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Tart’aTata: une petite French pâtisserie

April 27, 2015

une petite
French pâtisserie

April 27, 2015

Vienna Würstelstand's says

If you haven’t been to the French Pâtisserie, Tart’aTata before, we strongly advise you to prepare for your first visit by tucking a napkin into your shirt collar. Or by dressing in a plastic poncho.

The dainty, hand-crafted, and neatly presented chocolatey and sweet tarts, eclairs and other pimping pastries will have your mouth watering, no matter if you’ve just eaten a entire cow on the way there. You won’t be able to help yourself – expect disgusting gaping of the mouth and slobbering. They’ve installed windscreen wipers on their patisserie cabinet as it’s become a regular occurrence here (warning: slight exaggeration present).

The tiny green shop, next to its bigger sister, the Vietnamese fusion restaurant, Sapa, is one of the few places in the city where you can get a genuine taste of a French bakery. While you may miss out on the delicious mix of cocoa, butter, sugar in the pastries if you’re not a sweet tooth, you will still be drawn in by the artwork each little pastry boasts. It seems as if every tiny flake of powdered sugar has been intentionally placed in its exact spot to create un chef-d’œuvre. Masters are at work here, no doubt.

“Fabien Bourgoit is a professional pâtissier from France who is in charge of our creations“, Yin, the lovely girl behind the counter tells me.

The display case is filled with everything that a wet dream made in France would contain: Éclair, Pain au chocolat, Tarte au Citron, Mille-feuille, Brioche, Feuille abricot, Tarte aux pommes. We try the tarte au citron – our lips purse like a homophobic’s bum in a gay club from the citrus tang, and the pastry is deliciously buttery.
Tarts are their specialty, which they offer in various kinds and sizes. You can either take a slice to inhale on the spot, or the whole pie to eat alone at home – no shame in that. I imagine myself bringing one to a dinner party, impressing all the other dinner guests. Mwahahaha!

You can order them the day before and our pâtissiers will make sure to have your pie ready in time to take home and devour.

Sounds like a plan.

The pastries may distract you at first from the pleasant look of the place, but while your order is being wrapped up in paper bags, or cautiously placed into a box, you might find yourself calm enough to take it in – vintage tables and chairs placed at the window, the view out onto Lindengasse, a bookshelf, chandeliers and frames without pictures on the wall.

The perfect setting to drown in the taste of an éclair au chocolat, and a neat café noisette.

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