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10 regular outdoor yoga classes happening in Vienna this summer

July 10, 2018

10 regular outdoor
yoga classes happening
in Vienna this summer

July 10, 2018

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Summer’s finally here, and that means it’s way too nice to be stuck indoors all day long. Luckily, in our beloved city of Vienna, there are so many great possibilities to venture out, one of them being outdoor yoga classes! Whether they are held it in a park, on a rooftop, or on the water – we’re loving the idea of combining yoga with getting some much needed vitamin D.

Check out below the 10 awesome regular outdoor yoga classes that are taking place all over Vienna this summer:

When a cocktail beach bar meets yoga

Yoga am Strand, powered by YOGAlounge

When: every Sunday until September 15, 10am–19
Where: Strandbar Hermann
Entry: free!
Equipment: some yoga mats will be there

The oh-so-famous beach bar Strandbar Hermann, a hotspot in Vienna when it comes to relaxed drinks on a summer night, turns into a yoga hot spot in summer. Every Sunday morning during summer, teachers from Yogalounge studio will be guiding you through Hatha yoga classes with the group energy in focus. After a relaxing yoga session, you can stay at the beach bar and enjoy a cocktail. Or two.

Recommended if you like: sipping cocktails at any chance you got, not having to pay through the nose for a yoga session, gin and tonic, eating sausages on the beach with your toes sunk into the sand, living on the unusual side of life (wherever that may be)

Downward dog with a view over Augarten and a smoothie bowl

Rooftop Yoga & Smoothiebowl

When: every Tuesday, at 6:30pm
Where: Augarten
Entry: 22€, buy a ticket
Equipment: bring your own yoga mat!

A yoga session with a view will be going down in the beautiful surroundings of the Augarten park (almost) every Tuesday. Bring your own yoga mat, your desire to find inner peace, and your best downward dog moves. The Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes will be hosted on a weekly basis by the studio Yoga & Juliet. Check the Facebook event page for cancellations. The exact location in Augarten will be announced after you’ve registered for the class.

Recommended if you like: doing the warrior pose, ‘ommm’ experiences, doing yoga while watching the sunset, brining your golf clubs and hitting golf balls off a roof when nobody’s looking, yoga, stretching, working out and deserving a satisfying meal, the healthy life, looking down on people (literally)

One for those that love nature and yoga

Yoga im Augarten Wien

When: every Monday & Wednesday, at 6:30pm
Where: Augarten
Entry: free donations! (10€ is recommended), register via office@yogaandjuliet.com
Equipment: bring your own yoga mat!

When the temperature is right, Julia from Yoga & Juliet likes to simply move her yoga class into the Augarten every Monday and Wednesday. In her sessions, she’ll be offering Yoga for all skill levels. Just show up, join in and relax (or work out) in the green. The fresh air and the sunshine will even further promote the great feeling that you’ll be achieving with your awesome yoga moves. So if this sounds like your thing, turn up at the meeting point, that is entrance D, Wasnergasse/Ecke Rauscherstraße, at 6:30pm. And be sure to check the Facebook page for announcements.

Recommended if you like: yoga, ‘ommm my god’ experiences, finding inner peace after work, breathing against the system to distract your yoga colleagues, happily taking the risk it may turn into Bikram yoga if it’s hot enough

Stand up on a paddle and do yoga on the water

SUP YOGA with Juliet

When: every Saturday until September 8, at 9am & 10:30am
Where: Vienna City Beach Club (Stand Up Paddling Center)
Entry: 29€, buy your ticket here
Equipment: a rental paddle board is included in the ticket!

If you’re more the adventurous type and want to try out something new and unusual – how about SUP Yoga? That’s yoga on a stand up paddle board, and that’s THE thing to do this summer. Originally from Hawaii, it has taken the world by storm, and Julia from Yoga & Juliet will be offering classes every Saturday, twice a day, until September. You’ll just have to buy a ticket here and show up at the SUP Center next to Vienna City Beach Club.

Recommended if you like: water, getting up early on a Saturday, making the most of your weekends, the possibility of you falling into the water while doing some crazy moves with your body, making funny faces while concentrating, being a little unsteady on your feet, asking “sup?” while nodding your head

Outdoor Yoga next to the blue Danube

Sommer Yoga an der Donau

When: every Sunday in July & August, 6pm
Where: Donaustadtbrücke
Entry: single session = 15€, 4 sessions = 58€, 8 sessions = 104€ , register via namaste@breeyoga.at
Equipment: bring your own yoga mat or towel!

