Everything you need to do this weekend in Vienna – 41 event tips

Everything you need to do this weekend in Vienna – 41 event tips

May 20, 2019

Everything you need
to do this weekend
in Vienna – 41 event tips

May 20, 2019

Vienna Würstelstand's , and say

Hey, hey! We’ve selected the very best of what’s happening in Vienna this weekend so you can spend less time working out what to do and spend more time making the most out of life.

Check out below the 41 awesome things happening this weekend in Vienna:


An Austrian beer festival

10. Wiener Bierfest

When: WED–SUN, May 22–26, from 11am
Where: Am Hof
Entry: free!

For 4 days, beer lovers will be able to enjoy different kinds of Austrian beers (apparently around 200 different ones!!!) to refresh on these (hopefully) sunny days approaching. From blond beers to black beer and scented beers, you’ll find handcrafted beers from a total of 40 breweries! The only thing you have to worry about is how to get home afterwards.

Recommended if you like: sunny days with cold beers, day-drinking, praying to the almighty hops god, speaking in craft beer terminology, beer foam moustaches

Check out this very personal performance at Werk X Petersplatz

DAD LEFT von Victoria Halper

When: May 23 – May 29, 8pm–9:30pm
Where: Werk X-Petersplatz
Entry: 20€ normal ticket, check pricing details, here

The essay performance, DAD LEFT, at Werk X revolves around leaving and not coming back. With it, Victoria Halper is asking questions about origin, home and absence. For this performance, she drew the inspiration from her personal experience of her dad’s death. Get out to this moving performance and maybe work through some of your own stuff while you’re there.

Recommended if you like: stories with meanings, getting all philosophical over a cup of coffee, people coming and going, getting your daily dose of culture, true stories

Picture © private

Weekend-long crafts market and food stalls

Salon Jardin 2019 – Wiens Gartensalon

When: FRI–SUN, May 24–26 | FRI: 2pm–7pm, SAT: 10am–7pm, SUN: 10am–6pm
Where: Salon Jardin
Entry: 8/6€ (free for under 15 years old)

This is not just a salon (whatever that is), but a market, as well. As the Summer creeps in, so are all the outdoor markets and this one in the beautiful gardens of the Hetzendorf Castle is no exception. With crafty stalls selling everything from flower arrangements to interior decorations, and there’ll be plenty of food to picnic your way into an afternoon siesta on a rug. This is always a really beautiful event to spend a day at. For programme details, check their website.

Recommended if you like: arts and crafty stuff, crafty people, picnicking like a mo-fo, siestas at any time of day, napasuarus, organic food, using French words to make things sound fancier

Big-ass festival on the Donaukanal 

Donaukanaltreiben 2019

When: FRI–SUN, May 24 – May 26, 12am–10pm (Find the program highlights, here)
Where: various locations around the Donaukanal
Entry: free!

The Donaukanaltreiben will be back at the end of May and, even though it’s one day shorter this year, it’s bringing with it all of the live music performances, markets, food trucks it always delivers. It seems to grow every year, and so does its popularity. You often hear people on the Donaukanaltreiben weekend asking – ‘have you been down to the canal? you can’t move! there’s so many people!’ This is one of the greatest free music festivals this city serves up. Pro tip: Bring your own drinks as the queues at most of the venues along the canal are enough to make you jump into the water! Check out their website, so you can start planning what acts you’ll camp by the stage for.

Recommended if you like: drinking in the sun, free concerts, following the smell of weed, dangling your legs over the edge of the canal, being part of the crowd, festivals that keep you out for three days in a row, all kinds of music genres in one place, the idea of jumping into the Donaukanal because you’re a bit too drunk to realise how disgusting the water actually is

Protest to protect our planet

2. Weltweiter Klimastreik – Wir streiken bis ihr handelt!

When: FRI, May 24, 9am–2pm
Where: Heldenplatz
Entry: free!

