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Everything you need to do this weekend in Vienna – 35 event tips

November 11, 2019

Everything you need
to do this weekend
in Vienna – 35 event tips

November 11, 2019

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Hey, hey! We’ve selected the very best of what’s happening in Vienna this weekend so you can spend less time working out what to do and spend more time making the most out of life.

Check out below the 35 awesome things happening this weekend in Vienna:


Join the international feminist conference about power structures, design, and architecture

Claiming*Spaces Conference

When: THU, November 14, 1pm–10pm
Where: TVFA Halle
Entry: free, but sign up needed

This Thursday, the TVFA Halle from the TU Wien will transform into a conference hall for feminists in the architecture industry. And for those who are interested. This conference will look at topics like women in planning, and architecture, discrimination, the much-needed changes, and many more topics relating to women claiming their space in the industry. The conference will be held in English.

Recommended if you like: architecture, woman’s empowerment, design, and architecture, being artsy and carrying a sketch block everywhere you go, going on strikes, big chunky coffee table books, owning a vagina

Discover an unknown artistic side to Vienna

Vienna Art Week

When: November 15–22
Where: various locations
Entry: Varied, check their programme

This week the Vienna Art Week is taking place is numerous locations around the city. This is a very broad event with all kinds of performances for you to get in touch with the city’s artistic scene. There will be exhibitions, talks, guided tours, performances, movie screenings… you name it, they’ve got it. Check out their programme and plan your artsy week!

Recommended if you like: practising your pensive face in front of the mirror, getting inspired by art, walking into a lamp post because you’ve been staring at the beautiful architecture around you or instagramming

Yeehaw, fulfil all of your game desires at this fair!

Spielefest 2019

When: FRI–SUN, November 15–17, 10am–7pm
Where: Austria Center Vienna
Entry: 7€–12€, depending on age; get your tix!

The Austria Center Vienna is hosting this year’s Spielefest this weekend, which is all about super fun games. There will be game producers exhibition their games for every age group, from the most famous games to the new ones! You will also have the opportunity to buy the games on the spot after trying them out. So, prepare for a weekend of too much money spent and some light-hearted fun! Also, check out their extensive program on the website!

Recommended if you like: fun with games, being a kid at heart, finding those fancy game limited editions, testing out new games, wearing your kids out, accidentally losing your children at an event while you’re playing Catan, getting transported into a dream world

Explore this kick-ass indie design festival

Get Fesch at Fesch’markt Wien #19

When: FRI—SUN, November 15–16
Where: Ottakringer Brauerei
Entry: 5€

It’s the indie creative designer’s scenes time to shine in November again as the city’s big-ass designer market sets up shop in the industrial setting of the Ottakringer Brauerei. Over 200 stands will have a cute seller behind it, dealing with all kinds of crazy cool design stuff, from fashion to jewellery to artisan food products. And the cluster of food trucks will be parked out front like always.

Recommended if you like: indie design, being one of a kind, hipster beards, sleeve tattoos, buying local, getting inspired, wearing pants made by hand, having a collection of sunglasses that requires its own wardrobe

Don’t miss this Friday’s beats at HORST

KiNK live | HORST Vienna

When: FRI, November 15, 11pm–6am
Where: Horst
Entry: 10€

This Friday at HORST, you can shake your belly and booty to some kinky beats from the man (KiNK) in demand for his House music. He sure as hell knows his way around the clubbing scene. Working with no support network, campaigns or media hype, he’s built quite a following. Very impressive. Other supporters on the night will be Andre Buljat, Adolpho & Franky. 

Recommended if you like: Horst, smooching with the guy/ girl at the bar, dancing ’til dawn, House, Remix, doing the kinky stuff on the dance floor, Friday night partying, going nuts on the dance floor

Head to this flea market being hosted by a artsy bunch

Angewandte Flohmarkt

When: FRI, November 15, 2pm–8pm
Where: Vordere Zollamtstraße 7
Entry: free!

The Angewandte Flohmarkt is back this Friday at the Atrium! If you don’t know it, it’s legendary. Here, you can browse through vintage clothing, old books, old vinyl and all sorts of second-hand treasures, all whilst sipping at a glass of wine and enjoying some cool beats from the DJs.

