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Everything you need to do this weekend in Vienna – 41 event tips

December 1, 2019

Everything you need
to do this weekend
in Vienna – 41 event tips

December 1, 2019

Vienna Würstelstand's says

Hey, hey! We’ve selected the very best of what’s happening in Vienna this weekend so you can spend less time working out what to do and spend more time making the most out of life.

Check out below the 41 awesome things happening this weekend in Vienna:


Rappers read rap lyrics, and explain their interpretation

Rapper lesen Rapper

When: FRI, December 6, 8pm–11am
Where: ORF RadioKulturhaus
Entry: 17€, buy a ticket

Before the party comes the reading. However this is no normal reading, instead, local artists will be taking some of the more obscure, lesser-known raps and interpreting them in their own voice, throwing in some of their creations to boot, followed by a party where there may even be some people getting all wax lyrical. Check out the event page to see which rappers will be reading.

Recommended if you like: hip hop, rap, old school, my boy blue, new school, readings, interpretations, going streaking, waxing lyrical, mom’s spaghetti

Go second–hand for a good cause, and don’t forget to party 

Fashion Flohmarkt

When: FRI, December 6, 2pm–8pm
Where: R&
Entry: free

This Friday, you can bring your clothes – well, not the ones you’re wearing – and buy new ones at the second–hand market at the R&. The market will be located in the courtyard of R& (Lindengasse 1). After your shopping spree, you can grab a drink and have a little party at the R&. With your friends, without them, all good, whatever you prefer to do with your Friday evening. Did we mention that the proceeds of the flea market go to SOS Kinderdorf, a charity looking after children in need?

Recommended if you like: shopping second–hand, Zero Waste, a shopping spree that is not actively damaging for the environment, Friday afternoon shopping, bits and bobs, flea markets, helping children in need, shopping for a good cause

The beloved annual winter market from the Academy of Fine Arts 

Akademie Wintermarkt 2019

When: FRI–SUN, December 6–8 | FRI: 5pm–9:30pm, SAT: 12pm–9pm, SUN: 12pm–8pm
Where: Semperdepot
Entry: free!

The Akademie’s famous annual winter market is back on the first weekend in December. Find a colourful mix of art and other creative stuff to buy your loves ones (or yourself), live music acts, workshops (Origami and jewelry to use as gifts), discussions and comfy get-togethers at this unmissable 3-day winter market. 

Recommended if you like: alternative Christmas markets, alternative people and hipsters, 3-day-events, see and be seen, Christmas-sy workshops, making your own presents, talking creativity, flying high on imagination, buying local, dressing like an artist…if you know what we mean

Explore an African Christmas market

4. Afrikanischer Weihnachtsmarkt

When: FRI–SUN, December 6–8, 11am–7pm (only until 6pm on Sunday)
Where: Forum Mozartplatz
Entry: free!

From December 6th ’til December 8th, you will get the opportunity to visit an African Christmas market at the Forum Mozartplatz in the 4th district. Surround yourself with African textiles, craft and art at this one-of-a-kind Christmas market in Vienna. Of course there will be African food and music, as well. We were there last year, and enjoyed a tasty spicy meat dish and a huge can of African beer. It was a delight!

Recommended if you like: Christmas markets, traditional African food, getting to know different cultures, live music, traveling with a kid’s kind of curiosity

A Christmas petrol station…ummmmm


When: FRI–SUN, December 6–8, 5pm–9pm (SUN: 12pm–6pm)
Where: Kunsttankstelle Ottakring
Entry: free!

This is not an actual gas station (that would be an interesting choice of location), but you can think of it as a place to fuel your Christmas spirit. There will be a bunch of stands hosted by artisan craft makers, and products will include stuff like soaps, jewellery, ceramics, textiles, and more. And should you find yourself in desperate need of a refill, then we’d suggest tanking up on the Punsch they’ll be serving there (that was the last petrol-related pun – promise).

Recommended if you like: drinking Punsch like its coming straight from the petrol pump (we lied!), metaphors, things that are not quite what their name implies, the smell of petrol stations

Get your hands on something handmade

Weihnachtsmarkt der Selbermacher*innen

When: FRI, December 6, 3pm–8pm
Where: Amtshaus Margareten
Entry: free!

