26 Vienna things that we weren't grateful for but are now that we're in home isolation

26 Vienna things that we weren’t grateful for but are now that we’re in home isolation

April 7, 2020

26 Vienna things that we
weren't grateful for but
are now that we're in
home isolation

April 7, 2020

Vienna Würstelstand's says

Since this Coronavirus shutdown craziness set in, you may have found yourself daydreaming about all the simple things you miss doing in our beloved city Vienna. You’re not alone.

The line – ‘when all of this is over… – has been on repeat in apartments across the city. We’ve been amazed by the things we’ve found ourselves missing. We asked people also on Instagram to tell us what they miss about Vienna, or doing in the city. This is what they told us:


1. Getting all sweaty in Grelle Forelle, Pratersauna and Flex amidst hundreds of people at 2am


2. Coughing on the street without getting angry looks, and being able to blame it on hay fever, and have people actually believe you


3. Drinking your Pfiff before midday with others in a Schanigarten instead of alone on the ledge of your window where you try to catch some sun


4. Finally enjoying a Döner and a pointless chat with your favourite Dönermann again


4. That Sundays were the only day when Vienna looked like a ghost town


5. Not having to do this 2-meter-walkaround-zig-zagging when you meet other people on the streets, or supermarket


6. Drinking a Melange in our favourite coffeehouse (even if they did burn the milk, every damn time) for hours on end


7. When the U6 was the only U-Bahn line on which you didn’t want to touch anything


8. Going to the Saturday morning flea market for people watching and buying random stuff


9. Riding the Straßenbahn and daydreaming as you miss your stop, yet again.


10. The Bussis and the hugs


11. Being annoyed by the groups of people in Burggarten, because of the loud hip hop music they’re playing, rather than being scared of them because they may infect you with Coronavirus


12. The smell of horse sh** when going for a walk in the city center


13. Going to your local neighbourhood market and having all the stand owners yell at you, offering you free tastings


14. Hanging out on the Donaukanal, drinking cans of beer, or from your DIY spritzer mix in plastic cups from afternoon until nightfall


15. The people who go sun baking in the park in bikinis and boards shorts during the first days of spring


16. Eating Bärlauch and Spargel in every dish being served up by restaurants at this time of year


17. All the photos of Vienna being pretty in pink filling up our Instagram feed, as all the cherry blossoms and pink flowers bloom around the city


18. Lining up for ice cream as soon as the sun shows its face and the gelato places open


19. Getting a specialty coffee, to-go


20. Grabbing a quick lunch, or a late night snack, at our local Würstelstand


21. Listening to everybody say how ‘Herrlich’ the weather is


22. Our daily commute to work and Uni


23. Just simple meeting friends at our local beisl and talking Schmarrn


24. Hanging out in the MQ


25. When everybody would be saying, every, damn, year – ‘April, April, der macht was er will’


26. When tulips are planted and bloom all over the city


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