Every Sunday during summer, Birgit from Breeyoga will be offering a summer yoga edition in the meadow at the wakeboard lift near Donaustadtbrücke. After your yoga practice session, you can stay there and watch the sunset and reach your inner peace (or whatever else you’re looking for).

Recommended if you like: wearing yoga pants every day, yoga, secret spy yogi stuff, doing the downward dog, nature, beautiful sunsets, after work relaxation, finding inner peace after work, doing yoga under the sun, that moment when you squeeze out a little fart during yoga that nobody can hear

Take a break from everyday life

Outdoor Yoga mit MINDFUL YOGA

When: every Tuesday & Thursday until August 7, 7:30pm-8:45pm
Where: Sportcenter Donaucity
Entry: 18€, buy your ticket here
Equipment: yoga mats will be provided

There will be some mindful yoga happening near the Alte Donau every Tuesday and Thursday in summer. In the middle of the green of the Sportcenter Donaucity, Caro from Mindful Yoga will be offering a mix of Flow, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Yin Yoga & Meditation in her classes. And you’ll be doing the session with headphones on which support a deep immersion in your yoga practice. Beginners to advanced people are welcome. Take your mat with you, get there on time, and don’t forget to focus on that breathing.

Recommended if you like: being as bendy as a 14-year-old, finding inner peace on a Tuesday, wearing socks in bed, breathing in and breathing out at the exact right time, rooting for nature

Start your week with yoga at the Greek’s

Guten Morgen Yoga Theseustempel

When: Every Monday until November 12, 7:30am
Where: Volksgarten (Theseustempel)
Entry: 16–20€, register here
Equipment: bring your own mat and a towel to support your knees on the stone floor

Start your week right by doing some yoga practice in the fresh air! Every Monday at 7:30 in the morning, Miriam from rebellU will be teaching an energetic 60 minute Vinyasa Flow class for advanced yogis. And she won’t just be doing this anywhere in Vienna, but in the beautiful Volksgarten right next to the Theseustempel.

Recommended if you like: Greek architecture, being totally against the system except on Tuesdays when you visit your Oma, being barefoot most of summer, curing your weekend hangover with yoga, finding inner peace, waking up early in the morning

Finding inner peace while enjoying the view at this hip hotel

Roof Top Yoga rebellU

When: every Tuesday (7am & 6:45pm) & every Thursday (7am)
Where: Ruby Marie Hotel & Bar
Entry: 16–20€, register here
Equipment: bring your own mat

Sun salutations, lots of ‘Omm’ing’, the donkey pose (is that a thing?) and the morning sun (or the evening sun) will be awaiting you on the rooftop of the Ruby Marie Hotel. Miriam from rebellU will be taking you there to show you the moves that lead to your inner peace.

Recommended if you like: hip hotels, standing on a rooftop in Vienna and screaming, ‘I’m the king of the world’, the healthy life, stretching your limbs, gaining flexibility by doing weird poses

Try out open air yoga in Stadtpark

Summeryoga in Stadtpark – Mindful Hatha Yoga goes outdoor!

When: every Tuesday until September 11, 6pm-7:30pm
Where: Stadtpark (next to Meierei)
Entry: 12€, register here
Equipment: bring your own yoga mat!

This summer yoga event in Stadtpark is THE possibility for you to finally try yoga for the first time. Barbara from Mindful Hatha Yoga will be teaching classic Hatha Asanas (that’s the thing you do with your body) in combination with the right Pranayamas (that’s the thing you do with your breathing). This summer, open-air session will only be 12 bucks (which is a steal, if you ask us).

Recommended if you like: being very mindful with what you’re doing, breathing, being eyed by people in the park, finally getting some exercise done, living on the bright side of life, connecting your strong body with your strong mind

Move your body in a very special way in Margareten

Yoga im Park – Margareten

When: every Tuesday until September 11, 5:30pm-6:30pm
Where: Bruno-Kreisky-Park
Entry: free!
Equipment: bring your own mat

Margareten turns into a place for numerous free outdoor options to be active during summer. The Wiener Arbeiterturnverein, a local government sports union, will be offering free yoga sessions in the Bruno Kreisky Park every Tuesday evening until September 11. All seasoned yogis, and those of you who want to become one of them, can try a new exercise and improve their yoga practice. And it will be FOR FREE! Take your chance, you won’t find anything cheaper in this city.

Recommended if you like: free events, making the most of Vienna and its free offers, events presented by your local government, getting in some exercise after a long work day