Our climate is in crisis. Now is the chance to do something about it. Join like-minded people at this massive march to protest and protect our environment. Get out there and learn about how you can do your part and feel good about what you’ve done at the end of the day.

Recommended if you like: going to a protest march, doing your part to save the environment, meeting other people who feel the same way you do about the state of our environment, walking long distances, yelling a lot, taking power into your own hands

Get a piece of art at this auction!

19. WestLicht Photo Auction

When: FRI, May 24, 5pm
Where: Westlicht
Entry: free!

If you’re an art-lover with a wiry and curly moustache (or even an art lover with no moustache) – this is an event for you! The WestLicht Photo Auction has become a regular event on the Viennese art scene, and this Friday it will take place for the 18th time. Take a look at the online catalogue to see if something’s of interest to you and head to Westlicht on Friday to snatch yourself a hot new piece (legally, of course).

Recommended if you like: photography, buying art, meeting other artsy people, hanging thought provoking and bold art on your walls, spending all your hard-earned money on yet another piece of art, having stuff in your house that inspires you

Picture © WestLicht Photo Auction

A smorgasbord of architectural events

Architekturtage 2019 – Architektur bewegt

When: FRI–SAT, May 24–25, 3pm–9pm
Where: Various locations in Vienna
Entry: depends on the event

This Friday and Saturday, a number of events are happening across the city in honour of the Austrian day of Architecture! We know, we didn’t know it was a thing either… until now. With everything from tours to video essays, there is a lot to check out was part of this architecture festival (check tout he full programme), and with events running at different times and lengths, there is definitely enough to suit anyones palat.

Recommended if you like: Architecture in all its weird and wonderful forms, tours, learning a little bit of detail about the city you live in so you can throw out random facts to impress your visitors, mini adventures, seeing behind the scenes

Picture © Musaccchio Lannielloj

Catch this German DJ live in Vienna

Boris Brejcha in Concert – WORLD TOUR 2019 & Album Release

When: FRI, May 24, 11pm–6am
Where: Marx Halle
Entry: 30€, get your tickets, here

We know it’s been a rough week for you. You tried some new things and they didn’t all go well. Including that new toothpaste you tried out. Nope, didn’t go well at all. This Friday, take it back to the things you know work for you. Like going out for some live music at Marx Halle. Boris Brejcha will be serving up some Electronic bliss to bring you back down after this weird week. Check it out, here:

Recommended if you like: German DJs, Electronic music, live music at Marx Halle, coming out of your funk after a long week, wearing all black which isn’t difficult because you only own black clothes, vodka and orange juice in the morning, Marx Halle

Check out this talented musician up on stage at the WUK

FM4 Indiekiste mit William Fitzsimmons

When: FRI, May 24, 7pm–11pm
Where: WUK
Entry: 32.40€, buy a ticket

On stage at the WUK this Firday will be William Fitzsimmons, a romantic and honest talented musician (that we personally adore). We expect it to be quite the emotional night. Check him out, here:

Recommended if you like: romantics, Electronic music with soul, getting emotional at a concert and telling a stranger you’ve always loved them,

Celebrate an album release from this Indie singer songwriter

Ella Deer – Debut EP ‘Liquid Sun’ Release Konzert

When: FRI, May 24, 8pm–10pm
Where: 7Stern
Entry: donations welcome

Ella Deer will be soothing all your cares and worries this Friday at Cafe 7Stern. She’ll be releasing her debut EP so this is a big night for her. You’re going to love her music so this is going to a big night for you too. A big night for everyone. We’re making big promises over here. Ooh, now we just made ourselves nervous. It’ll be a big night for us too! Check it out, here:

Recommended if you like: singer songwriters, supporting female artists, supporting artists who are releasing their debut EP, big nights for everyone involved, playing the guitar at parties after everyone’s really drunk and almost asleep, 7Stern

Enjoy an open air party by a few party specialist

Better Be Nice x Ganz Genau – Free Open Air am Donaukanal

When: SAT, May 25, 2pm–6am
Where: Flex
Entry: free!

