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17 things all of Vienna’s party-loving socialites have desperately missed in 2020


1. You find yourself dreaming of the toilets at the Arena as if peeing in them is some sweet nostalgic memory

It’s amazing how nostalgia can transform anything, no matter how nightmarish, into a sweet memory.


2. Your skin has improved because wearing makeup to bed is no longer a thing

Hell, who wears makeup at all anymore?!


3. You’ve woken up every morning this year and surprisingly not lost your phone

We miss partying so much, we even miss losing our phone in a club.


4. Your Döner diet has changed dramatically

And the person you’re sleeping with often hears you muttering in your sleep, ‘ohne scharf.’


5. You sorely miss the good old walk of shame (or fame – depends how you see it) along the Gürtel, through the first district, along the Donaukanal in summer, or through the Prater

You miss the look on the faces of the people heading to work, or going for their morning run at 6am, as you stumble past them, shoving some Macci into your mouth.


7. You miss the feeling of regret the morning after when you find drunk text conversations on your phone

These days, you keep scrolling through your phone to find those old drunk text conversations just to reminisce.


8. You’re saving A LOT of money

Either that, or your G&T money is being redirected to some serious online shopping.


9. You haven’t stepped inside the Mahü McDonalds for a while

10. You miss the sound and feeling of sticky shoes after a night at the Arena

11. You miss waking up in Ottakring or Leopoldstadt, or some other end of the line station after falling asleep on the U-Bahn, or Nightline buses

© Unsplash / Gabriele Diwald

12. You now realise how boring Vienna can be on Sundays when everything is closed

And you can’t even go for a brunch!


13. You miss having a shot with the Kapitän Pratersauna


14. You feel yourself needing a good hit of expressing your love and sexual self at one of the sex-positivity Hausgemacht parties


15. You find yourself wondering what all the dealers hanging around Flex are doing these days


16. You seriously miss that moment when you’d turn up at your Stammlokal and the barkeeper would have your go-to drink waiting for you before you’d even sit down

17. You miss seeing the sunrise when coming out of Grelle Forelle or Flex on the Donaukanal


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