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All the best culture and art events happening in Vienna right NOW

May 20, 2019

All the best culture
and art events
happening in Vienna
right now

May 20, 2019

Vienna Würstelstand's says

What’s that? You’ve got that itching urge to get all cultured and inspired at some absorbing art exhibition, or by watching something on stage that gets your emotions boiling?

Check out the list of awesome art and culture events happening in Vienna right now:

Culture yourself at this art exhibition at Mumok


When: May 25–Oct 26
Where: Mumok
Entry: 12€, check all prices, here

Get a little dizzy at this exhibition at Mumok which will test your sense of what is up and what is down. In the exhibition titled, Vertigo, there will be vibrating, swirling, and pulsating pieces that will have you asking yourself if it’s actually you that’s dizzy or if it’s the walls that are dizzy and you’re actually just standing perfectly grounded on the floor. Think about that one for a while…and then get to Mumok before this exhibition ends in October.

Recommended if you like: art exhibitions that make you dizzy, testing your senses, maybe falling over a little in public, exhibitions that pulsate – that’s right, we said it, Mumok

Enjoy Nitsch’s artwork at this exhibition in the Albertina

NITSCH. Spaces of Color

When: May 17 – June 11, 11pm–5am
Where: Albertina
Entry: 16€, check all prices here

Check out this exhibition in one of Vienna’s loveliest museums, the Albertina. The title is Spaces of Color, and you’ll find some of Hermann Nitsch’s most interesting artwork inspired by actionism & multimediality. It’ll be the kind of thing you can brag about to your friends. Just say it really nonchalantly: “yea, so I saw something interesting at the Albertina the other day…” It impresses people every time. For further information on the exhibition, click here.

Recommended if you like: admiring the beauty of color, performance art, acting like you have a clue about art, realizing you don’t need to have a clue about art to enjoy art, bragging to your friends, wearing glasses even when you don’t need them Hermann Nitsch

Witness the Art history museum taken over by the power of love

Ganymed In Love

When: May 22, 25 & 29 | June 5 & 15, 7pm–10pm
Where: Kunsthistorische Museum
Entry: 38€, but most of them are already sold out, buy tickets

A very special exhibition is going down in the art history museum. Instead of nature (last year’s motto) taking over the opulent halls of the museum, this year it will be love! You have to buy one of the tickets for one of the exclusive appointments at which you can catch the exhibition. This is part of the highly successful exhibition series, Ganyemed. 13 stations will position love as the main actress in this art performance and show. Find more details, here.

Recommended if you like: art, exclusive art events, being one of the few to witness something special, being inspired in a gallery, practising your pensive face in the mirror, thinking about love

A special tour with a special tour guide through the Albertina

Salon Kümmernis. Flanieren und Diskutieren | Rubens bis Makart

When: every last Friday of the month, 5:30pm–8pm
Where: Albertina
Entry: 5€ (excl. museum entrance), first come first serve!

Charismatic local Drag Queen, Tiefe Kümmernis, is inviting one and all on a tour through the current exhibition, Rubens bis Makart, at the Albertina every last Friday of the month. There’s no registration possible, it’s first come first serve! So be sure to be among the first ones there. It will really be an eye-opener.

Recommended if you like: art history books, practising your pensive face in front of the mirror, getting inspired by art, getting all philosophical over a cup of coffee, being happy, licking your nose with your tongue, getting As to your Qs,

Get out to the Leopold Museum for this Oskar Kokoschka exhibition


When: April 6–July 8
Where: Leopold Museum
Entry: 13€, check all prices, here

This will be an incredibly comprehensive exhibition of the works of Oskar Kokoschka. His life history parallels that of the 20th century. He was an artist, a writer, a maker of theater and his works show creative sides of Vienna, Dresden, Prague and more. You have until July 8 to catch this beautiful exhibition at Leopold Museum.

Recommended if you like: Oskar Kokoschka, very large art exhibitions, telling everyone at work that you partied all weekend when you were really at the museum, putting new images into your mind, Leopold Museum

Feast your eyes on these two photo exhibitions

Über Leben am Land & Future Scenarios

When: March 23 – August 25
Where: Kunst Haus Wien
Entry: 12€

Kunst Haus Wien is currently hosting two photo exhibitions. One exhibition is about rural living which makes us want to kick our boots off and walk around bare foot. The other exhibition is about climate change and what may or may not happen to our climate in the future. Which makes us want to put our shoes back on. You know, just to be safe. Treat your eyes and check out these exhibitions.