Recommended if you like: second-hand shopping, the Angewandte, wearing some artist’s pants, the thrill of the flea market hunt, falling into a shopping frenzy, developing that really special bond with the DJ, finding your new winter jacket, meeting artsy people, hanging with the artistic crowd

Dance to pure Techno beats from this skilled DJ and producer

Dead Sea Diaries feat. Héctor Oaks (Herrensauna/Bassiani)

When: FRI, November 15, 11pm–6am
Where: Grelle Forelle
Entry: 11€, buy a ticket

Due to popular demand, the Dead Sea Diaries crew have brought back Hector Oaks, following his Vienna debut last June. This time it’s at their home base, Grelle Forelle, where Hector will be dropping his trademark pure Techno to get you dancing. Having started his DJing career in Madrid, he really took off when he relocated to Berlin where he became part of the underground scene. If that sounds like your kind of thing, have a listen to his work below:

Recommended if you like: Techno music, the cool and seedy Berlin underground scene, dark beats, getting home when the birds are chirping, döner time at 4am, feeling the floor shake under the bass

Party like the Dim Sums are fresh and hot!

Dim Sum Social Club ☻pening mit Butch

When: FRI, November 15, 11pm–6am
Entry: 10€; get your tickets now!

The Pratersauna is hosting the Dim Sum Social Club this Friday and this is not part of the ‘Teigtaschen’-drama! There will be cool music of all genres, however, the main floor will be graced by Butch, Paco Di Bango, and Sith. Together, they’ll surely fire you up, like chilli sauce with your Dim Sums. This crowds parties – the Dim Sum Social Club – is worth checking out!

P.S.: When purchasing a presale ticket, you will also get a Dim Sum Voucher, because it’s that kind of an event! 😉

Recommended if you like: Pratersauna, Butch, Paco Di Bango, Sith, having one too many, eating Dim Sum, making sure you eat enough before drinking, doing dance offs to your favourite songs, supporting the Anti-Dim-Sum-Mafia-Initiative, meeting new people, making out with strangers

Prepare your dance moves for this K-Music event

Korean Night Vienna The K Pop & K Hiphop Party by JIN Ent.

When: FRI, November 15, 10pm–5am
Where: Camera Club
Entry: 12€ < 12am > 15€; if you like their page and RSVP 10€

Jin Ent. is all about good K-Pop and K-Hiphop and they’re inviting you to the party of your dreams this Friday at the Camera Club. There won’t just be bomb K-Music but also a photo booth, 2 floors and special drinks for you to enjoy throughout the night. So if you want to live out your wildest K-Music dreams, you better be at this one-of-a-kind party for Vienna.

Recommended if you like: K-Pop Music, K-Hiphop Music, many Asian people, Korean culture, dancing your favorite BTS dance, authentic beats, experiencing the Asian glow

A crazy night of dancing to Balkan, Swing and global beats

20 Years of [dunkelbunt] – Balkan to Bollywood Edition

When: FRI, November 15, 8pm–3am
Where: Fanialive
Entry: 15€ < 11pm > 9€

One crrrrrrrraaaaaaazy party will be going down in Fanialive this Friday night. Live Balkan Beats, Gypsy Swing and other Global music sounds – with a touch of Russian disco – will be blowing out from the speakers in the grungy setting, while rumour has it (actually, it’s not a rumour. they’re actually included in the event description) that the guy behind the electro swing world music outfit, dunkelbunt, will be part of the madness. And, this time around, dunkelbunt will be celebrating their 20-year anniversary. Woot woot!

Recommended if you like: dancing until your feet hurt, traveling, being part of this magnificent big world of ours, pretending you’re a Russian spy, World Music, being Balkan

A night of Swing, Jazz and a live band 

Bring the Swing

When: FRI, November 15, 8pm–12am
Where: Ruby Lissi Hotel and Bar
Entry: Free (but throw some money somewhere for the bands)

Dust off that vintage outfit, put on some slippery shoes and get ready to swing yourself into Saturday morning. This Friday, in the fittingly vintage looking Ruby Lissi Hotel Bar, you can dance your ass off to some live music with sass (the band is called ‘The Stompin’ Lickers’) and a few swinging sets from some DJs.

