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Everything you need to do this weekend in Vienna – 24 event tips

January 20, 2020

Everything you need
to do this weekend
in Vienna – 24 event tips

January 20, 2020

Vienna Würstelstand's says

Hey, hey! We’ve selected the very best of what’s happening in Vienna this weekend so you can spend less time working out what to do and spend more time making the most out of life.

Check out below the 24 awesome things happening this weekend in Vienna:


Dance your legs off to this Swing band now that the roaring Twenties have returned!

Secret Swing Society

When: FRI, January 24, 9pm–3am
Where: fluc + fluc_wanne
Entry: 10€ on the door

To save you googling the wrong thing (like we did) and finding photos of your parents cavorting naked with the neighbours, The Secret Swing Society is a Vienna club night specialising in the genre of music that makes people’s feet tap like a crazed jumping bean on a pogo stick. Now that it’s once again the roaring Twenties, get dancing to their anarchic Electro Swing and Nuu Electronic Hop with bomby basses, melodic tunes!

Recommended if you like: Electro Swing, Gypsy Breaks, Mash Up or Ghetto Funk music, starting the weekend as you mean to go on, the return of the roaring Twenties, forgetting all your worries, closing your eyes while dancing and being carried away

It’s Rock o’clock

Sum 41 – Order In Decline World Tour

When: FRI, Jan 24, 8pm–11pm
Where: Gasometer
Entry: 45,90€, get a ticket

The Canadian punkrockers Sum 41 are currently touring Europe and on Friday they’re making a stop at the Gasometer in Vienna to deliver you some sweet guitar riffs, mid-noughties power-chords and heavy drumming. ‘Order In Decline’ is the title of their seventh album. Check out one of the singles below:

Recommended if you like: Rock, Punk Rock, Alternative Rock, rock-paper-scissors, bands with a youthful energy, being against the establishment, wearing ripped jeans and studded leather jackets, emo screamo, having a sore throat the next day from screaming along the songs

Enjoy a night full of good Techno music at Pratersauna

Super Motel 168 w/ FEDE LNG (UK)

When: FRI, January 24, 11pm–6am
Where: Pratersauna
Entry: TBA

Pratersauna will be getting your heart rate up at this party packed full of high energy Techno music from live DJs. UK-based House DJ, Fede Lng, will be hitting the decks, and a few others like Jon Gravy, Front of House will be there too. Get a taste of the music here:

Recommended if you like: staying in motels, motel life, always wondering if anyone ever died in your motel, getting naked in the Sauna and arguing with the bouncer as to why it is ok that you are naked, it’s a European thing, jumping in the pool at the Sauna when you’re ready to leave and getting kicked out

Feel the moment while dancing to house music

OZ w/ Claptone live

When: FRI, January 24, 11pm–6am
Where: O – der Klub
Entry: 15€, buy a ticket

The house DJ Claptone is taking you onto a journey to a land far, far away. To OZ, a land where we aren’t disconnected from each other by oh-so-social media! So, if you’re having a good time at O – der Klub this Friday with Clapton, fight your urges to record and post the moment and just simply enjoy it, because that’s how you do it in OZ!

Recommended if you like: being in the here and now, talking to friends in real life instead of via whatsapp, not checking your phone every few minutes, going out without your phone, the real life more than the virtual

Turbo, Techno and trouts

Kobosil | TURBO

When: FRI, Jan 24, 11pm–6am
Where: Grelle Forelle
Entry: 16€

This party is going to be turbo-lent (get it?), since Berlin-based DJ Kobosil is known for his deep, fast and aggressive Techno sound. It’s taking place at the only Vienna club named after a bright trout. We still don’t know what aquatic animals and Techno parties have in common, but if you visit enough of them you may be enlightened one day.

Recommended if you like: Techno, a bpm count beyond 120, getting your weekly dose of bass, being auditory impaired the day after, beer and cigarettes, illegal substances, treating yourself with a juicy döner on the way home, trouts

This movie will be stuck in your head for days!

Til Midnight Movies #japanuary: HAUSU

When: FRI, January 24, 10pm–11:55pm
Where: Schikaneder
Entry: TBD, get your tickets!