Go self-made, or go home is the motto of this Christmas market (well, actually it isn’t, but it very well could be). All products up for sale here have been crafted by the stand owners themselves, with plenty of blood, sweat and tears. Okay, that might be over-egging the pudding, but in times when everything seems to be made in China, a market focused on locally handmade products are a welcome change.

Recommended if you like: the old-fashioned way, self-made stuff, handicraft, using your hands, handbags, handball, handstands, manual transmissions, hands in general

Get along to this wild celebration from a passionate art collective

3 YRS Journey to Tarab

When: FRI, December 6, 10pm–6am
Where: fluc + fluc_wanne
Entry: TBD

We’re a bit confused as to what Journey to Tarab is, so clicked the ‘What is Tarab’ section on their website. This left us even more in the dark, but we think it’s a collection of people who love dance, music, writing, poetry, graffiti, acrobatics and theatre. According to them, December 6 is a special date when ‘Auranus and our Sun’ will create a unique natural spectacle with ‘euphoric particles and charged gamma rays’. So… perhaps this will be an occasion for cosmic dancing? We’re not really sure, but, to be honest, there’s only one way to find out…

Recommended if you like: strange-sounding pseudo planets, artistic events, confusion and delusion, dancing, art collectives, hippy zippy, hugging trees, experimental music (and other substances), calling people “Dude” in a strained voice

Get on the dance floor at this Techno party

Techno Entgleist • Free Party

When: FRI, December 6, 11pm–6am
Where: Flex
Entry: pay what you wish

This giant Techno party will have you sweating in your socks as you bust all your moves. Will there be welcome shots, you ask? Of COURSE there will be welcome shots. Check out the event page so see which DJs will be there on Friday.

Recommended if you like: live DJs, massive Techno parties, changing your clothes 4 times before you’re ready to go out, lemon drop martinis, cool beats and sweets, fluc + fluc wanne

Don’t miss this Queer funky Oriental party

Queer Habibi Crisp feat. Yasemin

When: FRI, December 6, 10pm–4am
Where: Club–U
Entry: free donation

This Friday night at Club–U, Queer Habibi & Yasmin will make sure to get you sweatin’ to probably some of Vienna’s funkiest beats by Sirius and Darktunes. Bring your (queer) friends, your partners, or simply go alone in anticipation of meeting the love of your life, all the while making bopping up your best dance moves.

Recommended if you like: Oriental, funky beats, dancing and shaking your Schnitzel’s away, Club–U, Disco, imitating groovy dance moves, Underground clubs, shamelessly kissing strangers

Witness DJ deck mastery at this party

Dubfire | 8 YRS Grelle Forelle Day One

When: FRI, December 6, 11pm–6am
Where: Grelle Forelle
Entry: 13€, buy a ticket

This weekend, we are celebrating one of our favorite clubs’ 8th birthday with none other than the Washington’s Electronic legend and Grammy-award winning “Dubfire”. Joining him are the likes of Dveda and Midnight Mission. It’s gonna be Lit. Up. Like. A. Light.

Recommended if you like: Electronic Music, Dubfire, early morning Döners, bass f-ing up your eardrums, forgetting about time and space, Grelle Forelle

Party all night long with a woman–only line–up

Keine Hexerei – ein Festakt für und von Göttinnen*

When: FRI, December 6, 11pm–6am
Where: Das Werk
Entry: 10€ (8.40€ for women)

If you are sick of being in a club where there are only male DJs on the bill and fancy sampling a woman-only set instead, then look no further. With the power of the Hausgemacht girls, you’ll be hooked up with good tunes to help you dance the night away.  Oh, and ladies, pay attention … you only pay 8.40€ because the event has been optimised to take the gender pay gap into account. If you choose to pay the full price, the extra money will be donated to Kolping women’s refuges.

