All the best culture and art events happening in Vienna right NOW

All the best culture and art events happening in Vienna right NOW

November 11, 2019

All the best culture
and art events
happening in Vienna
right now

November 11, 2019

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What’s that? You’ve got that itching urge to get all cultured and inspired at some absorbing art exhibition, or by watching something on stage that gets your emotions boiling?

Check out the list of awesome art and culture events happening in Vienna right now, or in the next few weeks:

Check out this exhibition at which the stuff you see everyday is made into art

Alfredo Barsuglia: Take on me

When: THU–SUN, November 7–January 12, 8:30pm–11pm
Where: Kunstforum Wien
Entry: free!

Alfredo Barsuglia is an Austrian-based artist, who focuses on portraying everyday things in a different so we focus in on them and observe stuff about it that we don’t normally see. The Kunstforum Wien is hosting an art installation of his for the next 3 months downstairs in their tresor gallery. Spoiler alert – it involves a scene of a Vienna street rebuilt in the gallery.

Recommended if you like: art, art installations, feeling smart and cultured, Alfredo Barsuglia, being in a different dimension, daydreaming, looking at art and thinking deep and hard about it

Get catapulted back to the past at this event!

BRD DDR Kino entlang der Mauer 1988–1994 Retrospektive

When: November 9 – December 3, 8pm–10:30pm
Where: METRO Kinokulturhaus
Entry: varies from movie to movie; get your tickets!

The fall of the Berlin wall changed Germany and it’s surrounding countries forever. Cinema-goers will be reminiscing about these times at the Metro Kinokulturhaus throughout this month. This beautiful old cinema will be holding special screening into December of films that show how this event influenced cinema and the stories that rose from it. Check out the program. 

Recommended if you like: history, remembering the old times, watching old movies, seeing different perspectives of a conflict, the berlin wall, 35mm movies, experiencing the past in a different way, having flashbacks, wearing leather jackets, talking about history with old people

Check out the outstanding poster designs of the past year at MAK


When: November 6 – February 16
Where: MAK – Museum of Applied Arts
Entry: 10€–12€

As part of a competition seeking the 100 best poster designs in Austria, this exhibition at the MAK showcases the hundred that made it into the final selection. There’s a lot more art that goes into posters than you think. Have a look at how artists express their feelings on political topics, while also cracking jokes and spreading awareness about whatever is going on in the world right now. Plus, it’s a great chance to look at the cool looking graphic design trends going around at the moment.

Recommended if you like: philosophy in art, politics in art, dirty toilets plastered with 1000 stickers, dirty jokes, filthy jokes, Museum of Applied Arts, everyday art, graphic design, fonts

© MAK/Georg Mayer

An exhibition of Japanese art from the present and past


When: October 26 – February 16
Where: MAK – Museum of Applied Arts
Entry: 8€–12€, check the details

Check out some fascinating artwork by some of Japan’s most renowned artists from the past and present at this exhibition celebrating 150 years of Japan’s & Austria’s friendship. Works by the two genre-defining artists, Utagawa Kuniyoshi and Masumi Ishakawa, will be showcased, including beautiful graphics imprinted into wood created using various traditional, as well as contemporary, techniques of woodblock printing. It’s kind of two exhibitions in one at MAK. Read more about it on their website.

Recommended if you like: Japanese art, those free calendars from your local Japanese restaurant, art being displayed in various ways, the  MAK, doing your intelligent pensive face in front of a painting

© MAK/Georg Mayer

Catch a classic story reinvented on stage

Dorian Gray

When: October 23–December 20
Where: TAG – Theater an der Gumpendorfer Straße
Entry: 17€, buy a ticket

If you’re wild about Wilde (Oscar, that is), this modern interpretation based on his famous Gothic novel, ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray,’ looks like one interesting take on it. The titular picture is a portait of Dorian Gray that gets old, so he doesn’t have to. Instead, he remains young and beautiful. But what if one of these pictures was actually discovered in Vienna? Mara Mattuschka has created a world where a wild biographer believes she has actually found the portrait of Dorian. If you’ve never read the story and have no idea what we’re going on about, we can tell you this – this is an entertaining satire full of lies, intrigue and crime.

Recommended if you like: Gothic stories, Oscar Wilde, dark and twisted theatre, stories that were indecent and scandalous at the time, the theeeeaatre daaahling, theatre productions, being queer, dressing up in outlandish outfits, not growing old

Check out this exhibition making space and object correlate with each other

Anita Leisz

When: October 4 – February 23,
Where: MUMOK
Entry: 8€/9€/12€, check out the website for further info

The Kapsch Contemporary Art Prize is being handed over to the best young artists mainly based in Vienna. With Anita Leisz being now the four-time winner of this prize, she’s going to have her own exhibition in the MUMOK. Check out how her art interacts with the context of the room hosting the art. She created all of her ideas according to the space for the exhibition.