We’re sick of this crappy weather and we’ve been summoning an outdoor party with live music with our magical powers. We’re happy to announce our magical powers have worked and that there will be an outdoor party with a s***t-ton of music this weekend. Get over to Flex and outdoor-party your a** off to the sounds of the party people from Better Be Nice and Ganz Genau  Get in the mood, here:

Recommended if you like: having magical weather powers, finally being able to party outdoors, using your magical powers as a summoning tool for good weather activities, feeling like everyone should thank you for summoning such a cool party, a night full of DJs and dancing under the starry sky

Lose your pants at this crazy Electro / Techno party

Funkroom w Jensen Interceptor

When: FRI, May 24, 11pm–6am
Where: Das Werk
Entry: 10€ < 00:01 > 12€

This Friday, you have the chance to experience a heavy night of crazy up-tempo – as well as down-tempo– Electro & Techno music delivered by talented DJs like Germany’s Jensen Interceptor. Make sure to check out his stuff, below. We recommend sleeping well the night before and hydrating well at the club. You never know how crazy you’ll get at a party like this. By the way, you can try and get in for free between 11pm and 11:15pm. Maybe you’ll make it.

Recommended if you like: Electro & Techno, hot German DJs, seeing if you can breath through your nose and swallow beer at the same time – you can’t know until you try, pretending like you already studied for exams even though you haven’t started yet, looking for your left shoe after the party, Das Werk

Get out for some real Rock n Roll

Saint Agnes • Wien

When: FRI, May 24, 8pm–11pm
Where: Chelsea
Entry: 14.80€, get your tickets, here

London based Rock n Roll band, Saint Agnes, is coming to town. You know how everyone’s been telling you you need to loosen up and live a little? Well, we think a good Rock n Roll concert is the first step to properly loosening up. Get into it, here:

Recommended if you like: Rock n Roll, loosening up and living a little, loud music and bright lights, 50 shades of brown alcohol, wearing really heavy boots and sometimes kicking trash cans with them for no reason, Chelsea

Get holistic-er at this Ayurveda event

Ayurveda Days 2019

When: May 25, 10am–May 26, 5pm
Where: MQ
Entry: free!

This weekend, the Museumsquartier will be transformed into an Ayurveda haven of Indian health spices and oils. Go roll around in the oils of holistic living!!! No, don’t do that. That would be too much. Also, you’d have to pay for all that oil you rolled around in and it just wouldn’t be pretty. Please, control yourself.

Recommended if you like: Ayurveda products, living as holistically as possible, old medicine, eastern approaches to health, oils and spices which are amazing and enjoyable and also keep you healthy, smelling good, eating delicious things

Be part of this outdoor rave and listen to some speeches about the EU

Wien Rave

When: SAT, May 25, 2pm–19pm
Where: Maria-Theresien-Platz
Entry: free! 

Ahead of the up-coming European elections, this event will be held to emphasize the importance of the EU and to gather around like-minded people to connect and dance with each other.  You’ll also get to hear some speeches by the likes of European candidate Susanne Scholl. The main topic: The significance of the EU as a peace project for the future. Be there or be square. Bussi!

Recommended if you like: meeting new people, learning about people’s perspectives on certain political topics, outdoor dancing, not needing to get out your passport 15 times just to drive to Poland, not needing to exchange currency when you go to Paris for the weekend, political engagement

Try to catch Bilderbuch at Schloss Schönbrunn!