I’m pretty sure that we’ve all at some point watched a movie that has made us go ‘what the hell..’. And for some reason, these movies definitely have an impact, as they seem to be stuck in our heads for days after we’ve watched them. This Friday, you’ll get the chance to watch Nobuhiko Obayashi’s 1977 movie ‘Hausu’ at the Schikaneder. You really can’t assign a genre to this movie, as it’s a crazy mix of pretty much every genre in existence. Make sure to check it out if that orgy of experiences sounds appeals to you in any way.

Recommended if you like: watching crazy movies, going to the cinema, eating way too much popcorn, being a film fanatic, not knowing what’s going on, the Schikaneder, watching movies in general

Having a good laugh once in a while is good for the soul!

Fellner LIVE – Eine szenische Lesung

When: SAT, January 25, 9pm–10pm
Where: Schikaneder
Entry: 10€, get your tickets!

Austrian politicians are hilarious, we all know that. That’s why it makes complete sense to poke fun of them at least twice a week (Parliament is currently debating a mandatory minimum). This Saturday, Josephine Bloéb, Felix Hafner, Katharina Klar, and Lukas Watzl will slip into the role of Austria’s most famous politicians at the Schikaneder. If they don’t manage to make you smile, you probably are a politician yourself.

Recommended if you like: making fun of politicians (specifically Austrian politicians), having a good laugh, the Schikaneder, fun things to do with friends during the weekend, laughing so hard you snort a little

Go crazy at this Silent Disco in WUK but please do not disturb the neighbours 

Silent Disco | WUK Wien

When: SAT, January 25, 11pm–5am
Where: WUK
Entry: 12€

WUK is once again hosting a Silent Disco: a party where every guest gets a pair of headphones which receive the music played by the DJs on their turntables. There’ll be all kinds of music played: Hip-Hop, House, Charts, and some Classics. The best thing is, you can always switch to a different channel if the music doesn’t suit you. If you’re new to the Silent Disco format, you should definitely check that out. If not, you already know you’ll be there. The only party where you can actually have a chat with someone without you two having to scream ‘WHAT??’ for the twentieth time.

Recommended if you like: not getting your eardrums destroyed while having simple small talk, complaining about others’ lack of rhythm while not realizing their dancing to another song, sipping vodka through a straw, WUK

Feel at home in the Pratersauna

Coming HOME P#1 /DorfmeisterMakossaObermaier

When: SAT, January 25, 11pm–6am
Where: Pratersauna
Entry: pre–sale 12.30€, buy a ticket

Does the Pratersauna already feel like a second home to you? When you walk in, it feels like your mum’s living room? (We hope not because that would be kind of depraved.) Well, this Saturday, you can expect very special guests. A huge number of DJs will be spinning the decks on all the different floors of the Pratersauna so you’re basically guaranteed to have a wild time! One of them will be the Viennese DJ Obermaier:

Recommended if you like: electronic music, getting to choose from a variety of DJs, the Pratersauna, that the barkeeper at the Pratersauna already knows you, calling the Pratersauna your second home

Dance all night to this seriously in-demand House and Techno DJ

Rhythm Science w/ Anthea

When: SAT, January 25, 11pm–6am
Where: Grelle Forelle
Entry: 10€ < 12am > 14€, pay on the door

Berlin-based Anthea has cemented her reputation at the forefront of House and Techno. Once a behind-the-counter fixture of London’s Flying Records, Black Market Records, and Phonica Records, she’s been honing her fine beats for over 10 years. While in London she was one of the most in-demand female DJs in town, so head along to catch her and many other DJs to see what the fuss is about.

Recommended if you like: House and Techno music, feeling the floor shake under the bass, closing your eyes while dancing and being carried away, that moment when you put your best underwear on for a Friday or Saturday night

Completely safe for arachnophobes

Weberknecht goes Techno

When: SAT, Jan 25, 10pm–6am
Where: Weberknecht
Entry: 7€

Don’t worry. Despite the name implying otherwise, you won’t find any arachnids shaking their eight legs to the music here (although we can’t completely rule out that possibility). Instead, there’ll be a couple of DJs (all of the homo sapiens sort), serving you some banging Techno beats. It’s as simple as that.

