15 things to do to make your May magnificent in Vienna

15 things to do to make your May magnificent in Vienna

April 30, 2019

15 things to do to
make your May
magnificent in Vienna

April 30, 2019

Vienna Würstelstand's says

It’s May, hooray! And evertyhing that rhymes is good, or so we heard. Anyway, people, spring has sprung upon us, the sun is shining and life is good! This time of the year one can literally feel the city waking up from it’s winter slumber.

There are all kinds of fun events going on left and right, festivals to visit and so much more. Here are our 11 tips on how to make the most out of May and life in Vienna.

Catch a film at the Vienna Jewish Film Festival

Jewish Filmfestival Wien 2019

When: April 30–15 May
Where: Various cinemas around the city. Check the program for details. 
Entry: Check the program for details.

The Vienna Jewish Film Festival will take place in Vienna this month and it’s got a fascinating screening program lined up this year. The festival will see a raft of movies being screened accross the city, and an additional program of other kinds of events attached.  For detailed info on the festival, check the program here.

Recommended if you like: being a film fanatic, movies that will make you think, the sound of the Hebrew language, Jewish culture, traveling, the idea of learning more about the history of Israel and the Jewish people’s history

Join in on a workshop for aspiring content creators and storytellers

1-Day Storytelling with Content Bootcamp

When: SAT, May 4, 10am–5pm
Where: Das Packhaus
Entry: 90€ (get a ticket)

In a world stuffed full of noise, words, images and video, telling stories – that are made for humans – is needed more than ever to inspire people to listen to what you have to say.

This hands-on workshop will act as your guide to impactful content storytelling, and leave you walking away bursting with ideas and concrete results.

Whether you’re looking to improve your storytelling game when it comes to your blog, or building a loveable or engaging story around your brand with content, this workshop will teach you tried and tested recipes to creating content that people decide to spend their time with.

To begin with, you’ll be guided through the basics of how to make powerful, emotional and magnetic content. This will include:

– An outline of the essential elements to good story-driven content

– Tips and tricks on how to develop and train your own storytelling skills

– A method to help you develop an engaging story for whatever message you’re trying to communicate

– how to make the right decisions to ensure your story is powerful and visual

– how to use the different forms of content to tell stories

– lessons from successful case studies of powerful storytelling

– narrative techniques

During the 2nd hands-on part of the workshop, you will have the chance to develop your own content with the support of the collection of creatives in the room, and under the guidance of an experienced content creator. Get more info about the workshop and get a ticket.

Recommended if you like: being a student for life, being curious, spending a lot of time reading magazines, scrolling your social media streams for tasty content, wearing socks to bed, blogging like a mofo

Grab a kickass cocktail or 2 in the sun at the Uni

Like cocktails in the sun? 3+ words for you – the ÖH WU Cocktailstand 2019

When: 4pm-9pm on various days throughout May
Where: WU
Entry: free!

Every year in May, the Economics University of Vienna’s student union opens a popup cocktail bar and it’s fucking awesome. Not only because it’s set within the surroundings of the funky looking WU campus, but also because the cocktails are damn cheap! So cheap that you can be there from 4pm when it opens to 9pm when it closes sipping away the whole time, without any guilt or fear of looking at the bill. Plus, the cocktails are made well, and work as the perfect summer drinks. Check out the Facebook event to find out on what days the pop up bar will be… popping up.

Recommended if you like: cocktails for a price that allows you to drink 3 or 4 without hurting your bank account, colourful and summery drinks, being a Uni student, pretending to be a Uni student to get cheap cocktails, open air drinks in crazy cool settings

Take a look at the city’s huge DIY, inventors and makers fair

Maker Faire Vienna 2019

When: SAT–SUN, May 4–5, 10am–6pm
Where: METAStadt
Entry: 6€–33€ (check the prices here)

Austria’s largest Do–It–Yourself festival is back again with approx. 900 makers coming to town to share their skills, their creations and inventions, and host talks. With workshops covering things like 3D printing, Crafting, Robots, Sustainability & Upcycling, there will be plenty to learn and do over the weekend. This is merely a taste of what’s on offer at this festival, with almost all the stands and exhibitors offering some kind of mini-workshop, so looks like it’s going to be a real DIY makers fair, in the truest sense of the word(s).

Recommended if you like:  doing stuff with your hands, igniting the kids imagination with inventions, inventing shit, making stuff out of stuff you found floating in the canal, crate furniture, using crates for everything, thinking outside the box…the box being the one you made yourself

Big-ass festival on the Donaukanal 

Donaukanaltreiben 2019

When: FRI–SUN, May 24 – May 26, 12am–10pm (Find the program highlights, here)
Where: various locations around the Donaukanal
Entry: free!