Recommended if you like:  Jazz, Swing, the Lindyhop, getting all dressed up, going for cocktails at Kleinod while being dressed up to blend in with the waiters and the decor, live bands, the trumpet, sliding around the dance floor

Slam poetry into people’s ear holes

Slam B @Literaturhaus Wien

When: FRI, November 15, 8pm–11pm
Where: Literaturhaus
Entry: Free! Donations welcome

The Slam B poetry slam at the Literaturhaus is back this Friday with 12 wordsmiths hitting the stage for 5 minutes and slamming their poetry out to a crowd of literary lovers. As always at this veteran of the slams, the applause is the vote, so be sure to cheer extra loud for your favourite poet. This week’s Slam B edition will be a special one, as it’ll be party of the Bock auf Kultur event series.

Recommended if you like: poetry made for the modern day, the beauty to be found in words, audience participation, wordsmiths, people being bold, poetry, emotional events, getting inspired

Go crazy to some fresh DnB sounds at this party

Switch! & Friends – Fresh Talent Night

When: FRI, November 15, 11pm–6am
Where: Flex
Entry: 10€, buy a ticket

This Friday, there will be a bunch of DJ’s in Flex bringing some heavy DnB to the turntables. Unique thing is, there’s a small competition happening in which the three winners get to do a 20 minute long set on the stage that night. So you’ll either be going crazy to the music of some young undiscovered artists, or you’ll be going crazy to your own tunes at Flex. Check out the fb page for more info on this.

Recommended if you like: Drum and Bass, discovering new artists, dirty toilets, feeling the bass in your ears on the way home, shakin’ your body, Flex

Open up to new cultures through cinema

Travel on the big screen @ Central American Film Festival 2019

When: November 15–24
Where: Metro Kinokulturhaus
Entry: 8.50€ single ticket, buy a ticket

The prettiest cinema in town is hosting a special kind of film festival dedicated solely to the region of Central America. Films, shorts and documentaries from Central America will be screened in the Metro Kinokulturhaus, sprinkled with exotic events, such as cocktail nights and live music, this intimate festival is worth checking out. Be sure to check out the complete festival programme!

Recommended if you like: opening up to new cultures, very niche films, seeing what’s left of your Spanish after that Erasmus semester abroad, live Latino music and cocktails, doing the salsa, traveling with a backpack

Find all things kid-oriented at this mini market


When: FRI–SAT, November 15–16, 9am–6pm
Where: Aula der Wissenschaften, Bäckerstraße 20, 1010
Entry: 5€, kids are free!

Find anything and everything a parent could need (or just want) at this mini market. There will be clothes, accessories, and even a studio where one parent can let the kids make art while the other parent is shopping. We know which parent we want to be!

Recommended if you like: getting stuff for babies, kids, and parents all in one place, letting the kids make art in the middle of a busy market, trying out something new and finding some great treasures, kid’s stuff

Whoop, whoop, clear the stage for an awesome talent – the Queer music festival is happening at the WUK

GenderCrash 14: Drama, Baby!

When: SAT, November 16, 9pm–4am
Where: WUK performing arts
Entry: 13€; get your tickets now!

The WUK is hosting GenderCrash, Vienna’s unique queer music festival, this Saturday night and it looks quite promising! There will be many acts, which will fascinate you with their diverse talents and skills. Getting you through the program are the two hosts of the night, Denice Bourbon and Dutzi Bullard-Ijsenhower, who will surely entertain. Meanwhile, performances on stage will include pro dancers, theater, Electronic beats, and more. Check out the program.

Recommended if you like: GenderCrash, WUK, having one too many, dancing to the beat, experiencing other worlds, art, feeling like being in another dimension, queers, being proudly queer, making out with strangers, drama on stage, a diverse array of entertainment packed into one night

Swap clothes for a good cause

Kleidertausch für das Klima(-Volksbegehren)

When: SAT, November 16, 11am–5pm
Where: Heinrich Collin Str. 8–14
Entry: donation

This Saturday, a clothes swap party is happening. You can bring your clothes – obvs’ things you no longer wear – and leave with a bunch of new outfits and garments at the end of the night. You are allowed to bring clothes, accessories, bags, etc. Even men and children’s clothes are desired. Go nuts! Or should we say ‘Go clothes swapping?’ This event is run by the lovely crowd from the Klima-Volksbegehren.

