Halloween parties that start as early as 6pm, so this could be your warm-up location. After all, it only lasts until 2am so you can even go to another party later on. Plus, you’re going to go to all that trouble with your outfit, so you might as well make the most out of it 😉

Recommended if you like: pretty people dressed as ugly monster, doing your make-up all outrageous-like, making out with a cat, fancy cocktails, the Sofiensäle, afterwork events, partying and being in bed by 12am