5 FREE events you should check out in Vienna this week - Vienna Würstelstand

5 FREE events you should check out in Vienna this week

January 29, 2018

5 FREE events you
should check out
in Vienna this week

January 29, 2018

Vienna Würstelstand's says

They were right – the best things in life ARE free. Here are 5 awesome events you can enjoy without spending a cent this week in Vienna:

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(Header photo by the talented Instagrammer @spoti)

Free beer tasting!

Bier Club // Scandinavian & Baltic Beers

When: MON, January 29, 7–8pm
Where: Brickmaker’s Pub & Kitchen
Entry: free!

The Brickmaker’s beer tasting sessions are back in business and they’ll be kicking things off this Monday with a selection of Scandinavian and Baltic beers – sounds like a match made in heaven… when it comes to beer and human love… if you know what we mean… cause we don’t. Anyway, you don’t have to pay a cent for the tasting, however, we’re sure you’ll be tempted to sit down and have a pint of some craft beer brew. Beginners and experienced craft beer connoisseurs are all welcome.

Recommended if you like: beer, tasting beer like it’s wine, the smell of hops, trying to brew your own beer in the cellar of your apartment building while you hope the landlord never finds out, hanging out in bars

A night full of music from far away places

World Music Session hosted by Habib Samandi

When: WED, January 31, 8pm-11pm
Where: Tunnel
Entry: free!

Those cute little ears of yours will be able to go for a trip this Wednesday night if they make their way to the Tunnel. There, the talented man on percussions, Habib Samandi, will be getting a whole bunch of musicians together to create some…uh…music. One of the musical talents will be a Syrian trio, while after the main act, the stage will be opened up for anybody who is keen to take part in this unique and global open mic jam. If you’re more a listener than a musician, this is a great option for a Wednesday night drink with friends.

Recommended if you like:  traveling, music with lots of percussions in it, when magnificent sounds come out of random musicians getting on stage together, world music, being a musician

Austrian stand-up comedy at 7stern

STUHL. BITTE. // Stand Up Comedy im 7*Stern Wohnzimmer

When: MON, January 29, 8pm–10pm
Where: 7stern
Entry: free! Donations are welcome.

Stand-up comedian, David Stockenreiter, claims he will take you into the ‘dark world of people with disabilities.’ If you wanna’ find out what he actually means by this and what his programme, Stuhl. Bitte., is all about, you should be at café 7stern then…this Monday….not now.

Recommended if you like: comedy, stand up, chilled evenings, laughing until your belly hurts, dark humour, singing to your bellybutton, the smell of fireworks

An evening dedicated to one of the most talented dancers of all time

Frederick Austerlitz bittet zum Tanz!

When: TUE, January 30, 7pm–9pm
Where: Jüdisches Museum Wien
Entry: free! Register via events@jmw.at

Tuesday evening at the Jewish Museum is dedicated to Fred Astaire. Who is that you ask? This man was a dancer, choreographer, singer and artist. This film legend (voted number 5 of all time male artists by the American Film Institute) has roots in Austria, with his dad coming from around here, so the museum will honour him with a talk, dance, and some music.

Recommended if you like: hearing stories about legendary people, black and white movies, spending your evening at a museum, Dirty Dancing

A very human photography exhibition

Juergen Teller

When: January 18-March 3 (TUE-FRI 10am-7pm, SAT 11am-4pm, SUN closed)
Where: Christine König Gallerie
Entry: free!

Juergen Teller, German artist and fine-art and fashion photographer, is currently exhibiting a range of his poignantly human photography in the Christine König Galerie. Having been featured in a raft of magazines for his fashion photography, his work is famous for its raw, overexposed style. This is definetely a exhibition worth checking out if you’re into the beauty of imperfection like Juergen is.

Recommended if you like: wearing mismatching socks, the beauty of the imperfect, talented photography, being moved by an image, street photography, wandering a gallery for hours