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Everything you need to do this weekend in Vienna – 30 events

August 10, 2020

Everything you need
to do this weekend
in Vienna
- 30 event tips

August 10, 2020

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Hey, hey! We’ve selected the very best of what’s happening in Vienna this weekend so you can spend less time working out what to do and spend more time making the most out of life.

Check out below the 30 awesome things happening this weekend in Vienna:

Check out this film festival

When: THU–SAT, August 13–15, 4pm–1am
Where: Columbusplatz
Entry: free!

At the film festival, Stumm & Laut, you’ll be in for a treat this summer. At the 10th district’s Columbusplatz, a raft of old silent films will be screened, while live music will be performed along with it like a live soundtrack.

Recommended if you like: summer nights, black and white movies, starry nights, open air events, anything free, lying on your back watching the sky, being a film fanatic, short movies

Old skool Drum and Bass all-nighter with a kid-friendly zone

Summer Shake it & Break it Special

When: FRI, August 14, 2pm–11pm
Where: Himmel & Wasser
Entry: Free! Donations welcome

There are some lessons kids can’t learn in school. What they really need is skool – we’re talking old skool Drum and Bass to be precise. This event at a nature reserve on the Donauinsel is a family-friendly one, so you can teach your kids in the afternoon about bangin’ beats, while surrounded by swimming and chilling areas, plus hammocks. DJs include Ðora, Phuel & Val, Tehace and many more, all of whom will keep you dancing late into the night, long after the kiddies’ have fallen asleep.

Recommended if you like: re-living your student days, “pulling a babe on the dancefloor” now means bringing your kid there in a pram, the 90ies, DRUM AND BASS, ears ringing from a night of booming bass, unique locations, your ears ringing the morning after from a bass overload.

Be introduced to Aztec culture at this festival

Azteken Festival ’20

When: FRI–SAT, August 14–15, 2pm–10pm
Where: Yppenplatz
Entry: tba

In tribute to the day that the famous Aztec ruler, Moctezuma, died, a festival dedicated to Aztec culture will be taking place in the square of Yppenplatz this Friday and Saturday! Everything is Aztec and Mexican at this festival, including the food and drinks (we Googled it – it looks awesome!) live music and traditional ritual dances! 

Recommended if you like: finding out more about other cultures, trying food you’ve never tried before, celebrating with other cultures, spending a chill evening in Ottakring, dreaming of living in Mexico

Vibe to some Psytrance on the beach

A day on the beach

When: FRI, August 14, 5pm–1am
Where: Vienna City Beach Club
Entry: Donations are welcome!

The day on the beach at Vienna City Beach Club is still a go-to for a fix of Psytrance and Progressive, drinks and as a quality sunset hangout spot, even when there’s no dance floor to break it down on right now. But bring your swimming attire, since the VCBC beach got a shiny new upgrade that you and your swimming-loving self will get excited about.

Recommended if you like: hanging out on a beach with some drinks, getting lost in the deep sea of beats, freaking out on the dance floor… in your head, making the best of everything, roasting and resting, drinks with pals

image © Sebastian Meinke

Join this tour to learn what it’s like to start a new life in a foreign country as a refugee

Vienna through the eyes of a refugee

When: every Friday throughout summer, 3:30pm–5:30pm
Where: Hauptbahnhof Wien
Entry: 18€, buy a ticket

Sometimes, listening to someone else’s experience is the closest you can come to comprehending what it was like for them. The guides of this tour will be offering up insights about what it means to flee your home country, and start a new life in a foreign one.

It will shed light on unique perspectives of Vienna from a refugee’s perspective, and the Austrian asylum and integration procedure that many only know from media reports.

Recommended if you like: listening to people’s stories, educating yourself on someone else’s experience, seeing your city through the eyes of others, being an activist of sorts (even if it’s part-time)

Learn how to ‘Poco Poco’ at this free dance lesson

Gemeinsam tanzen: Poco Poco und Pata Pata

When: FRI, August 14, 4pm–5pm 
Where: Weltmuseum Wien
Entry: Free!

In front of the steps leading up to the Weltmuseum, there will be, not one, but two dance experiences awaiting you. In cooperation with the Weltmuseum Wien Friends and the Austrian Indonesian Society, you will be taughthow to dance the Poco Poco and Pata Pata. One is an Indonesian line dance and the other is a famous South African song we love to sing, even if we don’t know the lyrics. The dance occasion is free, and everyone is free to 1-2-step in!

