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17 International Women’s Day events in Vienna where to learn and celebrate the true meaning of the day

March 7, 2018

17 International Women's
Day events in Vienna
where to learn and celebrate
the true meaning of the day

March 7, 2018

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International Women’s Day is the world’s alarm clock to remind all of the countless past achievements of women around the world, and to recognise the struggle for women today. Gender inequalities still riddle our society, and while you’ll hear the odd alpha male baboon crying, ‘Why is there no day for men?!’ think of March the 8th as more a day to talk about what we can do to create a fairer, more balanced world.

Here are 17 events happening across Vienna at which to learn and celebrate the meaning of International Women’s Day:

A festival of business, just for women

Business Riot Festival 2018

When: THU–SAT, March 8-10
Where: Donauhof

A big-ass two day business festival is happening from Thursday until Saturday, and it’s for the ladies only. Starting on International Women’s Day, the Business Riot will see over 80 business workshops held, a number of networking events and talks held on the subject of women in business. The female-only workshops range from topics like social media to blockchain stuff and you can also get career counselling if you’re in need of some direction, or are having problems in the workplace as a woman. And for those of you guys out there reading this and wondering why you’re not invited – well, you’ve had boys clubs for long enough. Give the ladies some room to advance their cause. Check out the program, here. 

Recommended if you like: owning boobies and a vagina, closing the gender pay gap, girl power, climbing the ladder (any ladder, really), getting fired up about business, networking

The women’s animation film festival + an exhibition 

Tricky Women 2018 | Bildraum 07

When: THU, March 8, 6:30pm–9:30pm
Where: Bildraum 07
Entry: Free!

Tricky Women – the festival for animated movie art by women – will be running from the 7 to the 11th of March so you’ll have plenty opportunities to catch a film from a creative animation movie maker (find details about the program, here) while they’ll also be hosting a special exhibition at Bildraum 07, which showcases the mixture of techniques and themes used by contemporary female film makers – a fascinating insight is to be had. 

Recommended if you like: art by female artists, exhibition opening nights, artsy-fartsy people, see and be seen, being inspired by contemporary artists, creating, being inspired by others who create

Vienna’s city hall celebrates International Women’s Day 2018

Wiener Frauentag 2018

When: THU, March 8, 3pm–7:30pm
Where: Rathaus
Entry: Free!

The Rathaus will be transformed on Thursday as it becomes a temple dedicated to women. You’ll find a bunch of information there about your rights as a female living in Vienna, and workshops on all things women and women’s rights. Also, the gallery “Wien. Stadt der Großen Töchter” (Vienna. City of great daughters) will be presenting the work and stories of two exceptional women and celebrating 100 years of women’s right to vote in Austria. Also, there will be a live concert by Clara Luzia happening later on in the evening.

Recommended if you like: events at the Rathaus, being a woman, learning something new, remembering how important it is to stand up for your rights, meeting other great people, history

A powerful photo exhibition of women from faraway, remote places

Weltfrauentag – Fotoausstellung Women’s Voice / Mahila Avaz

When: THU, March 8, 6pm-12am
Where: Salmgasse
Entry: free!

Visiting this photography exhibition is a brilliant way to cewlebrate International Women’s Day. You’ll actually be learning the ways of life of some women who are living in the remote parts of Nepal. We’ll let the event organiser’s explain the rest: ‘Photographer Josip Jukic-Sunaric is documenting the living environment of women and girls in Simikot, one of the most remote rural areas in Nepal. That’s where, after an intensive participative study of Helena Hinterecker, the project “Mahila Avaz – women`s voice” was founded. The goal of the project is to end gender-based violence using a holistic approach of empowerment of local women, girls and the community. All revenues of the event will be used for the project. ‘

Recommended if you like: the power of photogoraphy in telling stories, traveling with a rucksack, being a student for life, wandering around a gallery getting inspired

A discussion on politics and women

Winter is coming! Frauen*politik national & international

When: THU, March 8, 7pm–10pm
Where: Donauhof Wien
Entry: free!

As part of the festival, Business Riot (women* only), lectures and workshops on gender pay gap and inequality in the job market are being offered; this talk is one of them. In ‘Winter is coming’, the question will be addressed of how women* can make their voice heard in the rise of populist and right-wing political parties. Join the discussion and you’ll surely hear interesting and international perspectives on the state of Austrian and international politics. The event is open to all genders, and it’ll be free! For detailed info on the festival, check the program here.

Recommended if you like: feminism and equality, fighting for your rights, inspirational events, meeting great people, talks and discussions, learning something new, adding a few solid arguments to your feminism discussions, being part of the movement, trying to drag the world into the 21st century and into the future

A guided tour that shines a light on revolutionary Jewish women

Führung: Genossin.Jüdin.

