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9 Vienna clubs that have gotten creative and moved outdoors this summer and how you can help them

Let’s face it – It’s not an easy time to be a nightclub in the year of Corona, BUT there are ways to support the very clubs in which we’ve all got hot and sweaty while dancing, dry humped some strangers leg, and did some legally questionable things in the bathroom, at some point.

Here are some of the creative experiences Vienna’s clubs are offering up throughout the summer of Corona:


1. The good times and concerts happening outdoors at the Fluc

Where: Praterstern 5, 1020

What they’ve done: they’ve moved what they do best to the great outdoors. They’ve opened up their new ‘Marina terrace’ which faces the Kaiserwiese & are doing seating concerts

According to their neon sign, the Fluc’s ‘Marina-Terrace’ at Praterstern is your new ‘Idyll of Dance’. There might not be many people dancing in the open space, as it’s actually only designed for about 60 people, but the DJ’s catchy tunes will certainly have you wriggling in your seat. The Marina terrace is right in front of the Kaiserwiese, so if the place is packed, you can also just dance in the park.

Besides the Marina Terrace, there are seated concerts happening in the Fluc Wanne that are in accordance with the Corona rules.

Event tip: Das fluc-Comeback: Komm popschwärts – Komm in die Marina! – every WED–THU in July & August, from 4pm

Website: www.fluc.at


2. The Flex have transformed their terrace into one unique beach bar

Where: Augartenbrücke 1, 1010

What they’ve done: they’ve turned the Flex Garden into a beach…ummm…garden

The Flex Garden has been transformed into a fenced beach bar in 2020. So what? – you say? There’s plenty of beach bars along the canal, already, you say? Well, as always, Flex is aiming to be different from all the other clubs in town, and all the other beach bars lining the Donaukanal. And with their beach garden fenced in by plant-filled shopping trolleys, we’d say they’ve achieved their goal.

You’ll still see Drum & Bass lovers bopping their heads to the music in a trance-like state, but they’ll just be chilling in lounge chairs at the same time this year. If you like the look of grunge and smeared mascara, this is your summer hangout spot this year.

Event tips: Wiener Mischung im Flex Garten – every Tuesday throughout summer, from 5pm

Website: www.flex.at


3. The street art and food being served up at Das Werk’s new terrace

Where: Spittelauer Lände 12, U-Bahn-Bogen 331, 1090

What they’ve done: they’ve opened up a reeeeally cool new waterside terrace in front of the club, with a DJ stage, street food and plenty of regular cultural happenings

Das Werk has opened up a terrace this year to fight their way back from the damage done by the Corona shutdown, and it’s a damn fine terrace, indeed. They’re calling the terrace – KulturTerrasse. It’s where street art meets music, meets visual art, meets street food, meets one very chilled atmosphere at which to enjoy a drink with friends. Find all the info you need about what’s happening on the specific day you’re going via their website.

Event tip: KulturTerrasse Werk, every THU–SUN throughout summer, from 4pm

Website: www.daswerk.org


4. The chilled pool parties at the Pratersauna

© via facebook.com/saunastrandklubs

Where: Waldsteingartenstraße 135, 1020

What they’ve done: they’ve transformed the outdoor area of their club, with a big pool plonked in the middle, into an even more hip beach club, featuring an actual ‘beach’

The Pratersauna have turned their outdoor area into a ‘Strandklub’, featuring an actual sandy beach next to the pool. They’ve also set up tables in the garden, cabanas and lounge chairs, but they’re a scarce and high-in-demand commodity, so you should definitely reserve in advance. DJ-Sets are happening every Wednesday to Sunday until 11pm.

On weekends, you’ll also find a small group of yogis eagerly following the instructions of a teacher from the downward dog into the cobra amidst this good vibes setting.