Recommended if you like: going on climate strikes, going vintage shopping, Zero Waste, biodegradable hemp bottles, saving money by buying second-hand, meeting new people

You don’t need to travel to experience a bit of Colombia

Talk: The Black Line Sacred Landscapes from La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

When: SAT, November 16, 2:30pm–4:30pm
Where: Museo Etnográfico de Viena
Entry: free

This Saturday, the Embassy of Colombia in Austria is inviting you (well, and everybody else) to a photography exhibition called,  ‘The Black Line,’ by artist Jorge “Coque” Gamboa. This event, at the Museo Etnográfico, will showcase breathtaking photos revealing the landscapes of the La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Recommended if you like: Columbia, discovering new artists and art, free art events, Latin America, traveling with a rucksack, photography, never leaving the house without a camera

Give your ass the proper shaking it deserves this Saturday

LUFT & LIEBE w/ Andhim / Pratersauna / 3 Floors

When: SAT, November 16, 11pm–6am
Where: Pratersauna
Entry: 14€, buy a ticket

Another “Luft & Liebe” party is happening at the Pratersauna this Saturday, which means another good reason to throw your Sunday into the trash and party all night. The night’s DJs include the likes of Berlin’s Super House duo, Andhim, as well as many other talented DJs that will keep you wide awake until 6′ in the morning. And all of this will be happening on three stages. Here’s a taste:

Recommended if you like: House music, Techno, grungy locations, random conversations with drunk strangers in the bathroom, early morning Döners, Pratersauna

Get dancing at another classic CONTRAST DnB party at Forelle

CONTRAST presents S.P.Y – Dubplate Style

When: SAT, November 16, 11pm–6am
Where: Grelle Forelle
Entry: 15€; get your tickets now!

The Grelle Forelle is hosting the CONTRAST party crew this Saturday night. There will be DnB beats that will blow you away, like at every DnB party.S.P.Y, ALIBI, and LowQui Mc are gracing the stage with their newest tracks and beats, but there is a twist: S.P.Y will be performing Dubplate Style (whatever that means.) So if you want to go off to some really good music this weekend, this is worth checking out.

Recommended if you like: Grelle Forelle, S.P.Y, ALIBI, LowQui Mc, having one too many, making out with strangers, Techno music, when the bass matches his heartbeat, wearing fresh sneaks, making the most out of your Saturday night

Dance until the early morn’ in DasWerk

Deep Baked x Pure Lust (HUN)

When: SAT, November 16, 11pm–6am
Where: Das WERK
Entry: tba

This Saturday night, there will be some groovy Electronic music blasting out of speakers in Das WERK. SO, pretty much business as usual, right? Nope, not this time around. The DJ’s from the Hungarian label, “Pure Lust,” like a good mix of Downtempo Techno, Rock and Folk in their grooves. Should be special. Here’s a taste:

Recommended if you like: Techno, discovering new artists, dancing all the way ’til sunrise, early morning walks along the Donaukanal, dirty toilets, Das Werk

Gay club night at FLEX

Herrensauna in Wien

When: SAT, November 16, 11pm–6am
Where: FLEX
Entry: TBA

The FLEX and the party crowd from Herrensauna are hosting a night of tribal and electronic vibes this Saturday and the lineup seems to be lit! Gracing the stage will be Misonica, CEM, and MCMLXXXV, with their beats and tracks.

Recommended if you like: Flex, Electronic music, Herrensauna parties, CEM, MCMLXXXV, making out with strangers, almost falling into the Donaukanal, getting asked if you want any weed, getting asked if you have any weed, dancing yourself into a trance-like state, girls who like girls who like boys who like boys etc.

Catch this Electro Punk band out of Germany

FM4 Radio Session mit Frittenbude

When: SAT, November 16, 7pm–10pm
Where: ORF RadioKulturhaus
Entry: 24.90€, get tickets

The German Electro-Punk band, Frittenbude, are back in town this weeken again. They’ve been making music for 13 years now and are known for boldy voicing their opinions against right-wing extremism. They’ll be in town for a FM4 radio session at the ORF RadioKulturhaus. Check out one of their latest songs, below:

Recommended if you like: music that will make you dance, beer and cigarettes, dancing until your feet hurt, partying until the sun comes up, having a break at a Döner stand and then heading to the next party, dedicating your youth to the part-ay, raving, bands that believe in something

See how Modernist artists combined philosophy with art

Reading Time in Space

When: November 16 – April 13
Where: MUMOK
Entry: 8–12€, check the details

This exhibition at MUMOK right here will put the spotlight on some of the best art produced between the years of 1910–1955, also referred to as the epoch of Modernism. Whether artists back then even really considered what they were doing as modern art is one of the main topics in focus. Also in focus will be the big philosophical questions that they’ve expressed within their art. Read more about it on their website.

