A Donakanal-side beach bar for suits and fancy cocktails by the waterside - Vienna Würstelstand

A Donakanal-side beach bar for suits and fancy cocktails by the waterside

May 4, 2018

A Donakanal-side
beach bar for suits
and fancy cocktails
by the waterside

May 4, 2018

Vienna Würstelstand's says

Big changes will be sweeping the Donaukanal over the next few years, and the new urban beach bar, Die Blumenwiese, just across the water from Schwedenplatz, is the first sign of what the reborn beloved waterway will look like.

Many will be saying this heavily-branded and classier behemoth of a beach bar, Die Blumenwiese is the beginning of the end for the Donaukanal as we currently know it. We’re not going to say that. We’re going to keep things objective… and perhaps accidentally insinuate this sentiment a few times throughout this review (wink, wink).

Die Blumenwiese is different to the other improvised-looking beach bum characters of the Donaukanal, with its directors chairs you can prop yourself up on for a drink with a view out onto the water, and its fancy champagne in the menu. It has a more grown-up feel about it, an atmosphere that attracts suits let loose afterwork and selfie-taking pretty people.

The drinks list is long and fit to conjure sun and summer stories. Notably, the cocktail menu spans a couple of pages, going from original house creations to classics, and there’s a variation of so-called ‘Sangria jugs’ – red or white – that will set you back 38€. There’s also a punch, featuring champagne called ‘Do-It-With Champagne’ going for 130€. Gives you a good idea of the clientele lounging in the sofa booths that frame a Red Bull branded DJ deck platform.

Meanwhile, there’s plenty of options if you’re off the booze, including a couple of house creations, like the smoothie selection (4.80€ each) and Homemade ‘Limos.’
As for beer, Heineken is put front and center which makes us want to cut the taps. Not because we don’t like Heineken, but rather because there are so many local beers that kick Heineken’s ass. Although, Gösser does sit next to Heineken on tap, and there’s the Austrian cider, Stibitzer thrown into the mix.

The food menu includes all of the crowd pleasers, from a spicy sweet beef salad (12.80€) to a raft of burger options – pulled pork to the standard double cheese burger (made with Dry Aged beef) and a fiery and fat Tijuana picante burger. There’s also the ‘Fantastic Veggie‘ option that comes with a tasty combo of grilled goat cheese and caramelised pears.

You can also build your own salad – you start with greens at 5.80€ and build on that with ingredients costing between 2–4€, plus add your choice of dressing.
The appetisers jump around the place with a beef tartare in there next to the healthy snack option, Edamame – steamed beans in a bamboo basket.

The service here is quick and friendly and done by pretty guys and girls in short shorts. And all of the food and drink above can be ordered to go, so you can chill, Donaukanal-style, by sitting on the water’s edge with your legs hanging over the ledge, or in one of the deck chairs on the sandy beach that bookend Blumenwiese.

We sat on one of the brand spanking new high director’s chairs, looking down onto the water and the people hanging their legs over the edge. And we kind of felt removed from that crowd lounging on the asphalt cement walkway. And that made us kind of sad. Perhaps we’re just scared of change. However, if anything, Die Blumenwiese is an alternative option for those that prefer to sit on plush sofas, or directors chairs, rather than asphalt.

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