Recommended if you like: Techno music, Weberknecht, parties in grungy settings, the Gürtel at night, getting lost in the bass, making out with random strangers, the smell of döner in the morning

Dust off the January cobwebs and dance to some frenzied Techno

Teksa LIVE * Fairytale Soundsystem LIVE*many more*

When: SAT, January 25, 11pm–6am
Where: fluc + fluc_wanne
Entry: TBD

Teksa is a French artist signed with Bass Addict Records, Okuma Records, and Underground Tekno. His music is described as having “violent kicks and bouncy bass”, which sounds a bit like that time we tried learning ballet (if you replace ‘bass’ with ‘ass’). His influences have resulted in a hybrid style which mixes Mentalcore, Tribe and Acidcore and have given him his signature frenzied rhythm. We’ve gone to bed with a book and a hot cup of cocoa just because it sounds too energetic for our ageing joints.

Recommended if you like: Mentalcore, Tribe, Acidcore and Techno music, pogoing all night like a crazed jumping bean, feeling the floor shake under the base, closing your eyes while dancing and being carried away, giving eyes across the dancefloor

Check out this extraordinary concert

Primordial Undermind & Vereter, supported by Wrong Brother

When: SAT, January 25, 8pm–11pm
Where: Nachtasyl
Entry: tba

Jazzaffine Experimental/Avantgarde-Rockband. Does this definition confuse you or does it make you go ‘hell yeeeeeah’? If the latter is the case, we recommend you find your way to the Nachtasyl this Saturday where the Band Primordial Undermind will be showing off their skills! But don’t think this is all you’re gonna get at the Nachasyl! The dark folk musician Vertreter is also performing songs about toasties and penguins and, if you’re hard to convince, Wrong Brother is playing a short but sweet opening set!

Recommended if you like: avant garde rock, genres that are more interesting than pop, dark–folk, experimental, music that is demanding, concerts, the Nachtasyl


Come shine at this killer two-floor party!

Titti Titti Bang Bang #9

When: SAT, January 25, 11pm–5:30am
Where: Camera Club
Entry: 10€ < 12am > 12€, 8€ with message + subject line ‘sugarmama’ to tittibang@gmx.at, 5€ drag queen/kings, free if you come in bodypainting

If the word ‘glitter’ made you immediately start planning your costume, this party is for you. It’s a party to come as you are, be free, celebrate pride and dance it out! They’re gonna have two floors, one with Hip-Hop and Electro and the other blasting Pop from the 90s and 00s – so put your Britney CD on repeat (okay, we know the CD part was a stretch) and get ready for this banging party!

Recommended if you like: partying like there is no tomorrow, endless nights, DJs in hot pants, pre-meltdown Britney,  queer pride, colourful people and costumes, all the colours of the rainbow, human beings, love, solidarity, forgetting this whole idea of gender


Party to Indie, Indie, and even more Indie Rock at this party

IndieKicks at Loop

When: SAT, January 25, 11pm–4am
Where: Loop Wien
Entry: free!

The Loop and Indie Britrock DJ collective, Indiekicks, are hosting a night for all of you Indie Rock lovers out there, this Saturday night. This crew has a particular fetish for Brit’ Indie Rock so if you’re on board for a bit of bouncing around to the Arctic Monkeys and the likes, you better check out this party.

Recommended if you like: the Indiekicks DJ clan, Indie Rock music, thrifting clothes, drinking white wine, dancing with 2 glasses of wine in your hands, meeting new people, down-to-earth deep talks, wearing Asics Tigers

A sextet featuring 10 musicians, which confuses our tiny brains

The Waldeck Sextet feat. Patrizia Ferrara – ‘It Might Be French’

When: SAT, January 25, 8:30pm–11pm
Where: Porgy & Bess
Entry: 28€, get your tickets!

We all love listening to some lovely tunes on a Saturday night, right? Well, this Saturday, The Waldeck Sextet, featuring Patrizia Ferrara, will be performing their first concert as a sextet at Porgy & Bess. Waldeck is usually known for his electronic music. For this new project though, he wanted to try something different and replaced electronics with analog tunes. Tickets are selling fast, so be sure to secure yours!