Recommended if you like: donating for woman in need, Das Werk, dancing, woman deejaying, going out with the girls, female empowerment, redressing the gender gap

Ride your rocket right to this party

COSMIC – “Coming Home” w/ Ranji & Egorythmia

When: FRI, December 6, 10pm–6am
Where: WUK
Entry: 16€ < 12am > 18€

Dust off your astronaut’s helmet ’cause it’s about to get spacey! This Friday the Cosmic Space Disco is returning to the WUK with not only one, but two floors and an astronomic line-up of eleven acts. Also, the Austrian art collective Anzu Creations will make sure to transport you into another galaxy with their decorations. If that sounds like the best party of the solar system to you, be sure to grab some limited pre-sale tickets here.

Recommended if you like: electronic music, astronauts, rockets, losing all sense of time and space when partying, making out with sexy aliens

Check out this party at the Kunstbogen

808Factory x RLR w/ Paigey Cakey (UK), AliceD uvm.

When: FRI, December 6, 11pm–6am
Where: Kunstbogen
Entry: tba

The Kunstbogen, a space for art, culture, and communications, is celebrating its first birthday this Friday. And the people from 808factory have hooked us up with a special party. The line-up consists of mainly female rappers and DJanes. And a show format that goes by the name “Rapper lesen Rapper” (rappers read rappers) will be taking place too. We don’t really know what that is, so it’s probably a good idea to head down on Friday and finding out.

Recommended if you like: going to random parties with your friends, going to events by yourself and meeting new people, dancing just because, checking out new locations, Kunstbogen

Dance to the tunes of Italojohnson and Candy Pollard!  

MAKRO w/ Italojohnson + Candy Pollard

When: FRI, December 6, 11pm–6am
Where: Pratersauna
Entry: 9–11€

Italojohnson and Candy Pollard want to see you go crazy to their music on Friday at Pratersauna. Dance your pants off while enjoying deep house tunes by some amazing DJ’s. If you want to experience a night that you won’t forget, this is probably going to be one of those.


Recommended if you like: Electro, House, music that picks you up and throws you up into the sky, listening to FM4 in the car, that unkempt look, wearing mismatching socks, a döner at 4am

Hit the dancefloor at this night of live Brazilian music and beats

Festa Brasileira X – Forró & Coco Edition

When: FRI, December 6, 9pm–6am
Where: Fanialive
Entry: 5–10€ recommended donation on the door

Festa Brasileira is back with a special Forró and Coco edition (types of dance/parties originating in Brazil). Banda Caburé will welcome you with wonderful guests, including a live performance from Maracatu Caxinguelê, as well as providing Brazilian Beats, Samba, Funk and from DJ Chicote. If you like dancing like there’s no tomorrow, this is sure to samba up your street.

Recommended if you like: Brazilian music, Forró, Coco, Brazilan Beats, Samba, dancing like your life depends on it, dancing until sweat is dripping down your back, going home humming the bars to ‘morning has broken like the first morning’

A Modern Soul performance from Brit Michael Kiwanuka, for your ears

Michael Kiwanuka (UK) • Wiener Stadthalle

When: FRI, December 6, 11pm–6am
Where: Wiener Stadthalle
Entry: sold out

England’s Modern Soul artist Michael Kiwanuka is currently on his European Tour 2019 and is coming to Vienna on Friday night. Already compared to Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Otis Redding, and Bill Withers, we can confirm he has something unique going on in his music. With a dash of Blues and a pinch of Folk, he sure knows how to make the girls and boys swoon.

Recommended if you like: Friday night concerts over a club, Soul, Folk, Blues, British artists, live performances, switching from afternoon tea to a pint of beer, making memories at concerts

Have a blast at this concert this Friday

FM4 Indiekiste mit Thees Uhlmann & Band | Wien

When: FRI, December 6, 7pm–11:59pm
Where: Gasometer
Entry: 39.80€, buy a ticket

Thees Uhlmann is a well established name in the German-speaking indie-pop community. And he’s back on tour together with his band performing in the Gasometer this Friday. Here’s what to expect:

Recommended if you like: indie-pop music, singing along lyrics you don’t know, spilling over your beer on yourself, waving your hair into peoples faces, Gasometer

An intimate little Christmas market with a purpose

Santa Flausch Christmas market

When: SAT, December 7, 12pm–7pm
Where: Rote Kapelle, Jagdschlossgasse 59, 1130
Entry: free!