Bilderbuch 2019 // Schloss Schönbrunn Open Air

When: FRI & Sat, May 24 & 25, 5pm–11:59pm
Where: Schloss Schönbrunn

The very talented Austrian artists, Bilderbuch, will be playing two very special gigs at Schloss Schönbrunn this weekend. The show is sold out (for obvious reasons) but, you know the deal, beg tickets off of someone! DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO. Check out the Facebook event page or hit up those people always selling tickets out the front. Get excited with one of their latest songs, here:

Recommended if you like: Bilderbücher, landing tickets to a sold out show because you HAD to see it, adrenaline pumping through your veins thanks to very exciting music, Lamborhinis, feeling like a queen or a king for a day

Check out this massive line up of DnB heads in a massive hall!

Switch! XL – A Journey Through Drum’n’Bass

When: SAT, May 25, 10pm–6am
Where: Marx Halle
Entry: 24.80€, buy a ticket

This Saturday, the party crowd from Switch is back, and they have with them a massive line up of various Drum and Bass DJs to make your eardrums bleed. Such a line-up is hard to fragment and work out who best to sell, so suffice it to say, if DnB is your thing, then this is the largest line–up and night we have seen in a long time in Wien. Check out the Facebook event page to see the full line up.

Recommended if you like: unique locations, Drum and Bass, your ears ringing the morning after from a bass overload, kissing random people in public toilets

Keep the party going at this early morning after party

Extended w/ ZUCKERWATT / Konzert Afterparty / Pratersauna

When: SAT, May 25, 5am–9am
Where: Pratersauna
Entry: 7€, get your tickets, here

After the Boris Brejcha concert at Marx Halle, the party will keep going! If you just can’t get enough, grab your tickets early for this early morning after party. Everybody will have gotten their second wind and the party will be ramping up again around 6am. Don’t miss out on what’s going to be the most fun part! At least we think so.

Recommended if you like: after parties, partying all night until morning and then continuing to party until it’s time to start partying again the next day, wearing the same clothes all weekend because it’s all one big party, keeping the party going at Pratersauna

Go crazy at this Techno party

Rainbow Rangers

When: FRI, May 24, 11pm–6am
Where: Celeste
Entry: 5€

It’s time to show your stuff on the dance floor. We know you’ve been waiting for this moment since you tried to show your stuff on the dance floor last week but slipped and knocked yourself out and ended up spending the evening in the emergency room. That didn’t go well. But, now you have another chance! Just be sure to wear better shoes this week. Get in the spirit, here:

Recommended if you like: showing your stuff on the dance floor, not knocking yourself unconscious, the soap they have in the bathrooms at the emergency room, Techno beats, really grooving with your shoulder blades, Celeste

Go wild at this flea market

Attac Flohmarkt

When: SAT, May 25, 11am–6pm
Where: WUK
Entry: free!

Get out your shovels because it’s time to dig for treasures!! Find that vintage coat you’ve always wanted now when it’s getting hot and everyone will think, “why would I want a coat right before summer?” But you know the answer. Deep down in your soul, you know it. That coat is going to be your prized possession in November and nobody will see it coming. Go and get it this Saturday at WUK. It’s time.

Recommended if you like: going to vintage flea markets, finding that vintage coat you’ve always wanted, knowing it’s going to wait for you all summer until you’re ready to wear it in November, finding things other people will wish they had

Live all night on the dance floor at Pratersauna

N’to Live I Pratersauna Selected

When: SAT, May 25, 11pm–6am
Where: Pratersauna
Entry: 12.30€–16.87€, get your tickets, here

Go get sweaty on the dance floor at Pratersauna this weekend with N’to DJ-ing the sweat-inducing beats that you need to hear. Side note: we’ve always wondered if anybody ever wears towels around their necks at Pratersauna like they do when they go to a real sauna. That would be weird. But, we think about these things sometimes. Uh, anyway, check it out, here:

Recommended if you like: getting really sweaty in public, wearing a towel around your neck like you’re at a sauna when you’re not actually at a sauna, going crazy on the dance floor, really good DJs, Pratersauna

Vintage flea market in a very funky location

Tingel Tangel Flohmarkt

When: SAT, May 25, 12pm–6pm
Where: RIAT – Institute for Future Cryptoeconomics
Entry: free!

