The Donauturm reaches new heights with its new brewpub. Pun intended.

The Donauturm reaches new heights with its new brewpub. Pun intended.

May 17, 2019

The Donauturm reaches
new heights with its new
brewpub. Pun intended.

May 17, 2019

Vienna Würstelstand's , and say

After you’ve done some summertime drinking at this massive & slick new brewpub, you’ll never look at the Donauturm on the horizon the same, ever again.

While the Donauturm has always been a recognisable feature of the Vienna skyline that kinda’ looks like something you’d clean your ear out with…if you were a giant…
it probably never made you crave a drink in an idyllic beer garden. Maybe it’s made you think a hundred times – ‘I’ve got to check out the view from up there one of these days.’

But once you’ve visited its new massive, Sistine-chapel-like-ceilinged brewpub – which you will…as after seeing the pictures below you won’t be able to resist making the trip out to it – this tower that has made you think all kind of random things in the past, will have you thinking, ‘man, I could go a beer in a beer garden right now.’

The view is now impressive from above, and below, at the Donauturm

Shooting up the top of the Donauturm for an impressive view is no longer the only reason to trip it out to the edge of the Donaupark where the tower is located (while we’d highly recommend it – the elevator trip to the top alone is one hell of a ride).

There’s now quite a ‘WHAT-THE…?!’ view to be seen in the brand spanking new Donaubräu located at the tower’s base, as well.

The background of the beer tap lined bar is a shiny ribcage-looking copper facade, with a green glow blasting out of it from rows of green bottles. We find ourselves wondering – who drank all those bottles of wine to make this pretty feature wall?

The slick looking beer hall is airy, bright. The natural light works well with the the dark features of the interior to create beautiful contrasts. Then you look up…and you see this ceiling. Bam! There’s your view. Stained glass art of some half naked bodies. Love it.

It boasts its own beer brew…

They have their own brew, the ‘Turmbier,’ which is a light, and fruity beer that is made for summer days sitting in their massive beer garden. That’s right, the Donaubräu has one of the biggest and greenest beer gardens in the city that you’ll easily be convinced to spend your whole afternoon sitting in.

As it backs onto the park, there’s green for as far as the eye can see.

Its beer list is extensive, offering up brew varieties from all kinds of breweries. On tap you can get, of course, their own brand Turmbier, but also Kaiser Doppelmalz, Schwechater Zwickel, or Trumer Pils. The menu of bottled beer is rather extensive too, with brews such as Schleppe No. 1 Pale Ale, Schwechater Wiener Lager and Kuchlbauer Turmweisse, making an appearance.

For those not so mad about beer, their Donau-Spritzer with elderberry syrup is great for a hot summer’s day, and if you want to go for a non-alcoholic drink, check out their homemade Donaubräu lemonade, which is super sweet, but refreshing.

The menu is built to compliment beer & those moments when a messy f****-it kind of indulgence is in order

Its menu is built to cater to everybody, and all its features go nicely with beer.

Of course there’s a burger – the Donaubräu-Burger– which is serious indulgence built into a lightly toasted bun. Be warned, things will get messy.

Then there’s the hearty, delicious smelling, ‘Überbackenes Bauernbrot,’ which is a big slice of baked bread topped with bacon, ham, cheese, peppers, onions and a fried egg.

Vegetarians, or those who want to go for a (slightly) healthier choice can try the Mixed Salad topped with grilled sheep milk cheese. YUM!

While it may seem a trek to get out here, it’s now well connected with a regular free shuttle bus taking people to and from the U1 station, Alte Donau, and the U6 station, Neue Donau.

Take it from us – a good test of when it’s a good time to shuttle it home is when you look up at the tower and it’s beginning to morph into two towers.

Getting on the shuttle after an afternoon of summer drinking felt like our parents picking us up and taking us home after a party.

Actually, the trip out here kind of makes it feel like something a little more special.

While looking up at the tower, feeling small in its skinny shadow below while sipping at drinks in the garden, we couldn’t help but think how now, whenever we see the iconic giant ear cleaner of a tower on the horizon, we’ll get cravings for reliving this beer and beer garden moment.



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