Recommended if you like: questioning space and time, philosophy within art, just not getting what this canvas of a asymmetrical square is about, MUMOK

© Bildrecht Wien, 2019

Flea market in the old gym at Brick-5

Turnhallen-Flohmarkt im November

When: SUN, November 17, 1pm–8pm
Where: Brick-5
Entry: free!

While this Sunday isn’t about getting a banging brunch or munching on the delicious GoSweetBakery cakes (while you can do these things too!) at the funky cafe, Turnhalle, in the 15th district. It is in fact about finding some treasures at their monthly flea market! Loads of stands will be set up in their cool space upstairs above the cafe for you to do your fleamarket hunt.

Recommended if you like: thrift shops, second-hand stuff, being a firm believer in one person’s junk is another person’s treasure,  searching through mounds of stuff to find what you want, if you believe that cake and shopping go hand in hand, Sunday shopping, vintage stuff, sustainable living, the thrill of the flea market hunt

Bop your head to this Viennese Rappers heavy tunes

Joshi Mizu – Up In Coke Tour 2019 // Wien

When: SUN, November 17, 7pm–11:59pm
Where: Das WERK
Entry: 14.10€, get a ticket

The Viennese Rapper, Joshi Mizu, is coming to his hometown this Sunday and is ready to make Das WERK explode with his beats. Check out his music, here:

Recommended if you like: Rap, Trap, supporting your local rappers, doing your own rap in the shower, waving your hands like you just don’t caaaree, Das Werk

See this challenging but fascinating cinematic piece of art

Johannes Rass. Bühnentier / Animal on Stage

When: SUN, November 17, 6pm–7pm
Where: Stadtkino Wien
Entry: TBD

As part of Vienna Art Week, the cinematic documentation of artist Johannes Rass’s work ‘ÜHNENTIER / ANIMAL ON STAGE’ is being screened at Stadtkino. Not only that, but an accompanying exhibition of large format photographs from the project will be shown in the lobby. Some may wish to stay away, as it features the slaughter and decomposition of an animal, which is then reassembled into its original form. Others may immediately head home wanting a bacon sandwich.

Recommended if you like: out there artworks, challenging cinema, DEATH!, Vienna Art Week, converting people to veganism, visiting cinemas on a Sunday, Modern art, photography, film, bacon

Enlighten your Sunday evening by listening to some funny monologues 

Letzte Wiener Lesebühne – Groebner / Sargnagel / Ratschiller

When: SUN, November 17, 7pm–21pm
Where: Schauspielhaus
Entry: 10€–14€, get a ticket

So, this is what you can expect from the cabaret Wiener Lesebühne happening this Sunday night: three people sitting behind a desk, telling hilarious stories and monologues to each other, on a stage. Well, that’s almost it. There will be also some drinks served up to enjoy during the show. This will all be happening with big name writers, comedians, columnists and actors, Sargnagel, Ratschiller and Groebner. With these minds involved, it should be a laugh.

Recommended if you like: Viennese humour, not understanding Viennese humour, trying to work out Viennese humour,  listening to random funny stories, the Schauspielhaus, wearing a beret

Go fleamarket hunting on a Sunday!

Sonnscheinbazar – Der Sonntagsflohmarkt

When: every Sunday from September until December, 10am–4pm
Where: Metastadt
Entry: free!

Mondscheinbazar is back for a Sunday sunshine edition at Metastadt, and this time it will actually be a fleamarket during the day! Hence, why they’ve called it Sonnscheinbazar. The market will offer up a vast hall filled with tables and racks full of handmade things, second-hand stuff, designer clothes, accessories and jewellery, as well as a bunch of the hippest food trucks Vienna has to offer.