Recommended if you like: shaking your hips, dreaming of exotic places and then traveling to them, your beloved boom box, new adventures, sports, international cuisine, stories from afar


Rock out to 80s and 90s rock at the Cabaret Fledermaus

Classic Kultnacht

When: FRI, August 14, 8pm–1am
Where: Cabaret Fledermaus
Entry: free < 9pm > 10€

Are you a 80s and 90s rock kinda’ gal/guy? Then you’ll loooooooove the Classic Kultnacht at the Cabaret Fledermaus on Friday night, because there is a high chance that you’ll get to rock out to all your favourite songs at this club night.

Recommended if you like: rock!, feeling like you’re going back in time while listening to music, some of the music from today as well but mostly 80s and 90s rock, finally going to a party again, events with music you approve, feeling superior because of your fantastic taste in music, real music

Spend your Friday evenings on the roofs of Vienna


When: every Friday throughout summer, 6pm–12am
Where: Organics Sky Garden
Entry: free! Register online

Are you one of those lucky bastards who live in an apartment with their own rooftop, or are you one of us poor souls, who rely on cool events in order to spend some time above the roofs of Vienna? If the later is the case: We’ve got the perfect event for you! Every Friday, you can hang out at the Organics Sky Garden where tasty drinks will be served and chilled vibes will abound. 

Recommended if you like: going out in the first district, getting drunk above the roofs of Vienna, events with an age restriction because showing them your ID makes you feel like a VIP, not having to choose between a rooftop party and a garden party

Enjoy some culture and music events in this lovely neighbourhood cultural event series

Sommerfrische am Kühnplatz

When: every Friday until August 28, 5:30pm–7:30pm
Where: Kühnplatz
Entry: free!

Spend your evenings at these culture and music events at Kühnplatz happening in the Freihausviertel. With the goal of supporting artists and the local economy, the program is full of acts of from various artists, while there will also be other cultural offerings that’ll liven up the neighbourhood this summer.

Recommended if you like: getting to know your neighbours, having a cold one and listening to some music, seeing who lives in your area, socializing excessively, feeling like you’re on holiday when you really aren’t

Vintage lovers and fashion bloggers!

Vintage Secondhand Pop-Up Market

When: SAT, August 15, 11am–6pm
Where: theunderdogbar
Entry: free!

The Wientage Secondhand family is hosting another market where vintage fashion will be up for sale.  No vintage event is complete without Techno, so there will be some chilled background music playing, too. This will all be happening at the theunderdogbar this Saturday.

Recommended if you like: vintage fashion, Wientage, second-hand shopping, living your most fashionable life, meeting new people, having too many glasses of wine, Techno Music, finding that one coat you’ve always wanted

Like K-pop? You’re gonna love this free club night!


When: SAT, August 15, from 5pm
Where: Club-u
Entry: Free!

If we’re examining some of the most significant changes in the music landscape over the past decade, one of them has to be the explosion in popularity of K-pop (that’s ‘Korean Pop’ to you, grandad) in the west. If the songs of artists such as BTS, Twice, Blackpink and TVXQ make you go weak at the knees, this is the night for you to party and sing your heart out. Be warned: you may wake up the next day having messaged all your friends to get the same floppy haircut as you and learn your new dance moves.

Recommended if you like: K-pop, literal underground club nights, BTS, Twice, Blackpink and TVXQ, music from South Korea, boy and girl bands, learning new dance moves, free events, wearing the same clothes as your friends

Fleamarket by moonlight

Mondscheinbazar Wien #1

When: SAT, August 15, 5pm–11pm
Where: METAStadt
Entry: 3€

The MoodscheinBazaar returns this Saturday bringing its usual offering of trinkets, food and refreshments. Set in the slightly romantic and yet industrial settings of the METAStadt, creates a great hum, thus making this a great way to spend an evening. Also, it offers up the chance for redemption for any missed presents!

Recommended if you like: shopping in the moon light, hanging around the brewery, unique locations, bargaining for a t-shirt, sandwiches from food trucks, sustainable living, the thrill of the flea market hunt

Party on the beach

VCBC 2020 – Official “Dance” Opening

When: SAT, August 15, 5pm–3:30am
Where: Vienna City Beach Club
Entry: free!