When: THU, March 8, 5pm–6pm
Where: Jüdisches Museum Wien, Dorotheergasse
Entry: 12€ museum entry, tour is free

Take a guided tour through the Jewish Museum’s current exhibition which shines a spotlight on 6 different revolutionary Jewish women who fought for a new and better society. You’ll hear the stories of Lisa Markstein, Eva Priester, Gerty Schindel, Prive Friedjung, Malke Schorr and Rosa Luxemburg, and how even left of the political center, most stories are men-centric. 

Recommended if you like: special guided tours, Jewish Museum Vienna, learning about the past, awesome women that inspire you, art and exhibitions, afternoons at the museum, being inspired by inspirational people of the past

Drinks and lady talk with half price cocktails

Weltfrauentag | International Women’s Day 2018

When: THU, March 8, 11:30am–12am
Where: Hard Rock Café
Entry: free!

Is there any better way to celebrate Women’s Day than getting together with a bunch of your female friends, talking about how you’re going to take over the world while sipping at half price cocktails. The people at Hard Rock Café will offering the opportunity for you to do just that. And it’s just for ladies.

Recommended if you like: burgers, after-work drinks, drinking one too many cocktails, girls night, getting tipsy on cheap drinks, not showing up to work on Fridays, heated conversations over drinks

Tour an exhibit dedicated to women over 45

EIKON Award (45+): Führung & Podiumsdiskussion

When: THU, March 8, 6pm–9pm
Where: Künstlerhaus 1050
Entry: free!

Initiated by the international magazine EIKON, the EIKON award pays homage to women photographers and media artists aged 45 and over. The Künstlerhaus 1050 is currently hosting the exhibition of the award. This Thursday, to celebrate International Women’s Day, there will be a guided tour through the exhibit, plus there will be a panel discussion about, ‘Women Who Worry.’ On Thursday, the entrance to the Künstlerhaus 1050 (and the event) will be free!

Recommended if you like: feminism and equality, fighting for your rights, inspirational events, meeting great people, talks and discussions, exploring photography, politics and art mingling, watching historical documentaries on the couch while only wearing a bathrobe

Learn how to use the power of poetry at a Int. Women’s Day poetry slam workshop

Poetry Slam Workshop am Weltfrauen*tag

When: THU, March 8, 4pm–6:30pm
Where: Kulturzentrum Spittelberg im Amerlinghaus
Entry: free! Register via contact@fomp.eu

Every month, the poetry slam collective, FOMP, are teaching the dark arts of the poetry slam. But this month’s edition will be slightly different, as the workshop will be hosted by women, for women. If you’ve always wanted to become the next poetry slam champion, be at the Amerlinghaus this Thursday. It’ll be free, but you’ll need to sign up via mail.

Recommended if you like: poetry, letting it all out in public, fancy words, being a wordsmith, working wonders with words, Sylvia Plath, Jelinek, sweet poetry

A good old pub quiz dedicated to how awesome women are

Int’l Women’s Day Pub Quiz

When: THU, March 8, 7pm–10pm
Where: Café Korb
Entry: free! Donations welcome!

Do you happen to know which country first allowed women to vote? Or how rich the richest women in the world are? Whether you do, or you don’t, you’ll be learning something about how awesome women are at this special event. At this pub quiz, they’ll be asking all sorts of questions related to the remarkable achievements of women. Gather your friends, and head to Café Korb this Thursday, whether you own a vagina or not.

Recommended if you like: playing games, team activities, a friendly competition that might turn violent after you’ve had too many beers, a good old pub quiz, reading fem’ lit’, winning competitions, having a head full of random facts

A concert to celebrate a Queer Women’s Day

Queer Women’s Day (all gender welcome) – mit Finkbass & Querfunk

When: THU, March 8, 9pm–12am
Where: Kramladen
Entry: 10€

Kramladen will be celebrating a Queer Women’s Day this Thursday with a concert, and they’re calling on all genders to celebrate together. Finkbass and Querfunk will be on stage putting tunes out there in th spirit of the day. Laura Fink aka Finkbass is known for using a loop station, a bass guitar, drum pads and her voice to create unique songs. Querfunk is a homegrown Rock & Pop Band from Vienna. Listen to both of them, here, and celebrate women’s rights with song:

Recommended if you like: supporting local talents, beer and cigarettes, sex in dirty public toilets, getting tipsy enough to tell all your friends how much you love them, girls who like boys who like boys who like girls who like girls and so on…, stripping away the gender

An international festival dedicated to women

SZENE WORLD Female Festival

When: THU, March 8, 8pm–11am
Where: Szene Wien
Entry: free!

