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16 things you need to do to make the most out of October in Vienna

September 29, 2018

16 things you need
to do to make the
most out of October
in Vienna

September 29, 2018

Vienna Würstelstand's says

Vienna doesn’t only come alive with the colours of autumn in October, but it also comes to life with a ton of cultural events, parties and festivals in all forms.

Here are 16 things to do to make the most out of October in Vienna:


An night of Singer-Songwriters with guitars raising money for Vienna Würstelstand

Acoustic Rhythm & Booze

When: THU, October 4, 7pm–11pm
Where: Cafe Harvest
Entry: Pay as you wish donation which goes to the Vienna Würstelstand crowdfunding campaign!

A night of Acoustic Rhythm & Booze to raise funds for Vienna Würstelstand’s vienna senf crowdfunding campaign.

A fine collection of Indie Singer/ Songwriters will take to the stage (ummm, actually we couldn’t afford the stage) for an acoustic session in the cosy-as-hell, dimly-lit, sofa-ridden, Café Harvest.

A charmingly rustic night of authentic acoustic tunes will take you traveling on this Thursday night, with the likes of the following ramblin’, gamblin’ truth-tellers with guitars:

The Tex-Mex-Australian, Delta bluesman blessed with a goosebump-inspiring voice (not to mention a name made for music), Somerset Barnard

The sensitive soul of a British Singer-Songwriter slash indie poppy rocker of catchy melodies, Tall William:

Then there’s the Folk/Americana storyteller on a guitar who’s made for such acoustic settings, Doug Andrews (check out his music, here)

The local trio out of Vienna, Teddy Bear Cove, who aren’t only talented musicians, but tell stories with their music that will get that cute little grin happening at the corner of your mouth that you do, Teddy Bear Cove:

Here’s the deal – we’re calling on Vienna Würstelstand’s community to show us some love by helping us crowdfund our new video channel, vienna senf.

These talented musicians are donating their voices and music, while Harvest Café-Bistrot is donating the space – to them we are super grateful! And now we need you!
Come by if Vienna Würstelstand is part of your life – we’d love your support!

Recommended if you like: Vienna Würstelstand, being part of Vienna Würstelstand’s community, supporting us, random humour, Singer-Songwriters

A festival for niche film lovers 

Japannual 2018

When: MON-SUN, October 1–7 (check out the program, here)
Where: Filmcasino

For the second year in a row, this niche film festival brings the highlights of Japanese movies of the past year to Vienna . Over 20 films and documentaries will be screened at the Filmcasino, which will  surely be packed with the finest (and nerdiest) movie lovers in town. Japanese cinema is very unique and deserves the cult following it has earned itself abroad. Keep an eye on the program, here

Recommended if you like: being a film nerd, discovering films from new cultures, opening up to new stuff, impressing your date, Japan, exotic cultures, small movie festivals, snacking on sushi in the cinema

Get inspired at Vienna Design Week

Vienna Design Week 2018

When: September 28 – October 7
Where: All over town! Check out the program and venues here!

The Vienna Design Week is Austria’s largest design festival and has reached its 12th edition this year! For just over a week, the city becomes an open stage for design, and to showcase how it is shaping our everyday lives and influences us as individuals. Design is defining our lifestyle, our taste and our aesthetic sense and the Vienna Design Week is here to remind us of just that. The addressed themes are very broad – from education to migration, mobility and future scenarios for living environments. This festival shows that design can open eyes and bring solutions to many day to day issues. Check out their website for the complete program and get ready for many days full of exhibitions, workshops, presentations, guided tours and talks on the subject of design.

Recommended if you like: graphic design, product design, having a juicer designed as a milk carton, when pretty things are useful things, wallpaper, fonts, design, getting inspired, exhibition-hopping

A festival for adventurous electronic music + arts

Have a Electronic music adventure @ Unsafe + Sounds Festival 2018

When: October 2-13
Where: Nordbahnhalle, Fluc, Venster99, Arena, Alte Schmiede 
Entry: 60€, for a festival pass here. Single tickets can be bought for every show.

A wave of “adventurous” electronic artists will be hitting Vienna’s shores this month when the Unsafe + Sounds Vienna music festival rolls up. They claim to be much more than a music festival, aiming to investigate the relationship between fundamental changes in our environment and aesthetics, and “look for apt noises for our disturbed existence.” The theme of the festival is Brutal Times, and the results should act as medication for these pathological times we live in.  Sounds like a treat and some serious stuff!

Find the full line-up, program and participating locations, here.

