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The ultimate guide to help visitors and locals of Vienna to make the most out of the city

8 pictures of the most charming small streets in Vienna’s old city center

August 19, 2019

When wandering the cobblestone streets of Vienna’s old city centre, you can find yourself stum ... read more

Vienna’s outdoor pools where to cool off on a hot summer’s day

August 12, 2019

We've made a list of some of Vienna's best outdoor pools to cool off in... ... read more

10 freaky photos of Vienna’s quirky (& maybe haunted) Böhmischer Prater

August 6, 2019

We all know Vienna’s famous funfair, the Prater, home to the Riesenrad (aka. ferris wheel). But we ... read more

Do this quiz to find out the perfect Vienna Wanderweg for you

July 31, 2019

With the hundreds of nature walks that you can do around Vienna, we thought we’d help you out ... read more

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