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Bars, Beisls (pubs), clubs for chilled evenings & parties to lose your pants

A bountiful harvest of character & vegan soul food at this cafe & bar

August 3, 2018

Harvest earned its popularity for its weekend Vegan brunch, but it’s risen as a favourite amongst ... read more

5 wine bars in Vienna with vast vin selections and quality food to pair it with

June 19, 2018

Like your vin and in need of a great wine bar? While most wine in this city you’ll still find ... read more

7 awesome new spots that have just opened in Vienna

June 18, 2018

What do a noodle bar, a specialty coffeeshop, and beachside burger bar have in common? ... read more

A Donakanal-side beach bar for suits and fancy cocktails by the waterside

May 4, 2018

Big changes will be sweeping the Donaukanal over the next few years, and the new urban beach bar, Di ... read more

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