There’s a, as the Austrians like to put it, ‘Klein and superdooper fein,’ Christmas market going down at a little chapel in the Hietzing district on Saturday. It will be cosy, and you can expect Glühwein, Christmas cookies, art from local artists up for sale, and readings.

Plus, it just so happens to be all for a good cause, with all money made on the day going to different charities. It’s one of those special neighbourhood Christmas markets hosted by special people with good hearts.

Recommended if you like: sipping your Glühwein down before it becomes sweet wine in a mug, eating cookies for a good cause, intimate Christmas markets, breaking out in singing ‘Silent Night’ in random situations, getting all emotional over a Heisse Liebe Punsch with strangers

Support female entrepreneurs at this humble Christmas market in a bistro

Nicht schon wieder ein Weihnachtsmarkt!

When: SAT, December 7, 10am–9pm
Where: Karma Food 1070
Entry: free!

This is a Christmas market completely dedicated to Viennese female entrepreneurs and it will be taking place in the healthy food bistro, Karma Food, on Saturday, December 7th. The stands of this market will be run exclusively by women, but their products are definitely for everyone and everyone is welcome! It’s impossible to sum up the large variety of products that will be up for sale, so make sure to check out their facebook event for more details. 

Recommended if you like: supporting female entrepreneurs, celebrating woman power, christmas markets with a wide range of products, getting inspired by entrepreneurs

Shop, eat and enjoy the live music

Secondhandmärktchen VI

When: SAT, December 7, 1pm–7pm
Where: The Loft
Entry: free!

The Loft is hosting a second-hand market this weekend that will be accompanied by live music and a pay-what-you-wish vegan buffet. We’ll be spending most of the day at this event stuffing our faces, hearing live music and finding that perfect, barely used, low-priced second hand pair of trousers. Specifically, we’re looking for trousers. You’ll find us in the trousers section.

Recommended if you like: trousers, vegan buffets, live music, second hand shopping, being awake in the daytime, not staying at home all weeking, finding awesome second hand clothes than nobody will know are second hand

Enjoy a different kind of Christmas market with a hot cocktail in your hand

Wintermarkt im Augarten. Markterei trifft Schankwirtschaft

When: SAT–SUN, November 30 – December 22, 11am–8pm
Where: Die Schankwirtschaft
Entry: free!

This Christmas market combines handicraft stands, food, hot cocktails and music that will try to make you move – sound good to you? Then be sure to check out this Christmas market by the foodie market, Markterei, that will be happening every weekend, starting on November 30th and running up until December 22! The booth selling the hot cocktails is also open during the week, so if that’s all you care about, you don’t even have to wait for the weekend to pop by! Sounds like a good afterwork thing to be doing if you ask us!

Recommended if you like: browsing through Christmas markets, delicious food, handcrafts, showing off your dance skills, not having to choose between going out to dance and going to a Christmas market, sipping hot cocktails

Tasty food with a Christmas mood at Vienna’s snail farm

Adventfest am Gugumuck-Hof

When: SAT–SUN, December 7–8, 3pm–9pm
Where: Gugumuck’s Wiener Schnecken
Entry: free!

This weekend only, the folks at Vienna’s snail farm and restaurant, Gugumuck’s Wiener Schnecken Bistro, have put together a delicious advent program for you to enjoy. Help yourself to some tasty food (perhaps try some Viennese snails?), and take a look at all the handcrafted stuff up for sale. There’s a magician, a “take part concert”, and some Christmas crib building for the kids, as well. This one will be, as Austrians love to say – klein, aber super-cooper fein.

Recommended if you like: Punsch, Christmas, Gugumuck, the idea of saving yourself Christmas shopping gauntlet, the smell of roasted chestnuts, intimate events, discovering local designer talent, good food, Escargot

Meet a bunch of creatives at this artsy Christmas market!  

Christmas Market at commonrooom

When: SAT–SUN, December 7–8, 10am–6pm
Where: commonroom
Entry: get your tickets here!

You could be browsing a really artsy Christmas market at commonroom in December! At this market, you’ll find all kinds of beautiful handcrafted pieces. And, as a bonus, there’s a good chance that you’ll get to know the artists behind those pieces. Of course, you can do your Christmas shopping there as well: you’ll find prices to suit all kinds of budget (well, so the event description says).

