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Your Ultimate Guide on how to celebrate St Patrick’s Day 2018 in Vienna

March 14, 2018

Your Ultimate Guide
on how to celebrate
St Patrick’s Day 2018
in Vienna

March 14, 2018

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Singing, dancing without moving your arms, a green pint or two – it’s St Paddy’s day again and considering it’s on a Saturday this year, it’s safe to assume this year will be one hell of a Craic!

Here’s how to go green (literally – if ya’ drink like the Irish, you’ll be going green by 2am) be Irish, and celebrate St Patrick’s Day (Saturday, March 17, 2018) in Vienna.


The big St Patrick’s celebrations

The pubs putting on the works for their Paddy’s Day parties:


Molly Darcy’s – the Paddy’s day celebration

Where: Teinfaltstraße 6, 1010
Opening Hours: FRI–SUN, March 16–18

One of Vienna’s most beloved Irish pubs, Molly Darcy’s, will already start on the Friday with their St Paddy’s Day marathon and will continue it into the early hours of Sunday morning. They’ll dye their beer green, have plenty of live Irish music happening throughout the weekend, and all the other shenanigans you expect form this beloved Irish festival. Meanwhile, expect it to be as busy as the tap-dancing, yodeling lion exhibit at the zoo on the big day (this exhibit may or may not exist). And if you get thrown out for unruly behaviour, don’t worry – they’ll have a bar outside as part of Molly Darcy’s lively street party.


Charlie P’s – St. Patrick’s Day Extravaganza

Where: Währinger Straße 3, 1090
When: SAT, March 17, 11pm (check out the event program, here)

This popular Irish drinking hole will start the festivities early on the Saturday and continue early into the next morning. Opening their doors at 11am, there will be a screening of the England Vs Ireland rugby match to kick things off at around 3pm, which will be followed by some live music (from a real Irish folk band – Paddy and the Sweaty Socks – you can look, but no poking). There will also be plenty of the other fun stuff that comes with the day: green beer, and Irish food. Their restaurant serves up some of the best pub grub this side of the North Sea (big claim, but their kitchen is quality). Meanwhile, DJs will take the party early into the morning. Check out the details, here.

A wee word of advice… turn up early to avoid the line at the door on the big day on Saturday


Spend the day of the Irish listening to a Scot belt out ballads

St Patrick’s Day mit Stuart Neville

When: SAT, March 17, 8pm
Where: The Golden Harp, Schottenfeldgasse 3, 1070

When the Irish are all busy drinking to their famous saint, you gotta’ rely on a Scot to bring you the tunes to keep the night going. He’s known for his energetic performances, and his gruff, pack-of-smokes-a-day voice. And with the ladies, he’s also considered quite a delight for the eyes, as well as the ears. You won’t understand a word he’s saying, but boy can he sing. Mr Stuart Neville will be performing in the Irish bar, The Golden Harp, on Paddy’s Day, where free welcome drinks will be handed out upon arrival.


The mother of all Paddy’s day parties

Paddysfest 2017

When: SAT, March 17, 8pm
Where: Ottakringer Brauerei, Ottakringer Platz 1, 1160

If you’ve got a Irish mate that loves a good party and can drink like a camel (an Irish camel), then if he/she was a party, they would be this one. So in other words, this will be one hell of a Craic this Paddy’s Festival – the biggest in town, actually. Four floors of the Ottakringer Brewery’s event space will be full of people dancing and drinking to Irish music of all kinds (from traditional to Celtic Punk), and most of it will be live on stage with a raft of Irish bands making the trip to Vienna for it. Every year, thousands turn up to party, meaning, if you’re on the look out for some drunken love on the dancefloor, it’s highly likely you’ll have the luck of the Irish on the night. For more details about the night’s program, see here.


Other Irish bars where to go green on St. Patrick’s day

Here are a few other Irish bars around the city we recommend to celebrate St Patrick’s Day – green beer, Irish folk music, and those tacky merchandise Paddy’s Day hats are garunteed to be included.

Where: Schwarzenberg Straße 1–3, 1010
Opening Hours: 10am–4pm


Where: Schleifmühlgasse 11, 1040
Opening Hours: 4pm – late


Dublin Irish Pub
Where: Gumpendorfer Straße 93, 1060
Opening Hours: THU, March 17, 4pm


Four Bells
Where: Schleifmühlgasse 2, 1040
Opening Hours: 4pm – late


Where: Naglergasse 7, 1010
Opening Hours: 4pm – late


Where: Kirchengasse 3, 1070
Opening Hours: 1:30pm–3am
Plus: Irish folk music will be on the speakers.


O’Connors Old Oak
Where: Rennweg 95, 1030 
Opening times:  Mon–Fri: 10am–1am
Sat & Sun: 4pm–12am

Check out other spots to celebrate St Patrick’s day in our list of Vienna’s best Irish bars.


Celebrating St Patrick’s Day without a pub


Everybody loves a parade that ends in a party

Vienna’s St Patrick’s Day Parade and After-Party 2018

When: SAT, March 17, 12pm
Where: the parade starts at Schottenstift 

Led by a band of Irish pipers, an army of green will be marching around the city on Saturday afternoon – spot the Irish dancers, the random confused Scot playing the bag-pipe and the leprechaun amongst the sea of those Guinness or Magner novelty green hats that everybody has a collection of at home from years of Paddy’s day celebrations. And everybody is welcome to join in on the parade! It will start at the Schottenstift church in the old city center, carry on to the Freyung, and worm its way to the Gasthaus Stiegl Ambulanz. This bar, with its massive beer garden located in the Altes AKH, will play host to a family-friendly festival where there will be dancing, Guinness and other Irish-inspired fun. You can check out the day’s program, here. 


Get a selfie with the green ferris wheel, Burgtheater, or a bridge over the Donaukanal!

When: March 12–17
Where: Riesenradplatz, 1020
For more details, see here.

The Irish love making famous sights in various cities around the world go green on their big day, and like every year, Vienna’s beloved Riesenrad (ferris wheel) and the Burgtheater are this city’s green-ing victims. And a few bridges over the Donaukanal (from March 16-18) will be going green, as well. Head to the Prater for a look at the green round masterpiece with a bottle of Baileys, or jump on for a ride (maybe leave the Baileys behind – there are no windows on this ferris wheel so if you’re sick, it will be you who suffers, not some poor unexpecting sucker below (although we do hear, like getting pooped on by a seagull means good luck, this can mean something similar. It’s all a matter of perspective).

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