19 Vienna-based Instagrammers to follow for inspiration in 2019

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Instagrammers to follow for inspiration in 2019

19 Vienna-based Instagrammers to follow for inspiration in 2019


Inspiration factor: to treat the city as your playground, to chase the extreme, to seek out the less explored. To get up for sunrises and wait patiently for sunsets.



Inspiration factor: to flaunt what you’ve got, to stare down any lens or pair of eyes, dress to impress and when you don’t to just pull it off somehow.



Inspiration factor: to appreciate the interesting as well as the beautiful, do your own thing, frame your pictures and your life… differently, to experiment, that it’s all about people and their relationship



Inspiration factor: to eat pizza, to think differently, to read the text not just the picture, to think critically, to ask questions, to tell stories, to have the hard discussions with yourself and others



Inspiration factor: to make see art in the city’s streets, to explore, to look up…and down, to go the stairs rather than the lift.



Inspiration factor: to be a more conscious inhabitant of this planet, to live mindfully, do yoga, meditate often, to be critical of the accepted norm’




Inspiration factor: to get up for the sunrise, to stay up late, to look for a different perspective, to explore places while most people are sleeping



Inspiration factor: to always pursue what’s beautiful, to dress outlandishly, boldly and in your own style, to love passionately and travel often.



Inspiration factor: hike and climb often and enjoy the view when you get to the destination, to travel often, to stay up late, to venture into the night, to not only to look for the light but to look for the right light, to climb rather tall buildings



Inspiration factor: to be real, to talk about those real things that most people get all awkward about, to listen…to music and other mutterings, to think deeply, to be emotional, to have bad days without the guilt and to love and cry fiercely



Inspiration factor: to think differently, to look for the lines and make art out of them, to travel and live large, to make beauty in your own way



Inspiration factor: to get up before everybody else in the city, to make the most out of the morning, live it all up in a happy-go-lucky kind of way



Inspiration factor: that being moody is an art form.



Inspiration factor: to people watch and say attention, to do it for the love of it, to look for inspiration everywhere and then inspire others, that lighting is everything.



Inspiration factor: to laugh and to eavesdrop and to find poetry in the every day



Inspiration factor: their memes – funny af and original,to be yourself, to find the irony and that Wiener Schmah in your daily life



Inspiration factor: to be artistic and creative in your everyday life. To see the world in your own way. To see things others don’t see. To pay attention to the small things and look for patterns.



Inspiration factor: to be honest in your photography and how you see the world, to be fascinated by people, to pay attention to humans in their natural habitat, to do what you do with a unerring drive, to approach things innocently, to shoot in black and white



Inspiration factor: to laugh…all the time, to love life, to explore Vienna like an obsessed stalker, to treat it like a game, to have a different perspective, to live with cheek, irony, and sarcasm.

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