Recommended if you like: checking out what the city’s creatives are doing, the idea of getting a few new unique art pieces, design markets, drinking too much wine, eating too many sweets, getting to know new people

Electro lovers listen up

Disorder meets Funkroom w/ Carl Finlow

When: SAT, December 7, 11pm–6am
Where: Das WERK
Entry: 5€ < 12am > 10€

On Saturday British producer Carl Finlow will serve you the electronic sounds you so desire at Das WERK. There’s really not much more to say about it, is there? Oh yeah, if you wanna save some of your hard earned cash (just to spend it on the extra drink we all know you’re gonna have), then come before midnight and you’ll only pay half the price.

Recommended if you like: Das WERK, Electro beats, dancing the night away, not giving a shit about your problems for a couple of hours, reeaaally feeling the music

Expand your mind at this festival of Techno and Electronica music

Surgeon, Ancient Methods..| 8 YRS Grelle Forelle Day Two

When: SAT, December 7, 11pm–6am
Where: Grelle Forelle
Entry: 11€ phase one, 12€ phase two, buy a ticket

The eclectic line-up for day two of the 8 YRS music festival at Grelle Forelle includes Surgeon (real name Anthony Child), who has has been at the forefront of UK techno since 1994. His debut “Surgeon EP” is regarded by many as a seminal record of the genre. Also on the bill are Ancient Methods, a project labelled as “pitch black Techno war Funk”, as well as Vienna’s own Susanne Kirchmayr, aka Electric Indigo, who creates intelligent interpretations of Techno and Electronic music.

Recommended if you like: mind-altering music and other substances not condoned by the ‘stand, weekend music festivals, dreamy music to accompany you staring at the clouds, getting home when the birds are chirping, döner time at 4am, Techno, Electronica

Go absolutely nuts at this party on Saturday

Pitch Mad Attak & Gamm@ / Hardtek / Raggatek / Frenchcore

When: SAT, December 6, 11pm–6am
Where: fluc & fluc wanne
Entry: 39.80€, buy a ticket

As we can see from the title, some of the most headbanging forms of Electronic Music – Hard & Raggatek as well as Frenchcore – will be playing in the Fluc this Saturday. If you don’t know what this is, check it out yourself, but be warned: take your earplugs. A SoundCloud link doesn’t do its justice. This music needs to be felt, which is only possible through obscenely-sized speakers.

Recommended if you like: Frenchcore, turning into a zombie by night, meeting your wasted boss in a club, feeling the bass pumping in your ears like a heartbeat all week long

Do something good for the planet & your body

Faith | We For Future

When: SAT, December 7, 11pm–6am
Where: Pratersauna
Entry: tba

On Saturday, the DJ sets Austrian Apparel & Black Triangle will be shaking up Pratersauna. Loosen up, grab a drink (or two, or three), and show them all your sick dance moves. Don’t forget to have fun. We For Future supports the environment as all the proceeds from the night will go towards Fridays For Future in Austria.

Recommended if you like: nature, the cold winter nights, sweaty people, crowded dance floors, music ringing in your ears, hangovers the next day

A night of Drum and Bass in all its shapes and sizes

Beat It Saturday

When: SAT, December 7, 11pm–6am
Where: Flex
Entry: 5€ < 12am > 8€

A whole bunch of Drum and Bass will be making it into your earholes this Saturday if you’re at Flex as they turn up their mega sound system. With a bunch of different up-and-coming DnB heads getting up on the decks, you may well be surprised by what you hear and find yourself dancing like mad to it.

Recommended if you like: your ears ringing the morning after from a bass overload, kissing random people in public toilets, grungy locations, playing the bongo drums with your feet, fluorescent-colored singlets, dancing with glowsticks, entering a rave induced trance

For Metal & Hardcore lovers

Anchorfest 2019 // Arena, Wien

When: FRI, December 6, 7pm–11.59pm
Where: Arena Wien
Entry: 13€, buy a ticket

Come down to the Arena on Saturday for Anchorfest 2019 where four domestic Metal, Hardcore and Metalcore bands will be performing: In this Temple, Anchorage, Give em Blood, and Street to the Ocean. Expect to be thrown off your seats by their performances, and we’re not talking figuratively. We’re talking explosively. With deafening noise. And why would you even be sitting at a metal gig anyway?

