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There’s a new cafe in town for coffee junkies and those looking to escape the grind (get it?!)

Pelican Coffee is home on the 9th district’s Pelikangasse (yes, that’s where the name comes from), right around the corner from Alser Straße and very close to the Altes AKH University campus. It’s a spacious place for a specialty coffee joint, which may make you reconsider the ‘to go’ part of your coffee order.

One of the people behind it is actually a familiar face to the city’s specialty coffee scene – Vedran Sormaz, who some of you may know them from ye’ old and now closed Süssmund Kaffeebar, who teamed up with Adam Kovacs. And for those of you that have missed your hit of the coffee that was once served up at Süssmund, you’ll be delighted to know that they’re dealing in the same drugs at Pelican. Yep, those great quality, direct trade specialty coffee beans roasted by Süssmund are here for your sipping pleasure, while there are also guest roasters featured regularly, meaning this is a great spot to try new things… when it comes to coffee roasts, that is.

They’ve got all of the beans and coffee nerd gadgets packed and ready to go, but if you prefer having somebody else brewi your coffee, you can enjoy the beautiful cups created by Pelican’s highly-skilled, coffee-obsessed baristas.

You’re in good hands at Pelican coffee, and their coffee will definitely heal you from any of the bad stuff you’ve been sipping at in some coffeehouses around town.

The café is sparsely populated by chairs and tables, which means it’s not too crowded and a very calm atmosphere is floating about.

If you’re bringing friends who aren’t so into coffee that they dream of their first cup the next morning when falling asleep the night before like you, a selection of coffee-less drinks are also on offer (with a focus on sustainable and fair-trade products). There’s also a variation of cakes by Alexarts on offer, not to mention their heavenly flaky and buttery French croissant and pain au chocolat.

Coffee nerds will love this place and will hang around here like fitness junkies at the gym. It’s another gem in this city’s caffeinated crown. Meanwhile, even for those not so obsessed with the brown bean, it’s also a solid and serene spot to escape the grind (get it?!) and meet for a coffee and cake date.

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