A bunch of cool DJanes at an awesome location will be attempting to make you feel like you’re on holiday this Saturday! The Official “Dance” Openingwill be happening at the Vienna City Beach Club, and the DJ duo, Puppenhouse, will be serving you some fine techno tunes! 

Recommended if you like: Techno, women power in the Techno scene, partying on the beach even though you live in a landlocked country, totally feeling the music at a party, feeling like you’re in trance when you listen to music, finally going out to dance again

Let your rhythm fly at this Latino Festival in a unique location

Festival Latino 9 – Al ritmo de nuestras voces

When: SAT, August 15, 3:30pm–10pm 
Where: Böhmischer Prater – Tivoli
Entry: Free!

For the ninth time in Vienna, you can take a trip to Latin America at the Laaer Wald when the annual festival, ‘Al ritmo de nuestras voces,’ kicks off this Saturday. The current COVID-19 restrictions we’re facing won’t keep those who attend from dancing to their own rythm and to some quality Latino-genre tunes that will be on offer, from artists like Luna y Son and Jairo Morales & Band. There will also be food on offer and the dancing part is strongly encouraged. For more on the program visit the festival’s Facebook page!

Recommended if you like: Latin American culture, serious salsa, tango, cocktails, being a struggling dancer that lives for the movement, being attracted to men/women with dark coloured eyes and dark hair, Cumbia and Salsa music

Have a laugh by the waterside at this comedy stand-up show

Stand-Up Comedy präsentiert von Hosea Ratschiller

When: SAT, August 15, 8pm–9pm 
Where: Usus am Wasser
Entry: 20€, buy a ticket

Hosea Ratschiller, curator and a cabaret artist,´will be hosting and bringing to the stage a number of comedians for your entertainment at the riverside venue, Usus am Wasser. Amongst the line-up, you’ll find comics like Elena Wolff, Denice Bourbon, and the duo Christoph & Lollo. If you’re up for some giggles on a fine Saturday night, get your tickets via their website!

Recommended if you like: saying sarcasm is your middle name, cabaret events, laughing so hard you snort a little, when your stomach hurts from laughing, when somebody’s laugh is funnier than their jokes, comedy shows, fun things to do with friends during the week

Catch this film that tells the story of a author with a cult following

100 Jahre Charles Bukowski: FACTOTUM im Top Kino

When: SUN, August 16, 1pm and 8pm
Where: Top Kino
Entry: 7.50€ (6.50€ students), reserve a ticket

This Sunday, the Top Kino is showing the film adaptation of Charles Bukowski’s second novel, FACTOTUM, because the most famous drunkard in literature history is turning 100! The movie is about an unsuccessful author in LA, who’s just kind of floating through life as a day-worker, frequent bar-visitor and lover of many, many women.

Recommended if you like: hoping that you’re better off in life than the protagonist, cuddling in the movie theatre seats, enjoying some time off, staring at a screen for a couple of hours, spending your Sunday at the cinema

Go fleamarket hunting on a Sunday!

Sonnscheinbazar – Der Sonntagsflohmarkt

When: every Sunday throughout summer, 10am–3pm
Where: Metastadt
Entry: free!

Mondscheinbazar is back for a Sunday sunshine edition at Metastadt, and this time it will actually be a fleamarket during the day! Hence, why they’ve called it Sonnscheinbazar. The market will offer up a vast hall filled with tables and racks full of handmade things, second-hand stuff, designer clothes, accessories and jewellery, as well as a bunch of the hippest food trucks Vienna has to offer.

Don’t forget to bring your facemask – it’s mandatory for this event to wear one!

Recommended if you like: moon light shopping during the day, unique locations, travelling for a bit to do some shopping, bargaining for a t-shirt, sandwiches from food trucks, sustainable living, the thrill of the flea market hunt, eating and drinking in your shopping breaks,

Don’t let the weekend drag at this drag-a-licious buffet with live performances

Queens Brunch at Villa Vida Cafe

When: every Saturday & Sunday from 10am & 1pm
Where: Villa Vida
Entry: 49€, buy a ticket

While this event doesn’t feature a valet massaging your jaw to aid the mastication of your royal Christmas dinner (alas), the Queen’s Brunch at the Villi Vida is undoubtedly a heap of fun. The international Drag Brunch Show phenomenon is back at Villa Vida Cafe, featuring fierce lip-sync and live singing performances from Vienna’s best local and international Drag Queens. There’s also a drag-a-licious, all-you-can-eat buffet with vegan options available, and all-you-can-drink ‘bottomless’ mimosas!