Recommended if you like: bringing variety to your Spotify playlists, music with a message, being a concerned member of our society, finding like-minded people, adventurous electronic music, alternative locations

An international Improv theater festival

Moment! 7th International Improv Festival Vienna 2018

When: THU–TUE, October 4–9, 7:30pm–10:30pm
Where: TAG – Theater an der Gumperndorfer Straße
Entry: 12€/night, buy your ticket here

No script. A crowd of directors yelling demands at actors on stage – the only thing scripted at the TAG’s improv theatre festival this month is that you’ll be laughing your ass off. Improvisational theater (also known as improv theater) is theater without the script. It’s created in the moment with the help of suggestions from the crowd and a moderator, improv actors create dialogues, stories and actions on the spot.

While improv is big on the international stage, TAG are one of the few theatres in Vienna showcasing the entertaining genre of the stage. And they’re bringing in big name improv actors for a week this month that will hit the stage alongside local talented improv actors. You can get your tickets, here.

Recommended if you like: Impro theater, living in the moment, unscripted shows, expecting the unexpected, laughing until you snort a little, English theater, expected the unexpected

A legendary party by FM4 to wrap up summer in the park

FM4 Unlimited im Wiener Prater 2018

When: FRI, October 5, 11pm
Where: Wiener Prater
Entry: 13.20€, get them here

Do you remember the FM4 Unlimited parties that were happening in the Rathaus over the last 8 years? Since the last edition, the location has changed to the Wiener Prater, but the fun and good vibes remain. Live acts will be happening on 5 stages to the found in the Wurstel Prater fairgrounds, Pratersauna and the VIE i PEE club, all accessible with one ticket (the Red Bull stage in the fairground is free entry!). The party starts with some warm-up breakdance sessions and a Red Bull Music Autodrom Friday evening, and will continue with DJ gigs ‘til the early hours of the next morning. The music is, as always, very eclectic and electronic, brought to your ears by some quirky live local acts and DJ crews. Read more about the line-up, the schedule and tickets here!

Recommended if you like: the gang at FM4, big-ass party where you can choose your room by music, frisky business in the bushes of the park, gin and tonic, pretty headbands

A buzzing bee festival!

Get a buzz from the Bienenfest 2018

When: SAT–SUN, October 6 & 7, 12pm–5pm
Where: Am Himmel
Entry: Free!

No one looks forward to the birds and the bees chat, and luckily this has nothing to do with it. Instead this weekend, you’ll have the opportunity to talk just about bees at the festival dedicated to the little critters. Whether you have kids or not, this little adventure promises to be educational fun for all. With a chance to see some hives, a research tent with a bee quiz, and even a special bee walk for you to see and learn all about how honey is produced. And this will all be happening on a hill top at the beautiful green location of Am Himmel.

Recommended if you like: learning something over the weekend, educating the little ones on their days off, getting out of the house on a weekend, grassroots food production, buying local, slow food, eating organic, bees, smearing honey all over your body and having somebody lick it off

Calling all creative minds to this design festival

OFFF Vienna

When: FRI–SAT, October 5–6, 9am–11pm
Where: Gösserhalle
Entry: prices vary, buy your ticket here

Would you call yourself a creative? We get it – we call ourselves that too. If design is part of how you express your creativity, you won’t want to miss this huge design event in Vienna at which a bunch of speakers will get up on stage and talk about their craft, alongside workshops also taking place. Check out the speaker line-up, here.

Recommended if you like: design, sitting in the crowd at conventions, farting in the audience quietly and pointing to the person next to you when somebody turns around, workshops and speakers, getting better at your craft, wearing mismatching socks, always having paint or random bits of fabric stuck on your shirt, being creative

Spend a charming day of wine & sturm @ this very Viennese festival

Stürmische Tage in Stammersdorf 06. & 07. Oktober 2018

When: SAT–SUN, October 6–7,  2pm–midnight
Where: Stammersdorfer Kellergasse
Entry: Free!

The weekend of the 6th and 7th of October brings us the “Stürmische Tage“ which literally means stormy days. The other, more pleasant and more cheerful meaning implies less storms and more that of that cloudy drink that is the Sturm, a perfect combination between grape juice and wine that gets you drunk while leaving you feeling that you’re on a detox, thanks to the wholesomeness of the grapes squeezed within. 60 Heurige in Stammersdof will be open for this event and you can catch it all happening on Kellergasse. There will be wine, local bites, handmade crafts and musical entertainment. Autumn in Vienna at its very best!

Recommended if you like: the mix of sweet and sour, Viennese wine festivals, wine and walking, exploring the outreach of the city, making love between grape vines, sticking grapes up your nose and shooting them out at unsuspecting passers by

Enjoy the autumn colours around the city

Bike the scenic boulevards on the ring or enjoy the colours of autumn in the parks of the city

As the trees lining the Ringstrasse of the old city begin to turn all kinds of colours (tree’s are such show-offs), this is the perfect time of year to jump on your bike and cycle the sweeping boulevards. We recommend you begin at Stadtpark and head towards the University, carry on to Schwedenplatz, and if you still have the energy, ride on and disappear into the Prater park which is full of those show-off trees.

