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13 DOs and DON’Ts on how to enjoy the Donaukanal to the max this summer

May 21, 2018

13 DOs and DON’Ts
on how to enjoy the
Donaukanal to the max
this summer

May 21, 2018

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There’s a whole culture in hanging out along Vienna’s favourite summer strip. We’ve put together a few DOs and DON’Ts to help you enjoy  the Donaukanal to the max during the summer of 2018! Check it out and feel free to add you own on our Facebook page!

// DO sit on the edge of the canal at the water’s edge
// DON’T fall in after your 5th beer


// DO use it as an exercise space, for running, biking or working out on the outside gym near the Roßauer Lände U-Bahn station
// DON’T manically ding your bike bell at people

// DO bring your own drinks to the canal
// DON’T forget to bring a picnic blanket or something to sit on to the asphalt to prevent your arse getting sore


// DO go to the ADRIA bar if you’re a DIY, flea market, plain or nostalgic graphic t-shirt wearing person that wants to learn how to play the banjo and likes discussions full of politics and pop culture wit
// DON’T go to the Tel Aviv Beach bar if you fit the above description

// DO go to the Tel Aviv Beach bar if you like the idea of showing off your sculpted abs while sitting back in a bikini, or board shorts while sipping at a gin and tonic made from really expensive gin and tonic
// DON’T go to the ADRIA bar if you fit the description above


// DO jump into the pretty pool at the Badeschiff
// DON’T jump into the canal after a night out at FLEX

// DO bring your own music and dance with your pals
// DON’T, by any means, play Despacito! It was a good summer song 1 year ago, but we all have to get over it


// DO ride your bike along the Donaukanal
// DON’T ride along the strip where all the beach bars are after 4pm when it gets mega crowded

// DO expect long lines at the few toilet facilities provided
// DON’T piss in the community garden (you’ll kill those tomatoes that poor kid planted with such pride!)


// DO catch one of the morning yoga sessions at the Strandbar Herrmann beach bar on Sundays
// DON’T do this directly after leaving the FLEX after a night out (it could get ugly with all that booze in your system)

// DO take advantage of the backpack beer sellers wandering up and down on a busy day (be sure to pack some loose change)
// DON’T complain when the beer is warm – it’s 2€ and it’s a bit hard for them to conceal a fridge when the cops come


// DO sink your toes into the sand at one of the beach bars and imagine you’re at the seaside
// DON’T jump into the water to cool off and absolutely don’t lie there wearing those tight speedos

// DO spend an evening at the Donaukanaltreiben festival
// DON’T expect to find your friends if you plan to meet up there


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