Event tip: FM4 Swound Sound summer recording sessions, every Wednesday throughout summer

Website: www.pratersauna.tv


5. The fun and games happening in the Ginger Forest at the hip hop-ping VIEiPEE

Where: Csardastraße 135, 1020

What they’ve done: they’ve turned their garden into a music-fueled hangout full of fun and games and they’re promising all kinds of events, featuring musicians, board games, magicians and more

The Pratersauna’s Hip-Hop-loving sister club, VIEiPEE, has turned their garden into a new hangout spot for you and your other cool friends. You can now meet up with them for some smoothies, bowls and shisha every Wednesday to Sunday, as long as the weather holds up. With the fine sounds of their hot DJ Line Up, is there any more you could wish for this summer? Oh, and they’re saying there’s things like board games and magicians on offer, as well.

Event tip: Ginger Forest from Wednesday to Sunday throughout summer

Website: www.vieipee.com


6. The Club U has moved outdoors in 2020

Where: Karlsplatz Künstlerhauspassage Objekt U26, 1010 

What they’ve done: they’re hosting a bunch of outdoor parties with DJs with their Otto Wagner building as the backdrop

Party people hanging out the back of the Club U during summer may not be anything new, but the club’s decided to go one step further this year and host a bunch of DJS and parties on the terrace of the Otto Wanger Pavillion. The diverse event programme will inspire you to visit more than once, and the unique scenery, with the Karlskirche in view, will also convince you to make this one of your new summer hangour spots this year.

Event tip: Hallyu 한류 Open Air K-Pop Party  SAT, July 18, from 5pm



7. Don’t dance, but eat pizza at the Volksgarten and Säulenhalle

Image © Sergiu Andrés


Where: Säulenhalle im Volksgarten, Burgring / Heldenplatz, 1010

What they’ve done: transformed the outdoor area of the Säulenhalle into a pop-up pizzeria

The Volksgarten crew have turned the outdoor area of the Säulenhalle into a pizzeria pop-up space, where you can now snack on Neapolitan pizza. It’s called ‘Pizza senza Danza’ which translates to ‘pizza without the dancing’. So, for the time being, you may not be able to dance all night long at this beloved club, but you can at least enjoy some delicious Neapolitan pizza while having a grand view over the city hall and the rose gardens of the Volksgarten.

Opening times of the pizza pop-up
TUE–SUN: 11am–1am (kitchen until 10pm)

Website: pizza-senza-danza.at


8. The Loft are doing all kinds of stellar stuff online

Where: Lerchenfeldergürtel 37, 1160 

What they’ve done: they’ve opened up an online shop and are holding multiple live streams

You may not be able to visit The Loft at the moment, however, the crew’s been very creative over the past few months.

The online streaming events at The Loft began when they decided to jump on board and became the host of our very popular Isolation Nation Vienna in Quarantine Party stream back in March. Since then, they’ve organised their own ‘Late Night Shows’ – a two-day online event in June, featuring a bunch of very talented Austrian music artists to perform and do all kinds of interesting interviews.

And that’s not all, they’ve also opened up their own online shop selling cool merch’ ‘n stuff, which you should definitely check out if you’re a fan of The Loft. You can also donate in the online shop and show your support.

Past livestreams that you should rewatch now:
Isolation Nation – The Vienna in Quarantine Party stream by Vienna Würstelstand, March 28 – rewatch Livestream #1 & Livestream #2!

The Loft Night Show 1, June 20, rewatch the livestream

The Loft Night Show 2, June 21, rewatch the livestream

Website: www.theloft.at


9. The (socially-distanced) concerts keep on coming at the Chelsea

Where: U-Bahnbögen 29–30, 1080

What they’ve done: seated concerts

‘Live music must be live’ has been the key phrase of the underground venue, Chelsea. With an assorted line-up, the music bar aims to revive the Viennese live music scene that has undoubtedly suffered since the outbreak of the pandemic. So they’ve now turned to seated concerts. Everything’s in accordance with the Corona rules, of course. Plus, you can catch the urban vibes of their terrace out the front throughout summer.

Event tips: Fräulein Hona, TUE, July 21, 7:30pm, check more concerts online

Website: chelsea.co.at


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