The Donaukanaltreiben will be back at the end of May and, even though it’s one day shorter this year, it’s bringing with it all of the live music performances, markets, food trucks it always delivers. It seems to grow every year, and so does its popularity. You often hear people on the Donaukanaltreiben weekend asking – ‘have you been down to the canal? you can’t move! there’s so many people!’ This is one of the greatest free music festivals this city serves up. Pro tip: Bring your own drinks as the queues at most of the venues along the canal are enough to make you jump into the water! Check out their website, so you can start planning what acts you’ll camp by the stage for.

Recommended if you like: drinking in the sun, free concerts, following the smell of weed, dangling your legs over the edge of the canal, being part of the crowd, festivals that keep you out for three days in a row, all kinds of music genres in one place, the idea of jumping into the Donaukanal because you’re a bit too drunk to realise how disgusting the water actually is

Go hunting at the city’s biggest flea market is on again

Neubaugassen Flohmarkt 2019

When: FRI–SAT, May 3–4, 8am–7pm
Where: Neubaugasse
Entry: Free!

On a 2km stretch, 360 stands will be set up along the beloved Neubaugasse street in the 7th district. The stands will stock lots and lots of vintage accessories, fashion, stuff from the stores that live on the street, and plenty of antiques. This flea market always attracts hundreds, making the street as packed as a …well, a really busy street. Alongside all the shopping, there’ll be live concerts, art shows, food & drinks and special acts for one and all.

Recommended if you like: 1070 Wien, shopping, vintage things, re-using things, street events, live music and action, the thrill of the flea market hunt

Did somebody say beer festival?!

Craft Bier Fest Wien 2019

When: FRISAT, May 3-4, 4pm–11pm
Where: Marx Halle
Entry: day pass = 8€, weekend pass = 14€, buy your ticket here

Yes, there’s a weekend in the month of May dedicated to that beautiful amber drink we know as beer. From tastings by large and small breweries to brewing workshops, and expert talks – they’ll have it all in the massive space of the cattle shed turned event venue, Marx Halle. Make sure to bring some cash with you. A sample of beer will cost you around 1€ , but some very special microbrews will cost you a little bit more. If you’re a craft beer fan, this weekend is something you don’t want to miss!

Recommended if you like: beer tastings, talking about beer like wine lovers do about wine, a good ol’ fashioned stout, an amber or pale ale, all things beer, being passionate about your beer, googling things about booze

Go to a mother f*** Burger & PIZZA FESTIVAL!

Munch your way through a Burger & Pizza Festival

When: FRI-SUN, May 10-12, 2pm–8pm
Where: Der Garten
Entry: 5€ at the door or get your combi tickets, here

When it’s events like a BURGER & PIZZA F**** FESTIVAL, we don’t really feel like we should add anything to this event description. Except that this foodie-loving event has the potential of being f**** awesome! (sorry, we don’t know why we compulsively swear when pizza and burgers are involved) But seriously, what else would you possibly want to hear? There will be pizza. And burgers. Lots and lots and lots of pizza and burgers from different restaurants around the city that specialise in these two most loveable foods. And, while you’re sitting there drooling, we’ll just mention real quick that there will also be live music and free beer tastings at both festivals. Is there anyone in the world who will not be going to these event?

Recommended if you like: pizza, also pizza, ummmm and burgers, oh and did we mention pizza?,  and did we mention BURGERS…??, going to possibly the best and most delicious event of the year, live music and beer tastings, hearing the words pizza and burgers and festival used together, Der Garten

Enjoy some sunshine, friends and wine

Vienna Wine Fest im MuseumsQuartier

When: FRI, May 10, 5pm–10pm
Where: Museumsquartier
Entry: 27€, groups of 4 or more: 25€; groups of 10 or more: 23 €, get ’em here

We have two words for you – a festival annnd lots of top-notch Austrian wines. Ok, that was a few more than 2 words. Wait…are we already drunk? Anyway…at this fancy festival that will take over the MQ, the wine tasting is included in the ticket price, so the only other things you will need are your good spirit and your brave liver.  If you’re into acting like a wine expert, we guarantee that this is the right place for ya’. Plus, there’ll also be the kind of food that pairs well with wine, like cheese and Blunzn (blood sausage). Wait – what?! Anyway, this is the perfect event to sample some of Austria’s greatest wines so get your gulpers ready

Recommended if you like: wine tastings, acting like you can distinguish different wine types from each other (and we’re not talking identifying the red from the white), food that goes with wine, drinking wine out of a glass, cheese and stuff, sunny days at the MQ, swirling wine around in a big glass and talking pretentiously about how it smells

A festival to be enjoyed by all the senses

GenussFestival im Wiener Stadtpark 2019

When: FRI–SUN, May 10–12, 11am–9pm/ 10am–9pm/ 10am–5pm
Where: Stadtpark
Entry: free!

