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18 things we’re dreaming about doing in Vienna in 2021

1. Sitting in our fave cafe/bar/restaurant all day long

Whether it’s with a good book, or a strong drink in our hand; what used to be something so mundane is often dreamed about.

2. Grilling and chilling on the Donauinsel while the sun roasts our lockdown-pale skin

3. Sweaty dancing in a densely packed club with the heavy bass beating the sh** out of our eardrums

Ahhh good old times. Hard to imagine now this ever was a thing.

4. Having quick and dirty sex in equally dirty public toilets while not having to worry about any infection risks

Well, maybe not any, but at least ‘Rona wouldn’t be a thing to worry about.

5. Drunkenly stuffing a Döner into our faces at 5am after a long night out and basking in its greasy deliciousness

6. Going to the museum, seeing a theatre play and attending the opera all in one day, just to feel cultured again

We’re not saying that we’ve reverted to being primitive cave dwellers who make ‘ooga-booga’ noises during this lockdown life, but we might be close, so a little dose of culture would be very much appreciated and restore us back to our culture-loving default setting.

7. Not having to turn back after leaving the house because you’ve forgotten your mask

You’d think by now that we’d never forget it, yet it still happens to us from time to time.

8. Drowning in a sea of people while going shopping on Mahü

Yes, we even miss this.

9. Seeing all those crowds of tourists roaming the city again with their selfie sticks

And occasionally photo-bombing their holiday pics!

10. Being able to travel freely whenever we damn well please

Cram us into a crowded cheap airline plane and fly us anywhere – we don’t care! We just need a change of scenery and to have our freedom back. Plus, we also would love to…

11. Visit friends and family living abroad

Sure, staying connected is now easier than ever, but after the hundreds of videos call where someone’s face suddenly starts freezing, it’s now just unnerving. We can’t wait to give ’em a great big hug and a mighty big smooch!

12. Watching films on the big screen

Another one of those common activities that we miss doing is going to the cinema. Like most people, we pretty much binged the entire Netflix catalogue… twice, by now, but nothing beats the cinema experience. We’re really looking forward to sinking into those comfy cinema chairs. Plus, popcorn and nachos just don’t taste the same at home.

13. Not worrying about social distancing anymore

Bye-bye baby elephant! We won’t miss you. Well, we might visit you in Schönbrunn though cuz’ the real baby elephants are just so damn cute!

14. Only hearing about Corona when the conversation is about beer brands

15. Doing any sport other than running, cycling or home workouts

While some may have embraced the lazy lifestyle, as all manner of guilt for doing so has slowly eroded, there still are those amongst us who like some physical activity beyond getting up and going to the fridge. Bring back the gyms, the yoga studios, and all of those other places giving us the regular chance to release some endorphins!

16. Sitting amidst the crowds at the Donaukanal, sipping on a Spritzer or a beer and feeling the warm breeze on our face

17. Finally coughing and sneezing in other people’s faces again without them accusing us of committing the worst crime on the planet

Wait, what?

18. Getting those sweet, sweet vaccines

Never thought we’d be happy about the thought of getting a needle stabbed into our arm, but if it allows us and others to enjoy all the things mentioned above, then we’ll gladly take it. Even with the risk of being microchipped by Bill Gates. Or was it the lizard people?


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