Tingel-ly, tangel-y – it’s time for another flea market from the Tingel Tangel crowd at the very funky location – the RIAT – Research Institute for Future Cryptoeconomics in the 7th district. Wander from stand to stand of second-hand stuff, while doing that sexy little waggly thing you do with your butt. Happy flea market hunting!

Recommended if you like: the smell of old books, stealing your partner’s socks, sustainable living, all things vintage, high-fiving people when running on the street, butter and marmalade on toast, the idea of chatting with the person who once owned the second-hand pants you’re just about to take home with you

Pop–Electro–Dance music party

MALEFIZ • Come Get Your Honey!

When: SAT, May 25, 11pm–6am
Where: Fluc + Flug Wanne
Entry: 5€ < 12am > 10€

Malefiz is calling on all dance enthusiasts again this Saturday, when they’ll be doing their thing on the big stage at Fluc. On said stage, regulars of the night, J’aime Julien and DJ Hertzbube, will be using all their vast knowledge to bring you a delightful mix of Pop–Electro and Dance music. Together, these DJs and these mixes will lead to only one result – you dancing.

Recommended if you like: Pop–Electro–Dance music, dancing all night long, being Malefizant (get it?), putting your hands up in the air like in the event picture, Julien, that leaving a club in winter time requires no sunglasses and therefore feels less bad, walking around the Prater after a few drinks

A farmer’s market and neighbourhood party, all in one

Open Day Nordbahn-Halle

When: SAT, May 25, 1pm–9pm
Where: Nordbahnhalle
Entry: free!

On the occasion of their current exhibition Critical Care and as part of the Architecture Days, the Az W is inviting us all to an open day at the Nordbahnhalle, which is a hub for cultural, social and economic uses of all sorts. There’ll be discussions and walks around the area this Saturday, and they’ll be for free. You might even learn something that will make you sound really smart on your next date.

Recommended if you like: architecture, walking around all day, the sound of birds chirping, checking out new neighbourhoods, relaxed, chilled afternoons, making out on a couch in public, chilled meets with friends

Picture © Markus Fattinger Architekturfotografie

Party yourself crazy at Camera Club

DANCE! Camera Club

When: SAT, May 25, 11pm–6am
Where: Camera Club
Entry: 10€, 5€–students, 2€–ladies

Are you looking for a place to wear your best stank face this weekend? We know we’re always looking for a place to wear ours. Get into your best weekend clothes, get on that stank face, and hit the floor at Camera Club where DJ Same the Kid will be keeping it stanky. Check it out, here:

Recommended if you like: wearing your stank face, chewing bubblegum during class and popping bubbles really loudly, wearing your ripped up jeans, a little light beer to go along with your dark mood, Camera Club

Vienna’s open air designer market 

WAMP Designmarkt im MQ

When: SAT, May 25, 11am–7pm
Where: In front of the Museumsquartier
Entry: Free!

Everybody together jumping into the air at the same time, and yell – WAMP! Spring weather dosen’t only mean the birds and other furry creatures, including humans, are making sweet tender love in the trees, but also that the open air events that we love return. WAMP brings a whole bunch of Eastern European and local designers together in a great atmosphere in front of Vienna’s MQ. There’s also usually a few food trucks supplying some tasty street food.

Recommended if you like: looking like an original, discovering what design is happening East of Vienna, food truck sandwiches, wearing a tote bag, never leaving the 7th district, beatboxing in the shower

Culture yourself at this art exhibition at Mumok


When: May 25–Oct 26
Where: Mumok
Entry: 12€, check all prices, here

Get a little dizzy at this exhibition at Mumok which will test your sense of what is up and what is down. In the exhibition titled, Vertigo, there will be vibrating, swirling, and pulsating pieces that will have you asking yourself if it’s actually you that’s dizzy or if it’s the walls that are dizzy and you’re actually just standing perfectly grounded on the floor. Think about that one for a while…and then get to Mumok before this exhibition ends in October.