Recommended if you like: finding ways to make sure the weekend doesn’t drag, Drag Queens, brunch with added entertainment, never-ending buffets, cabaret, being queer, dressing up in outlandish outfits, LGBTQ+ events, lip-sync

Grab your popcorn and see these beach classics on the big screen

Im Fokus: Stadt – Land – Strand

When: July 8, 18 & 26, August 3 & 16, 8pm–10:30pm
Where: Votivkino, De France
Entry: 9.50€, buy a ticket

We guess the cinema, Votivkino/De France, thought as many people won’t be going to the beach this year, it will bring the beach to them this August. That’s why a bunch of classic and new release films set on a beach, or featuring a beach, will be screened in their cinemas throughout the month. For the complete program, visit their website!

Recommended if you like: watching foreign movies in their original language, traveling, dreaming of exotic places and then traveling to them, your beloved rucksack, adventure, extreme sports, three different popcorn flavours in one bucket, stories from afar

Spend some time at your favourite club

Visit one of these clubs that have moved outside

When: every WED–SUN during summer

Saying good-bye (or rather a very dramatic ‘see you later’) to your favourite clubs was hard, we know. We also felt the pain in our party-loving souls. But some of your favourite clubs are back to kick COVID–19s ass. Well, let’s just say they’ve found a way to still have fun without being irresponsible! Check out our article about the clubs in Vienna that have gotten creative and moved their (chilled) parties outdoors.

Recommended if you like: supporting your favourite club, getting creative in order to get what you want, thinking that the Rolling Stones song is actually called ‘You can always get what you want’, going to clubs without the stinky club air, open air event more than clubs anyways

Learn how to dance away 20200

ImPulsTanz – Public Moves 2020: Free Workshops

When: daily, 3pm–8:30pm
Where: various locations, check their website for more information
Entry: free! Make sure to sign up one day in advance

If you don’t happen to hate every single kind of dancing, we’re sorry to announce this, but there is literally no excuse left for you to be lazy this summer in Vienna. At the Public Moves 2020 workshop series – by the Impulstanz festival crowd – you can take part in tons of dance workshops happening every day at over 7 locations in Vienna! It doesn’t matter if you’re into ballet, African dance or tap dance, they offer literally everything your dance-loving heart desires! So get outside and shake your beautiful booty!

Recommended if you like: shaking your booty, learning a new skill, dancing (duh!), looking sexy while exercising, dancing even though you have no sense of rhythm, getting a confidence boost

Snuggle up in your car while watching some awesome films

Frames OFF SET – Österreichs erste Filmfestwochen im Autokino

When: every Monday, 8pm–12am
Where: Autokino Center Wien
Entry: tba

Corona might have taken away a lot of things you enjoyed doing, or made things too scary to enjoy, but don’t despair! Frames.network has found a way to host a film festival that is completely safe and just as awesome as a conventional film festival (to be honest, we kinda’ think it’s even better).

Every Monday, there will be an evening full of Austrian (short–)films being screen at the drive-in cinema, Autokino Center WienCheck out the facebook event for more information about what will be screened each day!

Recommended if you like: going to events without having to talk to other people, getting cozy, secretly wearing your pyjamas while being out, the Austrian film scene, short films, car cinema, feeling like you’re in a movie

Enjoy your food with some awesome live music

Beer & Streetfood Napoleon Pop Up

When: all summer!
Where: Beer & Streetfood Napoleon Pop Up
Entry: free!

On June 26th, something cool popped up at Kagraner Platz and will be staying all summer long! That’s right, we’re talking about the Beer & Streetfood Napoleon Pop Up! We were already all ears when we heard ‘beer’ and ‘street food’ but there is so much more on offer! Think – street art, pop up live concerts and awesome summer vibes! 

Recommended if you like: spending all summer outside in Schanigärten, convincing your non-transdanubien friends that there are actually cool things happening over there, graffiti artists, live concerts, everything about streetfood

Beer and bites at the brewery

Ottakringer Bierfest 2020

When: until September 4, every TUE–SAT from 4pm–12am
Where: Ottakringer Brauerei
Entry: tba

It’s that time again when the beloved city’s beer brewery, Ottakringer Brauerei, comes to life for summer. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19-restrictions, they won’t be able to host their annual Braukultur-Wochen, but they’ve set up the Ottakringer Bierfest, which is actually fairly similar to the Braukultur-Wochen.

