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10 disgusting things we all did in Vienna B.C. (Before Corona) that you’re probably strangely missing these days

1. Eating a Käsekrainer hotdog with your bare hands after holding on to a pole on the U-Bahn

It’s almost a gross as the cheese squirt.

2. Wildly making out with a rando’ (or several) at Grelle Forelle (or some other club)

And we miss forgetting their names by the next day.

3. Not really caring whether the cup you’re drinking out of at a WG party is actually yours

After three beers, who really cares if some stranger’s floating around in your drink, right?

4. Sneezing into your hands, and then shaking other people’s hands shortly afterwards

Just ewwww!

5. Doing that traditional kiss on the cheeks when you greet someone routine – even when it’s someone you barely know

This one might not be that disgusting, but it ain’t too hygienic either. And we can’t count on one hand how many times we’ve accidentally caught their lips instead of their cheek

6. Sitting in the park passing around a joint

It’s not like we actually indulged in any illegal activities of that sort, but the cousin of a friend of ours once told us he saw some people doing something similar in the Burggarten park.

7. Quickly picking up a slice of pizza after dropping it at a (slightly tipsy) 4am feed, because, ya’ know, five-second-rule

It’s not like the streets in Vienna were any more suited to eating food off of them before (or that this rule has any actual scientific backing) the pandemic, but now we just think twice about doing stuff like this.

8. Not cleaning your hands properly after visiting a public toilet

Let’s be honest, with the state of some public toilets, just rinsing your hands with water won’t do the trick. Some of those toilets have made us wanna jump into a bathtub filled with sanitiser. But who are we kidding – the hand washing after using them was never that thorough.

9. Using the same weights and fitness machines after dozens of other sweaty people at your local Fitinn or McFit

10. Ordering a big-ass ice cream and letting all of your friends have a lick

Sharing food that way kinda became frowned upon in general after the pandemic.

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