18 tiny beautiful things that make Vienna so loveable

18 tiny beautiful things that make Vienna so loveable

January 13, 2020

18 tiny beautiful
things that make
Vienna so loveable

January 13, 2020

Vienna Würstelstand's says

Happiness doesn’t just come from groundbreaking, life-changing events. As the school of life will have it, paying attention and appreciating the small things in life can give the purest kinda’ happy feelings there is.

2020 is all about appreciating the small things for us, so we’ve made a list of the tiny beautiful things we love about Vienna; you know, the kind of details that are unique to the city that we take for granted on a daily basis. Here are our favourite 18 tiny beautiful things about Vienna – what’s yours?


1. That you still get a glass of water with your coffee in cafes


2. The beautiful apartment building foyer floors


3. The sweet dispensers on the streets


4. The spying neighbours


5. The huggable older people with so much style


6. The signs on the trams suggesting you give up your seat for the elderly, pregnant ladies, mother’s with kids and the blind


7. The old-school scales on the streets


8. The pattern in a Semmel


9. That you still get sugar cubes with your coffee in some coffeehouses


10. The traffic lights spreading universal love


11. How people pick up and put the things that somebody has dropped on the street up in a place where they can be seen in case somebody comes back looking for it


12. How you’ll often hear loud classical music coming from apartment windows, or from cars with their windows down


13. How we drink our wine out of the unpretentious Heurigen glasses instead of fancy wine glasses


14. The old antique iron boot scrapers you can still find at the door of some apartment buildings


15. The warm feeling on your butt when you score the seat on the old trams with the heater underneath it


16. The cobblestone streets that transport us back in time


17. That nature is so close by to escape into


18. The multicultural experiences that can be had in some of its districts

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