Most importantly, if you ask us, there will be lots of beer flowing – different kinds of beer produced in their brewery, to be specific. There will also be food stands taking care of your growling stomach. To check out what will be happening, take a look at their event page for details.

Recommended if you like: craft beer, events at the brewery, unique events that you miss when summer has gone, stealing ideas for your own craft beer, events that involve beer, drinking beer, tasting beer like you do wine, admiring your tummy as it grows, the refreshing sound of opening a beer

Join in on this reeeaaaallly long festival

Donauinselfest 2020

When: July 1–September 18
Where: various locations in Vienna
Entry: free!

In the year of Corona, there’s no big music festivals happening, of course. HOWEVER, the people behind the Donauinselfest have gotten creative. The festival organizers have put together a festival touring bus that’ll be making a stop in every district throughout July & September. There are 50 acts and Pop-Up fun stuff happening that will having you chasing this bus around the city.

Be sure to check out the website for exact location details and the programme!

Recommended if you like: open-air parties, when the dancefloor can be on the grass, heading to a party half-naked, summer cocktail sipping by the water, gin and tonic, laughing like a fat man, being barefoot most of summer

A short film festival under the starry summer sky in Vienna

dotdotdot Open Air Kurzfilmfestival 2020

When: July 5 – August 25
Where: Volkskundemuseum
Entry: pay as you can!

This is the one and only short film festival happening under the starry sky in Vienna, and boy is it a good one. There’s around 120 short films from around 40 countries on their programme . This is the open air cinema you should be attending if you’re looking to broaden your experiences when it comes to film. And trust us, many of the films on the programme will leave you thinking ‘…’ To make things short, check out the programme.

Recommended if you like: movie marathons, open air events, starry nights, the sound of birds chirping, lying on your back watching the clouds, being outdoor, fresh air, popcorn

Find inner peace yogis in the great outdoors!

Get bendy at some yoga sessions in the great outdoors

When: throughout summer, check out our guide to the regular open air yoga sessions in Vienna
Where: various locations in Vienna
Entry: varies, from free to 32€

If you’re going to endure a sticky Vienna summer, you might as well do it while also getting in shape, getting bendy, finding your inner peace while soaking up the sun and fresh(ish?) air, and taking in amazing views by signing up to some outdoor yoga classes!

Be sure to check out our guide to these (fairly) regular outdoor yoga classes that will be taking place throughout summer.

Recommended if you like: not having to pay through the nose for a yoga session, living on the unusual side of life (wherever that may be), ‘ommm’ experiences, the healthy life, looking down on people, secret spy yogi stuff, being as flexible as a 14-year-old, doing downward dog, finding inner peace after work

Get sucked in by some stories on the big screen under the stars

Catch a film under the starry night sky

Open air cinemas are one of the highlights of the summer season in this city. No more pondering for movie lovers on whether to stay in or head out. Open air cinemas offer those who get their tan from a movie screen a great way to spend an evening outside. Vienna offers a variety of open air cinemas, each screening a different flavour of film.

And the good news is: many of them are free! Take a look at our guide to where the open air cinemas are popping up in Vienna!

Recommended if you like: the sound of the trumpet, being a film fanatic, using movie quotes in conversations, having summer experiences in Vienna

Be sure to get your daily dose of culture!

All the best culture and art events happening in Vienna right now

When: right now!
Where: various locations in Vienna, check out our guide!

With so many culture events taking place – be it exhibitions in museums, powerful plays on theatre stages, art shows that scratch that inspiration itch – getting your daily dose of culture in Vienna is easy-peasy. That is, if you have our awesome art and culture guide, which tells you all about the best events happening in Vienna right NOW. If you think we’re missing any important ongoing culture events, drop us a message on Facebook, Instagram, or the good old, oldschool way, via mail.

Recommended if you like: tilting your head slightly in front of a painting and putting your pensive face on, wearing odd socks, strolling through galleries and museums on rainy days, getting inspired by the great and the up-coming greats, being a creative, seeing how people interpret our crazy world through art.