Recommended if you like: when musicians of different genres get together and create magic, going to concerts, Porgy & Bess, local talents, small and intimate venues, seriously talented musicians performing live

Enjoy some good R&B on a Sunday

R&B RoofTop at Juwel Wien

When: SAT, January 25, 10pm–2am
Where: Juwel Wien
Entry: 10€; 5€ for ladies until 11pm

The RnB RoofTop event crew is inviting all RnB lovers to come to the Juwel where their bar just happens to be located and party to some dance-worthy tunes. Check out the lineup!

Recommended if you like: RnB Music, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Beyonce, having one too many, shaking your hips like no one else, Ariana Grande, drinking one of those cocktails which just taste ‘interesting’, making out with people you don’t know, rubbing up with sweaty bodies in winter

Treat that belly of yours to this celebration of fish & chips (with a side of craft beer)

Fish & Chips Weeks

When: January 20–31
Where: Das Bootshaus
Entry: TBD

Most food festivals last a maximum of one week, but the clever folks at Das Bootshaus realise how beloved fish & chips are, so they are celebrating them for even longer. They’ll be serving a range of fish, a variety of fries (including ‘Chili Steakhouse’) and, of course, sauces & dips. Not only that, but they’re also pairing these flavours with a range of exciting craft beers. We like the sound of the ‘Native Tongue Vienna Pale’ in particular. If you’re already salivating at all this saltiness, you can always go more than once.

Recommended if you like: Fish and chips, saying “one for me, one for you” to your belly, food festivals, craft beers, trying multiple combinations of the same dish, food, eating out, where your tastebuds give you a high five, calling yourself a “foodie”, food blogging,

Find out more about perspectives

Ulrike Königshofer. Behind the Picture

When: WED, January 22, 4:30pm–12am
Where: Galerie Reinthaler

Ulrike Königshofer is an artist from Styria who works in Vienna. Her art focuses on perspectives. She claims that people perceive something completely differently than others – life is all about the perspectives. That is what she is trying to visualise in her art, which you can admire at the Galerie Reinthaler.

Recommended if you like: thinking outside the box, art galleries, understanding art, Galerie Reinthaler, spending a rainy afternoon at muesums

Catch this new play that tackles the topics of family and sexuality


When: January 20–February 1
Where: Theater Drachengasse
Entry: 19€/various discounts, buy a ticket

Dino Pešut’s production ‘Lebensmenschen’ introduces us to two characters, a black Austrian woman and a gay Croatian man. Neither of them know what will happen next in their lives, but they do know that their idea of ​​intimacy cannot be realised together. Despite the fact that their’s is not a relationship based on the traditional idea of ‘love’, and without being married, they go on to have a child. This play tackles their lives in a predominantly white, heterosexual & male society.

Recommended if you like: learning about LGBTQ+ issues, theatre tackling society’s views, educating yourself, gay and queer theatre, theatre productions, supporting and checking out small theatre companies

Picture © Evi Pribyl

Catch this magical one-man show at Vienna’s English Theatre

A Regular Little Houdini

When: FRI, Jan 17 – SAT, Feb 22, 7:30pm–9:20pm
Where: Vienna’s English Theatre
Entry: 25€ – 48€, get a ticket

A Regular Little Houdini takes place at the turn of the last century and tells the story of a boy who dreams of becoming a magician just like his idol Harry Houdini. You know him – he’s the guy famous for breaking out of suitcases with his hands tied between his legs while rolling over the Niagara Falls. We don’t think that any such stunts will be shown on stage, but it’s going to be an impressive performance nonetheless. Shows are taking place daily, except Sundays.

Recommended if you like: going to the theatre, plays in English, magicians, Harry Houdini, feeling cultured because you have attended a theatre show, one-man performances

Be sure to get your daily dose of culture!

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Recommended if you like: tilting your head slightly in front of a painting and putting your pensive face on, wearing odd socks, strolling through galleries and museums on rainy days, getting inspired by the great and the up-coming greats, being a creative, seeing how people interpret our crazy world through art.

Choose that outfit that makes you go – ‘damn, I look good!’ – and party away

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