Recommended if you like: art exhibitions that make you dizzy, testing your senses, maybe falling over a little in public, exhibitions that pulsate – that’s right, we said it, Mumok

Check out this music contest and decide the winner for yourself!

Speedbandcontest 2019

When: SUN, May 26, 6pm–8pm
Where: Strandbar Hermann
Entry: free! 

Check out this unique event. It’s a music contest, where every band has 5 minutes to present their best work to the audience. And who decides the winner? The audience themselves. With volume measuring devices, which will be spread along the location, we will know exactly which band’s applause was the loudest. That’s how the winner will actually be determined. We love this idea. Also you get to discover various artists and maybe find yourself a new favourite local band. Get out and make some noise – literally!

Recommended if you like: music events, music contests, being really really loud when you like something, artists competing with each other, good vibes, discovering new music, Hermann Strandbar

Go enjoy some live Irish Pop music

All Tvvins (IE) • Wien

When: SUN, May 26, 8pm–11pm
Where: Chelsea
Entry: 17€, get your tickets, here

This band will make you feel like you can fly with their uplifting Pop music. Just a note here: you can’t fly. Please don’t try. But, you can get out of the house this Sunday and go enjoy this Irish band playing live at Chelsea. Check it out, here:

Recommended if you like: music that makes you feel like you can fly, thinking a lot about flying but keeping both feet safely on the floor, vodka mixed with something fruity, bartenders who listen to all your troubles, Chelsea

Enjoy a live, outdoor show at the Opera

Live- Open Air: Jubiläumskonzert 150 Jahre Wiener Staatsoper

When: SUN, May 26, 8:30pm–11:30pm
Where: Wiener Staatsoper
Entry: TBA

If you live in the city of music you should take some time to experience the music! The Wiener Staatsoper (Vienna State Opera) along with the State Ballet, the State Opera Orchestra, and more will be making some music in the great outdoors of Vienna for your aural pleasure. And who doesn’t like a little aural pleasure outside from time to time? Get out and experience the beautiful weather and listen to beautiful music in this beautiful city.

Recommended if you like: classical music, the Wiener Staatsoper and all of the lovely people who make music there, aural pleasure, sitting outside in springtime, live classical music outdoors in the city of music

You’ve never brunched like this before in Vienna.

The Bottomless Boozy Brunch

When: SUN, May 26, 11pm–3pm
Where: Mendez Vienna
Entry: Booked out! But make a reservation for the next edition on June 9, here!

Sleep in and then ridiculously treat yourself to The Bottomless Boozy Brunch at Mendez this Sunday, or at any of their future brunch events (yup, it will be a regular thing!).

The food…
The set menu includes a babe of a breakfast burger with a sunny side up egg, avocado, and real, fatty British bacon stacked inside a brioche bun. For those that need a sugar kick in the morning – there’s the tower of strawberry and mascarpone American pancakes. The Mexican breakfast treat, the Huevos Rancheros, also makes an appearance. Then there’s (insert dramatic drum roll, here) THE BOTTOMLESS BRUNCH buffet!

By bottomless, yes, we mean it never ends…well, until the brunch hour ends. The buffet features breakfast food favourites, like homemade granola and breakfast quesadillas, but we’ll also have you piling your plate with lunch-y foods, like burger sliders and tacos. Omelette station? You got it! You can get our chef to whip up eggs however you like them – egg white omelette, scrambled, or with a sprinkling of cheese – anything goes. Munch your way through all of this, at your own lazy pace, all Sunday afternoon.

The drinks…
While unlimited coffee and juice is included for all Mendez brunch-ers – free-flowing Mimosas, beer and wine is included for all those that go for the Boozy Brunch package (see details below).