This has to be one of the city’s most beloved spring events of the year. Taking advantage of the lovely Stadtpark’s atmosphere and colour in spring, the Genussfestival will see hundreds of artisanal food makers from Austria’s regions occupy the park with stands selling their tasty wares.  This one is for the ‘Feinschmecker’ in the bunch and those that like the idea of lazing in the grass of a park with a glass (or bottles) of good Austrian wine with some friends.

Recommended if you like: trying something yummy, eating and chilling in the sun, being a food snob, bare feet in the grass, the smell of freshly cut grass, the Viennese way of life, Austrian wine

Take over the city with your bike at the Friday Nightskate

Experience the joy of Friday Nightskating

When: every week on Friday evening at 9pm
Where: Starts at Heldenplatz. The route changes every week
Entry: free!

Friday Nightskating will be happening throughout this month! Ring-a-ding-ding (that’s your bike bell resounding amongst hundreds of others on the night skate). Ever been surprised by a horde of skaters and cyclists passing you by in the middle of the night on Vienna streets? Rest assured, this wasn’t your mind playing tricks on you, but rather it was the crowd doing the Friday Nightskate. This is a recurring summer event in Vienna that is a whole lot of fun! Rollerblade and bicycle enthusiasts meet every Friday at 9pm on Heldenplatz to follow their passion in cruising through the streets of Vienna (that’s right, they even shut down streets for this event!) Find all the details on the website. 

Plus: All the routes are different every time, so you might discover some places you’ve never been to before in Vienna.

Recommended if you like: taking to the streets, biking or blading, exploring the city, ringing your bell, the thought of hundreds of bikers dinging their bells in unison, how sexy you look in lycra, those events that give you goosebumps

Get inspired at this unique fashion and arts festival

Take Festival for Independent Fashion and Arts

When: TUE—SAT, May 14—18 (check out the program)
Where: Take Festival HQ, Apollogasse 19, 1070
Entry: 5—28€

This fashion and arts festival is one-of-a-kind. Why, you ask? Well, as well as offering a 5 full day program that showcases the best of contemporary fashion design happening in Austria, it also puts on stage neighbouring creative fields, like photography and art exhibitions and film. It’s also a super intimate and interactive festival that allows you to speak and discuss what crazy cool things are happening in the fashion, design and creative world. The program is full of talent. Plus, it also has at its core the presentation of the Austrian Fashion Award, which is considered the highest accolade in the country for fashion designers.

Recommended If you like: the bohemian lifestyle, shining among fellow artists, eating creativity with a big spoon, referring to the art scene as “the only scene that matters,” dressing boldly, getting inspired by other creatives like yourself

Travel the world at a festival 

Südwind Straßenfest 2019

When: SAT, May 18, 2pm–11pm
Where: Campus der Universität Wien
Entry: free!

While this festival is not just about the food, it does feature many stands serving up a lot of exotic cuisines from all over the world (which you don’t typically easily find in Vienna). The beloved Südwind Straßenfest will be filling up the courtyard of the Uni Campus at the Altes AKH on May 18.  All kinds of cultures will come together, selling their yummy cuisines and their handicraft. There will be live music as well as DJ sets, yoga and dance workshops, talks and discussions. Oh, and a raffle!

Recommended if you like: open air events, Altes AKH, meeting new people, celebrating togetherness, cultural exchange, traveling with a rucksack, reading books about far away places, spicy food

Annual culture festival

Wiener Festwochen 2019

When: SAT, May 11 – SUN, June 16

This multidisciplinary art festival offers up 5 full weeks of the city embracing the culture and arts scene from a range of different angles. In past years, some of the stuff in the program has been avant garde to the point of being confusing, and some of the stuff caters to the age old crowd that have been going to the festival for years. One thing is for sure –  you’ll always experience something new at the Wiener Festwochen. May 10 will mark the beginning of the 5 week festival, during which every night there will be something happening. You should check out the program now if you’re into this sort of ‘tang.

Recommended if you like: being an art lover, being super curious and open to new experiences (don’t worry – you don’t have to get your clothes off for these new experiences), being inspired every night of the week