Or if you’re up for more beautiful autumn sights, check out our list of spots around the city that are perfect for a walk and spending time with the colours of the season, here. 

The year’s best photo journalism in one exhibition – powerful stuff!

World Press Photo Exhibition 2018: Vienna, Austria

When: September 14 – October 21, 11am–7pm
Where: Westlicht
Entry: 8€

This exhibit is even in the calendars of those that hardly ever step foot in a gallery. With around 100 exhibitions around the world annually, the World Press Photo exhibition is the most popular traveling photo event in the world. And the poignant, moving images that are always guaranteed at this display of photojournalism’s greatest shots of the year, can be seen until the second half of October in Vienna’s Westlicht gallery. Don’t be surprised if you leave with tears in your eyes, or inspired.

Recommended if you like: understanding the world a little better, pictures that say more than words, a picture speaks a thousand words, photo journalism, playing caption competitions with your exhibition buddy, being moved and inspired

Getting your dose of contemporary beauty expressed through design

Explore the beautiful @ Sagmeister & Walsh: Beauty – Opening Night

When: TUE, October 23rd is opening night while the exhibition is on until March 2019
Where: MAK
Entry: find the details, here.

This is an exhibition dedicated to beauty. Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh collaborate on this complex design exhibition to find the deeper meaning of beauty, analyse our relationship with it and prove that beauty is not only ornamental, but beautifully designed objects automatically improve their purpose and functionality. Take this journey through product design, graphic design, architecture and urban planning in the presence of the curating artists on opening night, or avoid the crowds and enjoy the beauty of this exhibition in the months to come (it’s on until March 2019). Find your infos, here.

Recommended if you like: strolling through museums on a cold autumn day, mingling among artsy people, design before art, showing others that you are interested in art, beauty, artists with a clear message, Sagmeister

Coming soon to a cinema near you: The Viennale Film Festival

Watch films day and night at Viennale 2018

When: October 25 – November 8 (see the program, here)
Where: Various locations. See the program, here.

On the big screens of Vienna’s most charming cinemas, the Viennale film festival will kick-off on October 25th. This international film festival is always made up of a good range of local, European and international films. And half of the fun is the buzz within the foyer before the films begin. This is the one time of year our eyes go slightly rectangular and our diet becomes mainly popcorn. The full official program won’t be released until October 16, but you can get a sneak peek of what’s in store on the Viennale website. 

Recommended if you like:  films, films and more films, movie marathons before lunch, the romance of the big screen, indie films, memorising all the actors and actresses names, popcorn

The Gürtel bars join forces to deliver one massive party night!

Gürtel Connection #6 – 25.10.18

When: THU, October 25, 6pm–6am
Where: Gürtel locations (check out which Gürtel locations are involved and the program, here)
Entry: Pay as you wish! Donations go to charity!

The whole nightlife hotspot strip known as the Gürtel will come alive at the end of this month for one night only with a big festival. And the partying is all in the name of charity! Many of the night spots along the infamous Gürtel will join forces to deliver over 60 live acts and DJs performing in 14 different venues. And this year, the majority of the proceeds will to go to a children’s cancer charity. This will be one hell of a night that will continue on into the early hours of the following morning. The only problem will be deciding where to start. Check out the program, here.

Recommended if you like: variety in your party life, festival style line–ups, not having to travel much, charity programs, partying for a cause, big parties, mighty morphine power rangers, 5am kebabs.

Right here, right now – at Grelle Forelle

Dance, right here, right now, with Fatboy Slim on Halloween

When: WED, October 31, 10pm–6am
Where: Grelle Forelle
Entry: 23€ pre sale here, additional tickets sold at the door

The last day of the month will see Grelle Forelle hosting one of the coolest musical exports of the UK in past decades. Mr Slim will be spinning his tunes on the very night of Halloween, and the only scary thought about it would be missing out!

Keep an eye on their Facebook page for the full line-up and tickets, here.

Recommended if you like: Fatboy Slim, The Forelle of the Grelle, electric cool aid, smiling happy people, being taken back through music, the 90s and 00s, finding your way in to a sold out venue, retro-electro


Kiss a goblin on Halloween

When: TUE, October 31
Where: Keep an eye on our page for a guide on how to spend Halloween in Vienna!

This American tradition has slowly caught on over the years in Vienna, and there will be plenty of Halloween parties to dress up for on the last day of October. If you’ve always dreamt of going home and getting it on with a green goblin, or chubaka, this may be your chance. Be sure to check back on Vienna Würstelstand for your guide on where to party on Halloween in Vienna. Keep an eye out for our guide to how to experience Halloween to the max!

Recommended if you like: scary clowns, wearing a clown costume when doing the rooty tooty, fake blood, freaking people out, being freaked out, any excuse to dress up in a costume