The creative bar staff will also be mixing up refreshing breakfast cocktails to go with your breakfast. Have you even lived if you haven’t sipped at a ‘sunny side up’ cocktail while feasting on some sunny side up eggs?

The setting…
You can get brunch’n with it in the bright-with-natural-light café out front, or experience something truly unique by reserving a table in amidst the rainforest brunch area out back where you can wind down from the partying the night before, or recharge for the week ahead to the sounds and surroundings of a rainforest.

Recommended if you like: having a reason to get up on a Sunday, being smug about getting up on a Sunday, getting tipsy early on a Sunday before passing out by a fire, topping up on a Saturday night’s drinking, spending hours desperately trying to eat your body weight, eating yourself into a food coma

Laugh until your bones rattle at this English Comedy Night

English Standup – Dragos Cristian – Hungry Hungry Dragon *Vienna

When: SUN, May 26, 9pm–10:30pm
Where: Shebeen
Entry: 15€, get your tickets, here

If you like jokes about things like culture and religion, then this is the show for you. And what else is there to joke about OTHER than culture and religion, really? Go laugh until your belly hurts at this show. There’s even a trailer so you can get a taste of the comedy. Check it out, here:

Recommended if you like: laughing so hard it hurts, jokes about culture and religion, spitting beer out through your nose when you laugh, wearing polka dotted socks, Shebeen

Spend your weekend browsing, eating and drinking at this funky spot

Mondscheinbazar meets Street Food Park Remise Wolfganggasse

When: SAT–SUN, May 25–26
Where: SoArt Alte Remise Wolfganggasse
Entry: free!

The team at Moodscheinbazar got together with Streetfood Park Wien to give you something special this weekend. Over the course of two days, the SoArt Alte Remise Wolfganggasse will turn into a special food and flea market event that will cater all sorts of delicious treats from all over Austria and will give you the opportunity to take a look at a small selection of the Mondscheinbazar flea market. Oh, and have we mentioned that on Saturday, the Streetfood Award Austria will be presented?! So there’s gotta be some tasty food there for sure!

Recommended if you like: stuffing your belly, bargaining for a t-shirt, sandwiches from food trucks, sustainable living, the thrill of the flea market hunt

Take over the city with your bike at the Friday Nightskate

Experience the joy of Friday Nightskating

When: season opening is May 10, 9pm. Then every week on Friday at 9pm
Where: Starts at Heldenplatz. The route changes every week
Entry: free!

Friday Nightskating is returning this month! Ring-a-ding-ding (that’s your bike bell resounding amongst hundreds of others on the night skate). Ever been surprised by a horde of skaters and cyclists passing you by in the middle of the night on Vienna streets? Rest assured, this wasn’t your mind playing tricks on you, but rather it was the crowd doing the Friday Nightskate. This is a recurring summer event in Vienna that is a whole lot of fun! Rollerblade and bicycle enthusiasts meet every Friday at 9pm on Heldenplatz to follow their passion in cruising through the streets of Vienna (that’s right, they even shut down streets for this event!)

Plus: All the routes are different every time, so you might discover some places you’ve never been to before in Vienna.

Recommended if you like: taking to the streets, biking or blading, exploring the city, ringing your bell, the thought of hundreds of bikers dinging their bells in unison, how sexy you look in lycra, those events that give you goosebumps

Grab a kickass cocktail or 2 in the sun at the Uni

Like cocktails in the sun? 3+ words for you – the ÖH WU Cocktailstand 2019

When: 4pm-9pm on various days throughout May
Where: WU
Entry: free!

Every year in May, the Economics University of Vienna’s student union opens a popup cocktail bar and it’s fucking awesome. Not only because it’s set within the surroundings of the funky looking WU campus, but also because the cocktails are damn cheap! So cheap that you can be there from 4pm when it opens to 9pm when it closes sipping away the whole time, without any guilt or fear of looking at the bill. Plus, the cocktails are made well, and work as the perfect summer drinks. Check out the Facebook event to find out on what days the pop up bar will be… popping up.

