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What to do with clothes you don’t wear anymore? Here are 6 local charities to donate them to

October 31, 2017

What to do with
clothes you don't wear
anymore? Here are 6
local charities to donate
them to in Vienna

October 31, 2017

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If you’re like us and opening your wardrobe is getting scarier than the upside-down world of Stranger Things because of the piles of clothes lying around that you haven’t seen for years, it’s time to give them to someone who needs them more than you do. We found ourselves not knowing where to donate our clothes, so we researched for local charities in Vienna that we think are doing good things!

Here are 6 places to donate unwanted clothes to. And let’s face it, you don’t need most of them! Go on, we know it’s hard, but do it!


1. Verein Hilfe und Hoffnung

Photo © Verein Hilfe und Hoffnung

The Verein Hilfe und Hoffnung (translating to: help and hope) donates clothes to people in need in Hungary, Romania, and Ukraine. Clothes are collected in Vienna and charity organiser, Michael Feyer, travels himself to deliver them to their point of destination. The charity focuses on helping poor Jewish communities in these countries, especially old people living in poverty. Medicine and food is also accepted.

Want to donate? Contact mapitom@aon.at to set up an appointment.

Website: www.hilfeundhoffnung.at


2. VinziShop Wien

Donate your clothes to the Vinzishop and your clothes won’t only be sold on to somebody who loves them just as you once did, but the money raised from the sale will be used by the organisation, Vinzenzgemeinschaften, to help the poor back on their feet. While this is a charity that works in many countries, it’s still a smaller, grass-roots one that is doing great things.

Want to donate? Visit the shop at Veronikagasse 25 (Ecke Ottakringer Str.), 1160

Website: www.vinzi.at


3. VinziRast-Notschlafstelle

Photo © gaupenraub.net

At VinziRast, donated clothes will be given to homeless people staying at their night shelter. They take all kinds of menswear in good condition: t-shirts, jumpers, jogging suits, jackets, shoes, underwear, socks etc. Check out their website for other things they might currently be in need of.

Want to donate? Contact c.oellinger@vinzirast.at to set up an appointment.

Website: vinzirast.at


4. Flüchtlingsprojekt Ute Bock

Photo © fraubock.at 

A project initiated by the local charity organisation, Ute Bock, is giving refugees and asylum seekers a home in Vienna, and a place to study German. Take a look at their current donation list and what donations they are looking for on their website. One thing they are always in need of is clothes.

Want to donate? At Zohmanngasse 28, 1100 from MON–FRI, 10am–5pm



5. Kolping Österreich

You might have already seen a Kolping clothes donation bin around town. This social organisation is all about supporting the Young people in our society having a tough time. They have several residences that support youth with accomodation and professional care. The cool thing about donating your clothes to Kolping is that if they’re not passed on to somebody who needs them, they will be recycled in some way (Kolping do their own professional recycling of textiles).

Want to donate? Pop your clothes in one of the Kolping donation containers. Find the closest one to you, here.

Website: www.kolping.at


6Tageszentrum am Hauptbahnhof

Photo © caritas-wien.at

The Tageszentrum am Hauptbahnhof (day centre at the main train station) was founded for the homeless people from abroad and Austria that need a place to recuperate, take a shower, get a hot meal, and need care, in general. The organisation is always in need of underwear, t-shirts, socks, shoes and jackets. Other than the Tageszentrum, the organisation run by Caritas has global charities around the world.

Want to donate? at Hauptbahnhof, Wiedner Gürtel 10, 1040 daily from 8am–4pm


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