What not to miss at the Donaukanaltreiben festival 2018 - Vienna Würstelstand

What not to miss at the Donaukanaltreiben festival 2018

May 30, 2018

What not to miss
at the Donaukanaltreiben
festival 2018

May 30, 2018

Vienna Würstelstand's says

It gets more and more crowded every year, but we still love this free and free-wheeling festival happening along the waterside of Vienna’s canal. You know that summer is almost here when the Donaukanaltreiben weekend in here.

Here’s the performances and more that are worth braving the sweaty crowds of the Donaukanaltreiben for.

Day one: Thursday


Die Buben im Pelz
Where: Strandbar Herrmann
When: THU, May 31, 6pm

Sounds like: heavy guitar riffs, Austria as F***, something to get sweaty bouncing around to, like something that would make you turn the radio up when played right before you wipe your nose with your sleeve


Brunch it up at Feiertagsbrunch
Where: Strandbar Herrmann
When: THU, May 31, 10am

What to expect? Brunch in the sand with a great view over the water


Bernhard Eder
Where: Das WERK
When: THU, May 31, 8pm

Sounds like: like something that deserves a place e on any road trip playlist, Singer-Songwriter stuff, like a voice you haven’t heard before, songs for cloud gazing


Day 2: Friday


Where:Strandbar Herrmann
When: FRI, June 1, 6:30pm

Sounds like: cheeky Viennese attitude, poppy, jolly good times, something Falco about the vocals, a blast from the past, music to pull out your most absurd dance moves to


Day 3: Saturday


Isolation Berlin
Where: Strandbar Herrmann
When: SAT, June 2, 6pm

Sounds like: music you’ll want to swing your arms to, indie rock, swaying from side to side in somebody’s arms, heavy and dirty guitar riffs, chilled rock, broken hearts, indie, beard rash


Onk Lou
Where: Summerstage
When: SAT, June 2, 8pm

Sounds like: feel good music, like a bearded man is singing it, Blues beefed up, music you’ll be clapping your hands for 10 minutes to before you even notice, pianos and guitars, music to flip out to


Where: Salztorbühne
When: SAT, June 2, 8pm

Sounds like: intense, musics to move you, like a lot of unexpected instruments in a indie rock band, Austrian as F***, there’s an accordion in there, campfire music for not so happy-chappy people


I’m a Sloth
Where: Das Werk
When: SAT, June 2, 8pm

Sounds like: intense, music to get hot and sweaty to, moshpitting and head banging chaos, messy, like the end of the world, like you’re high as a kite on some kind of illicit drug


Mike Huckaby
Where: Grelle Forelle
When: SAT, June 2, 11pm

Sounds like: like a deep House journey that takes you into the early morn’, like something that gets into your veins, gradual thrusts of euphoria (whatever the hell that means)


Day 4: Sunday


Yoga am Strand
Where: Strandbar Herrmann
When: SUN, June 3, 10am


Kids N Cats
Where: SalztorBühne
When: SUN, June 3, 5:30pm

Sounds like: pure joy, as sweet as Lachgummi, pillow fights and cart wheels, perky nipples, poppet-pop-pop, flowers in your hair, sailing on a dream, a f*** load of synth


Every day

The boat taxi

One of the most unique features of the Donaukanaltreiben is the boat taxi. Hopping from stage to stage throughout the festival is this little yellow boat chugging its way along the Donaukanal. It comes in real handy when the masses of people crowded on the canal makes the task of getting from one side of the canal to the other like passing through somebodies slimy and sweaty intestines. Jump on the boat and be sure to wear your pirates hat.


The food and craft markets

Where: next to the Salztorbrücke
When: THU–SUN, May 25–28, 12pm-12am

While the many bars along the Donaukanal will take care of the drinks, a herd of food trucks will be set up under the bridge where you can satisfy your appetite. There will also be stands set up selling all kinds of artisan craft and design products. In the late afternoon to early evening, there will also be Jazz bands supplying some background music to your waterside feast and shop.

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