For a big celebration in the name of women, Szene Wien will be inviting one and all to their SZENE WORLD Female Festival this Thursday. With the Iranian musical duo, Golnar & Mahan, they’ll have impressive and unique sounds being made on stage, while the Romanian singer, Diana Rasina, will talk about Romanian Folklore as part of her project, ‘Romanian Tales.’ To top the evening off, the female choir, Weltkultur Frauenchor, will sing as well. For detailed info, check here.  Here’s a taste of what the evening will have in store:

Recommended if you like: seriously talented musicians performing live, stories from afar, intimate settings, owning a vagina or celebrating anybody that owns a vagina, World Music

Hit the streets and demonstrate for women’s rights

Demo – internationaler feministischer Kampftag

When: THU, March 8, 5pm–9pm
Where: Christian-Broder-Platz
Entry: Free!

All kind of women’s rights issues come to the fore on International women’s day, and many of them will be shouted from the streets and shown with people hitting the pavement on Thursday From a rejection of the patriarchy system we live in to sexism, to people protesting the crappy rights for single mothers out there. If you can relate any of this, you can join in (with your kids if you like) on this demonstration that will be kicking off at 5pm from Christian-Broda-Platz. Even if you’re not a woman or a single parent, this event will inform you on the institutionalised challenges facing those that are.

Recommended if you like: demonstrations, fighting for your rights, marching the streets, uniting with other great people who want the world to be a better place, after work rallies, 

Celebrating 100 years of women’s right to vote

Frauen wählet – 100 Jahre Frauenwahlrecht in Österreich

When: THU, March 8, 10am–9pm
Where: Literaturmuseum der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek
Entry: Free!

It’s only been 100 years that women have been allowed to vote in Austria – can you believe it!? This was a pivotal political achievement for women in 1918, and something we should never take for granted. And so, on this year’s International Women’s Day, the Literaturmuseum der Österreichischen Nationalbibliothek will be offering special tours through their halls which have a bunch of books and other things that tell you everything about the struggle. At 7pm, you’ll also get a chance to listen to Historian, Birgitta Bader-Zaar, Editor Eva Geber, and Author, Nadine Kegele, talk about how vital it is that we all remain engaged in the fight for women’s rights. 

Recommended if you like: fighting for women’s rights, being allowed to vote, informational events, learning something new, imagining living in different times, special museum tours, panel talks, getting damn angry at the pay gap between the sexes, crushing stereotypes with your words, reading rather large history books

Watch some awesome women on the big screen


When: THU, March 8, 3pm–11pm
Where: Votivkino / De France
Entry: reserve your tickets here

The Votivkino and De France cinemas are dedicating their big screens to International Women’s Day. To celebrate and contribute to the awareness the day aims to bring, they’ll be showing films that have strong women in focus.  From 4pm–11pm this movie marathon will be happening, and will include these exceptional films: Votiv: Whale Rider (4pm), Die Verlegerin (6:15pm), Thelma & Louise (8pm); De France: Maikäfer flieg (4pm), Küchengespräche mit Rebellinnen (6:15pm), Maudie (8pm). A good way to get inspired on this special day. 

Recommended if you like: cinemas, movie nights, staying at the cinema to watch three different films in a row, getting inspired by great women, leaving work early to be inspired instead, girl power, learning things through film and fiction

The ultimate Hip Hop and breakdancing party for Women’s day


When: THU, March 8, 10pm
Where: Fluc

The all-female Hip Hop / breakdancing / graffiti / DJ and Rap performance group, Femme DMC X Laughta is in town, and they’ll be calling on all to party for International Women’s Day in the grungy halls of the fluc. They’ll be performing all of their talents listed above for one night only, and for women only. Oh, and did we mention that the mixed bag of a performer, Laughta will be on stage too. Check her out here:

Recommended if you like: bouncing to Hip Hop with one arm in the air, breakdancing or watching somebody else do it, being able to lick your nose with your own tongue, girl power

A 7-day festival dedicated to the feminist fight 

Rrriot Festival 2018

When: THU–WED, March 1–7
Where: various locations
Entry: free! Some events require a ticket or registration, check here

The festival focused on the good feminist fight is happening from this Thursday until the following Wednesday, with more than 50 events happening in locations all over town! The unique Rrriot festival is all about heating up the discourse around feminism and sexism. Museums, galleries, cinemas, clubs, co-working spaces, as well as other cultural-political and feminist initiatives, will be playing host to a broad spectrum of talks, workshops, panel discussions, tours, and shows –  all about feminism. Find more info and the full program here

Plus: Business Riot (women* only) is offering lectures and workshops on gender pay gap and inequality in the job market. The conference is happening from March 8–10 and offers more than 40 workshops and discussion.

Recommended if you like: feminism and equality, fighting for your rights, inspirational events, meeting great people, talks and discussions, learning something new, adding a few solid arguments to your feminism discussions being part of the movement trying to drag the world into the 21st century and into the future