Recommended if you like: photography, photo exhibitions, taking your shoes off, putting your shoes back on just in case, climate change, rural living, doing something really cultured that you can brag about later, Kunst Haus Wien

Check out this exhibition displaying the 20th century through art

WIEN 1900 | Aufbruch in die Moderne

When: March 16–June 16
Where: Leopoldmuseum
Entry: 8-14€, check details here

“Aufbruch der Moderne” is the title of this exhibition, meaning “Departure of Modern Art”. At the Leopold Museum you get to witness all the massive changes that the 20th century’s been through, presented in the form of emotions converted into art. Besides murals, the exhibition also features contemporary literature, theater, music and even philosophy, spread across three floors. For more info, check out their website.

Recommended if you like: all kinds of art, Egon Schiele and stuff, chilling in the MQ, trying to read emotions of artists in their art, getting your culture on, nodding and saying, “hmmm”

See Mark Rothko’s work at the Art History Museum

Mark Rothko

When: March 12 – June 30
Where: Kunsthistorisches Museum
Entry: 16€ (12€ students)

The Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien (Art History Museum of Vienna) is offering a special treat – an exhibition of Mark Rothko’s work. This American artist has never been shown in Austria so get out and represent – woot woot! Sorry, we forgot our museum manners. We meant to say: enjoy and peruse artwork that has never before been viewed in Austria.

Recommended if you like: Mark Rothko (you’re going to want to like his work if you go to this exhibition because, you know, it’s all him), seeing art that has never been shown in Austria before, saying “woot woot” in a museum (but quietly), Kunsthistorisches Museum

See an exhibition on the use of patterns in design

Pattern and Decoration – Mumok

When: February 23 – September 8
Where: Mumok
Entry: 12/9/8€, check pricing details, here

There are patterns everywhere, they say. Like how we have made a pattern of eating a chocolate pastry for breakfast every day. But that’s not really what we’re talking about here. Peter and Irene Ludwig have collected examples of patterns used in decoration throughout history and if you head on over to Mumok you can see the exhibition for yourself. Make a pattern of going to museums, starting today.

Recommended if you like: patters, museums, exhibitions, patterns, museums, exhibitions, patterns…ok, sorry, beautiful colors on the wall, geometry used in an artistic way, studying how people have chosen to decorate their surroundings through history, Mumok

Check out this exhibition at Albertina

Rubens bis Makart

When: February 16 – June 10
Where: Albertina
Entry: free (opening event)!

To celebrate the 300-year-anniversary of the founding year of the Principality of Liechtenstein, Albertina will celebrate with an exhibition. Works from artists like Peter Paul Rubens will be the focus of the show as well as treasures of the Biedermeier collection.

Recommended if you like: art, exhibitions at Albertina, celebrating anniversaries, art collections, Biedermeier, inviting your mind to think differently, Sunday strolling through museums

Check out this exhibition at Albertina

Manfred Willmann at Albertina

When: February 7  – May 26
Where: Albertina
Entry: 16€ (11€ students), buy a ticket online

Albertina will be dedicating a comprehensive exhibition to the Austrian photographer Manfred Willmann. He’s known for breaking with clichés of idyllic country life and capturing scenes from his personal environment in Styria.

Recommended if you like: art, exhibitions at Albertina, questioning life and reality itself, inviting your mind to think differently, Sunday strolling through museums, Austrian artists

Catch this artist’s early work on display at Kinokulturhaus

Wim Wenders – Early Photographs – 60s – 80s

When: Daily until June 9, check opening hours here
Where: Metro Kinokulturhaus
Entry: 7.50€ (6€ students)

Kinokulturhaus is bringing you the photography works of German filmmaker and author, Wim Wenders – you might know him from directing Buena Vista Social Club back in the day. Anyway, he’s also an accomplished fotographer – and this exhibition is bringing his body of work from the 60s, 70s and 80s to the public. Check it out at Kinokulturhaus until June!

Recommended if you like: photography exhibits, checking out the work of big-a** artists, being inspired by art, old cameras, taking selfies, talking about yourself in the 3rd person, polaroids that resist the test of time

Check out this exhibition of Chinese contemporary art

Chinese Whispers. Neue Kunst aus der Sigg Collection

When: January 29 – May 26
Where: MAK – Museum of Applied Arts
Entry: 12€ (10€ students)

Put on your smart kid glasses for this one. At the exhibition Chinese Whispers, you’ll get to see a bunch of beautiful contemporary Chinese (suprise, surprise!) art at MAK. Go and see the beautiful collection of art Uli Sigg has brought to Vienna. 

Recommended if you like: contemporary Chinese artwork, being smart, saying, “hmmm,” if you don’t know what else to say, wearing smart kid glasses, the smell of museums, using your brain, MAK

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