Recommended if you like: Art, Wes Anderson, clean apartments, the headspace app, discovering new artists, MUMOK, asking the question constantly, ‘whoa! is this really happening?’

© 01 – Anita Leisz .Ohne Titel, 2017, Watercolor and graphite on paper Courtesy Lars Friedrich
Photo: Timo Ohler, © Anita Leisz

Learn about Vienna’s architecture wars that happened throughout the Cold War

Cold War and Architecture

When: October 17 – February 24
Where: AzW Architekturzentrum
Entry: 7€–9€, click here for further info

By the time of the Cold War, Vienna was under control and divided by four occupying forces: Great Britain, France, the USA and the Soviet Union. This exhibition at AzW highlights the numerous architecture projects that were carried out in Vienna during this period, which led to some kind of architectural war happening between the occupying forces. Have a read about it on their website.

Recommended if you like: Art. history books, Architecture, learning something new about your city, Architekturzentrum, the smell of old books, spending a lot of time trying to understand the world

© Architekturzentrum Wien, Collection, estate of Oswald Haerdtl

Experience this unique installation all about human’s effect on nature in the Kunst Haus 


When: October 8 – January 12
Where: Kunst Haus Wien
Entry: regular ticket: 11€, children < 19 and students: 5€

Martin Roth has “planted” an installation in the garage floor of the Kunst Haus Wien, which is inspired by human destructive behaviour. The installation makes those who check it out confront the reality of what our industrialised society is doing to mother nature. Car noises, machines, dislocation etc. It´ll definitely open your eyes (even more), for sure.

Recommended if you like: actively experiencing art, realising of how arrogant we humans are, industrial sounds, inverted reality, Kunst Haus Wien, art that is loud and bold

© Martin Roth, Courtesy Collectiow of Josephine Nash, New York

See what’s on the insides of the human body at this weird touring exhibition 

Körperwelten – Eine Herzenssache | Wien

When: October 4 – February 9
Where: Wiener Stadthalle
Entry: 19€, prices may vary! Get your tickets here!

Our bodies are fascinating with all their different shapes, sizes and colours. And over time, the human body has evolved in many different ways, which we still don’t fully understand. The Stadthalle is opening up for an exhibition that offers an insight into the questions that still remain about how our bodies have evolved as humans, and reveals what our bodies look like on the inside. And they do this by putting on display model-type things which reveal the insides of the body. And there’s good reason why these bodies look life-like (we’ll let you find out why on your own).

Recommended if you like: being fascinated about the human body, always learning, being a student for life, horror movies with lots of gore, knowing the human inside out

View the paintings of a tortured genius at this very special exhibition

Richard Gerstl

When: September 27–January 20
Where: Leopold Museum
Entry: 10€ student/reductions or 14€ full price, buy a ticket

Before Egon Schiele and Oskar Kokoschka, the Austrian expressionism scene’s poster boy was Richard Gerstl. As with many great artists, he had a difficult life. He did badly at school, was told by his professor, “the way you paint, I piss in the snow!.” He had an affair with composer Arnold Schoenberg’s wife, who soon went back to her husband, leading Richard to set fire to some of his work and commit suicide at the age of 25. And his work only became critically acclaimed after his death. Luckily for us, many of his paintings survived the fire and will be on display at this comprehensive presentation of his work.

Picture © Leopold Museum, Wien

Recommended if you like: tortured artists, Austrian expressionism, paintings, practising your pensive face in front of the mirror, getting inspired by art, being reminded that art is subjective and yours may still be a work of genius even  if others say it’s not.

Once in a century opportunity to view a vast number of works from a master artist

Albrecht Dürer

When: September 20–January 6
Where: Albertina
Entry: 11€ aged under 26, 16€ aged 26+, buy a ticket

We recently tried to draw an elephant and, even though we’ve seen elephants, it ended up looking like the concept art for The Human Centipede (i.e. not good). Which makes the fact that painter & printmaker extraordinaire, Albrecht Dürer, once drew a very life-like rhinoceros, based only on a WRITTEN DESCRIPTION, make us want to cry in shame. Anyway, the Albertina have a very special treat for all you artsy fartsy people – they’re showing a once-in-a-century exhibition of this master artist’s work. They’ve gathered more of his works (over 200) than have been seen together in one exhibition for decades.