Recommended if you like: moon light shopping during the day, unique locations, travelling for a bit to do some shopping, bargaining for a t-shirt, sandwiches from food trucks, sustainable living, the thrill of the flea market hunt, eating and drinking in your shopping breaks,

Tis’ the season of Glühwein and kissing when your nose is dripping

Go to a Christmas market!

When: mid-November until December 26
Where: Various locations
Entry: Free!

Tis’ the season, and in Vienna this many people’s favourite season simply thanks to those charming Christmas markets! A wonderful vibe spreads around town as markets bloom all over Vienna, and the smell of cinnamon, mulled wine, and sweet desserts fill the air. Be sure to get some Beeren Punsch in, get in the spirit and enjoy every chance this season to get drunk at the market. And it just so happens that we’ve put together a list of our favourite Christmas markets.

Recommended if you like: the smell of gingerbread cookies, waking up with gifts waiting for you, being jolly, celebrating christmukkah, overcoming the cold by drinking hard spirits hidden in tea, Glühwein, meeting friends at Christmas markets

Check out this crazy festival dedicated to the energetic dance, Klezmer!

Get crazy dancing the Klezmore Festival

When: November 9–24
Where: Various locations around Vienna
Entry: varies! Check out the website for details!

You know that energetic sound of music that floats over to us from the Jewish people of Eastern Europe now and again known as Klezmer? If you don’t, you haven’t lived…well, danced. And if you do, you’ll know how energetic this instrument filled music can be and how it can be to dance to. And there’s a whole festival of it coming to Vienna this month! Local and international Klezmer ensembles will be filling venues all around town with the good vibes music. Be sure to check out the programme!

Recommended if you like: big band music, traveling, dancing like a crazy at a concert, Yiddish, global sounds

Check out this contemporary music festival

Wien Modern 2019

When: October 28 – November 30, 7pm–9:30pm
Where: various locations in Vienna
Entry: 130€ festival pass, single tickets available – check the events!

In November (and a couple of days in October), the contemporary music festival, Wien Modern, will be inviting one and all to a series of exciting cultural encounters. It’s all about music, and it’s cutting edge stuff. This year’s festival will be about the motto ‘Growth’. Check out the programme for details.

Recommended if you like: music festivals, having a music taste that ranges from Backstreet Boys to Bach and back, nodding your head to the music ever so coolly while leaning on the bar, getting more than your daily dose of culture

Check out some cutting-edge graffiti and urban art at this new exhibtion

ECLECTIC! The Batz Collection

When: November 13–22
Where: Improper Walls
Entry: Free!

This is an art event presented by Katrin-Sophie Batz who specialises in running Street Art festivals, including those featuring internationally-renowned artists, such as Shepard Fairey, FAILE and Faith47. Here, she’s showing off works from her private collection (us, jealous?) including: Ben Frost, Deso – Broken Fingaz Crew, Laurina Paperina, and Stinkfish. The opening night takes place on November 13, 7–10pm, and it will be up and running until the 22 November.

Recommended if you like: taking selfies next to cool urban artworks, graffiti, Banksy, Shepard Fairey, exhibition openings, seeing peoples’ art collections, El Barto, spraying things on walls, seeing art for free

Be sure to get your daily dose of culture!

All the best culture and art events happening in Vienna right now

When: right now!
Where: various locations in Vienna, check out our guide!

With so many culture events taking place – be it exhibitions in museums, powerful plays on theatre stages, art shows that scratch that inspiration itch – getting your daily dose of culture in Vienna is easy-peasy. That is, if you have our awesome art and culture guide, which tells you all about the best events happening in Vienna right NOW. If you think we’re missing any important ongoing culture events, drop us a message on Facebook, Instagram, or the good old, oldschool way, via mail.

Recommended if you like: tilting your head slightly in front of a painting and putting your pensive face on, wearing odd socks, strolling through galleries and museums on rainy days, getting inspired by the great and the up-coming greats, being a creative, seeing how people interpret our crazy world through art.

Choose that outfit that makes you go – ‘damn, I look good!’ – and party away

The best parties happening every week in Vienna you shouldn’t miss

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This beautiful town of our’s got so much to offer, especially when it comes to parties. We’ve put together a list of the parties happening every week in Vienna. So if you’re up for some fun, be sure to check out our weekly party event guide. If you think we’re missing any important parties happening every week, drop us a message on Facebook, Instagram, or the good old, oldschool way, via mail.