All the best culture and art events happening in Vienna right NOW & coming weeks

All the best culture and art events happening in Vienna right NOW & coming weeks

June 29, 2020

All the best culture
and art events happening
in Vienna right NOW
& coming weeks

June 29, 2020

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What’s that? You’ve got that itching urge to get all cultured and inspired at some absorbing art exhibition, or by watching something on stage that gets your emotions boiling?

Check out the list of awesome art and culture events happening in Vienna right now, or in the next few weeks:

Marvel at a unique art collection

Van Gogh, Cézanne, Matisse, Hodler. Die Sammlung Hahnloser

When: February 22 – November 15
Where: Albertina
Entry: 16.90€ (11.90€ under 26)

The married couple Hahnloser–Bühler shared a passion in collecting art, which has resulted in their owning the most important private collection of French Modernist art around. Hahnloser? More like Hahnwinner!! Starting on February 22nd, you will be able to admire their collection at the Albertina!

Recommended if you like: art, power couples who like collecting art, looking at pretty artwork or a mirror (which is basically the same thing), modernist art, correcting the way people pronounce Van Gogh

Getting to know inventive architecture

Balkrishna Doshi. Architecture for the People

When: March 26 – June 29
Where: Architekturzentrum 
Entry: 7–9€

Did you know that houses can grow? Well, the ones on show here at least are called ‘growing houses’. You can find out more about this interesting concept at the Architekturzentrum, which has an exhibition dedicated to the Indian architect Balkrishna Doshi, who focuses on social and experimental housing and designs inspired by Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings. The starting date is March 26th. 

Recommended if you like: architecture, housing that covers people’s needs, inventive ideas, the Architekturzentrum, inventions that are useful

Experience this artist’s first-ever solo exhibition!

Steve Reinke. Butter

When: March 6 –  October 26
Where: mumok
Entry: 13€ (9.50€ students under 26)

For all of you out there who are addicted to art, this one’s definitely for you! Steve Reinke, a Canadian artist, will be staging his first solo exhibition at the mumok starting March 3rd. It would go beyond the scope of this event tip to try to explain the works of art he has produced but as a taster, you’ll be confronted with his new video work ‘An Arrow Pointing to a Hole’, as well as some selected embroidery and more!

Recommended if you like: Sunday strolling through museums, mumok, thinking outside the box, getting inspired by art, getting all philosophical over a cup of coffee, art in general

Check out an exhibition that makes you think

Gelebt. Ingeborg Strobl

When: March 6, 2020 – January 10, 2021
Where: MUMOK
Entry: 13€ (9.50€ students under 26)

Some things are easier to ignore or block out than to deal with. The art of Ingeborg Strobl, however, challenges the viewer, placing the controversy front and centre and forcing a reaction. Her art is connected to social criticism, especially regarding consumerism and the madness of mass production. Are you ready for this?

Recommended if you like: social criticism, trying to change the world, the MUMOK, art that makes you think, thinking about ways to improve

A must see for Bilderbuch fans

Approximation by Bilderbuch

When: February 28 – November 8, 12pm–7pm
Where: MQ – Museumsquartier
Entry: 7€, buy a ticket

How a band presents itself to the world is strongly connected to visual arts, especially when they are as stylish and funky as the guys from Bilderbuch. So together with the MQ, they are presenting this exhibition dedicated to all the visual artists they’ve been working with, be it on videos, album covers or stage decoration.

Recommended if you like: Bilderbuch, visual arts, bands that are a work of art themselves, Museumsquartier, catching an exhibition once in a while to feel cultured again

Check out photographs from the 80s

Michael Horowitz

When: February 28 – September 6
Where: Albertina
Entry: 16.90€ (11.90€ under 26)

Michael Horowitz is a busy man. He is a Viennese journalist, author, publisher and has also been an active photographer since he was at school. His speciality until the end of the 80s was photographs of famous people. The Albertina invites you to enjoy an exhibition of Horowitz’s work during that period, with a heavy focus on the cultural life of Vienna.

Recommended if you like: photographs from the previous century, the Albertina, the cultural life of Vienna, famous people from the 80s, analog photography

Browse photographs that tell you a story

Alec Soth – Photography is a Language

When: February 26 – August 30
Where: Kunst Haus Wien
Entry: 9€, buy a ticket

Do you count photography as your hobby, even though the only photos you take are selfies? On February 26th, the Kunst Haus Wien opens an exhibition focused on the photographer, Alec Soth, who focuses on people and their unique situations in his work. The exhibition might inspire you to not only think outside the selfie–box, but also to learn more about the language of photography.

Recommended if you like: photography, getting insights in the lives of people you have never met, getting inspired by photographers who master the language of photography, hanging out in galleries, the Kunst Haus Wien

Two outstanding Austrian artists of the 20th century in one exhibition

Hundertwasser – Schiele; Imagine tomorrow

When: February 2 – August 31
Where: Leopold Museum
Entry: student and seniors ticket 10€, regular ticket 14€, get your tickets!