Recommended if you like: illustration, prints, painting, art, swanning around galleries in a scarf even if it’s hot, once in a lifetime events, culture, seeing art so good it makes you want to smash your crayons.

Picture © The Albertina Museum, Vienna

Check out this small gallery exhibition

TINA RIBARITS. camera trap

When: September 18 – November 11
Where: Galerie Reinthaler
Entry: free

This is an exhibition dedicated to nature in its purest form, as seen by the artist, Tina Ribarits. She goes deep into the wild to capture her pics’, which come out in many forms, from photos, to illustrations, videos, graphics and other installations. This is a fascinating look at nature through the eyes of an artist.

Recommended if you like: small galleries, niche exhibitions, nature, wilderness, interactive exhibitions, the artist presenting her art

A bumper exhibition of street photography with 35 masters of the genre

Street. Life. Photography

When: September 11–February 16
Where: Kunst Haus Wien
Entry: 11€ or 5€ for students, buy a ticket

Street photography – some see it as a gross invasion of privacy, others (such as ourselves) see it as a highly valuable, sometimes beautiful, sometimes ugly, documentation of our times.

The Kunst Haus has gathered the work of 35 masters of this art-form, from the 1930s to the present day. From the literally ‘in-your-face’ work of Bruce Gilden, to the much earlier documentation of New York streets from Lisette Model. There will also be work from Diane Arbus’ portraits of marginalised groups, to Martin Parr’s often comedic captures of the zeitgeist. There’s guaranteed to be something that fascinates everybody who has a love for people.

Recommended if you like: scouring the streets with a camera, living off canned food while spending the rest of your money on cameras, exploring photography, thinking outside the box, observing the zeitgeist, getting a taste of other countries and cultures.

Take a comprehensive look back upon this artist’s career

Maria Lassnig. Ways of Being

When: September 6 – December 1
Where: Albertina
Entry: 14€

To mark the hundredth birthday of the late Maria Lassnig (1919-2014), the Albertina museum is dedicating an exhibition to the Austrian artist. She’s known for her self-portratis and the act of making her body-consciousness visible in her art. The exhibit’s on until December 1.

Recommended if you like: art, exhibitions at Albertina, questioning life and reality itself, inviting your mind to think differently, Sunday strolling through museums, Austrian artists

Photo courtesy of The Albertina Museum, Vienna (Permanent loan from the Österreichische Nationalbank © Maria Lassnig Foundation)

A photographic journey through Austria’s Pop Art past

Michael Horowitz: Kiki Kogelnik 1969 New York & andere Portraits

When: September 5–October 31
Where: Anzenberger Gallery
Entry: TBD

In 1969, Viennese photographer, Michael Horowitz, accompanied rising Pop art icon, Kiki Kogelnik, in New York. Born in Carinthia and considered Austria’s most important Pop-related artist, Kogelnik was 26-yearsold at the time she started her promising career, and she was already friends with Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.

This wild and wonderful exhibition will showcase photos taken on this trip by Horowitz during which the two explored museums, performed quirky acts on construction sites, and in Kiki’s apartment.

Recommended if you like: exploring photography, Andy Warhol, Pop art, taking the camera you bought at a fleamarket out for a stroll, practising your pensive face in front of the mirror, getting inspired by art, learning about Vienna’s past creatives.

See how Modernist artists combined philosophy with art

Reading Time in Space

When: November 16 – April 13
Where: MUMOK
Entry: 8–12€, check the details

This exhibition at MUMOK right here will put the spotlight on some of the best art produced between the years of 1910–1955, also referred to as the epoch of Modernism. Whether artists back then even really considered what they were doing as modern art is one of the main topics in focus. Also in focus will be the big philosophical questions that they’ve expressed within their art. Read more about it on their website.

Recommended if you like: questioning space and time, philosophy within art, just not getting what this canvas of a asymmetrical square is about, MUMOK

© Bildrecht Wien, 2019

Check out this exhibition displaying the 20th century through art

WIEN 1900 | Aufbruch in die Moderne

When: since March 16
Where: Leopoldmuseum
Entry: 8–14€, check details

“Aufbruch der Moderne” is the title of this exhibition, meaning “Departure from Modern Art”. At the Leopold Museum, you’ll get to witness all the massive changes that art has been through in the 20th century, presented in the form of emotions converted into art. Besides murals, the exhibition also features contemporary literature, theater, music and even philosophy, spread across three floors. For more info, check out their website.

Recommended if you like: all kinds of art, Egon Schiele and stuff, chilling in the MQ, trying to read emotions of artists in their art, getting your culture on, nodding and saying, “hmmm”

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