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What’s ‘Piadina’ & why should you visit this new cafe bringing them to Vienna?

November 9, 2018

What's 'Piadina' & why
should you visit this
new cafe bringing
them to Vienna?

November 9, 2018

Vienna Würstelstand's says

A handful of the joy that only good Italian food can inspire has opened up in Vienna’s 5th district. We say ‘handful’ as that’s exactly the size of this new place, Lupo’s, specialty – the Piadina – a glorious flat bread stuffed with all kinds of delicious combinations. Think of it as pizza dressed up as a sandwich.

Lupo is a gorgeous looking cafe that some may walk into and have flashbacks of another time and another place. This may have something to do with Lupo being the new residence of a space that used to be the cafe, Tanzen Anders. Those people will also remember how special the breakfasts were at Tanzen Anders, and we can assure you that the same goes for Lupo.

But never mind the breakfast – what will make you go loopy for Lupo is the Piadinas – the thin, slightly scorched flat bread made fresh daily and stuffed with all the things you love about Italy – milky, fresh ricotta cheese, cute short donna’s yelling from a window (wait…what?), salty prosciutto, mozzarella, salami, olive paste and other tasty ingredients. At Lupo, they both do their own thing with the ingredient combos, and stay true to the traditional Italian way in putting together their Piadinas, the flat bread sandwich that originates from the Emilia-Romagna region (when it comes to food, this region is as much a paradise of good food as Tuscany).

Now, we know that flat bread sandwiches may sound like a yawn, been-there-done-that kind of thing, but once you shove one of Lupo’s Piadinas into your yawning pie hole (or should we say Piadina hole), you’ll get what make these sandwiches stand apart – the tastebud-blowing ingredients.


You see, Ken, the impassioned cook behind the place, spent 6 years learning the art of the Italian Kitchen in Tuscany, and during this time, acquired that appreciation for quality ingredients that have our friends down south worshiping their food like Gods.

An individual serve is enough, even if you’re super-hungry, but order a few in a group so you can try them all. As you’ll want to when you scan over the menu.

‘Maybe I should have the one with stracchino cheese and roasted eggplant and zucchini,’ you’ll say to yourself while licking your lips, and then, ‘the roasted portobello mushrooms with radicchio and walnut creme also sounds good.’ Just make a decision and you’ll get your kicks. Trust us.

The unhurried atmosphere, and the well put together look of the place makes Lupo also a top go to coffee and cake option, as they’ve also got a serious attitude for both of these things.

Their coffee is sourced from a small roaster in Tuscany, and if this means shit to you, we’ll just add: it’s divinely bitter and smooth as a good roast should be. Meanwhile, their cake game is on point. And all of them are baked in house.


Also, one of our favourite Italian traditions is practiced at Lupo, in a very chilled and attractive way – the aperitivo hour. This drink/light meal that takes place at the end of the workday as a kind of warm up to dinner is the perfect thing to make a habit of doing at Lupo. Especially because at the moment,. they’re serving up some free bite-sized tapas with any drink ordered during the traditional aperitivo hour (from 5pm–8pm).

Between the aperitivo with free snacks, tasty piadina’s and cakes, quality coffee, what’s not to make you go loopy for Lupo (we’re sorry, we couldn’t stop our fingers from typing that line).


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