Hundertwasser and Schiele are both iconic Austrian artists. Even though they never met each other, Hundertwasser always looked up to Schiele and appreciated his work. 20 years after Hundertwasser’s death, you’d be mad to miss the chance to visit a rather special exhibition. The Leopold Museum will be displaying pieces by both artists and trying to show similarities and connections between these artists. The exhibition will be showing from February 2nd to August 31st. If you are into art, it’d be highly bonkers not to go!

Recommended if you like: art in general, the Leopold Museum, Hundertwasser, Schiele, Sunday strolling through museums, Austrian art, staring at a painting for 20 minutes and not understanding what’s even going on in it but whatever it’s art

An exhibition all about fashion made in our good old Alpine Republic

SHOW OFF. Austrian Fashion Design

When: February 14 – August 30
Where: MAK
Entry: 14€ (11€ students under 26)

Not many people know this, but Austrian fashion encompasses far more than just Dirndls and Lederhosen. That’s probably why the Museum of Applied Arts is hosting this exhibition where everything is all about homegrown fashion design. Around 50 designers and 30 photographers are taking part, showcasing various creations from the eighties, up until today.

Recommended if you like: being en vogue, dressing up, reading fashion magazines, reading fashion blogs, being a fashionista, dreaming of expensive clothes you’ll probably never be able to afford, worshipping the shrine with a picture of Karl Lagerfeld next to your bed

Catch this exhibition of epic views from an Austrian painter

Herbert Brandl

When: January 31–October 26
Where: Belvedere 21
Entry: 9€ (7€ Students under 26), buy a ticket

Austrian painter Herbert Brandl is one of the most important representatives of Neo-Expressionism. He produces large-format works, ranking alongside the most successful contemporary painters in Austria. The majority of his paintings are landscapes with a particular focus on the monumentality of mountainscapes. This exhibition at Belvedere 21 shows the work he has produced over the past two decades including pieces created especially for this show.

Recommended if you like: Austrian artists, Neo-Expressionism, contemporary painters, giant paintings of giant mountains, supporting local artists, landscapes, Belvedere 21, sitting on a bench and staring at a painting for hours

Picture © Markus Wörgötter 

Check out the way this painter looked at people

Wilhelm Leibl – Gut sehen ist alles!

When: January 31 – July 26
Where: Albertina
Entry: 11.90€ aged under 26, 16.90€ aged 26+

Do you like to keep it real? Well, so did the German painter, Wilhelm Leibl, one of the most important realist painters in Europe who was praised by none other than Vincent Van Gogh. His work revolves around the authentic portrayal of human subjects. To him, it wasn’t important whether a model was beautiful, but rather that the painter was able to ‘perceived them well.’ So there you have the proof – you don’t look ugly in photos, they’re just bad photos.

Recommended if you like: keeping it real, art, being artsy, important painters, looking at paintings for hours, wearing a scarf indoors that is elegantly slung around your neck, wearing spectacles you don’t actually need, using the word spectacles instead of glasses

Check out this exhibition full of selfies

The Cindy Sherman Effect

When: WED, Jan 29 – SUN, July 19
Where: Kunstforum Wien
Entry: 11€

Cindy Sherman’s pictures are among the all-time classics of staged photography. With her work, which consists exclusively of self-portraits depicting herself in various situations as different characters, she tries to address topics such as identity, transformation and the myriad roles of women in society. A few years ago, one of them was sold for almost four million dollars at auction, making it the most expensive photo ever sold at that time. We wish our selfies were worth that much!

Recommended if you like: photography, important female artists, photos with a meaning behind them, taking selfies, looking at photos of other people on Instagram, getting inspiration for improving your selfie game

See how Modernist artists combined philosophy with art

Reading Time in Space

When: November 16, 2019 – September 6, 2020
Where: MUMOK
Entry: 13€ (9.50€ students under 27)

This exhibition at MUMOK right here puts the spotlight on some of the best art produced between the years of 1910–1955, also referred to as the epoch of Modernism. Whether artists back then even really considered what they were doing as modern art is one of the main topics in focus. Also in focus is the big philosophical questions that they’ve expressed within their art. Read more about it on their website.

Recommended if you like: questioning space and time, philosophy within art, just not getting what this canvas of a asymmetrical square is about, MUMOK

© Bildrecht Wien, 2019

Check out this exhibition displaying the 20th century through art

WIEN 1900 | Aufbruch in die Moderne

When: since March 16
Where: Leopoldmuseum
Entry: 14€ (10€ students under 28)

“Aufbruch der Moderne” is the title of this exhibition, meaning “Departure from Modern Art”. At the Leopold Museum, you’ll get to witness all the massive changes that art has been through in the 20th century, presented in the form of emotions converted into art. Besides murals, the exhibition also features contemporary literature, theater, music and even philosophy, spread across three floors. For more info, check out their website.

Recommended if you like: all kinds of art, Egon Schiele and stuff, chilling in the MQ, trying to read emotions of artists in their art, getting your culture on, nodding and saying, “hmmm”

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