The U-Bahn map for Vienna's markets - Vienna Würstelstand

The U-Bahn map for Vienna’s markets

September 17, 2018

An U-Bahn map
for Vienna's markets

September 17, 2018

Vienna Würstelstand's and say

Doing your weekly shopping trip at a market rather than a ‘super’market makes this necessary task a fun experience, don’t you think? No being pushed through a Kassa at 100km/h, but instead you’ll get charismatic stall vendors who often let you try before you buy – sounds like a no-brainer to us which is the better option. Plus, at Vienna’s markets, there’s so much of the city’s unique character to be experienced. But we know it’s sometimes difficult to find these marvellous markets around the city.

So we’ve made you a handy U-Bahn map with the best fixed markets and pop-up farmer’s markets marked on it so you can find the closest one to you, or check out how one in another neighbourhood for the experience.

Plus, below the map, follow the links to guides in which you can read about every one of the markets on the map!

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The neighbourhood market squares open all year round

Now, everybody knows Vienna’s largest market, the mighty Naschmarkt, that spends most of its days constipated with tourists. But how about the smaller, lesser known, tourist-free market squares which throb at the heart of many of the city’s neighbourhoods. The collection of small huts, selling food from all over the world, typically surrounded by buildings that look like they’re guarding it like soldiers. We ventured from one side of the city to the other to make you a list of our favourite market squares to discover in Vienna. Check out the guide to your neighbourhood markets, here.

Vienna’s most charming farmer’s markets

You probably know the feeling of missing the taste of purely natural food in Vienna. Where everything’s to go and conveniently squished into plastic containers, genuine groceries have become a rarity. Or have they? Visit one of these 10 farmers’ markets in Vienna to get your fix of artisanally-produced food straight from the fields around the city.

Check them out right, here.

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