Recommended if you like: Arena Wien, Metal, Hardcore, Metalcore, domestic bands, a wild and loud!!! Saturday night, having an excuse to put on some Hardcore band shirts, plaited chin beards and long hair.

Get out to this poetry slam

textstrom Poetry Slam im Dezember

When: SAT, December 7, 7:39pm–10:30pm
Where: Brunnenpassage
Entry: pay as you can!

Of all the poetry slams, this seems a bit more grungy, a bit more underground. Get out and watch others perform their poetry or get on stage yourself! Sign up to perform at the venue and be one of 10 people to go 2 rounds (5 min each) performing their poetry live (and with feeling).

Recommended if you like: poetry slams, the masters of words themselves, getting up on stage and performing your poetry in front of other people, going just to watch because getting on stage makes you want to puke, pretending you’re a superhero when nobody’s watching, letting it all out in public

Going festive in Chelsea

FREUD – Their X-Mas Show 2019

When: SAT, December 7, 8pm–11pm
Where: Chelsea
Entry: 15€, buy a ticket

Enough with all the cheesy Christmas songs already! Why not try some good old Punk’n’Roll to blast you into the Christmas spirit? On December 7th, head down to the annual Freud X-Mas party at Chelsea. It’s the perfect occasion for mixing Punk’n’Roll and Christmas. Festive funk, anyone? 

Recommended if you like: Punk’n’Roll, the Chelsea, FREUD, eating a Döner at 4am after a wild night at the Gürtel, concerts, nodding your head to the music ever so slightly while leaning on the bar and looking edgy

A night of improvised Powerpoint presentations (basically how we passed every class in high school)

PowerPoint-Karaoke Wien by FOMP

When: SUN, December 8, 8pm–10:30pm
Where: Aera
Entry: 7€, buy a ticket

PowerPoint – you love it. And we get that. Bullet points, strong visual aids, your captivating presentational flow – all of it. But what if you didn’t know what topic you would be presenting until you got up in front of the crowd? Think you have what it takes to present a spontaneous PowerPoint on the underwater basket weaving practices of the ancient tribes of the Amazon? Reserve your spot now for a PowerPoint-karaoke session at Aera if you’d like to present, or get a ticket above if you just want to spectate.

Recommended if you like: PowerPoint presentations, something…er…different, impromptu lectures – from someone other than your Mom, changing slides with a little button in your hand and feeling powerful because of it

Go fleamarket hunting on a Sunday!

Sonnscheinbazar – Der Sonntagsflohmarkt

When: every Sunday from September until December, 10am–4pm
Where: Metastadt
Entry: free!

Mondscheinbazar is back for a Sunday sunshine edition at Metastadt, and this time it will actually be a fleamarket during the day! Hence, why they’ve called it Sonnscheinbazar. The market will offer up a vast hall filled with tables and racks full of handmade things, second-hand stuff, designer clothes, accessories and jewellery, as well as a bunch of the hippest food trucks Vienna has to offer.

Recommended if you like: moon light shopping during the day, unique locations, travelling for a bit to do some shopping, bargaining for a t-shirt, sandwiches from food trucks, sustainable living, the thrill of the flea market hunt, eating and drinking in your shopping breaks,

This one’s a Christmas market for cats and dogs!

Dog Sparkle – der Weihnachtsmarkt für Hund&Katz’

When: SUN, December 8, 10am–6pm
Where: 25hours Hotel
Entry: free!

At the Dog and Cat Sparkle Christmas market on December 8th, you’ll have the opportunity to finally get your pet all the treats and presents it truly deserves! If you want to remember this special Christmas market experience forever, they’re also offering the chance for you to get professional photos taken so bring your pet! Maybe even dress them in that Superman costume they like.

Recommended if you like: your dog, spoiling your pet, treating your pet like it was your child, having pictures of your pet on the wall instead of pictures of your partner

Feast your eyes on some artworks at this artsy market

Abstraction – vienna art market – Dezember Show

When: TUE–SAT, December 3–21, 2pm–7pm (SAT: 10am–1pm)
Where: vienna art market
Entry: free!