Recommended if you like: cocktails for a price that allows you to drink 3 or 4 without hurting your bank account, colourful and summery drinks, being a Uni student, pretending to be a Uni student to get cheap cocktails, open air drinks in crazy cool settings

Get your movie fix from Down Under

Filmkontinent Australien

When: April 4 – June 4
Where: Film Museum
Entry: €10.50

Get yourself cultured (it’s about time, don’t you think) and take in some Australian film. The Film Museum presents 100 years of Australian cinema from April to June and gives us the chance to learn more about this vast continent, besides that it has poisonous spiders and scary, scary sharks (although this definitely remains true). From classics like Crocodile Dundee or the Mad Max tetralogy to some very niche productions that impressed over the decades, this retrospective will make you the ultimate movie expert when it comes to cinematography from the land Down Under. Get the full program and tickets, here

Recommended if you like: Australian film, Australian accent, learning about Australia without actually going over and getting bitten by a deadly spider, niche movies, Crocodile Dundee, nice films, The Film Museum

When a cocktail beach bar meets yoga

Yoga am Strand, powered by YOGAlounge

When: every Sunday until September 15, 10am–19
Where: Strandbar Hermann
Entry: free!
Equipment: some yoga mats will be there

The oh-so-famous beach bar Strandbar Hermann, a hotspot in Vienna when it comes to relaxed drinks on a summer night, turns into a yoga hot spot in summer. Every Sunday morning during summer, teachers from Yogalounge studio will be guiding you through Hatha yoga classes with the group energy in focus. After a relaxing yoga session, you can stay at the beach bar and enjoy a cocktail. Or two.

Recommended if you like: sipping cocktails at any chance you got, not having to pay through the nose for a yoga session, gin and tonic, eating sausages on the beach with your toes sunk into the sand, living on the unusual side of life (wherever that may be)

Annual culture festival

Wiener Festwochen 2019

When: SAT, May 11 – SUN, June 16

This multidisciplinary art festival offers up 5 full weeks of the city embracing the culture and arts scene from a range of different angles. In past years, some of the stuff in the program has been avant garde to the point of being confusing, and some of the stuff caters to the age old crowd that have been going to the festival for years. One thing is for sure –  you’ll always experience something new at the Wiener Festwochen. May 10 will mark the beginning of the 5 week festival, during which every night there will be something happening. You should check out the program now if you’re into this sort of ‘tang.

Recommended if you like: being an art lover, being super curious and open to new experiences (don’t worry – you don’t have to get your clothes off for these new experiences), being inspired every night of the week

Be sure to get your daily dose of culture!

All the best culture and art events happening in Vienna right now

When: right now!
Where: various locations in Vienna, check out our guide!

With so many culture events taking place – be it exhibitions in museums, powerful plays on theatre stages, art shows that scratch that inspiration itch – getting your daily dose of culture in Vienna is easy-peasy. That is, if you have our awesome art and culture guide, which tells you all about the best events happening in Vienna right NOW. If you think we’re missing any important ongoing culture events, drop us a message on Facebook, Instagram, or the good old, oldschool way, via mail.

Recommended if you like: tilting your head slightly in front of a painting and putting your pensive face on, wearing odd socks, strolling through galleries and museums on rainy days, getting inspired by the great and the up-coming greats, being a creative, seeing how people interpret our crazy world through art.

Choose that outfit that makes you go – ‘damn, I look good!’ – and party away

The best parties happening every week in Vienna you shouldn’t miss

When: right now!
Where: various locations in Vienna, check out our guide!

This beautiful town of our’s got so much to offer, especially when it comes to parties. We’ve put together a list of the parties happening every week in Vienna. So if you’re up for some fun, be sure to check out our weekly party event guide. If you think we’re missing any important parties happening every week, drop us a message on Facebook, Instagram, or the good old, oldschool way, via mail.