The vienna art market is hosting one of their exhibitions again, this time with some abstract photographs up for sale. All artworks will be displayed at the Vienna PopUp Street and everything you see has been created by local artists. Worth checking out if you want some art for your wall, or have a friend that might appreciate it as a pressie.

Recommended if you like: art, being artsy, looking at art, acting pretentious for a day, the abstract, pretending to understand what the artist wanted to express when standing in front of it wearing spectacles you don’t actually need to wear

A film with a unique focus: Human Rights

This Human World film festival 2019

When: November 28 – December 10
Where: various locations, check the programme.
Entry: Varies per location

This is Vienna’s 2nd largest film festival and one that comes with a plenty of powerful messages in powerful films that will have you thinking about the big wide world. This Human World presents more than 100 documentary and fictional feature films, short films, animations and experimental films dealing with human rights issues, in 13 days. Films that aim to encourage people to scrutinise and re-examine their views and raise awareness about human rights and our responsibilities as fellow humans. Don’t keep going on about how the world’s turning to shit on your Facebook feed – get educated at this fascinating festival.

Recommended if you like: trying to understand issues bigger than you, being an active and responsible world citizen, being a film fanatic, watching documentaries

Get your Christmas presents and guzzle some Glühwein at a pop-up store or market

Catch a pop-up Christmas market or store 

When: Check out where the various markets and pop-up stores
Where: various locations in Vienna

From traditional to medieval, to young and hip markets, as well as charming Christmas pop-up stores – check out our guide to help you find the fleeting shopping, or Christmas market, experiences happening in Vienna throughout December. There’s no way you’ll get away with just getting everybody Happy Socks again this year with this list of markets happening.

Recommended if you like: draping yourself in Christmas lights, shopping for a Christmas tree, being a big kid, snorting the Christmas spirit up like it’s a white powdery substance, the smell of cinnamon and homemade chicken soup

Tis’ the season of Glühwein and kissing when your nose is dripping

Go to a Christmas market!

When: mid-November until December 26
Where: Various locations
Entry: Free!

Tis’ the season, and in Vienna this many people’s favourite season simply thanks to those charming Christmas markets! A wonderful vibe spreads around town as markets bloom all over Vienna, and the smell of cinnamon, mulled wine, and sweet desserts fill the air. Be sure to get some Beeren Punsch in, get in the spirit and enjoy every chance this season to get drunk at the market. And it just so happens that we’ve put together a list of our favourite Christmas markets.

Recommended if you like: the smell of gingerbread cookies, waking up with gifts waiting for you, being jolly, celebrating christmukkah, overcoming the cold by drinking hard spirits hidden in tea, Glühwein, meeting friends at Christmas markets

Be sure to get your daily dose of culture!

All the best culture and art events happening in Vienna right now

When: right now!
Where: various locations in Vienna, check out our guide!

With so many culture events taking place – be it exhibitions in museums, powerful plays on theatre stages, art shows that scratch that inspiration itch – getting your daily dose of culture in Vienna is easy-peasy. That is, if you have our awesome art and culture guide, which tells you all about the best events happening in Vienna right NOW. If you think we’re missing any important ongoing culture events, drop us a message on Facebook, Instagram, or the good old, oldschool way, via mail.

Recommended if you like: tilting your head slightly in front of a painting and putting your pensive face on, wearing odd socks, strolling through galleries and museums on rainy days, getting inspired by the great and the up-coming greats, being a creative, seeing how people interpret our crazy world through art.

Choose that outfit that makes you go – ‘damn, I look good!’ – and party away

The best parties happening every week in Vienna you shouldn’t miss

When: right now!
Where: various locations in Vienna, check out our guide!

This beautiful town of our’s got so much to offer, especially when it comes to parties. We’ve put together a list of the parties happening every week in Vienna. So if you’re up for some fun, be sure to check out our weekly party event guide. If you think we’re missing any important parties happening every week, drop us a message on Facebook, Instagram, or the good old, oldschool way, via mail.